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make a very foolish mistake that think he has his base with them and there are some people in his inner circle people like giuliani who don't get it who are cute thick headed to get it that this whole thing is a made up farce if you were to silence those people you would find that he has his base along with him if he's forceful as a leader and he talks to the people who voted for him and will vote for him next time if you runs in this very clear with the others this is a farce look this is a political ploy by my enemies to undermine me trying to make peace and to really make america great again i think you come up a little on top these people will do anything to prevent this summit taking place because they don't want the world to see these two men shaking hands the appearance of peace breaking out between the two countries thanks for your time this hour down in mccallum's executive director at the ron paul institute for peace and prosperity . moving on now a british police say they have found this source of a nerve agent that killed
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a woman in the town of being spree and left her partner in a critical condition they say a bottle was retrieved from the house of the survivor and that it was underlined at the nearby military reporter tree a porton dollar. on wednesday july eleventh a small bottle was recovered during searches of charlie rose's house in amesbury it was taken to porton down for tests following those tests scientists have now confirmed to us that the substance contained within the box who is not a child and what is happening now police are investigating whether there is any link between the incident on the script pole poisoning in salt spray back in march authorities earlier said they do not believe the latest purred to be struck down by the substance were deliberately targeted the area in ames riya round the house where the novacek was found is still cordoned off officials say there is not believed to be any wider threat to the popular. radio talk show host jong go on to
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say as the luck of progress in the two british investigations is surprising and i think it's fascinating that extension four months to find out nothing and not to rest anyone after boris johnson was so clear in his condemnation of president putin and his accusation it was the russians was doing it we've also been spun a story that people who saw israel safe well how can they be safe from lage just died because they found this file of the liquid they say they've launched a murder investigation i would have said it should be manslaughter and the people they should be looking at are spies and the police think the whole thing has been a complete fiasco i hope this chapter is poorly gets better soon but it it kind of poses more questions than it gives answers now that they found the source. donald trump is claiming relations with the united kingdom are better than ever the
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us president gave a glowing appraisal of trees and me during a visit to the prime minister's checkers residence so i side london on day two of his working visit to britain. give. terms of grades the highest level of special yesterday had breakfast lunch and dinner with there is really something very special discussion here there was something something very special this incredible woman right here she's a very smart very tough very capable person the broadest. security cooperation special relationship i think prime minister made for her partnership have a lot of respect for the prime minister special relationship long tradition of friendship collaboration and i think she's a terrific woman i think she's doing a terrific job. and we have a bit of fun with the. trump making those comments despite the newspaper interview
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earlier when the prime minister breaks in saying that would kill any chance of a trade deal with america although he later backtracked calling the interview you'll. see meanwhile protesters against rome's visit turned out in large numbers and organizers estimates a quarter of a million people took to the streets. to see a church and her report from the british capital. that's a really good question joe of the protesters out of the protests that have been. to the u.k. here we are your interests while there squarely we can see behind me the square is absolutely packed with the tens of thousands of people that have been marching to get to this point for the last couple of hours and it has to be said that the numbers of people who turned out while we saw o'donnell trump and theresa may try
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to show a unified front they've talked about their special relationship we've seen people here talk about how the only special relationship be trouble seems to have is with him. probably going to france and that coming out onto the streets in such numbers is fake news so all of these people are trying to make it be understood that the u.s. president is not welcome here and again this is just one of many activities that have been taking thank you. thank you yes. yes. i can barely hear myself think but it's been like this for the last couple of hours really the mood here is very persistent in terms of showing the president he's not a welcome to the u.k. and this is something that's been thanks. leading up to it and of course out as soon as he arrived yesterday we saw a protest outside the u.s. ambassador's residence in london where donald trump was spending one night.
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here today. down to where this massive giant balloon depicting donald trump wearing a nappy was flown over just outside parliament also here in central london so obviously the mood here seems to speak for itself in many ways with so many people finding the time in the urgency to come out to say that they just don't want donald trump because the protests. foaling on the two leaders were getting down to business their spouses were having a much more leisure time of things first lady melania trump joined the prime minister's husband filth for a game of bowls. while members of the press were advised to wear shoes mrs trump was seen walking or high in the building very. well despite the show of unity between may and trump there are plenty of tensions
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on the surface. of the tent. america and the u.k. have a special thing going special relationship they called it language culture values defense then came trump but surely he can't ruin it right the special relationship between the u.k. and the us has been strong for many years we'll have opportunities to talk about a possible future trading relationship really remember barack obama when he came around they couldn't get enough of him everyone wanted to shake his hand and get a picture what a swell guy. trump
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just doesn't have the charm it seems where bomber was greeted with she is and the law was trump gets protests and outrage even a giant trump baby balloon and americans being told to avoid drawing attention to themselves be aware of your surroundings and exercise caution and expect to live in the vicinity of large gatherings keep a low profile. one would imagine a special relationship would be a little friendlier but what do we know who to say hip in this explosive and politically divided age of ours but why they hate ok trump did slap britain and europe with painful tariffs and steel and alum india and mrs me certainly wasn't happy about it expressed deep disappointment at the unjustified
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decision of the united states to apply terrorists to steal and i million. it cannot be done by taking unilateral action against our partners then there was the whole iran mess so much effort years of work to get iran to verifiably stop pursuing nuclear weapons and then trump torpedoes it but come on you couldn't have been alone britain's always been there for the states donald trump undermined progress towards normalization of relationships with iran i have been very clear in a number of conversations with the president of the united states about the belief that the united kingdom the j.c.t. away the nuclear deal with iran should stay then there's the. maze of government and strategy are in shambles she needs friends the back here and who better than the us the people voted. to break it up so i would imagine that's what they'll
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do but maybe they're taking a little bit of a different route so i don't know that's what they voted for well that wasn't very helpful no trump did offer the u.k. a tariff free trade deal if it really did choose the e.u. but goodness me there's very little that special in this relationship aside from how fast it's losing its specialness and on top of that trump being trump just had to rub salt in the wound i'm going to a few hot spots we have nato there we have the u.k. and then we have putin. and i said putin may be the easiest of the more you never know but i'm going to a pretty hard spot right now with a lot of reza lot of resignations. it's just. saying it's easier to talk to putin then to your allies but there you go how's that for friends it's like the phrase
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goes with friends like these who needs enemies. the russian president's spokesperson has expressed hope that ties with the u.s. can be repaired artie's spoke to dmitri peskov ahead of monday's summit between trump and. we knew that mr pascal wouldn't really spill the beans just before the big head to head and however we did hear a few things from him lately the media and the west as well as some politicians have really been distressed or even agitated about the summit coming up in the capital of finland feeling that one of the two the leaders may use some sort of leverage in a bargaining game while the spokesperson of mr putin says that kremlin isn't looking into any kind of bargaining options i also asked them about some specific
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potential bargaining chips up and. go right up to the western journalists are going on about some possible big bargaining game that could unravel in helsinki should we be watching out for anything like that or does must you have any bargaining chips for the americans to go out so. when you used the word bargain is absolutely inappropriate instead positions will be compared and there will be clarification as to confirm or dispel any fears you know that our relations are in a quite a few states and you know that russia was in the one who initiated the routing of the complex of our relationship we hope there is a political will. to normalize relations with. police for him. again in the american media or the russian. u.s. authorities have nothing to do with reality or. the full history of the. know
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they have nothing to do with it it's out of the question. that it was a hoarder. but you more than that why are you so stubborn when it comes to even just possibility of discussing crimea even though some believe it's donald trump who might be ready to start discussing the matter from a different perspective like other western politicians maybe it's worth having a go with him. but the most go at it not. look there's only one way to discuss this and continually saying until russia gives crimea back there will be no this sort of repeating this is like some kind of mantra which is absolutely logical but it's a road to nowhere because no perspective and nothing will come of it come with more . mr trump they want to stop this is there any hope of that it will be in there that. you know we are not and never have been wearing rose tinted glasses but we can count on that i mean free pass card hasn't ruled out that the issue of the north stream to buy blind or direct natural gas deliveries from russia to the you
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will be brought up in a healthy way please mr trump has seen to be just a step away from even pulling all working together with russia here's the reaction we heard from mr pope was press secretary to that. let's not forget that north stream too is an international project it's not even russian german or german russian and it's a multinational enterprise which has many shareholders among them very big companies from various countries and let's put it like this threatening the shareholders as well as threatening russia and germany would sanction. if this project goes for these threats are a big concern. speaking of the enormous amounts of work term wraps by both admitted the press they could read minutes that then it would be. here's mr pat
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with more on that very process. there's no clear agenda existing it will be created by heads of states as they go. we will be showing the version of that exclusive interview with the press secretary the russian president on monday just several hours before donald. and helsinki. you're tuned in to our international now ahead of one of the most anticipated face to face meets of the year monday's first official summit between putin and double trump laurie king talks to russia's long serving foreign minister sergei lavrov.
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i. think. people. across europe municipalities are taking their water supply back from private companies. elsewhere they invite private companies to take over the utilities. anybody tell us the rope was allowed for mr gus he got a little bit of island to pick him up to go. and this is a map of us to quote them out. on where you are not able to lift still brought up locals are ready to stand up for the basic human right of access to water it's
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about water but it's also over much more than water it's about to hurt and the redistribution of our west works on their date downwards the ones are. just standing in the middle of the street and someone reaches back in the back with a waistband the cop is not going to sit down and moment give them the benefit of the doubt because people shouldn't be reaching their waist being with cops have guns trained on them same police don't move. one on one with russia's foreign minister sergey lavrov on this special edition of politics. welcome to politicking i'm larry king and historic summit looms which we in the
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united states president donald trump and russian's leader vladimir putin at a time of increased tensions between their two nations mr trump a signal that syria's sanctions military exercises election meddling may be on the agenda but what does moscow want from this high stakes face to face to find out we now talk with russia's long time prime minister sergey lavrov who joins us from moscow thank you for the invitation larry. ok let's get right into it a wrap up of the nato summit the fifth. trump and other members agreed to a joint statement which among other things condemned your country's elite they called it illegal and illegitimate an exaggeration of crimea also reaffirmed support for ukraine's aspirations to become a member of nato what mr foreign minister is your reaction to this.
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you know there is nothing new in these statements we have been hearing them for quite a number of years so we take it as inertia and by the caldwell thinking not nothing more than that i thought the cold war was over. well that's why inertia of the cold war unfortunately still good with nato and it's high time for nato leave it behind. at is news conference thursday president trump said that the nato allies have stepped up like never before on defense spending he also be called the alliance of fine tuned machine how to what is the foreign minister said what are your thoughts about nato.
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well nato is the reality. it's obvious i'm of called what times but that is the reality and we take it as a reality we don't believe that what nato is doing by trying to expand further and further close that the russian borders. swallowing countries pool frankly do not add to the security of the alliance we don't believe that this is the way to resolve the problems of the day to day we have a common thread scum and then in this terrorism climate change organized crime drug trafficking and none of this is being effectively addressed by nato expansion nato should certainly be taken as a reality as i said but nato should understand that it is something which cannot
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dictate to each and every other country how to handle the international security matters dialogue is required we have been proposing many things to nato which we can do together counter-terrorism then the discussions of military doctrines discussion of transparency majesty in the military buildup all this was frozen after the events in crimea after the referendum in crimea and made the the approach that. exactly the same approach as it took when in two thousand and eight in august and then president saakashvili of georgia launched a war against his own people in south ossetia and then we demand that the convening of nato russia council but gondoliers the rights of the secretary of state that said no way we cannot discuss anything we as an aggressor quote unquote and then she corrected herself and all nato members agreed that nato must be all the way of
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that name. the russia council must be all weather. forum and that especially at the time of crisis it should function on the basis of equality and taken into account the mutual interests of each other so after the ukrainian there is a random which was free and clear as i said and as many international observers assert the mistake was repeat that once again and as of the defense expenditure even without any further rice the current statistics is that nato together with the united states spends about twenty times more than russia spends on its defense and without the united states the european spent about four times more than russia spends on his defense budget i assume that it might be possible to relate that to the productivity of labor to the difference in
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productivity of labor but this cannot be the only explanation. how do you react when when president trump said that germany is totally controlled by russia. well. my spokesman larry is a kind of addressed this issue i think yesterday when she gave facts that we. sell gas to germany which is business and the united states has dozens of thousands of military men and women on the german soil and a few dozen military bases and then any international observer having this that he sticks in front of him or her should make their own conclusions i can only quote what the president said when he was asked whether president bush
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in this he is an enemy or his friend he said he is a competitor a strong competitor and i believe we can get along this line and they hope in one day might become friends but speaking of competition i always believed in free competition because free market is about fair competition and when speaking of gas and germany and united states secretary of energy mr perry yesterday i think said that the north stream pipeline mizen be stopped and those european countries whose companies would be participating in this project would be sanctioned by the united states because because the united states use for competition and for the sake of competition there must be new terminals to receive american liquefied national natural gas some of some competition i would say and of
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course the for. the russian what they read there in the guess is supposed to be warse then the democratic american guest then i am all for this story but this is not the economy this is not competition this is a pure ideal the g.e. and unfair competition. mr prime minister are you going to accompany and mr putin to helsinki. yes i would be there as well as secretary pon pal we had a couple of conversations with mike on pal we discussed what kind of arrangements we should for see for the for the meeting and helsinki and parallel to the meeting between the two presidents which they want to start one on one would be meeting with mike is invested as to russia and to the united states respectively and we
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will discuss any issue which each of us would like to raise there would be no fixed agenda but there are obvious items which would certainly pop up. the two presidents will meet alone by the way i the end of you and mr putin i know him. but a few times and when i when i've been with him he doesn't speak english are they going to be interpreters at that private meeting between the two presidents. yes that would be interpreted as president putin actually understands english but for the sake of better expressing his views he prefers to use the interpreters of good office. will there be there be no other aides in the
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room you will not be in the room well as things stand now that's what the american side proposed and to be polite people so we had read. what are you looking forward to from the summit what from the russian standpoint will be a successful summit. while a beginning of normal communications. all channels of commit most channels of communications established during the last seven eight ten years have been frozen on very important issues count that there are these and there are g. drug trafficking cyber security many others afghanistan other regional conflicts and what we have now is a spare reddick meetings between diplomats and the military mostly on syria
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we also have a channel on ukraine where the aid of president putin and a special envoy of the united states met several times about to be is no visible progress because our american colleagues try every every time they meet was their russian counterparts to deviate radically from the minsk agreements which underlie the consensus on your training and crisis but we keep trying and they hope that we will certainly discuss this issue in helsinki but back to your question regarding the ideal outcome ideal outcome would be to agree to in gauge all the channels on all the issues which are devise if on the one hand trying to see whether we can get closer on those exact topics and also on
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those issues where we now can usefully cope the rate for the sake of interest of the two countries and for the sake of interest of international community like a strategic stability for example i optimistic about. well i'm not paid to be optimistic or pessimistic i'm paid to be realistic and really try to stick to the reality we'll see what the reality looks like. mr. minister lavrov stay right there we'll be right back with more politicking right after this quick break.
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like a bull in a china shop donald trump style and negotiation skills were on full display at this year's annual nato gathering he was not shy about how he feels about the alliance
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