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it's quite infamous line because it leads to some of the world's worst ghettos of europe so we go in this direction and then during which is internationally infamous . use the restroom the police of swedish people on the metro when we finish i think to be we will probably be the only white people. might not have a sick and tired of what he sees as the government's inaction and leniency so he has now formed any political party alternative to sweden. they don't want to work most of these people they live on. generous benefits and swedish states and why on earth would you want to do a nine to five work this weekend and if you get even more money when you're living to benefit. ratio has also been the central stop when it comes to traffic from youth immigrants came from primary morocco and stand to.
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gain so this is where a lot of the over the traffic originated flowing hair when into. the partial stock of. the police i set out to clean this area out of use immigrants that were living in the metro tunnels several hundred of them. this is the exact place where a t.v. crew from australia was attacked while filming the reports about the area this is what happened. to this huge debate in sweden last month about the increased number of shootings that you have in these kind of areas not only stockholm but in gothenburg and no longer and it's been an explosion. in the rate of shootings there is
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a final one. find the weapons in time for i mean you not only border control this we don't. want to just drive in from the south as we learn from from europe to the south as we know not to just talk and so what so how do you know that it's not swedish or who or why you see people who. there are so many somalians living here the locals call this area little mogadishu and one person who knows this place very well as mana walters she was born in somalia and fled to sweden as a refugee in one nine hundred ninety four she converted to christianity and has made it her mission to expose what goes on behind closed doors here. i was talking about my experience and what i counted in the suburban in the mosque orders have been in there were some women who who complained. about their has been
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to marry him in secret with other women. and when they complain the e-mails say no you should not complain because our law allows our law means god allows a lot of us to him to have a four way if we have a two other sisters and that is ok because we need to produce money children we need to three times more than that. in order to be montreal or to i want to with the swedish television city when day when they finally follow me there to bring q.b. and really saw what was happening in one minute we walk and they ask me. and they come what do you know turkey and all the men one of them young people all killed are you for you or are calling me and they say it's not stephen anymore here because that this was. i try to tell you this people are when they have their own
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area that if you have been known to it's not that idiot but don't do them they call a nice that is not part of sweden they book my address my name in the website. say a kid to be her credit she is the infidel. generally speaking mr trump's unilateralists notably the unilateralism which we saw with regards to iran which we also saw with regards to the paris agreement regarding climate change which we saw with regards to the american embassy in jerusalem all these unilateral decisions i challenge from my point of view the quality of our transatlantic relations. in twenty forty you know bloody revolution of you tube clip the demonstrations
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going from being relatively peaceful political protests to be creasing the violent revolution is always spontaneous or is it you know here i mean you know i lived put video of the new bill is that i'm you schooling you go to the former ukrainian president recalls the events of twenty fourteen. of those who took. invested over five billion dollars to assist ukraine in these and other goals that will ensure a secure and prosperous and democratic. returns to rain could be on our own to try and talk to the locals trucks are being used and sold a place only on the square and you can smell it before you even walk out of the my
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truck that's why we have to be careful and lower the cameras so it's not to provoke anyone. to fit in a. room has anybody here is usually seen as a little kid is ok but older people are sick of the big guys because the big guys it's ok can you tell us a little bit about the syria what is it like to live here. why this is a lot of drugs and why lives so why do you live here for a reason it's not a problem so it's if you're a local here it's not a problem but so do you think anything will happen to us if we continue asking questions no but both ruggles. when they work for putting out a murder just fill their film a new white wooden one. got out and now ok all right it's really i. just. want to get the few hundred men ducked out no
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no no no. no no no no ok ok one upslope stop stop stop in our country ok stop at that evoke i'll go rowing go ok we're go ok and i think you're coming from things aren't you good and are going to the muslim brotherhood the islamists that they have they being given power by the only two shims sweden is the contour of social democrats so the social democrats have a special of one nation she wins this longest we been both on the show really in sweden these suburbs that you moms are the one who is controlling that area and if you stand i guess the d.c. mom the moms all you family they would be excommunicated. the problem is that we cannot have a state within the state. there's no way to confirm or sheets monis claims but
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one thing's for sure walking through a neighborhood like frank could be does feel intimidated which is certainly not what you might expect in a country like sweden well some blame religion and the city for driving people here to crime others point to discrimination and the like of decent jobs for my crits. refugees constantly try to remind locals that most of them have escaped to war zones and are only looking for better and more peaceful lifes. don't flow from. it. i have yet to live in yet some book of the un think you know that if you did that you wouldn't know. the effects. because. both of you can say also do you. believe we can economists to be spoken to say ok.
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yes some of them will want to go over the ceiling that's. become a super bowl. full of. the self aging. well known folks in fact. those who would all be evil for the wall that is mostly mentioning this you won't. see any good. job. no you don't call me into not protest. them. starched our own we're headed up to the doors on a committee that is a function f. that of and for all of all they are spurned having
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a heart in their throats. well we were here we noticed a few guys handing out leaflets so we decided to ask them what they were doing this guy had doubts about talking to us originally because he feared his right wing views would provoke potential repercussions from his university. citizens friends. who is getting sick of the. policy we've got it's written and this is the worst example of a failed immigration policy. for the seven thirty years old who claim they are boys so they get special assistance from cost about one hundred years each day per person and. total cost for this entire group of immigrants is exceeding our defense budget it's a disaster so what we need to do is to is to gather these people off all the police who are here just go and gather them up put them on
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a plane and fly them back to their home country. in c. thousand and fifteen sweden announced that would expel nearly eighty thousand refugees and migrants about half of the new arrivals that year while many welcomed the news others saw it as a step backwards for proudly humanitarian society suites are very welcome at their core which was evident when i was here two years ago and saw the great lengths they went to so help refugees. this is the community. has to change soon for you kids between seven and fifteen that's the swedish. so that's why we're. here so within one month from arrival the swedish school has to. just like.
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so where you wrote conferences are down here its share price. it's cheap being british so how long have you been. here for three years somehow right now you know how you can give back because it's a people who also occasionally give here tells of people so much from school and specialized courses locals also invited refugees to tourch so they could get to know each other better record less of race and religion. couple minutes from isaac ro because we're refugees or know thief or have a great time. and they have different religions how does it work. we have some of them who have converted from islam to christianity and we have also
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muslims who inside the also the free they go downstairs this is don't talk about everything. i. think i. was. i. was. that. i. was a do this and actually we invite them every sunday we have two churches in this town this is one of them and we have another one just for the down and it's important for people to see you know that they have
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a place here if they want to you can pray here to our god church or to god you can meet in the prayer and it's important i think to show love do you think it's important for a fiji's makes them feel more welcome yes. for me yes i think so and i think it's important for the language it's an excellent time to just hear swedish try to pronounce a swedish and english as well for us normally you have people from the community come and what was their reaction the swedes maybe are a bit shy and i think when you are shy but you are curious maybe you don't ask you don't you if you do some looking and then you smile and then you walk away so maybe some people have been just shy at first but i think everyone feels ok with this it's good for our community to meet other christians or muslims or whatever so i think it's good for everybody actually. according to news reports in the early
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twenty eight still around half of all planned deportations were cancelled and the number of refugees have reportedly gone missing this is precisely what scares some sweets who want to help but more of their expects the climate's is definitely changing and hema gratian party which some say is far right has even managed to secure seats in parliament some say they're simply spreading and see why a print propaganda others just tell you to check out one of the many ghettos in sweden and that's where we were heading next this is it sweden's third largest city and often described as the most dangerous in western europe probably the burning car. lot of you just on the outside. do certain drugs are beefing up you shall just use builder of the person on the bus could but. it
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creates a spirit. of the son of god it is this. is just the most we have to get with the. mostly manju. i was just about such gratitude searched. is iran iraq. you would. almost on the news i would just seek unusual. for a year. i mean you name it contact. me. get the problem shifts can eat me up block the mr move. the money over here if hit by the man. who had the most.
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the stick on. the mike in the one the thing that's. most kind of you threatening me are you threatening me why i'm just asking questions. i'm asking excuse me. at school if it were up to. you in february armed officers were deployed outside police stations in the same area to ward off vengeance attacks following a number of incidents against him technically crime is going down in sweden but lethal violence involving firearms is going up and it's mainly gang related. the prime minister has even considered deploy in the military in such ghettos in an effort to clamp down on organized crime in the meantime the locals are getting
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together and take a matter is as to their own hands like here for example this is another group that runs street patrols there from the communist party and have. refugees who volunteer with them. with a bad reputation. if they're ever going to. just back away. with the three gang rapes in very short time i got very emotional and angry and felt what the hell is happening and this is my city this is where i live young women is being assaulted in the middle of the street and when the second rape took place i felt i we need to do something one police man was in
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the newspaper recorded to say that women should be at home so we see all your screws should occur in the interview so fortunately. nothing else to do or the one who was so little money or free a man who would you know and then the third rape and happened i called my comrades in the party and i say let's do something now we'll take back our streets we cannot sit silent while this is happening. the. current american administration is raising tariffs and revising old trade agreements when america sneezes and the rest of the world of eliot contracting protectionist fever.
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i've been saying the numbers mean something they matter to us is over one trillion dollars in debt more than ten like colored timestamping each day. eighty five percent of global wealth you want to be all for rich eight point six percent market saw a thirty percent rise last year some with four hundred to five hundred three per second per second and bitcoin rose to twenty thousand dollars. china's building two point one billion dollars a i industrial park but don't let the numbers overwhelm. the only number you need to remember is one one business show you can't afford to miss the one and only. i. i.
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i. whole superstars lionel messi and cristiano ronaldo i'm not out of the world cup does france and europe go i go through to the. between president. confirmed july sixteenth the political and media. and the leaders agree on tougher regulations to the influx. of breakthrough by the block is causing concern among human rights groups about. morning.
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you're watching the weekly on our team with me kevin i went around to some of the big news stories of the last seven days to come about. the first day of the. superstar player messi and ronaldo. but despite that upset or stunning performances across the matches. i.
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be. business michael a deal harvey full of the two games from a special studio right now out of moscow. beautiful evening and some beautiful much the full we've seen your wife you are free to the quarter finals after they defeated european champions for goals this is how it played out like a volley started to live on seven minutes but watch suarez here and he returns the favor knocking it back in yeah this is a perfect ball in your guy then sat back
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a little bit had four sometimes five at the back and then three in front of them and kept the block very very tight and then on fifty five minutes they had a corner and everyone kept an eye on right now though and here you see pepe it's a really really good header when you have someone like pepper in that he pops up at school goal like we've just seen but he also makes stupid decisions in a game and for the second goal that come on he scored he made a really stupid decision to go in trying to win when ahead of where he should just to stay back and i was trying to win that header he left such a massive gap for me it's a path into him and his finish is good i have to question the goalkeeper in those. goals because you were taping the piece just running back there it wouldn't have been there had pippa not gone for that ball now we've lost for now and it's a slightly sad ending his last contribution to the match had
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a shot that nearly hit the corner flag and then is very last contribution was. poor temperament with the referee and getting booked for what was it was last season yeah yeah a little bit of a sad ending and we're now speculating that it was this the last time we saw in a world cup was the last time we saw in the other message in this mess is thirty one or another it's thirty two coming up to thirty three we don't know it's four years is a long time in football thinking about this fear i wonder what it was like in sochi for ten whole can visit the stadium. for a surprise what did you make of the game how you how you're feeling right now big moment for you guys very excited very excited are we truly a long way it was a tough hard for game and we got we got doing is that this is the school what you predicted is not what you thought we also need to do i was you know when this gets any new we know it was going to be easy put on you we're going to win this game you could tell that you're a why we would like to defend first we have to stay at the back to make sure that
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our structure is good and the right to develop on the counter and develop on those opportunities and we played our football today use we played this football against egypt against saudi arabia against russia and the results are coming and i couldn't be happier we know that you're through and if you don't know the result you can check it out critically that with the flags and you can say that he's going to be here at quite a gang of friends who defeated alex and seen a what was just a simply nice to set matches and it ended goals it's a story that we're who. was. at the one. that that.
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at that what it was. that. it's. been two and five and today it was nuts great world cup for them the only good game they played was. in the last. little restaurant a mess he got on the scoresheet. today they are doing time's
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a cry and i think if you see maradona somewhere. he will be crying he's been crying all the way through throughout these championships and yeah i don't think it's been very good for his health at least you know that emotional rollercoaster which the whole lows than that highs can see and feel. and have you noticed that the polish changed by the way is completely identical to the other one just has got different colors and so it's red patterns on it now so and maybe and we don't know this maybe the ball is different because we've got ten goes out of two games that is something now the new prince of the game is a risen and if you think he's potentially got another three world cups after this one he could be reigning supremest this isn't a flash in the pan this isn't speculation he has everything needed doesn't need to be at the very top of the game unbelievable player he's nineteen years of age we've
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known about him for a good eight hundred months maybe even more to two years. is owned by monaco but he's on launch of p.s.t. a passenger man. as we talked about before it's a public secret that this deal is going to go through this summer and he's going to be the most expensive player in the world well the french players will have they gave a lot today they'll have six taste to recover in time for that much on the six. girl but it's not just the play is who gave a lot found this will be emotionally draining just. quite a ride several goals twists and that it'll take its toll on the fans to was was very happy to answer my test match up so we're clear i can confine our life around flatland and. certain few nights. i. was.
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i really want the following the next day next round oh well that was one in which i do know that it was not possible these are. the race is the best we have the best player in the planet ever it was amazing that we were down to one and we scored twice i trained with scott free time so it was amazing i'm going to your will really be right. so then today sunday the second day of the knockout stage starts with a clash between russia and spain some of the fun share their expectations with us. i hope we'll win the match but i wish luck to all our own as well if we lose that's ok but it will be sad i hope to win support our team put on this time of the bloodiest i hope spain russia spain did not start at one hundred.


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