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make it you know still eight hours to go the five i'm sure that most of these fans will leave for the fans in a couple of hours and the party will move out that is relatively quiet we've been hearing the song that we've had you singing that in the last hour in minutes though the football is coming home but we've got a little group of creation fans just stand there and they have just been thing begins going home on the thing to you so that's going to be this kind of battle today on the song and you've got someone like harry cain up front who is it at this point a scored six goals is leading by two goals in the in the gold boot competition when you've got someone like him who at any time at any point without any warning in a game of football can score a goal then you always have this incredible thread so i think gary's southgate's thinking is as long as we can keep it tight as long as we can keep in under control
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as long as we don't take don't take too many chances we always have that and so far it's worked fortunately jason moran who isn't on the line live to count your your comments on the contributions of money just when he did three record this assessment of prediction all things racial much fourth of a list. england is fresher. has younger players had easy group face. we're deeply to easy matches and the match against belgium changed every player so the players that are playing the they all had one less in croatia to play because they didn't play against belgium and the majority of the players. are young feats players when i look to the team i sing actually young. three years old just today or yesterday something like that and
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part of that the players are all very young and in between england and croatia i think croatia is great and. for me to play to control the game in the possession of the game thing when the is. is a happy team. so peter just picking up on what jersey i mean you were saying then what would you make of the groups and what difference does it make when you've got an easy trip or a tougher group the drain you more made them a more battle hardened together to think i think we have a good example of how a manager things in that so he's looking at the thing and they had too easy games then they had the free game against belgium where they didn't have to play the best players and then again he thinks a relatively easy game in school and then swede sweden didn't perform as well as he did so he says that they are fresher that's how a manager would look at it and i agree with that they are fresh and therefore the should be having the advantage tonight. but the same time and i will make this
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argument england has not really been tested yet this is a massive test physical strength mental strength the pressure fans have seen attained through the mill and emerge on the other side and as a result they believe this. was. jean from croatia can win this game. we have more experience southgate has been commenting probably not given too much away in terms of preparations for the match i think we already know his line up pretty much but he's been speaking quite complementary i think about the experience of the team without in russia that you never know you're going to a strange country you know strange food strange culture bodies being quite positive
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and have a listen it's been fantastic every city we've played in of course in our base in particular but everywhere we've played we had a really warm welcome and the organization of the tournament has been absolutely first class he is the nicest guy eleven mean he was saying nothing bad about anyone about anything but he would not lie so so you know he's just like that i don't think and i just won a lot of people over that he comes across as a very genuine character and quite likeable i had the pleasure of. always on a course early on this year and he was giving a lecture on his ideas his management style. and it was interesting because at the time at the time he was not very hopeful about this well copyist it might might i only have seventy one players this is i are no to that number i only have seventy one player is playing in the premier league that i can pick my twenty three
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players from and it for me it sounded a little bit like a moan you know sort of a negative thing i'm thinking i wish them luck had seventy one players to pick from but this is what he said seventy one players and they are all very young so it might not be about this world cup but i'm looking to the future so i think the way the results they've they've they've sort of come to him and we heard joe simmering in a state that had an easy. two easy games and that sort of had an easy run into the semifinal i think that might have been a little bit of a surprise to him as well because at the time i'm absolutely sure this is going back to march month of march month at the time i'm convinced he didn't know he's twenty three players never mind the starting eleven and he has changed that starting eleven since the autumn of last year and he's come up with these eleven players that we know say well it's predictable these are going to start why change something that that has worked so so well so
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a couple of things that wall. southgate talked about this being a spot for the future so perhaps surprised to be in the situation where he is but you've got to grasp it haven't you when the opportunity comes along and they're very young seventeen of the sport of twenty three england players weren't even born the last time england appeared in a world cup semifinal that was july fourth one thousand nine hundred ninety so it's come maybe one will come sooner than expected but at this point it doesn't matter does it still does this i'm sorry you can't we're not we're not looking at this world we have to look to the next and come on you only know that you're playing this world cup because you qualify you don't know so i think next world cup and european championship so it's a little bit of an excuse back in march that is all changed he's very confident now and he's got every right to do so because he took chances now one of the tasks that we have had to do in this cause was to actually pick the england squad as a pick the twenty three players that was going to go to to this world cup and then
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also line up our starting eleven and then argue are starting eleven now i had joe harden go joe hart's not even been paid he's not in the us and it's one of the things made brave decisions that cost a bit of a stir he hasn't got jack wilshere who was also in my starting eleven technology has had possibly the best season he's ever had for now we see things differently now i saw someone. with a bit of power better grit better leadership mitt for us or goalkeeper who would be . you know controlling and helping all these young players carry mcquire very very young you know all these guys but he took chances he gambled and he's won it so one of the things he did take a chance as was the goalkeeper and jordan picked for his has been he's been excellent and i am convinced that had jordan pickford not play the way he did against sweden i'm not sure that anyone would have been in the semifinal but he was
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actually in that game had two very very big saves he had a header from marcus burke that he got down on his left hand side and then a little bit later and this is at neil no one no sorry and then only like five minutes later he had a really big save down to his right. toilet and i maybe not save them i think england would be at that point that i you know was asking for before that but the point where you are being tested where you could have to come up with that answer what we made off and i'm sure at that time that would have been a big problem for him if they looked like they were running out of ideas of how to but then obviously the second goal was scored and then sweeten of the pit sort of the this illusion but you know it's ok just get us to the south. east taken the big risk sometimes you have to respect to win big it's all been coming off and so far not the only one taking chances though english fans pretty much will do anything to get to moscow for this and find another place sometimes
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have to go backwards to go forwards and that's what they've done literally summoning the fans as part of that their journey of flying back to lisbon slightly that's what a two hour journey a. five hour plus flight out to moscow but that's the way to do it if you can get direct tickets less money ten thousand in the funds making this journey for england croatia alone less. it's travel plans being put together having been in a situation where you've had to couple together a journey at the last moment you do anything to get there anything absolutely yes i was i was just starting out as a professional football player. it was one thousand nine hundred four denmark were in the first i have a big tournament the european championships in france. and they did really well they got to the semi final it was being played in the young and it was against spain and we always said do they get to the semi final we have to go so we ended up
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going on i must trip which was a long one i remember that very well about twenty hours there and we were in leon about three hours before kickoff watched the game and was straight back on the bus with twenty hours back arrived back in the morning listen to this this is so crazy it's just tells you how football is tamed right back in the morning and i played in the cup that's very same evening i played against a club i ended up playing for later on brumby and we lost seven more and. you know i was looking to the twenty i was on the coast perhaps for sure absolutely for sure i've let me put it mildly i was not very good that day i played very poorly well luckily the easing of fans we're talking about won't have to take to the page but you know they have to contribute in the stands we managed to catch up with a great travelling via lisbon to get to moscow and i think several hours that this is what it's like for them. to be
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a force for the screams of you or to see what seems to be getting kids. cities it's nice because it makes. it because we did. not want to waste the strike here if you did featuring you treat me like you should be playing in the street if you can make it funny. do something. so. if you can make it feel like. it's going to. be reality is actually be going to france after they defeated belgium in the semifinal of the competition take us through the highlights of this one piece well this was. march into the anticipated game belgium and france for me the best two performing teams in the whole competition so they meet each other in the semi final which for many new fools who doesn't have the country in the in
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the competition any more would probably think was the sort of moral final and they gave us a really good game we have some great individual performances and great goalkeepers and what i think both of the goalkeepers were fantastic for for belgium but all in main off he's team lost but. tottenham goalkeeper he was fantastic i mean really really fantastic yesterday and he made this incredible save. at a point where if belgium stroll you know catch him now. this is incredible the way he reacted have a look at how many bodies that will go through and he still manages to get both of his hands to it and then face it out for a corner he was really really good yesterday he had one of two interceptions from crosses where he comes out and just gets a little nick on the ball just before a belgian play and. i think one of the situation that was. right behind him it
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would have been a tap and little things like that and you could see at some point ronnie looks back at him with admiration for thinking my my my god i cannot believe i've got this guy behind me and it lifts everyone so i got a friend said. being under the cosh i would say did that sort of opening twenty minutes and i remember saying on our last night in. one of these opportunities to have a lot of corners this still sort of thing that comes back to haunt you and racial say crucial saves and and you have to say that even has that played an absolute blinding yesterday. unfortunately for him the rest of the team was not up to his level when they everyone played well but he i think for me he separated themselves yesterday he played mostly off the left and he was cutting in and he they were toppling in tripling up on him and still yet got in situation by pass the ball
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across a pony had a few shots he was brilliant but couldn't get past. pace and of all the crazy plays on the page it was the big sensible thing and. you can argue with the holes the whole mocking endzone and not mocking man for man you can argue that is a good idea in this case it wasn't a good idea because on t.t. got a run on the. fellaini and fellaini is a big guy he can he can you know he can compete with the best of them but you know if you stood still and someone come running at you like on t.v. then you got no chance and i think the direction yesterday in the game he was focused focusing so much on fellaini that i felt that he kind of kind of blamed fellaini for not having that ball away but for me you know it's absolutely impossible the fans of course they were ok whether it's in st see whether it's
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reason it doesn't matter it's put them through to the final this was the scene in paris just imagine the celebrations. lula da. and someone else will be celebrating tonight will it be creation will it be england that's the question it's heartbreaking isn't it for the country that that misses out at this stage it's so close and yet so far away and you think ninety minutes you know it's a long time in a football game but if you come off the wrong foot it is really a short time as we saw with belgium yesterday you fall behind in the fifty first minute you know that the clock is running down so quickly. and to change from your plan a into its plan b. and that might not be the biggest difference between that but to change. it takes
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a little bit of time the manager in his plan b. needs to make the substitutions and will that's when martin if he did that yesterday but then the players they have to implement that and then in that period time just goes and then you look up at the clock and you could not panic but you you kind of get this feeling you need to rush things a little bit and once you start with that very very rarely does anything good come off that so you know you're close but you're so far away and you could probably feel that entire nation and their expectation and everybody singing that it's coming home suddenly that sounds a little bit loud there's so much more to talk about in the buildup to this second world cup semifinal will be here a child you join us shortly from. greetings
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salyut age. when i was just a wee small boy around the tender age of eight years old my father jesse ventura acted in a film called the running man. barring arnold schwarzenegger whose plot centered on a futuristic game show where federal prisoners were forced to fight for their lives and ultimately their freedom while television executives and politicians quell dissent around the country and greedily gobbled up cash through rating points well never never in a million years would i have imagined that now thirty years later in my life i'd be seeing shades of the running man so blatantly on display in the new game show paid off which premieres this week on tru t.v.
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while not be cheering convicts violently be violently being killed off while fighting for their freedom the show does beacher a different kind of modern day prisoner us citizens languishing under devastating student loan debts yes these poor victims of our modern day version of indentured servitude are put on display for our viewing pleasure desperately competing against each other in the hopes of collecting enough money to pay off their student loans and earn their financial freedom all all for cable t.v. ratings and there will be no shortage of contestants my friends that's for sure because as the washington post reports student debt of as many as forty four million americans with the average student now carrying thirty seven thousand dollars in loans in fact even the host and creator of the show actor and comedian michael torpey admits the show came from his family's own struggles with student
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debt telling the washington post that quote i know what we're doing is a little ridiculous but in a way the show matched my family's story the only way we could pay off student loans was because i booked and underpants added that's insane. it is insane that today we live in a country where a television game show is working harder to fix our society's problems and potentially provide a better future for our fellow citizens and our own damn elected officials. god bless america turn on the t.v. a lot start watching the hawks. you. want to. get the. real thing. as you keep the ball out of it. like you know that i got. with.
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this. because. well for the watching the hawks i am tired well but there are a lot and i have student loan debt so i'm not gonna be i'm writing this is this is ridiculous like i have i mean that i didn't think i would see i mean i saw shades of a little bit of the running man over the years of you know how far reality t.v. in m.m.a. and that kind of thing has gone but i never thought i would see people who are legitimately suffering and be forced to kind of go on this not force but volunteer to go on this game show and then compete to see who can you know get rid of their student loan debts this is ridiculous and tragic in mumbai you know announced in nov and you don't have that and i'm not smart like you and everyone else want to say yeah i'm super smart let's see you let me do the math i'm the super super smart kid who got thirty two thousand dollars worth of loans for
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a college education and to cover the cost and i got a college education i've paid in something like twenty two thousand but you know it's fun i actually all like fifty two thousand dollars now so yeah we're just gross is the smarter one murray well maybe you are ready for the show maybe you are because look at this so the idea of the show features three contestants competing to answer a range of trivia questions with categories that often feature you know like an education college related twist to it and depending on how many questions the winner. answers in a speed round tru t.v. will pay up to one hundred percent of their loans now in order to be on the show top of the wall is my co-host that must carry college but. find her up they are going to some contestants loans are you saw some kid doesn't close or as high as fifty thousand dollars so now boom i'm just a student to what's really kind of dynamic and what's kind of lost in the fine
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print those and i'd be curious to see what your t.v. is going to do about this is that according to the post the money is awarded in checks given directly to the contestants because tru t.v. the production company had sought ways to pay the loan directly to the you know to the directly to the holder but the logistics and tax implications were purely too complicated even for hollywood oh believe me it's student loan company is make it really hard and that thing off so i can imagine why they didn't want to go anywhere near it that's why there's a class action lawsuits but what's interesting about this show and i will say i mean in jest is the host at the end of the show actually ends it with a really michael torpey finishes every episode by saying call your representatives right now and tell them you need a better solution than this. which is if your were at the point where you really need this is a review of a game show to answer to answer about stuff so you know you're saying there's one
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point four eight trillion dollars in student loan debt in the united states spread out over forty four million borrowers with everybody. kind of owing about thirty two thirty three thousand is. the around there is a sumo and that is now the second highest consumer debt category only behind mortgages but it's higher than both credit card and auto this is crushing this is yet rushing the very soul of america yes and. while it does i'm sorry to be a grown adult. to be in the situation if you don't understand why it's so hard to pay these things off just the numbers i gave you it's because there's a lot of shady practices in the student loan area and there's a lot of they out a lot of fees and a lot of interest to the point in the way they calculate the interest you can never pay it off it's worse than a credit card you know and understand where they're coming from what i think you know i think michael torbert the host is coming from
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a legitimate place like i said this but i'm we had to be good at it underwear to pay off his own family's student loan debt but to me there's a certain i don't know sickness involved with like how our society is handling this that a we're going to fix these people's student loan problems through a t.v. show a t.v. show that's going to make essentially making money off of their suffering yeah you know there's a free people who are suffering from debt you know. if you reach high enough you can get the prize goes toward no more bet that's what we've come to know in the united states that's less frightening to me and this is this is after a generation of being told you have to go to college no matter what you have to have a college degree trade schools not enough this isn't enough none of these things are after you must be a doctor a lawyer is somebody you've got to get a liberal arts education i mean i'm great i'm happy i got mine but i know a lot of people that would have been better off in a trade or something else and would have been happier and now they have thousands and you're not alone in that happiness thought because only about half of those ages about twenty five to thirty nine year olds with at least
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a bachelor's degree in outstanding student loan debt say that lifetime financial benefits of their degree away the cost of that only half say that that's incredible . donald trump may have already gotten that much sought nomination for a nobel peace prize and dennis rodman is wasted time declaring himself an equally deserving costar in the korea peace project but the aftermath of a recent visit by secretary of state might pump a zero to north korea leaves more questions than answers as kim jong un's government and washington butt heads over what comes for. peace or disarmament the world watches along with bated breath to see if the headlines feelings and singapore summit was a pivotal as the white house made it out to be or if political gravity we deal will do you rail lofty dreams of p r t is a tricky job as has more. secretary of state mike pompei o is pushing peace talks and while he a shrug off north korea's gangster comments he says there are still progress to be
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made speaking in afghanistan during an unannounced visit to kabul pale said denuclearization will be difficult i give you one quick answer with respect to north quit we still have a long ways to go but the commitment that the north koreans made frankly that chairman kim personally made to president trump remains is with reinforced i saw some of the statements came out they were they were mixed you haven't reported on that the mixed statements but maybe maybe you will now. that the statements that were put out chairman kim statement following their discussions. continue to express his desire to complete the denuclearization to which he is so committed following pompei as third trip to pyongyang on sunday north korea hit back and blasted talks saying that they have been regrettable and attack the u.s. for making unreasonable demands and forcing it to abandon its nuclear weapons so
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we're showing a very important document meanwhile the president claims that the two signed a contract tweeting i have confidence that kim jong un will honor the contract we signed and even more importantly our handshake we agreed to the denuclearization of north korea the president taking it a step further suggesting that china may be responsible for north korea showing new has a taishan to move forward on the goal while the white house have previously reported that pompei a would meet with the north korean leader the encounter did not happen pompei only met with kim jong number two. kim young meanwhile south korea deciding today to temporarily suspend its summertime nationwide civilian defense drills to aid north korea talks and to ensure nuclear diplomacy what the north reporting in new york trinity charges r.t. . it's a this is the fun part of international diplomacy it's like after all the lights in the spectacular oh they're shaking hands they're signing a contract or whatever you want to call it and all that now comes like the movie
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gritty dirks and bolts of it right now actually it's the all right we have to actually put this in the implementation which you know maybe we will maybe we won't but i'm happy to see the two sides talking three sides undersides north and south korea to me or you know you are of course i mean the idea of north and south korea and then obviously china you know them coming up with this whole agreement so to me worrying about what the united states says should be secondary to anybody in that region honestly and i say that as an american it's like i don't think we should be dictating what's going to happen ultimately on this but it's not all bad i mean obviously i'm i'm not you know these stand major if you say something that. has ministration did was right then you're a horrible person apparently evil horrible person how dare you how dare neo liberal with very low dare i want peace because peace is so terrible especially when you disagree with the person bringing those of the mainstream to what we've been
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talking as the mainstream media likes to do that they had all of this this idea of a it's you put it out it's all bad and one and then they pushed you know isn't the fact that pump a i was spending time in north korea the go shooting any plan whatsoever historic of its very nature yeah i mean isn't the baghdad like i said they're all still talking you know bombs are not flying through the skies no real world and there's a lot of things to look at that are positive south korea said pausing it's military transformation while negotiations go on seems to contradict the idea that the u.s. is is only alienating its allies at this point to me that's a good sign i don't see another aspect of the story that the mainstream media again seems to just sort of overlook as china's role in input. and shelley de railing those talks because of the terrorists right now trying to hold a lot of cards they could really step in and ultimately help this peace process go
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but they could also muck up the works as we say here in the u.s. just to sort of poke back at trumpet as an ministration for pocono for poking them and everything else it's you know it's some point you can you can give and give and give but sometimes people poke back and it might not it could end of the railing some really good things all because i hope not i hope all right sadly though i do have to go to break right now all right as we go to break court watchers don't forget to let us know what you think about birds with covered his face with and for your full shows that are t.v. dot com coming up we talk to divide between liberal and conservative as we highlight the second part of sean's films interview with filmmaker joel mcgovern about his new documentary the other side to stay to watch the whole.


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