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about this way in the sense that any kind of connection with or interaction with russia is viewed as inherently suspicious or even worse. and for preaching the sac religious notions of international common ground you know sanity between two nuclear superpowers mr greenwald was met with venom by the likes of amazon b c contributor and security state cheerleader malcolm mans through tweeted this stunning display of his excelsior college education writing glenn greenwald shows his true colors as an agent of trump in moscow now we know why he helps no didn't affect covers for wiki leaks attack on democracy and shills for fox news he's deep in the kremlin's pocket. about the only truth in that entire tweet was that the names were spelled correctly and you forgot to capitalize the n. but hey who needs truth and accuracy when you've got the fires of a new cold war to stoke i'm your liberal peers to monger but you know what i think
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i think it's time to bring some honest discourse back to the conversation so let's start watching hawks. what do you think there's a. real that would be. as good a part of. the day like you that i got. well really watching the harks i am tyrrel ventura and that i'm top of the world and how come they don't have st basil's up to. anyone else i have this thing where every time i see you know it's like they're talking about the k.g.b. and the kremlin and russia and it's always save the house will do the surgery and
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i'm like always is. the kid we did the pictures right like i'm struggling it was not the government but. i digress oh i mean how dare he again how dare he try this to have a conversation i know i mean i learned my lesson about go on to moscow no i don't think and i don't like any of the idea that someone going there i mean his whole crime is that he had the audacity to travel to moscow oh my god he went there on the intercepts dime reunited with n.s.a. whistleblower edward snowden attended a cyber security conference where he sat on a panel and discussed media and fake news so nobody will. no you please stop the insanity of what's going on in this world i mean how how are we going to protect free speech in the constitution here in the united states if we let people just go anywhere and talk about whatever but if you hold these classes i mean it's truly
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ridiculous ridiculous. and the fact that you have guys like some of these other pundits. out there disparaging these journalists from speaking their mind right like you started practicing the first amendment and for saying hey maybe we should actually cool off maybe we should actually enjoy some civil discourse between like russia is maybe we're not traitors if we see the fallacy in russia again you know well and i think one of the what's really disturbing too is this idea that it did this still everybody is like pushing on this russia gate narrative as if everything else should stop and you know at the end of the day it's like they just think you know we just have to blow up the entire country of russia and everyone and it's so no russian get ever talk to an american again and again i go and it's like you don't realize how dangerous that is that it is doing with everybody to russian americans even to people who you know haven't lived there in the years and have
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different views about it or politics it's still discussed and seen a phobic and grow it is and we lived through it already you think as a country we've learned that when you're in the ism is a good thing the matter who it's about and look man says a particular is groomed greenwald kind of came back and then wrote an article talking about mr malcolm what malcolm and some twenty sixteen august twentieth and sunday see again the host joy readers a grown issues with the truth. about a few other you know now she asked malcolm as about jill stein and her like support stein supporters during the election about their anima their lack of animosity towards russia the pearly world supposed to have now and he responded saying what will jill stein you know how does the show on russia today. which is completely on through and i miss that really has a string around the office that's where i know it's amazing what's really incredible too though is that here you have a commentator you know a contributor some of their singers have national security expert all these things
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blatantly lying about a journalist blatantly lying about a candidate for president but he was twice candidate for price candidate for president and they have done nothing to correct that poll so they've done nothing to say look if we gave them a wrong fact or if i subbed something on this show that was later proven to be false or someone said hey you know about person never did that i would come on t.v. and say hey how what i said. what you are going to support of yeah you've done that in the past or something has come out later even though all the allegedly used and everything else were part of the conversation you and i have all gone out and said that was wrong but m.s.m. b.c. is is essentially the democrats' version of fox news they're an arm of that i mean you can't say that's not true when you look at the actual. content of m s n b c i mean you've got a rationality and ratings based decision making it's a rational i mean we all remember the whole weight regional motto as it has trumps taxes go and there's just
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a point where you have to be like manson was promoted from contributor to intelligence analyst and right because suddenly out of experience and something. but m s n b c also let's not forget hired former cia actor and cia director john brennan as an atlas i mean this. if that's not you know the deep state protect there over. what it is and that's the problem to me too many pundits and not enough questions. during the one nine hundred fifty s. and one nine hundred sixty s. the jet setting life of an airline attendant was sold as a glamorous one but in reality when you combine the strict weight and dress codes of being forced to retire at just thirty two years old not to mention dealing with the hands of businessmen in first class it was actually pretty far from glamorous flash forward to today while thankfully having done away with some of the past sexism it's still no picnic for modern day flight attendants what with the low pay
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compartments and homeland security and now according to a new study as a group flight attendants are getting certain cancers at a much higher rate than those of us back here on the ground. has more. the ones of a flight attendant could appear to be glamorous traveling the world but now a new study says that flight attendants are work risk for several types of cancers the study published in the journal environmental health this week uncovered a shocking finding that flight attendants are more prone to getting certain types of cancers compared to the general population and the past scientists have found evidence of flight attendants getting more breast cancer and no one know much but now a new study finds more cancer. are linked to flight attendants in addition to breast cancer melanoma study authors also looked at non-melanoma skin cancer uterine gastrointestinal cervical and by word cancers all were found at a higher rate in flight attendants another surprise in the study was
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a higher incidence of breast cancer among women with three or more children previous studies have showed the very opposite the more children a woman has the lower her risk of breast cancer is having author suggests that the lack of sleep mothers of three or more gets combined with a flight attendant schedule could take its toll and said these have also shown an increase in cancer for those with a distracted sleep wake cycles or jet lag flight attendants are also exposed to more chemicals the general population doesn't come across on a daily basis and while you're a regulator a flight attendant exposure to cosmic radiation there are no official dose limits for american air crews according to the world health organization this type of radiation expression at a higher elevation is known to damage d.n.a. it's also a known cause of breast cancer and non-melanoma skin cancer now some are wondering if frequent fliers pose the same cancerous they also are exposed to jet fuel and other chemicals in the setting author says there's limited were searched on the
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matter of that logic suggests that they could also pose similar risks in los angeles and suites are team. ever going to want to not discover that something causes cancer or. i mean is there a we're going to be you know wow this is just breaks my heart at the end of the day . you know that's a hard job as it is it's not easy i could never do that the up and down constantly taking care of people with terrible works going up with people to i mean you know we've all seen the ones where we're played attendance or calving or somebody was out of law oh yeah but you see so many times where they have to deal with just and we've all seen it the terrible terrible customer who's just the worst. just the worst and now you have this long list of calories and as the times are saying you have non-melanoma skin cancer uterine gastrointestinal cervical cancers all seen at
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a higher rate in the flight attendants' that's that's right you know these are not like your run of the mill every day whoop de do cancers these are not the cancers of work to do or you know i mean well yeah you know this is serious stuff sure that's what that's horrible and some of it i think some of it what you are talking about is that it's this exposure to certain things that if you're getting on there and there is jet fuel as you're being you know when you realize it's because there's all this stuff in the air around them and then in the cabin. pesticides fire retardants everything in the planes or spa vs they sprayed it with that this small pieces of plastic we've talked about before or the other thing is because they're up in the air they actually are exposed to more cosmic. than most people and getting it more at sort of why. why the x. ray people go behind go behind that wall if they're like what about me because i have to do this fifty times a day you're only doing it once and i think that's maybe what it is and so they're constantly in this place where the air is filter or not well as we all know i've
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even seen alleged reports where they say like you know i think something that having to do with the grease that seduce you gets caught into the recycled air of your and then that gets recycled into breathing in that all that kind of chemical all day every day and the thing is we just here in the united states we don't have as many regulations that can protect them in europe you know they it's this cosmic radio and izing radiation there it's watched and it's limited by law but there's no official dose there's no a like it was until two thousand and fourteen actually the u.s. flight attendants even got protections from osha as the state just to put them to prescribe well you know i always feel safety and health administration these are the people who you know if there's a little bit of grease and a muffler shop they'll come and be like you need to fix that it's not really their workers just about that till twenty fourteen they didn't have any protection from osha that's the national organization that protects workers on the job saved if
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they don't have any protection it's amazing how we love seeing all the wealth go none of the proof none of the wealth trickles down and no protections for any of the worker bees great all right as we go to break court watchers don't forget to let us know what you think of the topics we cover the facebook and twitter see our poll shows that r t v dot com coming up we go supreme in the court and talk about what capitol hill won't talk about regarding the supreme court nominee judge kavanaugh with author and speaker d what can stay tuned to watch the hawks. trumpy and kind of view it is an understatement to say donald trump is an unconventional and an orthodox political figure as critics do have a point when they say trump appears to be harsher with allies than with real or
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imagined enemies then there's the middle east and iran is trumped so obsessed with to ramp. up the fight for many clubs over the years so i know the game inside guides. football isn't only about what happens on the pitch to the final school it's about the passion from the fans it's the age of the super money billionaire owners and spending two to twenty million fly a. book it's an experience like nothing else not to because i want to share what i think what i know about the beautiful guy great so what chance with. the face it's minute. seventy four design submissions. seven thousand pilings.
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to john judges. and eight hundred sixty nonstop days of. a russian w.b. a championship. and a russian stuff. show you how. long the crimean bridge was built. witnessed the construction living you need to transport on terrain that will help the cause of crimea. lost most of those while google more familiar quite a bit but screwup. earlier this week donald trump nominated conservative appeals court judge brett
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kavanaugh to replace justice anthony kennedy on the supreme court just like after every other presidential decision statement or tweet the republican party collectively reaffirm that no it is not tired of winning while the democratic resistance just as predictably lost no time in setting itself on fire proclaiming that kavanaugh most recuse himself from the court k.g.b. agent donald luster accuse him self from appointing anyone to anything and that this particular infringement on democracy will be the one to finally devastate any pretense we may still out of living in a free society but even as vulnerable democratic senator shied away from any and all controversy on the topic an opposition leaders like chuck schumer simply swore to fight the nomination with all they've got nobody seemed to be particularly interested in discussing the political and legal questions surrounding wright kavanagh other than a cursory debate over abortion rights and whether or not this is trump's way of escaping russia gate so to shed some light on the issues the mainstream media
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appears to be an interested in covering when it comes to our next supreme court justice we're joined today by author and educator the walk. oh it's a pleasure having you know a little bit and hard so that all of the you know end of the end of history as we know it and covered some of our coverage of the coverage on the nomination in give your opinion what do you think is the biggest glaring issue you see that's not getting talked about in the in the media regarding this guy so i'm still i. would not pay enough attention to character to character dispersant so honestly in my opinion i feel like donald trump should not even be selecting the person. to sit on the supreme court right now we should wait until his special investigation is over before he starts having these conversations and trying to change the story so that's one number two is. this kid potentially
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flip out country upside down like we need to have to figure out a way to modify his process beyond kavanagh's and you know i know we're going to get into his personal history and you know how he feels about surveillance and things like that but beyond that like i mean come on like do do we want america to be in another two years. well it's interesting i mean it's interesting because it's like a you know any time you see the supreme court move the president that's their job their job is to pick the next guy in line regardless of who it is right regardless of what i mean i'll disagree regardless of what investigations they're under or what's happening or to keep the chain moving forward in the country you have to pick that guy or girl ok but what happened with obama's last year that's a great point you know what i mean so it's like you we can depending upon who's in congress we can pick and choose we can pick and choose when we want to create certain laws and when we don't three certain laws as enough just a testament to how flawed our system is that's a great doing to happen to bill clinton as well on his way out what's what's
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interesting about this discussion around kavanagh that nobody's really touching though is that like you mentioned this dude does have a weird history with the security state and the surveillance state claimant versus obama which was before the u.s. court of appeals district columbia kavanah wrote in my view the government metadata collection like the n.s.a. all that metadata collection program is entirely consistent with the fourth amendment against illegal you know unreasonable search and seizure and he said redell it readily counts as reasonable because it serves a critically important special need preventing terrorist attacks in the united states is that the kind of mindset we want moving forward as we get deeper and deeper in this kind of surveillance police state that we're already neck deep in at this point. most terrorist attacks that have been going on also your americans. so as we said if we want to have a real conversation the muslims are coming from other countries coming into america and shooting up these schools these are american citizens who grew up in gun
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culture conservative gun culture and so you want to talk about surveillance of the less let's switch the issue back to that because that's something that no conservative is going to say the thousand to is can just in the school get on t.v. and say we got to be tougher on guns. but not tougher on the kids no no no you know it's like you can watch everything but you can't find a person that's my problem with that is that there was this idea of suddenly we discover that they were sucking up all this information and yet they still couldn't catch you know they couldn't catch a rapist they couldn't you know an assault or anything like crimes went on undone and that's that's sort of i have a problem with the democrats and the. righteousness over this issue and i think that using abortion as this kind of you know like carrot like wave it never buddies face going to get taken away i'm really tired of having that thrown in my face for political reasons to be taken away i get that some people have a fear but that's that's some strange stuff and so one of the things is that you
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know the democrats will never touch kavanaugh thing about you know about security state because they never want to go up against the security state so some of those opinions on civil liberties and criminal justice are shocking they're quite shocking actually why do you think that democrats who we know are looking to score political points against trump this is a place where they can get. why aren't they actually attacking him on these issues why these are basic civil rights issues for americans these are things that i'm sorry we can get back abortion rights we can get back our privacy right then we need to be as tough on the floor as the cable television. you know no i think they do trash talking is heavy on cable television but when it's time to actually put that to work i'm not i'm not really seeing it and if you know we're going to be honest about the whole situation al country is flawed the constitution needs to be
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updated you have so many cars intrusion willis well so many people scared to talk about the problems our country has. historically they're not talking about it they want to have a conversation you have someone present a founding fathers thomas jefferson this is a man who said black people an attractive infer mentally and physically and they state yet he'd had sex with a black woman had babies by her and then let his own kids be slaves but you'll praise this man to foot you know he was a founding father he was a great thinker he was a hypocrite so let's acknowledge he was a hypocrite let's acknowledge what was wrong and i fixed a problem nobody nobody speaking nobody's telling the truth everybody is just talking or using their platform to be able to promote themselves politically but they're not doing the job and that's why people are frustrated with the left and the right alex a great point and you know the thing with calvin and his views about surveillance and some of these views that are now like the democrats won't attack him on things
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like that or attack the nomination on you know i'll be curious to see if when he gets up in front of their of anybody maybe ron wyden you know if anybody gets up there and says hey you know do you believe that the end of say you know the n.s.a. was justified in basically being able to spy on all of us you know and what's interesting is that the question i have to both of you is are these things so ingrained now in us the we in our society that we just look past them know like you know having this kind of police state having that this kind of authority over us we just whatever that's part of daily life whatever we do to other people that you believe and i think that a lot of voters and a lot of a lot of democrats believe certain things are just the way they are and we have to not say anything because nine eleven or or abortion. whatever like there's there's that fear but i think we can get past that because i think our generation and the generations coming up behind us we don't have docs to give the how this these kinds of things we want we want true surveillance in airports and not ever
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happen yeah i mean is it i mean you know that that is that's the real question. i grew up in east baltimore surprise and i grew up under blue lights out because you know so and it did not know what a murder rate does how they don't help people i haven't seen any large scale anything positive come from the surveillance and then the president imagine him being under that type of surveillance based on our hope you know what bret believes . what we know about now would be magnified as such a high level if we were watching him do this i'm assuming you have the well the insulting there is that we just put like surveillance cameras like reality shows like real world just in the white house and then we really can this would be let down because we'll just see him campaigning and eating kentucky fried chicken you know even for just waving his hands like with little weight and you know what's funny is that you have a lot of presidents say that actually it is living in
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a bubble where you can't go anywhere you are kind of living in a locked down state because if you can't go to seven eleven because they've got to close down the streets and you know seal up the man who's going to make it to the president under those that will be part of the twenty four hour because that's what . you're talking about a guy who relationships with all types of people you know i mean this is just all types of people. you know it's a very fascinating i guess it now i guess one thing that we should talk about before we run out of time is its limits because. you know i love my ruth bader ginsburg don't leave and just like she keeps us all a lie i'm a jury lover but at some point are we looking at you know can we trust judges no matter how qualified to be making to say decisions regarding things like technological advancement progressive ideas to some people like a woman deciding what to do with their own body you know those crazy progressive liberal ideas things like that do we really think that someone should be making this decisions at eighty years old it's kind of the way what i was saying earlier i
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had a conversation another day about someone was telling me that when the system was established these people were being appointed to fifty and expected to fifty five now these people are so nobody expected justice is to serve for forty years so again it's nothing wrong with updating a system i don't have the same cell phone i had six months ago it's changed from one to do the same thing for our system it's a yeah that's a really interesting point because i agree with that i think that lifetime term limits for appointees is insane right and i think we should've looked at the problems with and how much power the supreme court had and how things went bush was elected essentially by the supreme court and not by the people of this country and that should have been the first time we sat back and when did they just decide that the supreme court has decided it was president not out supposed to work and look what happened and look what they did what have we literally sat back and how many how many literally hundreds of thousands of people's lives were either taken or
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ruined because that happened because a bunch of people on a supreme court went oh i guess i was one of them going in florida it's interesting that i want to point out two things and i guess they go by the day but like one of the things that's really interesting to me is that i think a lot of the problem is because you have lawyers in congress they automatically are trained in their profession to always follow the supreme court and b i don't you know there are all three are supposed to balance each other congress supreme court and the presidency are supposed to check and balance each other supposed to be the one. it's thank you so much for coming on today always a pleasure. but the world cup now entering its final stage and the plight of the immigrant making headlines let us finish today with a story of camaraderie sports and most importantly inclusion and that starts not with a football but a bat a cricket bat to be exact for this group of teenage girls who emigrated from pakistan to catalan spain the trials and tribulations of being a stranger in a strange land and strange schools was not only affecting their self-esteem but their grade point average as well but thanks to project myself and the founder i
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know coach soloists the girls have rediscovered their confidence and unity through the game of cricket and they're all women team sometimes it really is easy to forget what the actual true value of team sports is with all the big money contracts and t.v. ratings but thankfully this group of teenage girls from pakistan are there to remind us that it's actually that's very cool. to see camaraderie when we can be more camaraderie in this world less divisiveness or that is our show for you today remember everyone in this world we're not told you're loved enough so i tell you all i love you i am tired robot that a lot let's keep on watching those hawks out there and have a great day and night there but. i think more do good is an outstanding person because he took on the most powerful
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agency in me arguably to stay and look at it from the book what analogy. mark was the day that when he was five but the life is. going to spin the show this most contentious year is the first time i noticed something wasn't right these were the much money for start the corruption in palm beach county. not something that you can smell it seem like a bad it's a nod and a wink it wasn't what i wanted to do. we've had more on shootings in this county then some states have had collectively to go and went to his website began featuring comments about guns his family the sheriff by then join us squash you like a bug you know we should stop then you should stand a less of the stuff and believe what i'm doing oh so it's ok you know it's your
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funeral getting f.b.i. raided p.b.s. and critic dude in this house. i snuck out of the united states. into russia where i'd seen political flying. men they know bad wolf. all the security back in asms and agencies and the ease saying we don't want to be part of britain anymore he got caught helping stopping out aviation companies we mentioned banks stopping out everyone wants to get out because if they don't have the supernatural institutions that cover the yelling i'll be part of that and he's going to be a separate go it alone island under a large rain cloud swimming in marmite washing some old hag a crown. in france germany and italy and the rest are saying no we don't want to be a part of the.
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law. cities across croatia erupt in celebration as the national team reach their first ever world cup final after defeating in. birches nato members to ramp up their military spending at a summit in brussels. and ahead of her meeting with trump on friday britain's prime minister theresa may play to boost support for nato and send hundreds more troops to afghanistan. by broadcasting. international thomas certainly glad to have you with us and has reached the fifo world cup final for the first time in the country.


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