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tv   Keiser Report  RT  June 30, 2018 7:30pm-8:01pm EDT

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was. were one. of which was. i who who hit. the it was. sure. it was absolutely fantastic and today what we've seen as well is an absolute will class stop being born killian the papa remember that name we all knew about him from from the last couple of years in european football but today he took the pic staff and was when he was the king of football. you know he was just unbelievable
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today as he got a penalty which a breeze been scored on then he caught himself two goals and want us to want to play a calm way to see him play again so anyone who didn't watch the game may think that was pretty close for three holes it all was that it will cultivate the net a pit full force. they went to up first first they were in one and often in argentina fi fashion and think how to take it back in his game this was like. a very late on in the first half how do they have a completion strike by committee and you think ok fair enough for france look to be controlled they can come in a half time to convey can highlight all the good things and beating that for for off the counter attacking to put in the both into the space from a proper can run into it. and they defended quite well and that kept messi quiet so that it's cry posits if so you think you know france comes up to come out to the second half. being happy and feeling that they're in control that within three
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minutes the two one down you think wait what's happening here now we've got this cayman island but then fran just stepped into k. and the pub is that the it got to two than three to them for two and then a consolation goal to a private part of the data shows something to the manager though that the fact that they were able to rally themselves from behind and still produce good football what it ever will haneke first of all i think that's that's really that's the shans performance today as a manager the tactic was very clear it was evident what they were trying to do they were trying to close all the spaces for mess and i clearly identified that if you can stop me from playing when you stop talking to me for playing and i think that was very successful that now and again you saw the memory and i can use also one of two other players too in just a little bit if you stop messi playing them stop watching team and they think that's so we'll never panic never changed it even in my two one down it was all. and obviously when you got players the caliber of chris mann and the papa and even
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all of a true today was wood was very good also he had an assist to the top a second go. you know it was in this fronting francine taking him to king i mean you can you can now you can you can see this team go a long way in this one and they our d. a long way he can see them because now the players started step into character the only play i would say who's not really doing exactly what we expected and often it's part of our part is still a little bit behind. everybody else and if you take. a country out of that then i think it's more exposed. kinder was brilliant yet again which he always is but. a lot of good stuff but also a lot of things where you think room he's not really in super.
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thank. you welcome back to the r.t. headquarters will be keeping a close eye on the your guy portugal game for you while we update you on some other goings on. now russia's footballing doors have been wide open to the world since last year's confederations cup and it seems a visiting fans have embraced the local way of doing things there was a change ok. it was. the only drawback i'll even go oh my god you go i was. like that was yes. girl there you go you are you know you are. only in my colleague jacqueline vaguer spoke to the co-founder of the photography project a goal clinic which documents football culture around the world including in russia
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. for russia we decided to do a bigger project looking at the real russia so we found a photographers from all over the country. to you catherine involved regrets because we asked them to document the country through their own eyes head of the world cup where this particular collaboration what russian football story impressed you the most i think it would be the euro mountains it was a very unusual set of photos which really reveals grassroots football and russian culture through through the game and the photos that we received from the euro mountains were fantastic really looking at how soviet infrastructure and soviet football infrastructure has developed into the twenty first century. a lot of the focus quite rightly in the lead up to the tournament is on the stadiums
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the infrastructure and the teams and the world cup itself what we want what we really want to do was tell those on told stories and really give russians a chance to give their own first person perspective there is there's one thing i would say particularly about what the russia projects has surprised me with and that is how similar russia is really to a lot of other countries i think there's a perception maybe that russia is very different in some way to the rest of the world and particularly to europe i think one of things that came through particularly was the divide between urban and rural town countryside a lot of the same stories that we hear from around the world. in europe in asia there is that difference between you know investment into football in in urban areas first is kind of the rest of the country we've also covered projects in iraqi kurd kurdistan and rule and tackling alleged legacy of genocide. and so
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what i think that all of these projects show in whatever country are in is that you really can understand people through football. i wouldn't say that there's a common cliche that football somehow unites everybody i mean i'm not saying that for me actually shows the differences but it also. is a way of people understanding one another culture looks like how another people acts because when you tell it through the lens of football it's so much more relatable well the world cup is not just a clash of countries on the field it's a melting pot of cultures off it.
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no. i don't. want to take a quick break now but just to update you on the score that you were quiet portugal game currently you are quite one and portugal nail off to an early goal by kovach but now seventeen minutes into the goal on the big question is could we be losing
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but for now that i'm mostly in the same day we'll talk more about that later i still have to stick. with this manufacture consent to stick to the public well. when the ruling class is project themselves. the final merry go round be the woman. we can all middle of the room sit. delete the memories.
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i've been saying the numbers mean something they matter to us is over twenty trillion dollars and. more than ten like colored timestamping each day. eighty five percent of global will you long to be old for rich eight point six percent market saw thirty percent this one is pure some with four hundred to five hundred three per circuit for sure and bitcoin rose to twenty thousand dollars. china is building two point one billion dollars a i industrial park but don't let the numbers overwhelm. the only numbers you need to remember is one one doesn't show you can't afford to miss the one and only boom but. remember three brags that it was all about the british my to bring back five hundred factories are going to export our way back into a g.d.p. rocket ship and take on the world cool britannia go britannia well it turns out
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they're all going to be picking fruit out there and temporary shyer. welcome back let's update you on some world news stories now the us president donald trump has said he does not rule out recognizing crimea as russian the province rejoin russia in two thousand and fourteen but is still considered international a policy of ukraine. house more on the developments on board air force one on friday trump spoke to reporters about his upcoming me. with putin when a reporter asked him if he recognized crimea as part of russia he said quote we're going to have to see but then he blamed obama for the entire crimea debacle saying that it was
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a shame that obama gave up crimea now to remind the viewers of what happened in crimea back in twenty fourteen a referendum was held with international observers present and ninety seven percent of the population voted to secede from ukraine and join russia the west refuse to recognize this plebiscite and then impose sanctions on russia and then separate ones on crimea but just this week we also heard from another u.s. official john bolton who said that trump wouldn't recognize crimea as part of russia so conflicting views coming from the trump administration which seems like basic protocol at this point but these statements come a few weeks before trump's summit with putin that's scheduled for july sixteenth in helsinki finland but this isn't the first time that trump has discussed relations with russia during the g. seven summit trump said that russia should be reinstated let's check out what he said i would rather see russia in the g.
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eight as opposed to the i would say that the g eight is a more meaningful group than the g seven absolutely trump also said that he'd be discussing a range of other issues with president putin including alleged election interference syria ukraine relations with china and russia to possibly deescalate the conflicts going on in the world but until july sixteenth we will know exactly what happened so we'll just have to wait until then it's not just crimea causing friction between russia on the west sanctions and the script pounds poisoning of all of those ties russia's foreign minister touched on these issues in an interview with britain's channel four news. can. you give any assurances that the upcoming midterm elections if you know it's time will not be middle with my version of the press or some friends because we kill intelligent to discuss something which is based on highly unlikely will it might be
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. the best a geisha in the united states has been going for horrible in the euro because no will probably due regard to the internet research the russian troll factory that is going to be indicted is something which requires a trail and then just. submitted their old case and the chips just quite a number of things which were used for the day so let's not jump the gun. it was loose girl but i don't think that the logic of the queen who said sentence forced verdict later i don't think this logic is going to prevail this whole russia election meddling hysteria according to sergei lavrov is a prime example of a new and trendy mentality kind of act still stand figure out later with the investigation into the russian interference in the us presidential elections still
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ongoing and in his opinion in circular opinion this approach prevails on the global geo political scene right now and they've even led to this quite peculiar exchange between him and the journalist. there are many in the west who say that the chaos whether it spreads it whether it's cause whether it's from the white house or good at all in other words if not all of it before believe in the cycle of us and therefore good for skeptical action since with that the brotherhood is also going to be that late but the chaos are going to want to unseemly this does the chaos benefit russia as some in the west said but. you have to be within the. historical for it. for the logical for. human because it was good if it's russian government weeks before the presidential elections and the months before the world cup what it will do you say from alleged chemical attacks in syria to the us
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elections i mean geographically wise sic users have found russia's fingerprints well pretty much all over the world standing out of those cases they always the case of this crippled poisoning back in march if you don't remember. a former double agent for the u.k. and his daughter were found poisoned apparently by a very powerful nerve agent in the u.k. city of the sales berry and the u.k. is adamant russia did it. even the british state of the coverup of this whole incident i don't it still does. as long as they don't give us information you know that about russian citizens citizens have died in london during the past two years although i do think all the cases have been investigated in the secret for we don't understand. the united kingdom because of the political from what is going on it's an interesting situation whereby
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a country which is leading the european union has determined the european union policy of rush when they were ready for all you know look at all some of the european union so you must explore the russians it wants you must expel them so they did most of them sound you know again official london has been maintaining that it was only more school we had both motive and means to carry out a poisoning like this one when it comes to a more generic story line of the interview sergey lavrov also has stressed that in his opinion we are already living in what he calls a post to west to world and as for russia's role in this post west world he says that more school plans to play a role on equal parts an equal role with other players in this whole thing so when it comes to some predictions for the future for some forecasting there you have it
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. human rights activists have voiced concern over the creation of migrant processing camps and they've decided upon by e.u. leaders on friday they face such facilities could effectively become detention centers and lead to human rights violations well europe's leaders the towns in the new deal is a breakthrough in dealing with the migrant crisis as port is near reports of doubts that still remain if this is a long term solution. having emerged after the nearly ten hour marathon summit e.u. leaders have been patting themselves on the back quite a lot for me this is a satisfying outcome it sends out a good message that we have eventually prepared to join text i'm optimistic that we can cooperate for them i believe that the thorough preparatory work of president and the federal chancellor merkel has now brought a real breakthrough that a more responsible and more supportive europe is emerging from this european council italy is not left alone anymore. but in reality the deal getting all this
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praise is a carefully but vaguely worded one just like so many other agreements struck by the bloc in the past but this one manages to satisfy a diverse range of views so just exactly how was it reached one challenge was to satisfy it to be on thursday blocked all joint decisions prior to the summit in an effort to appease tensions the member states decided to stay and rescued migrants on new territory to so-called control centers across the bloc but and this was only to appease central european countries like the czech republic and hungary those locations are still to be decided and can only happen in countries who volunteer to have them not surprising their not many volunteers many leaders again pushed for responsibility to fall on first arrival countries who already have enough migrants same tis all sides under the dublin regulation refugees have to buy in the first
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european country where they are right we are sticking to this rule and the fall is that those countries are responsible for migration senses france is not the country's first arrival so most open source senses notice it goes north we are not the first arrival country unless people jump with birth was in an apparent lifeline for the german chancellor angela merkel this non-binding agreement says that all governments must take. is to stop migrants and refugees from crossing your internal borders now this is something that merkel desperately needs as she's basically a two week ultimatum from her coalition partner who is threatening to impose a new border regime against her world and list merkel finds an all europe solutions . if european solution cannot be achieved we need to act on our own we agree on the objective whatever approaches are different in the next fourteen days to see whether we can find common ground here's another key point of the so-called
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breakthrough deal european leaders have also better plans to tighten the blocks borders and provide more money to countries like turkey and morocco to prevent migrants from coming to europe processing centers are also being set up in countries like egypt libya niger algeria and others but these are the kind of things that have been happening since two thousand and fifteen and they haven't managed to solve the migrant crisis so perhaps these new or not so new measures are less about helping the migrants and more about saving the hits of some european leaders policy r t. i take a short break now but we'll be back very shortly with more world news. they're not going to come. out of the not out of the
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mouth of the money there's one hundred three. this was a good time to. try to move there i'm job now mom. must get my money not why not jan egeland our son channing and the whole people we believe just a little bit here. little of my kids i want them up with. the moment of motherhood accusers a little on the way to my building looking at the pink i don't want to put on my worst mother brother. but holds his hands to. put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected.
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so when you want to be president. more somehow i want to be. the two going to be first was like before three in the morning can't be good. i'm interested always in the waters in the. first six. remember when the political left stood up for free speech and equality for all in public life remember when the mainstream media called for the same the tone and tenor of political discourse appears to be the turning point if you don't agree with the left you face insults around cement and even bile. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy on from day shouldn't let it be an arms race is on often spearing dramatic developments only i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time time to sit down
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and talk. generally speaking mr trump's unilateralist notably the unilateralism which we saw with regards to iran which we also saw with regards to the paris agreement regarding climate change which we saw with regards to the american embassy in jerusalem all these unilateral decisions i challenge from my point of view the quality of our transatlantic relations. welcome back to palestinians have been killed in protests at the israel gaza border on friday that's according to palestinian officials a teenager is said to be one of the dead the anti occupation rallies have been ongoing since late march. oh. i'm.
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sure. there beside. the word injury after injury and as you see since the beginning of up the beginning of the protests today the fourteenth week of the great march of return at least twenty policies have been injured by live ammunition and tear gas canisters there israeli forces do. do you to use the lethal force against the palestinian protesters palestinians have been protesting for more than fourteen weeks demanding demanding the right of return demanding the right of shifting the locate that has been imposed on the gaza strip by israel since the beginning of the protest says the beginning of the great march of return one hundred thirty one palestinians have been killed and more than fourteen thousand palestinians have been injured including fifty four palestinians who got limbs amputated from the upper and lower body where the israeli forces have been using explosive bullets that have been fractured fractured completely
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fractured bones and tissues and causing long lasting disability i'm now standing approximately two hundred meters away only from the fence and it's very clear that the israeli soldiers are have really stationed the protests continue palestinians continue to protest and it's very clear that they have a message to the world that they won't give up on their land they won't give up on jerusalem and they won't give up on trying to stick liberation israel says its soldiers are acting purely in self-defense television considers the palestinian based organization hamas as terrorists and says the group uses protesters to breach the border. deep divisions along party lines and fears of immigration are increasingly raising talk of a second civil war in the u.s. at least according to the findings of a new opinion poll more can picks up the story. pretty hard to believe sounds
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almost like click bait for internet sensationalism but it turns out that a number of americans actually do believe the civil war is a possibility furthermore the same poll indicated that roughly sixty percent of americans believe that backlash to donald trump's policies could turn violent the debate surrounding trump's immigration policies and the media fuming over it the gun control debate and the white house in the intelligence community not getting along that has been quite explosive it times a member of the u.s. congress recently raised eyebrows when he compared the current atmosphere to the lead up to the u.s. civil war the way he put it the usa could be headed toward fort sumpter that was the symbolic attack by slave states the session as it launched the war back in eight hundred sixty one there's even now talk of twenty four seventh's security for members of the trumpet ministration congresswoman maxine waters makes no bones about the fact that she is ready to take the fight against donald trump waybe on
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capitol hill and the voting booth in the june daddy visit. to the state. gas station. and you see. you said you. know that scene waters herself has now been flooded with a number of threats and actually canceled several speaking events so let's see how people on the streets of new york feel about the rising polarization of american society what percent do you think said it was possible in the next five years. i would have to guess is that i let me let me go fifty eight percent sixty six six think it was possible when i was thirty or forty maybe thirty percent you're very close thirty one percent what do you think they're getting at why would they think that you know that that the such a possibility thirty one percent saying there could be a civil war maybe you because of the gun control maybe because soft. i mean the
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racial we're having a lot of problems right now with the president with foreign policy with immigrant children just too much going on all at the same time and a lot of people are scared and a lot of people are anxious a lot of dissension among americans and a lot of fear. and then creates. that that kind of possibility after donald trump won the highly divisive twenty sixteen presidential election he called for unity of the american people but now opposition to the president has become so uncivil that it's actually stoking fears of a new civil war. r.t. new york ok that's what you thought she offered this in very short break stay with us for the.
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current american administration is raising tariffs and revising old trade agreements when america sneezes can the rest of the world of valued contracting protectionist fever. ministry's please schools isn't city administrations of many countries depend on one corporation that doesn't like well so when the boy doesn't want to just dump something comes up with that into this it's just a proprietary software you don't know the source code isn't that such a security risk when you have a black box operating the public eye to microsoft dependent.


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