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anybody going to this. is it that. people keep calling bush same hunger. supporters piling into some out of the cities brimming with a festive spirit present in carnival organizer that brought out the families and locals on the streets son of michael jackson had of monday's clash you know neil went to see what else fans can expect in the city.
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funds coming here for a world cup twenty of them sacrificed some have say for months even years to get to russia others have been sacked from the job because their bosses didn't give them the time or money is time the football is no more in stories so that's why i can set the task to see as much as i come here in beautiful some are at each column drink for twenty year old more or less that is the equivalent of this a run to fifteen hundred roubles let's see who can do it. on our first stop today is a cultural one very busy one judging by the shoes of people waiting to go into the truly book learning style and built into it forty two mates were in the southeast joseph nollywood has gone straight into little container.
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less than thirty years ago similar with a clothes to be towards others to each of the important particularly in the soviet space program. but not for five hundred fifty roubles you can get a stellar as you like and learn all the secrets there are to know the space companies even. though it's time to do it i'm afraid the first selfie of the. how is it any football fun knows you have to refuse to be in top shape from all the games that you're in some or there is a surprisingly huge array of different cuisines i'm going to try one that's being recommended to make these big food. so this really is the perfect pit stop for a traveler moment budget i'm getting ready to eat meat and likes this fall lol i
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thought before it is excellent let's try this. suit me. help me we come across a kinetic looking denmark fun to look at least i'm in a word what the experience of russia twenty details behind got excited amazing some more guys right here lots of luck hello what's your experience been friendly it's pretty good what are some guys going to tell their. side of the world but it's been really nice and pretty much that sounds good i'm finally helo's or know nothing. so we've seen just some of what the city house to offer a couple found on their dime time we've seen some great sights we've beaten some good food up a couple of euro lived in my pocket so let's just go find it for. we
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follow the money it's no ordinary we're either just the pride of some or because our enemy thank you very much. meaning we've got some money. to be great speaking to. disable fun back in brazil he's getting the most out of the world cup experience with a little help from his friends. i was born deaf and aged fourteen i was diagnosed with russia syndrome twenty three i lost my eyesight. in twenty fourteen everyone was gathering round to watch the wall cops and i was thinking how my parents watched this ask for help from some friends to help i grabbed
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a cardboard box and started tearing it's make it square represents football. school comes here comes we began filming and had no idea it would go viral emotions were running high at the end of the games carol is was very moved it's. still. famous people are telling me that they see why but i know that we've had many views on social networks and that makes me happy. that it will be fantastic if we could get to the world cup final without pause in the stadium and the flags flying i would love to go to moscow and be at the final in russia. thousands of fans taking pictures and videos during the world cup in
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russia team started to compile the best of them so want to check out all fans are you view project live now on our to dot com. i'd like. to cheer up anyone's miserable monday you can follow all the thrills and spills of the well cup right here on out and online.
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apply for many clubs over the years so i know the game inside iraq's. people isn't only about what happens on the pitch for the final school it's about the passion from the fans it's the age of the shaper money killian and loneliness and spending sure didn't twenty million one player. it's an experience like nothing else only because i want to share what i think what i know about the beautiful guy great so will transfer. that makes going to. seem wrong but all wrong just don't call. me. yet to stamp
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out these things because that's ok and in games from equals to trail. when something you find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground . welcome back onto our the headline news then of the german interior minister is threatening to resign amid a growing divide with chancellor merkel over immigrant policies horse de halter has pushed for a tougher stance on asylum seekers and german media suggesting that he wasn't swayed by a recent deal struck by the e.u. to try and solve the migrant crisis. i've said that i will present my decision to resign and that i will implement this if a solution is not found within the next three days the german chancellor angela merkel is fighting for her political survival interior minister mr c.
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hoffa issued angela merkel with a two week ultimatum that expired on the first of july sunday mr c. hoffa saying that he once had to find a european solution to the migrant crisis and now we're hearing that he feels he is left with no choice but to turn back migrants from germany's borders this of course flies in the face of the german chancellor's open door policy and she of course felt that she had found this european solution after a two day summit that was held thursday and friday in brussels there was an e.u. summit that if he now seems as if the interior minister would disagree. we are sure that we have the right to immediately send migrants back from the border was all of us none of them are we go and either we find a solution so that you never can be your own people feel that we are guided by values and that we advocate multilateralism and not you know later listen or no one will believe in our values which have made us all strands if mr c. hoffa in fact resigns this will see
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a break up of the seventy year alliance between his christian social union and angela merkel's party what it does mean is that she will either become the leader of a minority government or have to call for new elections while at the same time no doubt she is likely to lose support from within our own party this is a particularly tense time for angle immokalee who is fighting for her political survival or actually last hour german m.p. peter bestrode told r.t. that his alternative for germany party would be the only want to benefit if the new elections call. as she self admitted that this is a very serious situation today fractions of c.e.o.'s is a ball about this will mean they are discussing if this government will still be in charge afterwards and if yes. which personnel. and or indeed government so it is a marital order or zero for the sort of situation is really very unclear what is
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clear and what is really one hundred percent nobody and nobody wants a new elections because only the ultimate to vote for those on the air the our party wouldn't profit all other parties that would lose world we now see is that the end are how to how to stay on power light on friday eve leaders thought they'd sort it all this they managed to agree on a new strategy for tackling migration to the bloc they struck a deal that will see some member states do more to help the countries hardest hit by the influx and comes after weeks of political infighting triggered by the new italian government hardline stance. it's tricky chrysalis response to the situation with aquarius is proof of a form of cynicism and
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a lack of responsibility on behalf of the italian government when faced with this dramatic humanitarian disaster. my duty is to defend the borders of this country which cannot become a refugee camp only those have the right to enter it's legal and it's their other posts they can go see in spain france malta and the netherlands. and it's going to be a very long night we should have a good dose of red. sox closer to the impossible for an agreement to stick we found.
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the only thing european states appear to have agreed on is to block people at the doorstep of europe regardless of how vulnerable they are all what horrors the ace cape and measures that a few years ago were deemed unacceptable now are being common talk so do you think that the e.u. is. i'm going down to the far right. the program and right on the list the program is immigration.
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immigration is also firing up emotions across the atlantic mass rallies were held in seven hundred fifty cities in the u.s. over the weekend against president trump's policies a flashpoint in this debate of course was the separation of children from the parents who believe in the cross the united states southern border that part since been dropped after a huge public outcry phone call to takes a closer look at the whole issue. american liberals have been attacking trump on all fronts criticizing his stance on everything from immigration to race relations .
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but the u.s. was already seeing rising discrimination long before trump took office caging immigrant children for example it was alive and well under the obama administration news media is is not telling you that obama did something very similar back in two thousand and fourteen he separated many many children from their parents and some of them back to mexico while the parents were still here sent others to the northeastern part of the united states and there are pictures of them sleeping in the same conditions that trump administration has some kids sleeping now but the media never puts anything in context i call that fake news by omission hello rick. also appeared to support these policies only changing course when it became the latest anti trump trend but what's happening to families at the border is horrific . so they should be sent back as soon as it can be determined who responsible adults in their families are all of them who can be should be reunited with their families but we have to send
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a clear message just because your child gets across the border that doesn't mean the child gets to stay between two thousand and five and two thousand and sixteen legal latino immigrants reporting discrimination increased across the u.s. assaults against muslims also saw a study rise during obama's tenure and police brutality against unarmed african-americans didn't need trump to continue its rise so although it's now trendy to attack trump for society's problems some americans are wondering how much the system itself is to blame when it comes to immigration this is a problem that has not been it's been addressed but there's been no congressional action on immigration since since the days of the reagan administration and in that at that time we were living in a whole different world because that was a long time ago we have a different situation now and the last administration which was in power for eight years at one point they had the white house and they had the senate with sixty
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votes and they had the house and they could have solved this immigration problem any time they wanted within the first two years of obama's first term and they did not and what trump is trying to do with here is fix this broken system which has been broken for a very very long time and if the system is indeed giving rise to all of these problems perhaps there needs to be more focus on addressing the causes rather than the symptoms donald corder r.t. . that's the way it looks for the south thanks very much for watching we turn off hours away from the first of today's two world cup matches by the end of monday two teams will be celebrating two will be packing up for the airport all teams got you covered for the matches and also the fans of arsenal journeys as well i'll be back here to update your just about half an hour after today's cross-talk. ministry's police forces and city administrations of many countries depend on one corporation and that's what mike was hoping the board doesn't run through the eyes
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of god i'm stunned this is not the guns it's not woods as the three that you got on into this it's just a proprietary software you don't know the source code isn't that such a security risk when you have a black box operating in the public eye to microsoft dependency puts governments under a cyber threat and not only that he thinks office can put more on. this this is an easy sell that this is also one of the more for the most of the people in this you all do. with. these this is the i still. don't miss the old vision stop and there was a string of phone calls a fund is up in these cards on the find. the good. bad. right we're
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all set to start in five it's just you know how's the signal. to. be slowing to talk about. just maybe right after the morris explorers one who could would have their. board of record. here say. no. ok let's. call them to tell i'm so. sad today with that lots to talk about in our program and our gas. good luck to.
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follow and welcome to cross town for all things are considered i'm peter lavelle the great destabilization with nato meeting only days away trip again presses allies to pay their way an open seat on the u.s. supreme court sharpens the political divide and are the democrats going socialist. cross locking the political divide i'm joined by my guest mark sloboda he's an international affairs and security analyst we also have dimitri he is a political analyst with sputnik international and we have exactly a row he is the founder of the center of political strategic analysis struck paul crosstalk rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want i always appreciated before we move on with our agenda here i'd like to go to berlin our
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correspond international correspondent a policy joins us paula thank you for joining us i want to continue on with what happened to you visiting. being invited to a no a c. e. conference on freedom of speech the floor is yours dear go ahead well as you mentioned this invitation it was an open meeting that cared to warn. media plurality of media freedom in the ukraine and i was meant to participate from the floor however when i arrived at the airport in by this fall my passport was flagged a customs i was pulled across and kept waiting for an hour and a half they asked to see my press credentials they asked what was the purpose of my visit and subsequent to that they got me to sign a deportation paper that they explained had orders they came from above and the orders were that i was not allowed to into ukraine and i was banned for the next five years and i was then essentially put on the next plane and i had to leave the
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country now the last time i was in kiev was back in two thousand and fifteen i was reporting on fires that had broken out in chernobyl that story was not political in any way but there was an online witch hunt that began by ukrainian blogger essentially calling for people to find me and the most horrendous things to rip they hit my head from my body that was intimidation and threats against not only me but also my family and at that time in consultation with the producers in moscow the decision was made made to pull me out now i was not aware of being on any blacklist we checked that before i went to kiev and certainly it raises questions as to a why does the o.e.c.d. hold a conference on media plurality in ukraine and secondly what does it say about the ukrainian authorities and indeed about the only see if journalists such as myself are prevented from participating in such a conference now there was a response from the o.e.c.d. they said quote that this was regretful and they called on all member states to ensure the free travel of journalists across the region but aside from that there
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hasn't been anything i have received lots of messages of support from numerous people across the political spectrum on my twitter account but also as to be expected i've received a lot of hate mail a lot of intimidation and of course the usual trolls. you very much for that poll i suppose we can ended this way saying we should expect more from know if we see that their commitment to freedom of speech is it isn't matched by the reality thank you very much paula. joining us now gentlemen let's move forward here. mr trump is coming to europe exactly. what trump's game plan because i think i know what it is i think marc knows what it is to be intimidating the peons and we're looking at members of the european union and nato he's showing some of his cards right now this is in his art of the deal in play in my opinion a. very good game because if you look at what happened to exactly no country
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between the opinion i mean germany and france and the united states and germany and france should have caught russia so if you were he should have played late and so when kemp was a g seven it was a from where they saw immediately. one of the only car that germany and france can play and. it was stupid because you know no russia so it was. a trip and fall and i didn't mean it in a sense he used the g seven to lead the e.u. and nato this is very interesting mark yeah. we you know we're living in a world right now where the u.s. president describes nato is just as bad as nafta and this this morning politico ran an article where they had to specify their president trump
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says he's not withdrawing from the world trade organization and personally i just living love living in a world where they need to stress. that you know you are calling out right because he has expressed displeasure with the world trade organization as well. there is there is there is a quote attributed. that there is great chaos under heaven the situation is excellent and that's the way. i find the situation right now and i think trump just before his trip to this upcoming nato meeting is announced at least at some level the defense department review of the cost of withdrawing all of its thirty five thousand troops out of germany not all of them but a. significant well it's an important demon again is much is that he's surrounded by these neo cons which we've talked about on this program many times before he
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still comes out and says these things ok i don't know if it's his own idea if it's part of a concerted strategy that he has but he will not lead the pavement of. each member of nato he won't let that go he just hanging onto it well i mean it's a real competition in absurdity because actually the stockholm institute for peace for a show called too late at that russia spends on its defense twenty seven percent of all what nato european allies spend on their decenter defense russia's defense budget is that ten times smaller than the american one but still without. the fear. and i think you know the record was made by their household who commented on the visit by john bolton trumps national security advisor to law school oswalt is very concerned bolton made every sign of having to be captured by the caribbean he wouldn't use press quotes for
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a russian interfax news agency rather than the u.s. embassy sat and telling. john bolton because we all know his background and the kind of persona that he has here he was really caught flat footed in moscow preparing for this summit here i mean i think was a. a month before he did your job you wrote it because i don't comment on what. it was smiling. the first time i saw it was we were going to mazing but you know if you are i think you know i think you have to take into consideration that the men. the men from school was to. reboot in the united states a strong production you know in an industry to bring the brands back and so if. the real goal the real and so the there is to be concurrent is germany and china so they have to be controls have to be have to be
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submitted and in my opinion we could have very interesting result of this meeting between trying to put in because if on these men go to make america great i mean industry again. can only be in my opinion you know i can go both ways in this market i've talked about this a number of times i'm not really convinced it's a really good idea because i don't know i mean outside of a photo op ok no matter what the picture is that's going to create a lot of commentary but i'm much more interested in substance here mark and i still i mean the fact that bolton was here maybe shows there's some kind of agenda here but i mean i think bolton wants to keep his job so i mean trump said do it and i think that that's essentially where we are where there was a number of me going around the internet showing john. kerry right because he's now the war going to be if you finish it and he. nightmare we're world peace.
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you know right he was wandering around in the background of the north korean meeting with kim jong on a looking like he's a little lost new york child somewhere and the same thing he is the one sent to negotiate a summit with putin where just months ago he was saying that you know dialogue with the russians is pointless and. would be to our detriment even to engage in it so. this is all quite interesting to see but you know i've brought this up before on the program repeatedly in the last year the european leaders of the european countries in particular the e.u. they almost essential e campaigned against trump during the election process many many e.u. leaders openly in the worst hillary clinton can you still merkel can you can spell meddling they both start with an m.
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. and those that did their state media you know completely. you know unabashedly objectively attacked and they're paying for it now yes got it right. i don't think i don't think trump is going to pull any large number of us troops out of germany a lot of this is bluff and bluster and it's just personal a little bit of personal revenge and a little bit of leverage in his negotiations it stops him shooting him and if we're talking about. supporting and against from ukraine and if we're going about what's going to during this meeting in my opinion is ready to take his revenge on ukraine on. very very openly supposed to be clinton against him ukrainian officials such as i want the who are the to believe their facebook columns for the.


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