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i was so talking about my experience and what i counted in the suburban in the mall skordas have been in there were some women who who complained. about their husband to marry him in secret with other women. and when they complain the emails say no you should not complain because our law allows a law means god allow. him to have a four waves if you have a two other sisters and that this ok because we need to produce money children we need to three times more than that. in order to be munching on a t.v. i want to with the swedish television is to take one day when they finally follow me there to a drink you be and really saw what was happening one we made we walk and they ask me. and they come why do you know i tacky in an old men one of them
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young people all you know how did you quarter you want to call in me and they say it's not stephen anymore here because that this is what i try to tell you this people when they have their own area that you have been known to islam that is the a belong to them they call nice that you know is not part of sweden they book my address my name in it and website and say kid how to behead her she is infidel. people. not that i'm going to let happen are better than our
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good luck though there was a knock out of the amount of the money there when i met him and. this was a good time to. try to move there i'm job of now mom. not that i want to get my little body enough for north america and our son or ex chanting in the old people we believe just a little bit here. a little of my kids i live out the bubble so john a whole lot of other moment i thought of mother how do it all accusers are there a lot of them on the moon walk to my building looking at the pimp i don't want to put out a look at my work party without all the mother while it. we're
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transferring to be on our own to try and talk to the locals drugs are being used and sold a place only on the square and you can smell it before you think walk out of the truck that's how we have to be careful and lower the cameras says not to provoke anyone. to even make many of them has anybody here snitch on the scene and the teenagers ok but older people are supposed to be guys because they guys it's ok can you tell us a little bit about this area what is it like to live here. why because a lot of drugs and violence so why do you live here for a reason it's not a problem so it's if you're a local here it's not a problem but so do you think anything will happen to us if we continue asking questions no but ruggles. when they were
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putting out a murder just fill their film a new white wooden one. got out and now ok all right it's really like. this if. you want to get the feel good man dr oh no no no no. no no come off like ok i'm going up slap stop stop stop stop in our country ok i started that a vocal go go go go go go go ok we're go ok and i think you come out from thank goodness and are going to the muslim brotherhood the islamists that they have a power they being given power by the only two shifts sweden is a county of social democrats so the social democrats have a special one nation she wins this longest we been both on the show really in sweden these suburbs that you moms out of the one who's controlling that area
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and if you stand i guess they do seem on the mom's or you family they would be excommunicated the. the problem is that we kind of have stayed within the state. there's no way to confirm or sheets monis claims but one thing's for sure walking through a neighborhood like frank could be does feel intimidated which is certainly not what you might expect in a country like sweden well some blame religion and ethnicity for driving people here to crime others point to discrimination and the like of decent jobs for my crits. refugees constantly try to remind locals that most of them have a skate to war zones and are only looking for better and more peaceful lifes. global flow from. it.
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i have yet to live in the woods yet some folk will be a yes big no they don't believe you did that you wouldn't let me go to. the effects . because. both of you consider going to do you. believe you can economists have been spoken to see you. get some of them to vote. not a ceiling that's. become a soap that is still. full of. little. aging. well known faces. those who would all be fearful for the wall that is mostly mentioning this you won't. see any good. job.
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no you don't call me into not for my love protest. saw them. and so should our own we're headed over to the don't on a committee what is a function f. that. for all of all there are spurning. in drafts. well we were here we noticed a few guys handing out leaflets so we decided to ask them what they were doing this guy had doubts about talking to us originally because he feared his right wing views would provoke potential repercussions from his university. we are a group of citizens friends. who is getting sick of the. policy we got it through them and this is the worst example of a failed immigration policy they are. trying to seven thirty years old who claim
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they are boys so they get special assistance will cost about one hundred years each day per person and. total cost for this entire group of immigrants is exceeding our defense budget it's a disaster so what we need to do is to is to gather these people off all the police who are here just go and gather them up put them on a plane and fly them back to their home country. in two thousand and fifteen sweden announced that with expel nearly eighty thousand refugees and migrants about half of the new arrivals that year while many welcomed the news others saw it as a step backwards for proudly humanitarian society suites are very welcome at their core which was evident when i was here two years ago and saw the great lengths they once it so help refugees. this community has to remain just a few kids between seven and fifteen that's the swedish. so that's why we're
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going to hear it so within one month from arrival at the swedish test. so why are you throwing conference down here as a teacher my teacher. it's she being delish how long have you been. here for three years and how right now are you how you can give back because it's a people who also is very good here tells of people aside from school and specialized courses locals also invited refugees to tourch so they could get to
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know each other better record less of race and religion. couple minutes from the pros because we're refugees or know the people or have a great time. and they have different religions how does it work here we have some of them who have converted from islam to christianity and we have also muslims who inside the also the free they go downstairs this is don't talk about everything. i. think i. was. i. was. about. that. i.
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do this and actually we invite them every sunday we have two churches in this town this is one of them and we have another one just for the down and it's important for people to see you know that they have a place here if they want you you can pray here to our god or to god you can meet in the prayer and it's important i think to show love do you think it's important for a few jesus makes them feel more welcome yes. for me yes i think so and i think it's important for the language it's an excellent time to just hear swedish try to pronounce a swedish and english as well for us normally you have people from the community come and what was their reaction the swedes maybe are a bit shy and i think when you are shy but you are curious maybe you don't
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ask you don't do it you do some looking and then you smile and then you walk away so maybe some people have been just shy at first but i think everyone's the most ok with this it's good for our community to meet other christians or muslims or whatever so i think it's good for everybody actually. according to a new reports in early twenty eight around half of all planned deportations were cancelled and a number of refugees have reportedly gone missing this is precisely what scares some sweets who want to help but more of their expects the climate is definitely changing and hema gratian party which some say is far right has even managed to secure seats in parliament some say they're simply spreading and see why print propaganda but others just tell you to check out one of the many ghettos in sweden and that's where we were heading next this is. it sweetens third largest city and
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often described as the most dangerous in the western europe's problems. burning. out the roots of the outside society. drugs will be a thing of the. builder of the person on the bus could but you know both of us could. that the son of god it is this. is just the most we have to get with the. mostly manual just. as just about such great research. you would. know such as i lay. down for a. week unusual. for
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a year. i mean you can contact. me. get the problem shift block the mr move. the money over here if he had lived in the us about the. most. this is. the mike in the nothing. and the. most kind of you threatening me are you threatening me why i'm just asking questions. i am asking excuse me. it's even. in february armed officers were deployed outside police stations in the same area to ward off vengeance attacks following
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a number of incidents against them technically crime is going down in sweden but lethal violence involving firearms is going up and it's mainly gang related. the prime minister has even considered deploy in the military in such ghettos in an effort to clamp down on organized crime in the meantime the locals are getting together and take a matter is as to their own hands like here for example this is another group that runs street patrols there from the communist party. and have refugees who volunteer with them. with a bad reputation with a lot of. if they're going to. just back away.
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with the gang rapes in their very short time i got very emotional and angry and felt what they have this happening and this is my city this is where i live young women is being assaulted in the middle of the street and when the second rape took place i felt i we need to do something one police man was in the newspaper recorded to say that women should be at home so we see other you screw should a committee intervene for us to move the rule shoot nothing else to do it or the one who knows so little money or freedom and if she were to do it and then the third rape and happened i called my comrades in the party and i said let's let's do something now we'll take back our streets we cannot sit silent while this is happening.
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as he should be. one of the more so if you be in luck because. that's me what i mean i well me and i don't know but the policy of. both that. homos was a. dumb move to move. the school.
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away in the spirit in the freedoms of instead of a watchman's a blood coming from the. winter with a mint oh is that and there have none removed can you hear me. diminish care to most of the. ministries police forces and city administrations of many countries depend on one corporation that does what mike was hoping on the board does not come from the muslim god of this dome is not the guns not with the fee that he got into the sea it's just also bribing them proprietary software you don't know the source code isn't that such a security risk when you have a black box operating in the public i think microsoft dependency puts governments
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under a cyber threat and not only that she thinks office can put more on. the softness of the essence of this is still the only one with all of them or for the most. all the. problems with. the us this is the i saw them starting down with the all business starting the more sustainable homes and fund is up and his cards on the phone.
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it's one hour until russia kick off in that biggest game in more than a decade the fee for world cup hosts play spain in the last sixteen clash of the stadium in moscow. the first day of the knockout stage see the whites argentina portugal meaning the tournament superstars christiane and. take their place in the quarter final. from st paul's in sketches to professional gallery celebrity faces of the world cup or adorning. this sunday july the
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first welcome this is the. seven day recap of some of the big stories coming. let's get going with. so russia and spain will get day two of the fifa world cup knockout stages underway in less than an hour from now plenty of talking points that also sent packing two of the biggest let messi and ronaldo didn't quite live up to the billing on the day astounding performances from europe life places but. there are some of the highlights.
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just for the to go of course we had thirty two teams entering with dormant but this is where we stand at the moment this weekend sixteen through to the knockout stage good job done then all so far but there's so much more to come winding back to what we saw on saturday though day one of this crucial part of the championship for france take on argentina a great game but a big shock as well messi didn't make much impact and let's face it this could well be his last world cup and of the day then it was france for argentina three so we got from going through to the quarterfinals the other big game on saturday you're of portugal before any of this many of course we're hoping to see messi meet the other star player christiane over now there in the quarterfinals but i'm going to happen anymore in fact they're more likely to meet at the airport going home as christiane and his team enjoyed a crushing defeat to europe why then going through to the quarter final score in that game to one to the south americans on saturday then sunday is going to be no less dramatic a they're the first of the day we'll see the unexpected clash the host russia and the pre-tournament favorite spain that kicks off at five pm moscow time after that even continues with the denmark and croatia clash the croatians of course of so far
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won every game in their group stage but where these winning cars are going to go on the scoreboard we'll know a little bit later on it's all part of the fifa world cup twenty eight hundred rollercoaster ride. i. i. i. i. i. i. could be. comfortable going to get out of. who. you i mean be money before god.
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was. now the last time russia played in the knockout rounds of a major tournament was in two thousand and eight and ten years on taking on the same opponents also go for it nicky stadium will be the setting as the host played one of the tournament favorite spain. lovely bunch i know all teams in the thick of the action today alexy irish if these are the motion of the stadium and the salaries just across the moscow river gauging the atmosphere. actually first to you then crucial clash for russia will know spain doesn't have a good history of playing i was dozing. indeed i'm fresh off the plane from cazan still trying to catch my breath after seven goals in the argentina france game but
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hoping for something like that tonight definitely the biggest game for russia over the last decade whether you like cliches or not the last time russia as you mentioned played in a major tournament in the knockout stages was two thousand eight euros first beating hole and three goals to one unexpectedly sending moscow into an absolute frenzy people in the streets celebrating hopefully something like this can happen tonight but after beating holden ten years ago russia went into semifinals to play spain and lost so obviously there are some revenge maybe on the cause if you look at what the experts have been saying and many fans have been saying spain are definitely heavy favorites in this game and being the underdogs may actually be helping russia psychologically they have played as underdogs before and they have succeeded especially against egypt where everyone thought russia would not win that game and basically i just want to remind you of us how the teams got here so russia
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comfortably beat saudi arabia and egypt in the first two games a goal scored in those games one conceded then losing to require in a largely irrelevant last group stage game. taking second place and drawing against the first spot in group b. which eventually was spain first draw against portugal then beating iran one nil and the last game they played against morocco and it two goals. each was a draw and now we are here in luzhniki no one pretty much expected that we will see russia in the biggest stadium in the country eighty thousand seat are we expecting this to be almost full tonight at least seventy seven seventy eight thousand seats have been purchased and a century the biggest clash as we mentioned in the decade and all the attention will be on the stop play in russia i think sounded a good idea and heavily linked with a number of european clubs clubs now right now including chelsea and event this obviously that will be something after the world cup but right now it is down to
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study just of man to produce the biggest upset of the tournament so far we'll see whether that will be the case in just about two hours from now. ok we'll check in with you a bit later that alexey thanks for that let's go over to a sally who's at the fam fest i'm guessing it's a pretty charged atmosphere where you all. wanted it already there are tens of thousands of people gathered here at the best it must go and many of the most loyal of them actually not lucky enough to get one of the very french tickets to the list they keep later on today in less than an hour actually don't you know but all will the same one of these people here not just russians it should be said about so many other countries as well but arsene egyptian. people continued on to people from brazil one of them wearing brazil waving russian. showing u.s. support will the host nation close to blow the game over to do to go play today we've been. in the front loading the russians on the spot to run well off
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slightly about how it's going to turn over that. let's see. this is going to that this was the good. little bit that he what this way at the. and i did so i did with. the piece that was the icing. on the. nose you know what i said out there was a lot he thought in the bud yeah innocent. by there should have been at these but out of. the old. the los. nodded mission told the friendships which have been made over this phone call because of the singing was
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done a difficult a don't know inspired a number of officers across the country to express that i was using full of that inspiring force and i'm going to have a look at some of the ones which have been going on during the course of this wild caught. was wild copies so much in the way of color become the rodgers and songs between different supporters of different countries and it's also inspired some fantastic such as this one in same pieces but by the local offices which go off all the russian team coach chatter to solve now we've got to catch up with the op to study this we can all see what inspired him to make this piece as i'm going to pull this but it turns out that i'm quite sentimental it was the same i saw how happy i was of how people celebrate.


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