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tv   News  RT  July 1, 2018 9:00am-9:31am EDT

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far we've been honest motoring along. just a little bit in the. news development. at the medina but he wasn't looking at there was a tree fell and i asked him that. i'll be the. heavy one aftershock here. so i thought of when the food position was on libya what. el letty. mission is and what he had had the. most and the bill he learned enough he had been healed enough to kana as a part of the. german at. hardee's sharia.
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he. shouts you're going to be sent to meet with a crowd in the cheap chad mission to go and look in the middle for the little sauce i think it might be enough. for the perception of the capitol but the days of the south and that's all you want to know you're a cheat. and i mean when i listen to you. if you stop now what if you end up the way. you know i would as i would with any. or. thank.
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you. thank you and. three of you i didn't even say. anything. oh yeah. sure isn't going to come out at all you tell me what he thinks he's going to want to let me. let my kid i would look. right there when he got you but i hate. what we had thought of going to join us in the dead us. well i'm going to just and what do you literally have to die i know i did but that would be in the thought you had the little you got funded and at the moment he. was a human you know what the economy did but was human you know monkey. oh no and initially none of the v.d. be amended in any sin and the union that got that on the most any man. in the end yet it would mean them a. if you had been in time and been in iraq
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a lot of id dared to cut up. the phone you get the more. remote of hundred days before the last about. a million city menas get it will not go right there is a small group of people but the odds of. who up are one hundred twenty i mean one had been through a front group in america and. been pretty uncommon for. this in them. generally speaking mr trump's unilateralist can notably the unilateralism which we
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saw with regards to iran which we also saw with regards to the paris agreement regarding climate change which we saw with regards to the american embassy in jerusalem all these unilateral decisions i challenge from my point of view the quality of our transatlantic relations. counting firms the banks the rating agencies the government and the central bank it's called a racket the u.k. profits from it and someway that's how the aristocracy keeps going and that's not going to stop.
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it's good. to. see. to. see. to. eat. since good rather than a. lot of the to believe the so. called you don't
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i have a man with khaled the bitch. and yet i'm conditioning to. look at the room in the. shadow of the. room to welcome them with only him dash. dash. and you can. run. in the. first.
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you want to get him on one of the few us. dish limbs ask someone to lean down so we can assume that your. you must know i'm going to infuse him with the. desk. and make him come to. the lot of when i think. he had. a little here's the thing. i did in the. heathen. and there have none he moved can you. hear me. him in ash then get most him. among others of the what we need to look like in the future that would come to look in. while the. thoughts
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the. men would work on. me and i will give you. the shield up. from a come up of the love and he can come and see how with that means have you come in within the field how. many of us in the war will do what. we do have up at the. farm but i. need to fix a lot of the concepts i get off each. thought of and i think what i would love i mean is i can i that can be any. of us and i was. alan is one of those i mean a kind of money in which i was going to mean how to part of that i mean and then i love how being kind or couple saying no and then when man is a no no or kind of your cause for freeing up a cause for life well you can link up with any in. post nothing more you had.
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my one and i. look at the kids. are. going. to. look. at me funny. looks like i look. cute on a. local. sure
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thanks guys are fine it will survive. the girl i say. this is the central plank for diet illness in the cabin right now so i stopped. think.
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people superstars like all messi and cristiano ronaldo are not in the world cup because france and europe wide in the quarter finals. sketches to professional gallery celebrities faces at the top of the walls in houses. away from the wall and some of the last week a highly anticipated summit between president putin and donald trump has confirmed the sixty the political if you will go ahead and. agree on tougher regulations to curb the migrant influx. breakthrough by the bloc is causing concern among human rights groups as we will recall. my book of morning she
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this sunday the first of july i just turned eleven am here in moscow watching the weekly on r.t. with me kevin now in a recap of some of the big news stories of the past seven days but first the football. the first day of the fee for world cup knockout stage so two of the world's superstar players messi and ronaldo sent home but despite that upset study performances across the matches got from some europe walk through to the quarterfinals are some of the highlights for you. i was. it was. it was was.
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it was. it was. it. was. was. it the. just a fortnight ago thirty two teams into the tournament this is where it stands this
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weekend whittle down to the sixteen to make it through to the knockout stage good job goal instantly for getting this far of course but the so much more to come that she wanted slightly to saturday day one of this crucial part of the championship it so friends take on argentina great game but as always with this kind of thing i was a shock and still to this time it's messy that didn't make much impact could be as last world cup because of his age and the day it was france for. france of making it through to the next round of the quarterfinals the other big game saturday year acquired the portugal before it many people hoping to see men. see maybe meet the other star player christiane or an elder in the quarterfinals again wasn't to be more shocks in store the more likely to meet at the airport going home christiane and his team enjoyed a crushing defeat to you to go i said you're a go i going through the quarter finals the end of school there two one to the south americans let's get on to today a lot more action in store sunday is going to be no less dramatic the first of the
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day will see the unexpected clash for host russia in pre-tournament favorite spain are kicking off at five pm moscow time after the evening continues with the denmark croatia clash with bearing in mind the croatians have won every game so far the group stage because we're these winning candidate to go on the scoreboard later who can say i can tell you though we'll find out soon enough it's all part of the fifo world cup twenty eighteen rollercoaster ride. i. was i. was. was
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i was . so again just quick recap sunday second day of the knockout stage starts with that clash between russia and spain some of the fans shared their expectations of what they hopes to come. i hope we win the match but they wish locked our point and says well you will lose that's ok but it will be said i hope we win support our team has been one of the bloodiest day so i hope spain a bit russia spain did not start at one hundred percent this world cup so but i think that now will start playing spain's games on
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a ticket dark and the passes goals and most of all to improve our defense let's go spain. spain was top of the group with two draws and one win against iran russia was second in group a after it was beaten by europe quite a much starts at five pm moscow time. mean time with the football comes the hero worship recently found out what impact the russian team's success is our lives loyal fans. this world cup he spied so much in the way of cholera the camaraderie the songs between different supporters of different countries and it's also inspired some fantastic such as this one in same pages but by the local artist would go off all of the russian team coach chad cheer that we've got to catch up with the ought to study this week and asked him what inspired him to make this piece i'm not a us but it turns out that i'm quite sentimental this is my so how happy i was or
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how people celebrate. the tag. of victory as united russia and so i thought why not. despite the fact he has a reputation for not smiling churchill saw this capture the hearts of the russian people off to guiding the team to the knockout stages of a wild cup for the first time since one thousand nine hundred six. a team performs well this time it was really unexpected for nice of all fans and this beautiful girl sleezy portrayed by painted right up to such great victories is a tribute to him and the fact that it's past this is portrayed we came here specifically to take a picture like transcends the mere act use that year just to take a picture of the friction back to level reading the news things that the receiver cd for rick perry amazing custom coach and was rushed here to take a pill and. of course with the world's biggest sporting events in full swing it
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seems russia's living breathing eating and sleeping football i'm not just talking the feet see the beautiful games even made it into the household of the russian economy a far more than forty ceremonial portrayed have gone up featuring the world's greatest football thoughts imagine cristiana rinaldo in the nineteenth century. it's sort of a vision of italian artists for brits you know good and bad. even labeled his creations the ground made like gods know that. they like defective q you can see. as a general sense leader. eco's a jew in jamaica is doing tonight i mean it's you you feel that it's dio really your representative yes there really is your leader confounds i've also got in on the auction block think we've covered quite a few good new talents and the inspiration for the locals.
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was to see the world cup spirit touches people from all walks of life and realms of life russians continue to enthusiastically greek foreign guests trying to add something special to the visitors experience like this. not from the. government. rather than what we got going to. let me get out. but i remember. that.
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i. will get as mentioned earlier later sunday to european teams democrat creation will clash in nizhny novgorod one hundred three games in the group stage there. favorites in the championship denmark took second place in their group of to draw and one win ahead of the match danish fans travelled a little over four hundred kilometers east of moscow than to cheer on their team peter all of it went through and found out that there are already some local vikings in that host city.


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