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conversations before around the cleanup of. where we had coordinates around the areas that were thought to be possibly contaminated and you have the officers involved in cleaning them up where in the faux or chemical biological protection suits but the other side of the code there were people just going about their business. we've had police officers standing outside houses and whatever not in full protective suits. for protective suit is important if you've got something that's a gas or you've got something that's a powder or if you're going to be touching something that's a solid and all the indications are that the form of prison in this particular instance is some sort of i guess a grease would be the best way of describing it therefore it's not going to jump off whatever it's on and come and attack you even if you're standing right next to it it's going to be when you contact it that there's going to be an issue and so.
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where in protecting here is for people that are actually interfering with it rather than those that happened to be nearby secretary pointed out how much had been spent on decontaminating the area where the script files were found four months ago but also pointed out that this latest case wasn't in one of those decontaminated areas what has to happen now then why does that not have to go pensive decontaminating what all of wilcher. well you can't do that you can only do what you go on what you know to use and i'll murder squad detectives expression you can only go on what you know. they were aware of various places that the script wasn't bain and so they decontaminated those areas and you know did a really thorough job on that. but they didn't know where else maybe contaminated they were no doubt hoping they wouldn't be anywhere else but of course whoever did it the poison must have been made somewhere it must have been stored somewhere it must have been carried in some for. matts there will be things that are
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contaminated. i think people hope in the whoever was administered it's taken all the contaminated stuff away and dispose of it responsibly. i suspect what's happened is something hasn't been disposed of responsibly and that has now come to light somewhere else now they can go look in around that book beyond that again you know as you say you can decontaminate wilcher so it's again back in the lap of the gods that there's nothing else contaminated out there what about the people who are there rightly anxious the troubled by this they were troubled for months ago it's all coming back up to the surface for them now where's the line in public information here the public need to know what's going on but at the same time nobody wants to cause any needless panic. yeah the message that went out the previous time was if you've been in any of these areas that we now know may have been lightly contaminated and we're not talking about heavy contamination we're talking of contamination from and again as far as i'm aware we we we still think
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that the actual sort of application to the intended victims was at their house so that contamination of other parts of public space would be from material that was on them that then went on to the bench they sat on or the restaurant they went so whatever and so the contamination would be very light anyway and therefore anybody else you know it's going to be a light contamination from a lock and it's a lot for copying something to in its arms it gets vaguer invader and weaker and weaker and so the advice was washing clothes. that the advice this time and i suspect it might mean that i think it is something that's been discarded is don't go rummaging around in things that have been discarded. leave indeed the advice from the home office a little bit earlier ok peter cohen former metropolitan police officer really appreciate your time an r.t. thanks for that thank you. next there's been
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a second night of violent protests in the french city of nanda over the death of a twenty two year old man shot by police on tuesday protesters clashed with officers throwing molotov cocktails and setting fires in several districts the police say that the young man had refused to comply with orders and reversed his vehicle into an officer while trying to avoid an identity check was previously known to the authorities an investigation is currently underway for more details now from r.t. france correspondent jonathan landay. these are morgan devol clashes took place in this neighborhood. just hundreds of meters away from the place where that. a young twenty two year old man was killed trying to escape a police checkpoint there were clashes with some young people wearing balaclavas who went out on the streets to throw various objects at law enforcement what locals
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who went out on their balconies or just opened their windows they too were throwing all kinds of things at them but we even saw potatoes in his piece tossed at officers we retaliated with flash bangs in tear gas these trash bins were set on fire by youths the police are trying to retake the neighborhood bit by bit to calm things down but the atmosphere remains highly tense and unfortunately but law enforcement expect even more violence. on a much nicer load this thursday will look ahead to tomorrow's first world cup quarterfinals off the break.
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since the start of the world cup russian sports commentators have put cruelly sure on their list of teams capable of winning russians love to root for the underdog but will have sympathy for a rival impact on russia's quarterfinal time with croatia. tighen we're just ten days away from knowing the champions of the twenty eight cup and with eight nations left battling for
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a place in the final artie's daniel and you savvy but you cover the crunch for the final. one of the auction and a very we'll well thank you for the well top twenty eight hundred studio just outside the home of his museum in russia's northern capital st petersburg with the last sixteen stage now complete anticipation is already building for the quarter final stage starting friday this year of why france clash and then belgium against brazil never called to get the biggest game for people here of course russia. with the england sweden game also taking place on the same day as well promises to be a real football fest over the coming days over here bring you the latest first game kicking off the quarterfinals. against france at second place in. my part it seems like even the match down yeah absolutely of course can be looking for that
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star striker luis luis suarez cavani as well i'm out of the match that two goals that save them. yeah sure defeat french squad of course has three of the top expensive players in the world one of them forward killing a lot of talk to him about you know kind of justifies reputation as the world's hottest young talent cup with the pressure i think that something has coped with very well with those two goals in that seven goal for that we saw in sochi yeah and in particular the quality of the opposition in argentina perhaps disappointing in the tournament that many people find see them of course with their star players and he really stepped up and shone on the big stage and of course fans are the main player the twelfth man in this forum and i played a massive part in driving the team forward as well. of the of these. with.
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you. you. big game coming up on friday as well brazil taking on belgium in khazan that's the city on the volga river about eight hundred kilometers east of moscow top names there of course belgium like. now when it comes to brazil of course you have to look at their history and their tradition in this tournament there's no doubt that they can go all the way yeah they're still a favorite thing especially now what germany spain portugal all the teams south of the favorites before i think brazil were you know pretty much the top sport though this as they still remain as they always are out there brazil the beginning in some pretty much training there with. a player still in the limelight this time the sports star player neymar he brought his son along for training he showed that he could be following in his dad's footsteps one may pop sooner than we might think of course complete with the daubing attachment so maybe not but hopefully i hopefully
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he'll be a little bit more of a fair player from the very start of the world cup the atmosphere has been amazing and the fans have been taken through all the ups and downs whole spectrum of emotions here is it petersburg and moscow all over the country in fact eleven cities yet and you know there have been fans who travel other countries coming to russia in order to support the host nation and i actually managed to do in a couple of them to get a fantastic unique view of st petersburg. st petersburg it's arguably one of the most beautiful and picturesque cities in all of russia it's considered the capital of the north of the country and one photographer is offering people the opportunity to take. the stunning views the unique style by having photo shoots and a chill here on the rooftops. and that's all it means because i caught up over the small side but so much just trying to communicate first from i mean from not just
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on the freedom some actors sure. are nice so i got in the commercial sector but you've taken your strategies to be promoted to other students so much so what are. some of us sure it's a user to go to the police to you then you're going to shut down i you know i mean so when you're a board member. so guys just to the civil bit what do you think about this little kind of tour it's amazing i mean if you look around you have so many classy buildings all over the place and it's it's a really beautiful city you can see to cities bustling with the markets and everything here because what do you think about the tone of this self the football that strangely i mean it's such an open turn in the sun there's no clear favorite or we're both rooting for a shot asli i mean we're in the stadium where they play spain it was was just crazy so i suppose before in england in particular there's been a lot of scaremongering and now back home a lot of our fans are angry with the government and with the media because they say you told us it was going to be this and yeah no actually i think you have to come here we have such a sort of cliché view about russia and the russian people when you hear. what
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a wonderful country first of all it is and how nice and great the russian people are by i would say the world cup just adds to it because there's always plenty of people around you know all everyone from the world uniting for the football so it is just a great atmosphere. so many people coming from all over the wild partying in the streets drinking dot sing singing. that's been a fantastic atmosphere so far as now looks like it's just getting started almost i've not been here in st petersburg for the majority of the tournament i was in moscow for a bit and it's been amazing that an education to learn about the city its history the beauty of the buildings the people here are very friendly and open minded and it's been wonderful to be based up this i think all those tourists who are coming in learning all about my. really you know taking a lot of of russia's cultural history so it's been it's been educational you come up definitely but i'm not comparing your visa. expired now with the composition
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wondering on i caught up with my city get our lines of russian opera singer out on a bus an hour for up the world cup in that same petersburg we got things off on a bit of a high note and we think. we sleep well cup was a fantastic festival for russia fantastic event for said petersburg what does it mean to you to be the ambassador for this city and we need to sell it at the fair but you have no idea this is such an honor to represent our beautiful city as that of our great country at this feast of sport but i feel for world cup football i'm really proud and happy to be a part of it all is that that's really what i take it you're obviously supporting a russia to go as far as they can but in terms of the other teams is there anybody perhaps that you watch what's in closely some other favorites perhaps that you want to see do well as well that i see of course i support russia but i'm rooting for football in general because of it passion and what is now happening in our country is absolutely amazing and we are rooting for the beautiful game but we are rooting for all these wonderful team has that came to russia i mean want to say thank you
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for all of this. and do you think people's expectations of me justified for this before well first of all a lot of media perhaps reporting there may be problems of all sorts with the organization without putting in russia have they been proven right or of things gone very much to plan we need to start a team i've talked to many fan myself and you won't believe it or are amazed by our country because people here are really friendly you know fans were expecting it to be freezing cold war with all these dolls and bears but this is a wonderful country with wonderful people exit have a big heart also see the russian people are really welcoming you boy so don't be afraid to come to russia and see it for yourself think they used to see expensive i don't know an adidas and if not i was with does it easily so they could you. give me something to look up at the voice of the music i missed you know i should be back yet you when you're the light people. love the heart and i are our angora all from us your saliva the our
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solo during our yard c.d.'s all your sorrows shirt all over here soon your most of them are you all. so. good ah here are five you all saw. although there are senor some. others financial life i don't find any i'm with you. on the friday as of last summer my ex from the future crack up watch kaiser.
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if i could be a mariachi. cyber crime war. i think could be one of the best but i never saw or hyper for today that something bad was my great. ministry is police school says and city administrations of many countries depend on one corporation that does my mike was hoping the boy doesn't want the right to come to this dominate the guns because it. was as if he did he got into this it's just us who live in proprietary software you don't know the source code isn't that such as. security when you have a black box operating to probably go to microsoft dependency puts governments under the cyber threat not only the. mall.
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is it. really one of the. most of the these two. these. problems started on. your vision starting to more sense to you in terms of funders up in these crowds on the phone. all. along welcome to worlds apart from the very start of their world cup two thousand and eighteen russian sports commentators have included creation in the list of
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countries that may take the trophy home only because of a national habit of rooting for an underdog but also due to the genuinely captivating style of the creation squad how will that sympathy for their rival affect the game when russia and creation face each other on saturday each easing a dream of a lifetime well to discuss that i'm now joined by the board sharper and legendary creation footballer and now the president of the creation for both federation it's a great honor talking to you thank you very much for your time thank you for inviting me now crazy you just won the win away from it quoting its famous france ninety ninety eight side in which you played such a prominent role what's your intuition do you think they would be able to go as far as you did or perhaps even further. i would like it's going to happen all your words and of course we respectful against russia is the team so to you will be nineteen point three percent russia and only zero seven zero eight
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percent who would be crazy and that's mean we are small country respectful fun country we three who who is on order to play for your national team for the national and for national flag go for your national t. shirts and i think that is perceived very acutely here in russia and you said that the stadium would be ninety nine to nine percent russian i disagree with the i think there is a great great sympathy for your callers because everybody in all the games you've played so far i'm sure of all the russians play rooting for your team. but if i can ask you as a footballer. you said our team is tough that's very generous of you but if you're weren't giving advice to your guys how to play against our guys what would you tell him what his strategy in this throughout the g. is the score one more gold than russians in the second think is the world cup is no three school competition as the world cup the nineteen minutes and maybe extra time
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a penalty kicks it's big pressure for both teams russia beat spain if somebody ask three years ago russia he would beat spain think about god the best players in the world in spain even in the lot of throw face everyone say no but football is it's the best sports in the world and that's why we like not always to being the favorites and that's why he's nice to be in the world cup in russia now we have tough game when i mean thousand game it's fifty fifty if somebody from russian say we will be in tomorrow we need to wait today and we will discuss the sunday. if i can say no we will be to russia nothing. i am president but the players minus maybe the small war but nice words small ball to eleven against eleven strategies we know exactly how we played russia russia know exactly how to
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play the corrosion at the spine go around today's high definition in the knowledge you can sign each corner of each brain of the each fall how prone to reproduce the game the russians of gracious but what is the more important reveal enjoy the world cup game we will enjoy sochi i've never been in sochi it's beautiful country beautiful city and that's what i was glad and why we're here to enjoy football let me. ask one more question about here team and i want to. base it on somebody that maradona once said about your he said that when you played football you used to create an optical illusion in your game seeing the batter than it actually was i wonder if that's also fair about the quality of the creation squad at the moment that they actually seem a little bit better than they really are that we have to look for vulnerabilities
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thanks for these words of course commercial beat when we played twenty years ago we beat the living beat germany three million we own if somebody on the value croatian team he can have big problem that's mean we have the best players on the midfield players we can control the board today who control most of the ball have more time more time to score more time to play and of course preparation physically game he will be very tough who will around more kilometers altogether between eleven and eleven that i think he will be even and of course i hope i don't want to game zero zero one of the game penalty kicks i want to see a lot of goals and bet the team through. i like this quote about your. particular because it reminds me about something that bismarck what a fun bismarck once said about russia and he also said that. russia is never as weak and never asked wrong as it appears that there are some similarities there but
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i heard you say that when it comes to a tournament like that it's really about who is hungrier you are the national prize for his congress for the victory do you really think that crazier than russia when it comes to national pride we can not. make who is more hungry as but i hope and i'm still makes for the player i can come to the dressing room being on the beach i've been you know the ministration and i see when i visit my football players i saw in the. hungary doreen and i'm so glad that i'm still. a sponsor to to to to say let's go make for the national team a national coach give him all and i'm sure he will carry barack for all creation country voters small population of five million people now both russia and creation now being specifically trained to withstand extra time believing that anything is
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possible in the end they'll stay in shape not without reason i mean they've already had some experience during this term and turn them and if you think side of the game comes down to it do you think it would be a good outcome for creation to have your team overcome that famous two thousand and eight europe south from cherokee of course. we're also in the heart of the russian when we beat england and you've got us through and that's why the love between russians incursion these most wrong but now we must see who will advance in the next next stage next game. minutes then how he's going to game you know my experience and small debut if you say you can say is he going to show you would be good or bad. after the warm up after the ten minutes see how we've performed my team i ask you before about overcoming about the psychological hang up on. as relates to the stage and we saw what we saw during the creation game with
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mark is is a moment which actually have fallen very touching when the captain up here at sam looking more dates didn't score a penalty and the team closed their ranks behind him and i know very little about football but it was so possible psychologically that you know you have the team that stands up for you even when when you're wrong a worry when you fail essentially had many successes but also i see many failures in your early years was that the kind of failure he missing that penalty that ultimately secured the success of that game in that i mean it's maybe one hundred sixteen minutes when he means the penalty the end of the world nothing can be similar and of course i saw the energy of the players also very little come a second penalty kick in the penalty kick so of course then he scored again and when we won't have any we wrong the game very nice so the unity with the players
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everyone jump and everyone say let's go bro and i'm sure he will give more double on the next game because you know hundred forty thousand players. four and a half million people why we make every two or four years world cup competition and european championship the key power of gratian food bill for that is the invest so much money in the youth why now we can say that ninety five percent of the players who play now in sochi next game played already the under fifteen or seventeen it's only way to. do is the players know another way we can know that we are not reaching the in the always what you are saying is that there is a system there and yet i think there is also a feeling a broader feeling that both creation and russia are defying expectations because
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when you prevailed over i argentina god was a big surprise one russia. spain home to us i thing it is an even bigger surprise what do you think makes these year world cup so full of the unexpected start this literally is the is the one of the best world cup in the world and second point is the more goals. the ball is the more creak a. goalkeeper is not happy happy the shoes the grass the stadium the media everything is better than in the past and that i'm sure we will remember this world cup of course you or me will be more happy on monday we will see who will. win the second in the next round. let's focus on the past a little bit more i ask you about maradona already argentina now are has
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a new football god and yet it lost to creigh shirts three nil how do you explain the fact that the argentinians play so well for the spanish clubs and yet their form saw mediocre when they define their national colors. chairman in the food book only thing away from and we have so many questions the football players have around eighty to nineteen games a year the food bowl praise flying maybe distance from moscow to spain to about solona and play. the premier league or champions league euro probably so many matches so many games the players is a little bit diet but of course everyone is professional and no. what i saw on that world cup the same for it is not proper where we go what happened before we didn't go and have a lot of games during the champions league and the may and he cannot perform well you don't have the time to make pre-season for the for the world cup but i assume
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the stars of the creation team. a mother and child there is they they also play for spanish cops professionally so they would be under similar. yes you are. then days or two leagues before they will couple how you prepare all the season for the world cup how much it's all in the life how much you invest you will receive that simple and i'm sure that's why i said physically i saw russia is very tough you're running he's tough he's playing well that's mean isabel prepared that first boy the most terrible in the world is to see excellent players one of the best players not. per that's at that's what i mean they're a joke preparation or about making an order is the national courts national quarter of all these instruments to prepare the theme he's a responsible member we can only support we can make the service but what i saw in
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the couple of games germany didn't do you know i still haven't the players starting the ball is not the same player is what you just said in the books alone a room of it but that there's the life is the world cup since i ask you about your triumph over argentina let me ask you about our victory over spain and i think if it came as i said as a as a huge surprise to the russians they weren't even hoping for that in many ways the only way you play and that way you can beat spain if you want to show the world to be a better than spanish team talking controlling you will lose but of course you're lucky you play the you defending well and of course penalty kick can be fifty fifty there is also one more circumstance here and the spanish team made a headline on the eve of the tournament by sacking its national coach which here in russia was perceived as this very curious case of a football democracy.


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