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tv   Worlds Apart  RT  July 5, 2018 10:30am-11:00am EDT

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just hundreds of meters away from the place where that young twenty two year old man was killed trying to escape a police check there were clashes with some young people wearing balaclavas who went out on the streets to throw various objects of law enforcement but locals who went out on their balconies or just opened their windows they too were throwing all kinds of things at them we even saw potatoes in peace tossed at officers who retaliated with flash bangs in tear gas trash bins were set on fire by you the police are trying to retake the neighborhood bit by bit to calm things down but the atmosphere remains highly tense and unfortunately law enforcement expected even more violence. one of america's biggest holidays there's a group of people who say that they are feeling very ignored former u.s. service personnel say veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder are not getting the treatment they need a similar can report. fireworks may have been
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a must for independence day but for a number of patriotic citizens who suffer from p.t.s.d. it's the part they dread the most if somebody's he is those loud and unexpected noises that could send them into a state of flight or fight when it's in your own house and it's happening next door over in your front yard a street he can prepare for that for many vets marijuana is the most effective way of relieving p.t.s.d. symptoms this past sunday libertarians helped what they called a march of the dead veterans claiming the war on drugs is preventing some veterans from seeking treatment really and they say it's led to a number of suicides we have twenty veterans committing suicide every single day in this country and especially when democrats and republicans in power don't seem to care about this it's all the more important that we call attention to this issue and support those who are doing something about it some veterans are fed up waiting for change nearly a week ago a u.s. air force veteran wearing a vest lined with flammable devices set himself on fire to protest the treatment of veterans like a veteran that was disgruntled with the v.a.
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. did a personal protest in front of the capitol which involved gasoline and some fireworks according to the department of housing and urban development forty thousand veterans are homeless on any given night and the department of justice estimates that military veterans account for eighty percent of the national prison population one of the media is the u.s. government needs to do is to stop sending young men and women to go fight immoral illegal and illegitimate wars and then when veterans are coming back there should be tens of billions of dollars spent on trying to take care of those veterans i think people generally want to do good things sure got around ninety nine percent of people have absolutely no clue about what's going on overseas and to be honest with you we can't blame the american people for that i wore sleep the corporate media in the united states has done a great job and she'll. u.s. citizens from what's happening of iraq if the u.s.
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government was genuinely interested in preventing veteran suicides the u.s. government would stop creating so many u.s. veterans. while on the subject of us independent states the two hundred forty second birthday in fact those celebrations with fireworks all over the country and this one melody has been associated with this holiday for decades but it seems everyone knows its roots. live. i. i. go out. there to be in the market shout. for the
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job it's like the mirror thank you for the time our it's not the national anthem is. to tell us. how it. should be. like take housekeeping twelve overture. please. you're watching out for a short break it's destination. more special coverage of the world's biggest film as it is across the world's biggest country.
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illegally. you from i. b m r e r chip in cyber crime war. i think could be one of the best but i never saw or heard before today. there
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something that was my brain. when i want to know in a very will continue for a long while top twenty eight hundred studio just outside the home it is museum in russia's northern capital st petersburg with the last sixteen stage now complete anticipation is already building for the quarter final stage starting friday there's a year of why france clash and then belgium against brazil and we can't forget the biggest game for people here of course russia. with the england sweden game also taking place on the same day as well promises to be a real football fest over the coming days were here bring you the latest goals
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disappointment i got frustration the whole range of emotions here throughout the next few days yes on the first day kicking off the quarterfinals will be france against friday initially you know god i don't paper the teams evenly matched. so it will be looking to that star striker luis suarez for inspiration cavani as well here although of the previous game out of the match with those two goals french squad has three the most expensive players in the world though but of a record one of them. he's made quite a name from south. central superstar i think now to well fully fully just that was one of most most expensive players in the while also rising young star defender benjamin provide for who. want to go in the council. argentina of course gave the french side chance to get back in the time eventually when the full three seventy seven gold. strike was really you see the angle from behind the replay the way it's
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. really fantastic goal helped france to that impressive full fee for three victory over argentina and of course the fans have been playing a massive part in driving the team for would. work. a day. later on friday it was on balance i mean that's a city on the volga river about a hundred kilometers east of moscow. and belgium has. been
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leading as well who of course believe school day the second goal in the last game to get them away from me a defeat by japan but it was you know they finally came out with came up trumps against japan and it looked like they were about to go well they were to go down in that game but they won three two with a dramatic last minute goal really a fantastic counter-attack move finished off by now when it comes to brazil of course considering their history and heritage in this competition there's no doubt that they can go all the way yeah they're still a favorite something especially you know what germany spain portugal you know all the teams out of the favorites before i think brazil you know pretty much. as they still remain as they always are out there brazil the beginning in some pretty much training that with. this time the sports star player may ma he bought his some. exciting he showed that he could be following in his dad's footsteps one may pop sooner than we might think of course complete with the daubing attachment so maybe
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not but hopefully i hopefully he'll be a little bit more of a fair player and then ask oh absolutely following the good things which has done in this tournament so far which include scoring two crucial goals for his country there was one here with some petersburg in that game against costa rica in injury time and added on time and it looked like brazil were heading for a draw in that game until neymar scored however it's been his dramatic reactions on the field perhaps slightly exaggerated reactions to some tackles which have no small amount of ridicule. comically my fries are gene. from the very start of the world cup the atmosphere has been amazing in the fans have been taken through all the ups and downs all spectrum often motions petersburg and moscow all over the country in fact eleven cities yet and you know there have
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been fans who travel other countries coming to russia in order to support the host nation and i actually managed to join a couple of them to get a fantastic and unique view of st peter's by. st petersburg it's arguably one of the most beautiful and picturesque cities in all of russia it's considered the capital of the north of the country and one photographer is offering people the opportunity to take in the stunning views and unique style by having photo shoots and the tour here on the rooftops. and that's all it means because i caught. probably a small start but smarts just kind of peter costello's from i mean from not just one offered him some markers. nice so i got in a position such as you've taken your snaps each time you can go to those who've
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made so much trouble to. come about shirts so use it to go to the produce to you when you're going to church i'm going to you know i mean so when you're for board membership. so guys just so the single bit what do you think about this little kind of tour it's amazing i mean if you look around you have so many classy buildings all over the place and it's it's a really beautiful city you can see to cities bustling with the markets and everything yeah because what do you think about the tournament itself the football that strangely i mean it's such an open turn in the sun there's no clear favorite or we're both rooting for rush obviously i mean we're in the stadium when they play spain it was was just crazy so i suppose before in england in particular there's been a lot of scaremongering and now back home a lot of our fans angry with the government and with the media because they say you told us it was going to be this and yeah no actually i think you have to come here we have such a cliche view about russia and the russian people when you hear you see how what a wonderful country first of all it is and how nice and great the russian people are i would say the world cup just adds to it because there's always plenty of
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people around you know all everyone from the world uniting to the football so it is just a great atmosphere. now with the competition rolling. with possibly get a lower russian opera singer and twenty eight for the city of st petersburg a massive russian found as well he told us his take on what's been going on in the city. obviously the world cup was a fantastic festival for russia fantastic event for st petersburg what does it mean to you to be the ambassador for this city i mean you just saw it at the time but you have no idea this is such an honor to represent our beautiful city it was that all great country at this school but i speak for world cup football i'm really proud is happy to be a part of it all this time of day that's when you can go to what i. take it you're obviously supporting a russia to go as far as they can but in terms of the other teams is there anybody perhaps that you watch what's in closely some other favorite spots that you want to get to see do well as well as i see of course i support russia but i'm rooting for
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the football in general because of it passion and what is now happening in our country is absolutely amazing again we are reaching for the beach as if we are rooting for at least one of the containers that came to russia say she i mean want to say thank you for all of this especially spicy but do you think people's expectations of me justified for this the full festival a lot of media perhaps reporting there may be problems of all sorts with the organization without putting in russia have they been proven right or of things gone very much to plan we need to start a team i've talked to many fans not sure and you won't believe it are amazed by our country because people here are really friendly you know sand they were expecting it to be freezing cold and all of that with the last dose he says that this is a wonderful country with wonderful people and have a car to see the russian people are really welcoming you boy so don't be afraid to come to russia and see it for yourself see the east see it's perceivable nothing to do this next night i was with cities and if so they could give. me something to
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work on at the doors of the museum i missed you that i should be back yet you know when you're there i. was i was in the range of was going. through lava very slow. going i was here. you know who is almost. out here soon you almost want to do. so. and you have. here are. you on the side. although you. know some of. us think that you can't. choir growth great voice aldergrove hidden hidden talent a jewish run for his body that's it from us for now here in the foot to save peter's bike stay tuned for more updates makes all. the
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be. her. p.j.s national camera. roughly once the show some will pay you for the. future uncool videos during the woke up and someone with the broccoli string and. more on string i don't roughly don't t.v. ministries police forces and city administrations of many countries depend on one corporation that does what microsoft on the board does run from on the eyes of god i'm stunned just adama's got the guns to the. woods as everybody got on into this it's just a small bribe them proprietary software you don't know the source code isn't that a such a security risk when you have
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a black box operating in the public eye to microsoft's dependency puts governments under cyber threat and not only that i think softness can put us in mall. the softness of the sense of the selling response of global warming. will fall into almost like the old mr woodward was. with. the incident this is the us all. done with the all business stopped and there was a string of phone calls a fund is up and his cards on the file. welcome to that rock. the boat. up.
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welcome to the alex sullivan show for the rock of gibraltar today massage and of our free fall serious we focus attention on the peoples in the communities of us fascinating territories we delve into the history of the culture we talk to some interesting characters of course all of this has been a soldier preacher e-mails and your messages of course and wishing to the banks issue and as ever there are strong opinions and he says campbell seems to forgotten those in the majority voted for back said whether you agree with them or not they put a democratically to this labor not believe in democracy anymore and brothers out on complementary about the d.p. he says how laughable are they just what family both an m.p.'s are on alex semin to that for the republic of ireland and the e.u. to dissolve i dish border crisis a bit like saying my dog has to go on the pavement and that is for my neighbors to clean it up green benson and it spawns two trees amazing lack of giving in to do
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you say it has a penny ever done less in the media i can't remember one involved interview with best lady artist and i says great alex salmond show abraxas special celtic nations well represented and rightly they should be why try to guess all alight to fix that constant interruption a battering bravo titan alex will thank you for that and then robert and a sponsor alex he said that he's unable to lease disliked pm roberts has released but of an understatement there alex boy or rather i'm inclined to agree with you and bats the man himself and gibraltar. i'm not joined by will cain face in these bottles as a whole local historian knows just about everything that i still know about the rock face a welcome to the alex salmond's show glad to be a. devil's gap which is a fantastic place to to talk about gibraltar but first i don't know a lot of places in gibraltar seem to have devils and then within that does not reflect the continent history most maybe why why not but people are very annoyed
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with the names that we even had to an exhibition called father level and he added everything to there was a very nice person but yet we have about six women of angels point of view the heavenly choir but we have many many churches and cathedrals to cater for that you know like that's the devil's god i mean you can see the changes taking place i mean when you were a lad it was the sea well the sea was much much closer than the places which are for example where i live today i used to fish and swim there once upon a time. the naval grounds which is where you see those buildings that i used to go to the boulevard to watch the and figures aircraft landing around the bay there was a guy in the back of the sea of the flag the military possibility has been a military base of one kind of the for thousands of years but that has changed dramatically in the last quarter of a century but tell us about that definitely i mean you brought us famous for what it is a fortress everybody knows the fortress of gibraltar and throughout the years we've
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had people of all kinds living here from the most of the spanish to the british and with the british occupation i must tell you that it's been an ethical point in british history remember this was the fall to malta to egypt to south africa when they open the swiss canal again a passage ships used to come here to to get coal and be chilling and things like that so it's been very very important in the in the life line of great britain to put it that way but the percentage of military spending. thing and abroad has gone from what sixty percent to six percent you know a couple of decades definitely has the rock coped with that well we've had to change from one thing to another for example what was once a dockyard is now a commercial yard and if you look in the docks ironically you're going to see many spanish ships coming here to have refit instead of going to their own docks because we're more economic engine boat and they're in spain and i hear about the half the world shipping still comes through the straits of gibraltar i think it's the
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busiest. place in the world where ships come through with your in the defense forces yourself that you were thinking when you were you were doing the. let the see the day that financial services and gaming and tourism dominated the economy of that oh no way tourism was always i've always culture is on the scene they're eligible so it's always been there everybody can see what they want to see the agents in the case was to see the highlights but other than that you brought us have to change through other times the situations we've been through spain closing its borders he said and i've always told people i said look it's one man's meat is another man's poison some businesses have to close other sprout as a result of what happens is he and i've always said that in gibraltar we had natural sunlight or so much of what during the second world war the whole population was evacuated this a million women children you know and with we went through that my dad stayed behind was a goner but we've been through many many other episodes we have been we've been hit hard but i was a he was like a catch when you got me like that and you drop your wee falls on his feet so how
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many lives of you had there where i feel if you i mean because these changes affected the people i mean you know i faced me as a community which is a savage base a bit of created shipping for men is it fundamentally for a community which is based on savages financial services things of that so how are the complection of the people of gibraltar changing as the economy changes we have to change with the times and people of the rotators of a resilient you know the what was at the moment we go for. that we don't say we have to break with traditions sometimes you know we have eighty how shall i say up to two to change a subject you can adopt no we do we have to adopt it whether we like it or not we have to we have to live with the times we kind of stay living in the old colonial days you know just one of things like that things change and we have to adapt to the best means that unavailable i think a lot of the knows more than you about the history of iraq but tell me about the
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future confident are you of gibraltar continuing to flourish in this new world you brought us economy is very very sound we have very well founded as we like way unfortunately have a neighbor who's always hampering us and we have to be here at their whims of whoever's governing in spain now if we had a better association with spain this would be part of this to start with look at this base. look at the iso we've got there refinery that was frank was doing that refinery was going to that although spain but they actually put in their twenty's the spanish workers you don't worry when we close the border you've got a job sorry there's no jobs only for about eighty there reza to immigrate and that he had to land became a ghost town you know so much better when you've got a spanish ancestor yourself like many many gibraltarians so that that difficult relationship with your neighbor must be a source of some some grief to you not it not me not really because what happens is
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i try to to convince people about the truth of things that happen i give talks and i always show things i don't just talk and i look look at this treaty look at what happened here look at what happened there and when they see it with their own eyes or where we've never been told that well i'm telling you now look how how like gerbils you say give give it a lie tell it so many many times that you do come to believe it and that's that that's our spanish friends there and some say they would even admit that they're wrong i remember one telling me of the not the only nation that doesn't do that now but i tell you one of them remember. i'm sorry for you if you will tell us what the british did us or what did to be dislodging they close the border you know it was spain no no it was another thing i'm trying to to to to infiltrate is that with this culture sovereignty seems that they're offering gibraltar and i said tomorrow mexico is a free course orange is the united states well even to know that if they build the wall then present some by except the i'm going to come to you tito the back make
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the siege in the early eighteenth century i mean if i had been an english gentleman said of a scottish general defending it probably with a surrender i don't think so the pride was too much at the time. and remember we had germans here as well we had the head of aliens fighting alongside the british here ok so that was one of the branches milestones in history and a few of the first world war both german soldiers and british soldiers had the same emblem from the siege is abroad exactly the drop the sleeve which tells us that history has a way of oh you said you attempt to the future you think the rock is standing strong we're standing strong and i hope that our neighbors. try and follow our example i mean with this new government that they've got in they need to change their laws they're still very antiquated they were traditionally a center left government in spain has been friendly towards good relations and the popular party yes it's a senior royal exactly much lamented your but peter these people came in because we
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were going in in a very nice. way you know the first time that the in spanish came to gibraltar the first time or the foreign secretary officially came to the world and things were looking good and all of sudden these people come in and they they crush everything they had done we even had it is you do to sort of until you broke you know they took that away as well. owners and we have to live with what happens next door unfortunately if you do i can guarantee the future but what i can do is guarantee you and i like simon quick you know the drill oh yeah westin the queen. your many close friends but of course i need a bigger one. thank you very much i think about. the rock it's not just about high politics and high property prices there is a thriving cultural and to line the gibraltar i one of its cultural icons joins me now david ben tata good afternoon welcome to examine the show thank you there's
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something scottish about that lame brain matter almost almost no not quite originally the name comes from rock of from the mountains if used to be been done sons of sultan on the wrong side of the bed but that's where we were and then the family when you're born here who was born here. do you think there is a genuine cultural underpinning of rock incredibly strong thanks to franco before before the front problems and the the siege and all that we were like almost second class citizens here this is when frankel closed the border that separates it's generally sick. that's right you know and we were very concentrated and all could hear was the advertising the propaganda from from spain saying that we were. i don't know were immigrants prostitutes everything you know drug smugglers the works and suddenly we turned and said hey hey that talking about us
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so that they used to broadcast across the water to lose to broadcast in spanish radio spanish television and we didn't have television in those days so we would watch spanish t.v. and it was terrible the propaganda was like nazi germany but then of course. right back to the origins of gibraltar as a british territory in fairfield in them in those played in a period ornament in the hills of spain of the lot yes in fact in seventeen of four were not near route to. the queen of spain apparently had a little towel castle built there and she sat there is called the seat of the queen and she wouldn't eat or drink until she saw the spanish flag hoisted in the town and admiral rooke being a gentleman host of the spanish flag so she wouldn't die of hunger and how long the dark last one of those pilots flying back i think it was about ten minutes you know just. the cream to break a fast with yes yes very much to be required gentlemen. and she must have been a very silly woman. but she was
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a quick oh yes but that doesn't really follow does it they were ninety six percent of the people gibraltar voted to remain and as european union members but overwhelming result in any of these terms wallace the motor forces behaved such a very well it was a very pragmatic vote the only way that we kept spain at bay was by all of us being inside the repeal union and the european union would keep spain more or less in rain so that they wouldn't do any move problems with the front or all the things that they used to do politically so we voted practically to stay in the union my heart. and for many people terence we don't have much faith in the european union it was practical it worked lymphomas sample recent events in catalonia would have reinforced the that skepticism about the european commission.


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