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tv   News  RT  July 13, 2018 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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some of the main points there are some euro come in washington d.c. for some euro thank you. well done cover lick isn't or third among his work the plot to scapegoat russia and i'm happy to say he joins us live now to put some meat on the bones of this story for us first of all of dan welcome what do you make of these charges well you know i just read the indictment so i'm trying to process everything here i mean first of all you know we have to start with the premise that the f.b.i. never. actually had the actual computer from the d.n.c. the d.n.c. never gave that to the f.b.i. so everything the f.b.i. knows is from a private company that the d.n.c. did give their computer to and that private companies know as krauts right and so i think even starting from that premise we have to be you know question how the f.b.i. is reaching its conclusions here and one of the points that samir brought up i'd
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like to get your thoughts on of us well the indictment sais i mean it's quite an important aspect of the whole investigation the gusa for two point zero is a fictional persona created by russian agents but amman claiming to be good for has appeared in the media on several occasions how can that be rican sila to think well maybe it can't again well i guess we'll have to see what happens i mean in a way mohler probably will never have to test these allegations because probably will never be able to all these individuals see that he's named in the complaint into court so i guess you could claim anything and never have to resolve those inconsistencies is there any significance to the timing of this unveiling it's three days before a quite important summit on monday. yes i do think that this is
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important. it seems politically motivated to possibly rail. this summit that trump is planning with who i think the intelligence community has made it abundantly clear. for some time that they do not want to reboot with russia and so this seems like a very transparent attempt to interfere with what do you think it's going to have an impact on that meeting it may i hope it doesn't i mean i welcome. you know reestablishment of friendly relations with russia but it might it might have been an act in certainly seems calculated. ok we appreciate your just being looking after as well as we have breaking news here on the program about those twelve russians being indicted down call the lead author of the plot to scapegoat russia always a pleasure thank you thank you very much. now
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it's switching gears to sip ation is building with the twenty eight thousand world cup finals less than forty eight hours away on sunday france will be seeking to lift the famous trophy for the second time while it is croatia's first appearance in the decider or world cup team will be across both much is getting analysis from experts on reaction from founds and with the tournament almost at a close feat as president how is he praise hosts russia in the month of football it's laid on for the world it is the best world cup ever. the russians the russian people a big thank you to russia. when our pundit peter schmeichel along with our tease neil harvey have also been speaking to the head of the european football's governing body to get his thoughts on russia twenty. a lot of fans around the world
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change their opinions of the country just because of the power of football the power of the world cup yeah first of all i would like to congratulate feet below sea russian football union and the russian federation i knew the world cup would be organized well but i'm still positively surprised and for me. it's maybe it's a joke but not completely one of the biggest achievement is that even custom is police started to smile. they don't smile anywhere in the world and they say welcome to russia so. i mean pressed and i mean press by the level of. of peacefulness i don't see any aggression i don't see any any extreme chance. walking around the distance is quite big and some of the people who are support were a bit concerned about it before the world cup started but it proved to be anything manageable so it's
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a nice things for the scene for us to know you'll be heading off and stand to watch belgium england the fourth place left we'll be talking about really the significance of this match it's what it's like cain is that the most important thing that i made and i think this is for if you look at the sporting it is not really it's not really a mark you've been knocked out of a semifinal you want to do really as a place to go home but i have a suggestion because i know that's a debate with. a new way for if there is any kind of element in there like we have in this game between belgium and its look back and skating they want to win the gold i think and for this world cup it should be down there in the red square one v one ten minutes each side and whoever scores the most goals in that game win the golden boot and then everybody would but what do you think of that i think it's a fantastic idea but it should be you if i was low but we. had a few things to decide this weekend the all. winner of the golden boot for top
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scorer that's one and it will most likely be decided in saturday's third place playoff game belgium will meet and then for the second time after tournaments this time in sin petersburg it will be the last chance for both belgium striker romelu lukaku hurricane to stake their claim the english captain is currently ahead with six goals that is to add of lukaku who scored for well just before we wrap up this hour throughout the championship one character has been particularly noticeable to football fans a wolf must called zombie fucker. the world cup is almost done and dusted and sadly it will soon be time to say good bye to this guy. got. this one just for this month.
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everyone mr novak look at that no doubt. but who would have thought this charming furry creature or his name could poke the hornet's nest he says means. the haka means the one who scores in russia very suitable name for the. charm and confidence but for some a simple explanation like that is just not. always fairly late to the party in terms of making the connection between zambia vaca and all the russian players i have to deal with among other things believe violence on the recreational use of marijuana to be clear there was inspired by games that had been born. however as we all know no believe humans should speak for mascots or to the town to
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anyone at the world cup so for russians older generation folks to be almost immediately thought of another. let's call it russia's tom and jerry but like. this to see a cartoon character. with alcohol and cigarettes this is really the way to go to these kind of things to make you happy. because it was more language related problem the word is that people can go with the proposition in that case that would mean not to care. not good but that was. showing a few instances of. that there's no point in talking about all these associations with foreign fans who've seen. this first of
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all. one more try. thomas was. well i think you say. it's a bold yeah ok but. i know. right. out of the same name you have the time. but that's interesting about. some of those. ok you're going to progress. while that's so good you have a russian background or some. very good. that's a too much bog so what can be described a lot of. friends because. that's interesting
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because local pharmacies said well i'll sell my son's name and call it. maybe a golf club that. yes i was. like i got a lot more time to make all the. expenses god really leaves kilos and then you see tell me the time. however your. friend this world cup is so let's just give him some gold while he's still raw. i think what we can take from is that kids are smarter than are also not for the first time either knowing they helped propel humankind's dream of space exploration
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to new heights but the iconic launch towers at cape canaveral in the united states have come down to earth with a bump. yet there they go over a span of more than fifty years the towers launch some of them now says most important missions to the moon. but the historic complex has not been demolished for the last seven years the towers have been out of service on the cost to remove them is felt to be around two million dollars they'll make way for a news space exploration project that aims to establish a lunar colony not too far in the future either twenty twenty two.
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not a dumbing video has led to the resignation of a police officer in the us he was filmed apparently refusing to fan the woman who was being harassed for wearing a shirt with the printer rican flag on it. because i can. very you should not be worried that you know i. am this is a guy i have really this is where you go to. play for me. officer officer i feel highly uncomfortable for you. then. please officer that officer did absolutely nothing absolutely zero.
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you know i don't tend to see what's just big but. effective today of patrick. in the police department of the forest of cook county he resigned late today but that isn't where i work and. ok belize where we leave the news. in a number of minutes with more global news including the full to the top story a dozen russians charged with hawking democratic party e-mails during the twenty sixteen u.s. presidential election. plenty more.
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just us. i. think. i. look so good when somebody can see us from the from the white. house you're in the form of the view. from
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people many people feel for them. to move forward to. like a bull in a china shop donald trump style and negotiation skills were on full display at this year's annual nato gathering he was not shy about how he feels about the alliance now the trump summit is front and center would be a mere photo op or something more.
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seventy four design submissions say. seven thousand filings.
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to join judges. and eight hundred sixty nonstop days of. the russian w.b. a champion. and a russian mob stuff. show you how and why the crimean bridge was built. witnessed the construction moving you need to transport. that will help the towns of crimea. faster most of those you won't go for more snow you're quite a bit but it's clear. across europe municipalities are taking their water supply back from private companies to meet people this is the simple song alone even some company else well they invite
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a private companies to take over the utilities anybody tell us they're all. allowed so mr guess you got to pick him up to go. this is just because i'm out of time or you're not in the lift hill brought up locals are ready to stand up for the basic human right of access to water it's about water but it's also over much more than water it's about to hurt and the redistribution of. this. date downwards the one dollar. a plate for many flips over the years so i know the game inside guides. football isn't only about what happens on the pitch to the final school it's about the passion from the fans it's the age of the super money kill the narrowness and spending stupid twenty million. it's an experience like nothing else on here
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exactly why these early. to keep in mind no assets mean to inflation. record. the us charges twelve russians with hocking offenses linked to the twenty sixteen presidential election that say's the interference did not influence the outcome. so ahead on the program this hour after donald trump launches a stinging attack on the british prime minister over her brags of the reason may tell reporters about anglo american relations are stronger than ever. broadest deepest and most successful relationship tradition of friendship collaboration highest level of special. tell us both leaders sweet talk the media in central london mass protests taking place against transmitted.
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a very warm welcome to our team international my names you know me. good to have your company our top story this hour and we do begin with breaking news on the program the u.s. justice department has charged twelve russian intelligence officers with talking offenses linked to the twenty sixteen presidential election take a look at the indictment charges twelve russian military officers by name for conspiring to interfere with the twenty sixteen presidential election. eleven of the defendants are charged with conspiring to hack into computers steal documents and release those documents with the intent to interfere in the election
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. let's get some of the details of our breaking news this hour and join samir account of cross the atlantic from washington d.c. so we were hello bring us up to swede what he's know on this point about this story . well i have the document in my hands and as you can see it's pretty long about twenty nine pages so let me read to you exactly what it says russian intelligence officers knowingly and intentionally conspired with each other and with persons known and unknown to the grand jury to gain unauthorized access into the computers of u.s. persons and it is involved in the twenty sixteen u.s. presidential election steal documents from those computers and stage releases of the stolen documents to interfere with the twenty sixteen u.s. presidential election but regardless of what this says the department of justice found that this so-called conspiracy did not affect the vote count or the election results but let's check out what else is in the indictment. there's no allegation
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that the conspiracy changed the phone count or affected any election result. now the announcement came up during trump's meeting with the queen at windsor castle and just days before he's scheduled to meet president putin so was have to see if this provokes a domestic resistance to this highly controversial meeting. similar account bring us right up to date with a story in washington d c. ok well let's now join political analyst charles or. the program to get a little bit a baccarat into what all this means and really the story around to as well charles you're always welcome what do you make first of all the timing of this indictment is this done in a vacuum or does it mean something we know it's just two days before donald trump
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meets love him or putin for their first official as some a taking place in helsinki. thanks i mean it's a it's actually disturbing in many respects rod rosenstein as the deputy attorney general of the pardon of justice has in my mind a lot to explain about investigations that he missed into the clinton foundation going all the way back to two thousand and one if not earlier than that bob mohler was head of the f.b.i. when the f.b.i. failed to see him expanding gigantic fraud in the clinton foundation and you know you have the actors who are now pursuing a narrative which seems wholly discredited people in america don't believe it even . and now this indictment so the questions that i have include if this is a serious matter why did the f.b.i. not press the democratic national committee to turn over its servers immediately.
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beginning in april may timeframe two thousand and sixteen why did they do that you know why is it taken this long why did this come out right after the stroke testimony writers lisa page's making her damaging behind the closed doors testimony just it looks contrived to me and it looks to me as if our f.b.i. our department of justice even under president donald trump remains politicized and hostile to the trump administration so i did something this serious involving allegations that are this profound you'd like to believe that our department of justice or of the i was acting above the law without partisan interests one way or another and this certainly seems staged to me and we'll try and get to some of the details of that but just about the meeting charles on monday we're hearing from the democrats some leading democrats as well that the meeting between the two leaders should be canceled all together it's taken some time for this to happen do you
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believe that it might not go ahead. well i certainly hope it goes full speed ahead i mean this is a meeting that makes tremendous sense without knowing the details of what's on the agenda but it's a meeting that's long overdue russia the united states do share vital common concerns we have a state of relations that is frankly deplorable and should be mended for the benefit of our respective countries and for the benefit of the wider world so many democrats still today inside our country the united states have undue influence over the mainstream media and have an ability to shape the agenda that shape the narrative what we should be talking about now is a dump that came out of the f.b.i. yesterday that is frankly amazing to see the contents of a letter sent by a senior state department official to james comey on january tenth two thousand and sixteen explicitly alleging personal knowledge of hillary clinton and clinton
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mishandling classified information january tenth two thousand and sixteen that's what we should be talking about or louie gohmert the congressman from a part of the problem carson revealing yesterday that the specter general of the intelligence community by july sixth two thousand and fifteen knew that hillary clinton's private server had been compromised by a foreign government other than russia. so that's what we should be talking about but here i think the investigation is getting very close to the heart of the matter the resistance and the democrats are trying to do their level best to cloud relations between the united states and russia i hope the beating goes full speed ahead i hope the two leaders have a productive set of frank exchanges of their respective concerns and that they do as has happened before identify points of common interest they can pursue together and you know where only at first and develop a strong friendship but this sure reeks to me just on something you said
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a little bit earlier charles because i've been reading through some of the reports this is breaking news that it's just come on in the last number of hours some of the timeline is a little difficult it's a little vague just to fully comprehend the f.b.i. never get access to the d.n.c. servers it's believed does that mean that special concert robert muller somehow did . it's possible that he did in the. investigations like this america has many things to be proud of than we used to used to be possible to say but are just a justice system for neither foul nor favor with somebody because of his or her political persuasion under barack obama maybe arguably before that that has changed the well connected in this country seize on to opportunities to forge relationships with either major political party this investigation of russia gate into the very beginning screams and reeks to high heaven and it's in frankly an embarrassment and
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i think it's reached a point where robert muller has to put up or shut up and even after he gets done doing that after the thing winds down the american people on the russian people in the wider world deserve to understand whose interests are being served by heightening tensions between the united states and russia who is benefiting from that i don't think the russian people benefit i know the american people don't benefit i think our respective countries have for bigger challenges including perhaps economic implosion in china and other issues like that and you know this is a meeting that i hope goes full speed ahead i guess we'll find out in seventy two hours could this possibly be embarrassing once again for hillary clinton as you see the actual details of the e-mails that are coming out you know that's going to put her back in the focus about what was actually in the e-mails despite the hot weather wasn't internal or otherwise it's the details of the e-mails really duraid
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her campaign somewhat that's not back in focus. yeah i think i actually think that i would encourage your russian viewers there's something called the f.b.i. vault if you google hillary or clinton you will find a twenty three part set of documents of over six thousand pages of documents and it proves beyond doubt that hillary clinton herself was under an active f.b.i. investigation that began on july tenth two thousand and fifteen two that you know before the primaries even started and if anybody may have been colluding with russian interests more likely it was john podesta and his group and others in the clinton array of cronies who have long had dealings over in russia with various and sundry crony capitalist so you know this is really the notion that donald trump is the one colluding with russia is preposterous in my mind on the other hand there wasn't.


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