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of the day let's just boil it for you now you can check it out cryptically that with the flags and you can say that it is going to be your a quite a gangster friend to fifty dollars and seen a what was just a simple. matching sound. goals to three don't mess about let's just bring you the goal action. or who . were. you when . i am i who.
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have. been talked. into and find. it wasn't that great world cup for them the only good game they played was nigeria and the last. let on that she run on messi got on the school truth and nothing like the today the audience times a cry and i think if you see maradona someone i know the. he will be crying he's
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been crying all the way through throughout these championships yeah i don't think it's been very good for his health at least that emotional roller coaster which the holos than than highs this country and for. ten goes to the union and have you noticed that the poll is changed so that you covered. the poll that we played that they played with in the group face was have a black patent and today we've seen the. play of four which by the way is completely identical to the other one it just has got different colors and so it's got red patterns on it now so and maybe and we don't know this maybe the ball is different because we've got ten goals out of two games that is something it's a good change that isn't like this change we've spoken about you know we're speculating but like you said they're in the thirty's now we may have seen the the end of the greats the two great players of the last decade certainly without
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a messy but this is the circle of footballing life because we know the new prince of the game is a risen kilian in bombay and if you think he's potentially got another three world cups after this one he could be reigning supremest this isn't a flash in the pan this isn't speculation he has everything needed doesn't need to be at the very top of the game under the global player he's nineteen years of age we've known about him for a good eighteen months maybe even more to two years. is owned by monaco but he's on loan to p.s.t. a passenger man. as we talked about before it's a public secret that this deal is going to go through the summer and it's going to be the most expensive player in the world now what we saw today was was fantastic it was something that we've been longing for for a very very long time someone to come up with a performance someone who's promised something to was and hasn't quite delivered yet. and he did it killian the papa to deliver an unbelievable performance. we saw
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the first goal that we pick the ball out of you know ten yards outside his own box and just made this incredible run where he showed everything that he has got in his log and showed great taking the incredible skills. extraordinary balance and then that pace the pace is just like you know what i'm trying to think back to someone that i can sort of like me into intensive pace with the ball it was just accelerating watch and you know that ended up. in a penalty situation that france got and treatment score from that but then he went on to score two goals on his own out of the four so he was directly involved with three of the goals in the last sixteen games at the age of nineteen in the world cup and that is that is something that is really something when someone steps up so that it's incredible and i love it and this is what the world cup always does you remember four years ago it was comical speak of the kids who scored these
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incredible beautiful goals on top of doing everything else that you know a player of his ability is supposed to do and in his position it's supposed to do and it's just wonderful absolutely wonderful i'm so excited for the next game which is going to be europe why and france just because of him a really cannot wait to see him play again i'm sure there are lots of managers and chairmen now wanting to open the checkbook for. the ship sailed and i'm not sure anybody in the world could afford their luggage now and let's remember it's called like the greaseman so it's quite an exciting french team in europe quite like it was there was a target in the dispatch can be hard to read working for themselves quickly but i think the problem that you're your guy can have is if kind of ani is not fit enough to play because take vonnie out of that seam. you know you take for first or take a lot of the. roles and i don't think suarez on his own is
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a threat enough for that kind of play because they were quite defensive and we've seen this with them before this is how they approach the knockings it is to be more defensive more cautious and then hoping folk avani as he did today and luis suarez to get them the goal is put the so ours on his own that's going to be more tricky i think so that's their problem with france i think everyone apart from pol pot by playing to that level i think he's maybe five five percent off it's just sometimes comes up a little bit short it's like he's a little bit off the pace he's very lucky to have i'm going to count the next to him who is for me one of the best defensive midfield players that i've ever seen in my life. so he helps him out and talk bok can be a little bit. not good. for them and
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i had another word in my no always going to say that but he can but you know this is the world cup again you allowed to sort of play your way into it and the big play is as this tournament progresses as we move into the quarterfinals and the semifinals and the final for the big players usually to step into the character and we've seen that today with the papa we've seen that with kabbani and it's beautiful to see and we can hope that puck is doing the same well the french players will have they gave a lot today to have six states to recover in time for that match on the six in july nice girl but it's not just the players who gave a lot the fans will be emotionally draining it's quite a ride several goals twists and turns and it will take its toll on the fans to be. very happy to answer much i'd say they are crap. and flounce not
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mad. i was. i thought i really want to be following the next next round of applause why don't we try to do it like it was not possible to use or. maybe she's the best we have to misstate in the plan if it was amazing that we were down to one and i was scott's wise i truly was free time so it was amazing like i mean it was not so long was your mother earth there was. a little looking. ok so. so we we've got two more games coming up so much so this game between europe and
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france will be played in misty knock out on. going from all. good reason you know just off gallivanting around the country you're going to be an ambassador on you know i'm going to i'm going to be an ambassador for the denmark or a she came for me of course that is the biggest game tomorrow i think for everybody else it's probably the one game that's being played here in moscow in the loos me and it is of course between the host nation russia and the preacher one of my favorites and the play quite like spain there's a lot of trouble in the spain swap before these two days before the world cup saw that they sacked the manager but that's all forgotten about now we have this incredible game tomorrow and that's another one to look forward to and he noticed that it's been fairly quiet today with a lot of rain picking up now and i suspect this is how it's going to be throughout the night but noisy and noisy and it will build to a crescendo i have. five pm tomorrow listener case just just down the road from.
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rain and we've had a storm warning as well a warning that fifi actually close to santa so so that went out that they wouldn't on and they were going to take any chances so that hasn't been available today i think that plays a part in what the atmosphere has been throughout the afternoon but now you can hear it everywhere from all the conus. this is why rush contribution to the competition is so big because when russia do well the atmosphere transcends to another level not even electric doesn't it just a vacation so i know it's a big ask but if russia can get a result tomorrow. this will be something very very special yeah that that would be an incredible thing to do to win over spain and actually not one of the big big favorites out but you know what we're talking about football we've seen so many different things happening in the tournament so far and the one thing that really speaks to russia's advantage is that kind of playing at home they're playing in
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these new stadium i had the we had the pleasure of actually watching denmark france play in that stadium that was a great game but the stadium is great and the atmosphere they create and the support that the russian supporters can give to the team it might might just be enough for it to sort of carry the team into a performance that could beat spain but it is a tough ask no doubt about that spain has been playing really well the only time you kind of question spain's a little bit was when they when they drew three three with portugal but that was because more than anything that christiane and all those really in that game was on top form and scored all three goals in that three three draw so this should be a quite i really can't overstate this should be an incredible atmosphere i think eighty thousand will be packed into the list make a for that match atmosphere will be spectacular and speaking about race fear i wonder what it was like in sochi for the savings kick off. between your acquiring
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portugal we know the result you're a quiet through down whole can visit the stadium for us of course there's always some celebrating some getting ready to pack their bags what was it like to be in. the absolute a quad i was so she stayed in that i hope for portugal of course as they go home on elation for a while what a game it was one of the top scoring games in the knockout stages i believe ten goals is a record six nine hundred seventy at least eleven goals were scored a defense of moscow close from go dean kamen as he managed to effectively shut down we're now low for the whole game because they took they scored a did very well i'll go. for the rico guys what did you make of the game how you how you're feeling right now a big moment for you guys very excited very excited are we truly a long way it was a tough hard four game we got we got the win is it the sky is the school what you predicted is not what you thought we often we didn't do what it was you know when there's going to be you we know it was going to be easy put on you we're going to
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win this game you could tell the europe why we would like to defend first we had to stay at the back to make sure that our structure is good and the work to develop on the counter and develop on those opportunities and we played our football today use we played this football against egypt against saudi arabia against russia and the results are coming and i couldn't be happier you guys feel optimistic for the next going always have a hard one of you know heart of the narrative was that the man who was. going well i guess you have although. this was bound to happen to me at some point i guess a slightly odd it's happened the roots of a match with frogs for the clothes on us it was nobody happy isaac and so guys i'll get back to the studio before this gets any crazier suspects because they stuff down that's what happens when you wear a blue shirt that mistaking you for a year ago i found one of their own no doubt and you're quite found here as well but that is what the singing and chanting coming from near red square. means you've
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got fans pouring in and we have to say that. even today when the game was played in the sand between the. game was played with and there's so many argentine fans in moscow and they're still here and i've just seen them down there they're still here and they're still partying they've having a really really good time here in spite of the team leaving that so on and so maybe maybe even they think. that it was ok to go go out today not not ok but for their performances in the group face and then you know it's a shock when it's a question here was was actually ok i think they should be quite happy not a great thing well we told her without speaking of outs to a ship are you happy to be here or you expecting and demanding because well he said it's back to. argentina and all the other teams are you know it's. i'm very excited about them being here i think we end our place in the last sixteen i think we shown a lot of quality. we haven't been able to score we have scored freely in eighteen
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months it's just not happened in the last two games before we came here and also we haven't scored really sort of on the chances that we created in the tournament here we need christian eriksen of course to step up to to find the form that he's had for so long he's a very important player for them and of course we need our strikers to stop putting the ball in the net if that happens tomorrow i think then might have a really good chance but the same goes for creation. i think they've played well but they get goals from their midfield players so if you can stop the midfield players from having shots and get in the box you can use a long way to go to stop croatia put it's going to be some contest and that's a lot of history between denmark and croatia and in terms of football good and bad for both and so i'm excited i'm going i'm right. very happy to be going oh.
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i'm going to be reporting on the russian spring you're going to be speaking to the fans for that like ok then but you all going to be speaking on the lines was yes. it's it's it's going to be a very big day for for for them i don't for a system of it's we have small countries like york why three and a half million people there a small country in the quarterfinals. kraisak denmark similar. it is a very big deal for our kind of countries if we can get to the quarter finals so really big. small countries with very big dreams. cracking much to look for just look at that draw there isn't a bad match among the action continues to come thick and fast they stay with us on our feet.
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thank. you he. can. thank. you. twenty eight team coverage we've signed one of the greatest kill people but that was one more question. the way he's going to be our coach.
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guys i know you on the us he's a huge star and the huge amount of pressure you have to go meet the center of the beach with l.b.j. and do so with all the great the great good you are the rock at the back nobody gets busted you we need you to get the ball in going let's go. alone. and i'm really happy to join us for the two thousand and three in the world cup in russia. the special one i was also appreciated meets just like the radio the aussie teams the latest edition make up as we go. look. what politicians do. they put themselves on the line they get accepted or rejected
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. so when you want to be president and she. wanted. to go on to be press this is like the full story of the boy can't be good. i'm interested always in the water. pressure. twenty forty you know bloody revolution to the demonstration going from being relatively peaceful political protest to be creasing the violent revolution is always spontaneous or is it you know we're here to put a premium list put video dream in the new bill is an idea splendid of the former ukrainian president recalls the events of twenty four g. and. those who took. it invested over five billion dollars to assist ukraine in these and other goals that will ensure a secure and prosperous and democratic. that
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. this right here was i was attacked by my people they took my wallet and bike stolen there were thieves. and. teenage daughters and i would like to take that what i do with the fact that makes this is hard to say good night my daughter. late last year this is where one of the gang rape took place this. took place for children actually for play and it was about three o'clock in the night on the way through a man yeah who was brutally away by three assailants and here with horror stories we move mersin the city about what they did to her and i would
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not repeat them but there was very graphic details about this rape and one of the policeman said that he had never experienced anything like that before this night and i've never seen anything like it. sweden doesn't collect data on the background of criminals in the country and speaking out against migrants. is a big taboo here that's why journalists and bloggers who are not afraid to do some digging and speak their mind are becoming more popular hate welcome to sweden this is the number one rape capital of europe just swedes are the most self-loading people on the entire globe i have never come across a country where nationalism is one of the biggest taboo stewpot where it's considered to be racist it's gotten worse in every way and we probably have before it's gotten worse well boy is become a phenomenon thanks to the reaction from afghanistan and even the mainstream media
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reported on this because you can't really hide it anymore there's been i think fifteen gang rapes on boys so this is happening in refugee camps this is a typical image of a refugee and he really looks like he's happy screwed over sweden you can there's tons of images like these her family grew it for more and it's like what is this these are these are not kids look at this guy this is not a kid these middle aged women there are a few jackson adopt refugee children and then have sex with them this looks kinky it just looks sexual it looks perverse and they all look the same and it's all like this is not a kid this is not a kid let's say immigration was primarily women instead of is that of men so imagine a group of old guys flocking to get or waiting to take care of these refugee girls everyone would be talking about how disgusting and put a feelie ak it is but since it's women were kind of like holding on to this idea
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that there are saints there's such a lack of resources that people actually dying because of the. it's very much the welfare state is crumbling you could say we're not going to have a stable social systems if it carries on in this way. the angry foreigner is highlighting what he sees as the issues journalist and great call christe says that's not enough anymore i first met her in two thousand and sixteen when she took me to her childhood neighborhood to show me how much it had changed because of immigration have some war. and here you see he has always been there his sort of part of this. this was some people have always known that this is the building where is it and now because the students are taking over here they have to put something to hide. so that they are
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welcome and. i mean this is part of the building of what evil could jesus on the wall do to you why do we say that all muslims get offended why can't we get offended we never get offended me i mean they push their rules on us they don't then you cannot be on the house anymore. i was worried when you saw me two years ago and now i am even more worried people are really scared specially women so we will be carrying a mono. in our country in there maybe in twenty years maybe you can say we are buying our. doctors and how someone. not only so much as a golem back in a month with a lot of leviton a dollar. some couldn't afford my watch and you me and through its. spirit are going to show they can be gassed ones going to someone something for.
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symbols on what land would be sucked good theel of all water don't it it's. your or england or law among. the. wealthiest that offer. but they've. got their first idea for a long or. they call mobley. conflict or they call. it because. it can almost all of. police care is for sure the bigger ones they involve getting a list of. many long to fall to record for opt for a practice you are in on the water out of the medical. world order for that to come
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about through the look of us act what is to go to get rid of all foreigners fools. no it's not outgo we want to be a swedish country and we want a lot of the people who live here now to go back to that is of course we don't want to get rid of all for him people we want the swedes to be a big majority because it's our country but of course no country can survive you know always people who who come in bring nice things to us mostly around sue thirds of the people here asked us not to show their faces for fear of being judged or even fired speaking out against immigration remains a huge taboo in sweden but some are more fearless than others hans for example. a man so fed up with immigration he actually relocated with his wife to avoid seal
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foreigners little did he know that what he sees as trouble would end up right on his doorstep this is the house which. now will be open not the first of march. they say twelve young. boys from. i think it's will be muslims because it's. all of this was of rented the house and which of course he approved for running the school it's a dangerous situation look in new york but go google this absolutely no good they're exporting problems from the big big towns big cities and healthy more exporting problems out to the villages so they buy. or rent apartments and they put the problems there and. make hans and his wife live in the melissa palatino one of the only places to hold an immigration referendum in which the majority voted
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against accepting refugees that was in the late eighty's and the band has since been overturned it's a culture of orthodox cross and i bolted the day when we drove around town in france and we heard on the radio that two muslims attacked the church and assaulted firearms and that troth slaughtered a priest in an aids eighty four years i have to show from now on i said to myself why i come from my culture is this culture and we don't do things like that and we will tell you if you do them then we hate you and someday hopefully we will do something about you to stop you doing. what is someone who lived here as a neighbor there and. for example painting with jesus on a platter or you know the equivalent of like you have mom and jesus would do with
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alcohol which is. people on the i want what i want. we don't care that is. backbone. that's freedom as long as it does not interfere other people's freedoms and then. we are raised with that system and also you know i mean even if there were it would be really provocative to say so in whatever i want and i wouldn't like it but i just let them tell that. i'm sorry oh i would i would talks until recently i'm trying to sabotage. racist must see islam or for whatever it is i have all the labels on me and i'm proud of that. the government has always been very careful not to inside racial
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hatred warning sweet not silly crying and migration. the people who are causing problems for us today the vast majority of them were born in sweden and that's not a notion of migration they're focusing on integration and social inclusion that appears to be the challenge but they're doing everything they can to teach newcomers their values and language and get the working as soon as possible it's about having respect for basic swedish values you have those rights and duties here and also having the right opportunities to establish yourself in sweeter society we want to help us be the people as we can. they just want to fill you up with new people and i don't know that. in fact there's this guilt you know like the germans their fate themselves. for what they did of the second world war i mean. i think.


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