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tv   The Big Picture  RT  July 13, 2018 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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like a bull in a china shop donald trump style and negotiation skills were on full display at this year's annual nato gathering he was not shy about how he feels about the alliance
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now the trump putin summit is front and center bush be a mere photo op or something more. hopeless a change agent writes about is a nice way to say he's crazy but anyway he's going to go into any situation and just over turn the table and say let's start from scratch was exactly what is needed for the united states because the united states was very poorly position to head into the twenty first century so we need a guy like trump to come in there and just you know knock over all the pieces on the chess board and start playing checkers i mean and start all over again. we'll go back to this special edition of politicking on larry king and we're talking with the russian foreign minister sergei lavrov. it's
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a great pleasure to have him with us on the eve of this his stark summit because the foreign minister what does your country think of. the state since. sort of agreement with north korea well i think it's good for the world and we strongly support the efforts undertaken by president thrum also by by the president of south korea to build up that must fear that must fear which would be conducive to resolving the nuclear issue of the korean peninsula and to bring all of us to again the clear ization and the from the very beginning we suggest that the get of his china that it first step wise because it is building. and the second step should be some confidence building measures like freezing lunches and tests like freezing the military gains and i believe that what
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is going on is going in the right direction i know that the outcome of the meeting can soon go forward between president trump and leader of the north of north korea is being criticized by many as just you know being empty wards on paper without any . leaf in it late secretary from pillar visited pyongyang. and then he was also criticized for not delivering any specific hard commitments for general clear ization but i think serious analysts understand that this thing cannot be done overnight it has been a very deep crisis which is very serious consequences which might affect many countries if things went wrong and we have to build confidence gradually and that's i believe what president trump and secretary pump air will help help to do
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we support this efforts and we try to contribute in our contacts with north koreans and with other players in that region it's good to hear ok. the anonymous conclusion by the entire american intelligence community and is that your government influenced the american elections in two thousand and sixteen. and that president trump will tell president putin to not do it again how do you react to all of this and your country's involvement and american elections your reaction. well i've seen those reports but it was all respect larry i cannot agree that this was the report as you said by the entire american intelligence community
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. those who are interested can take a look at the piece written by former american ambassador to moscow object medlock who described the report produced regarding the alleged russian interference and. showed in the fissions to send in that curious and inconsistences in fighting this report without for example expressing the view which we cheered the military intelligence had it's a report signed only by three agencies out of a dozen of intelligence agencies and the united states has and will who normally would participate in anything called that binion of the entire intelligence community of the united states then i saw the report of the senate intelligence
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committee which asserted and you know. allege that russia has been interfering with the elections that there is proof and then no single fact was produced and then it was announced that the full report would be made secret because of sensitive information it's exactly the same approach as we see in our relations with the united kingdom who accused us ten years ago off poisoning one of the form intelligence officer who reside that in london mr litvinenko and the trail of which gunk looted that the russian was responsible was also secret now the investigation of these souls very poisoning is also going on without any transparent and from. being provided to the public without anything given to us including access to a russian citizen and so on and so forth now the this this is becoming
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contentious i believe and highly likely and the assertion that there is no other credible explanation is becoming a rule on which the western friends try to base their policy on russian the the latest the latest event and greece is absolutely going in the same vein highly likely we are not given any huge effect on the backs of the american elections i've spent some time in the united states so i believe i understand how the system is working and when a year and a half or even more. investigation goes on hearings go on. the special counsel or mr miller dozens of people but you see paging in the hearing being interrogated. and the only think the public
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gets is they're searching on that it's because proven again and again that russia did mental vestal thinking whether this meddling did have effect on the outcome of elections or not and so on and so forth but apart from this assertion there is no single fact and knowing their merits and system i. i'm convinced that with so many people involved you know this hearing school lows public secret not secret it is impossible that no single fact has been leaked so fight yet into the public debate the us system is leaking. very often and very well and the special on the show like this meant so many people involved it's impossible not to not to have any single fact the presented to the public one way or another. so you have all i can say you can vote on a sure you not have to it that is most involved.
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present put in address this issue several times he once again confirmed a few days ago actually a few couple of weeks ago that the russian government has nothing to do with what was going on during the american elections we have been reading about somebody else's meddling with the democratic party site but this is a fact which has been proven but it is not mentioned it all when this electoral. campaign issue is being discussed what what we did see was that we are ready to answer any questions that american administration might have regarding this matter this was should have proper offered by us when president putin met with president trump while year ago in the margins of g twenty in cumbered. and there we
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thought there was an agreement that a group of experts would be meeting that americans would put on the table all the issues which they believe that russia must explain and then the experts would would do this somehow a few days after the summit under the pressure of those who believe that the administration should not discuss anything on cyber security was russia this deal was postponed lately there was signals that the americans are ready to resume this attempt and we would be ready to discuss any concerns regarding cyber security which the united states might have speaking of cyber security. and the freedom of expression and so on and so forth we are concerned that r.t.
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which is not foreign to you is being labeled by for example the french government as agents of influence. and the same french government introduced a draft law to their parliament which is intended to compile the black least of media outlets we just suspected of spreading fake news and even most seriously this bleck least would be accompanied by compiling on at the government level at the legislature level at least of media resources which would be recommended to national regulators of cyberspace as reliable sources if it does not censorship if it is not an attempt to. squeeze the space of expression then i don't understand much in this life.
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i want to add one more thing mr foreign minister. how marlee how can you support someone like assad in syria who is been so brutal to his own people how how did you support him in there in a civilization how these supporters. well i think i think you being a politician. i mean some people say being a politician is being cynical something a healthy cynicism is good i believe because to be realistic and we have to be responsible first of all for the world security for security of our countries for the cooperation of his others which would create conditions making our people safer and if you take a look in retrospect at that region saddam hussein was
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a dictator. moammar gadhafi was a dictator. but if you can peer the sufferings of the people of iraq libya respectively and the beast the dictators and the president after the american the nato intervention in iraq and the new libya in violation of international law then i believe the numbers of those who were killed who were wounded who fled their homes would be probably hundreds of thousands more than those who suffered under these regimes. and the same is true for syria the people who ruined iraq who ruined libya now it's right to invite the international community to share responsibility for the migrants crisis. the
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same people draw no conclusions and they wanted to put syria in the same in the same state some analysts say that the united states might be interested in keeping this region in turmoil so that it can fish in this mighty waters i don't believe this is this is what the united states wants but when you look at defects it's what's happening it's what's happening and this is not to say that we want to justify dictators but it's to say that before you start an adventure. you must make every step not to be reckless and to find a way to promote democracy changes peacefully that like being knighted states do in many countries of the same very region i don't need to lose that so
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my point is that now we condemn any violations of human rights any of oil a chanst of international humanitarian law of a commute it can be them governments opposition foreign countries interfering but we have to see the entire picture and we have to think about the price of being moral just for the sake of being moral so you include syria in that statement. yes that's what you asked me about. you know. very glad to hear that mr prime minister thank you so much for giving us your time today have a successful trip to helsinki and let's hope that when we meet in person we have peace in the world would be nice. thank you
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larry thank you very much for the invitation. and thank you for joining us on this edition of politicking remember you can join the conversation on my facebook page or tweet me at kings things and don't think it use the politicking hash tag and that's all for this edition of politicking.
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they gave us natural camera. roughly once they showed some will pay you for them. uncool videos during the world cup and someone with the broccoli string app. going down more on string i don't rightly don't t.v. i think more doogan is an outstanding person because he took on the most powerful
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agency in this county forgive me to stay if you look at a film on the analogy of. mark was the david when he was flying to the lions mugged or going to has been the sheriff's most contentious could take the he is the first time i noticed something wasn't right in fleece work pretty much when i first started the corruption in palm beach county is now. something that you can smell it see my dad it's a nod and a wink it wasn't what i wanted to do you know. we've had more on shootings in this county then some states have had collectively the gun went to his website began featuring comments about god his family the sheriff my sentiment and so on yes squash you like a bug you know i wish you'd stop when you said santa let me stop i believe what i'm doing now so it's ok you know it's your funeral looking for f.b.i. raided p.b.s. and critic mob dude in this house. i snuck out of the united states.
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into russia where i can flip all five. men they know is bad wolf. apply for many flips over the years so i know the guy even so i gots. football isn't only about what happens on the pitch for the final school it's about the passion from the fans it's the age of the superman each kill the narrowness and spending through to the twenty million. it's an experience like nothing else i want to do because i want to share what i think what i know about the beautiful guy great so will transfer. and thinks he's going to.
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the us charges a dozen russians with hocking offenses linked to the twenty sixteen presidential election. british police say they've located. killed a woman in the town of. partner in a critical condition. in the u.k. . the british prime minister. reporters that. the broadest relationship is really something very special. relationship. the highest level of
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special. to the world this is our two international my names you know neal good to have your company our top story the u.s. justice department house charged twelve russians with offenses linked to the twenty sixteen presidential election. indictment charges twelve russian military officers by name for conspiring to interfere with the twentieth sixteen presidential election. eleven of the defendants are charged with conspiring to hack into computers steal documents and release those documents with the intent to interfere in the election well i have the document here in my hands and as you can see it's pretty long twenty nine pages to be precise so let me read to you exactly what it
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says while russian intelligence officers knowingly and intentionally conspired with each other and with persons known and unknown to the grand jury to gain an authorized access to hack into the computers of u.s. persons an entity's involved in the twenty sixteenth us presidential election still documents from those computers and stage releases of the stolen documents to interfere with the twenty sixteen u.s. presidential election but regardless of what this says the department of justice found out that this so-called conspiracy didn't affect the vote count or the election results there's no allegation that the conspiracy changed the phone count or affected any election result well the announcement came during trump's meeting with the queen at windsor castle and just days before he's scheduled to meet with president putin so we'll just have to see if this trigger some sort of
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a domestic resistance the russian foreign ministry has given its reaction moscow say the timing of the announcement shows that its purpose was to negatively effect the trump putin summit or shutdown of spoke to me earlier on the hocking indictment as for new information i mean the military man himself they would never reveal their sources all that we know that they've been questioning a lot of people as he has a few men in his at his disposal so their capacities are quite limited and everything in this invest. when it comes to the hacking of the democratic party it devolves around the d.n.c. server so we don't know as i've said where moolah got his information from but what we do know is where he didn't get it from apparently and that is the f.b.i. as they themselves have numerously admitted to fail to examine the server themselves have a listen when the d.n.c. provide access for to the f.b.i.
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for your technical folks to review what happened. we never got direct access to the machines themselves it's all up begs the question doesn't it if the f.b.i. had no access to d.n.c. servers who hurt in this exact case we don't know exactly but we know that previously all the information about this server came from a company named kraut strike it's a company that was hired by the d.n.c. received money for the from the d.n.c. for maintaining and taking care of their servers and so they were the ones who provided the f.b.i. with all the logs and all the information and all the strike itself says that the information they gave it's a carbon copy of it's like the exact same thing as what was on the actual server there's no way real way of proving that. you know very fine that because they have tampered with this quite
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a bit they have already restructured it back in twenty sixteen in this whole server so that did raise some questions as well you did see never turn the server over to law enforcement if you're investigating either from a law enforcement or from an intelligence standpoint hacking by foreign hostile government would you want the server would net help you number one identify who the attacker was if they had turned the server over to either you or director call me maybe we would have no more so i guess what i'm asking you is why would the victim of a crime not turn over a server to the intelligence community or to law enforcement and this question is what many many people are asking because think of it from a following standpoint say there was a crime in some apartment the police show at the door and then the victim's roommate shows up and says look i live in the same room i saw everything happened
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here's your forensics like fingerprints you know traces of d.n.a. you pictures from the crime scene you're all good. and the police they say oh then fine then we won't examine the actual crime scene since what you're showing to us is the exact copy and the exact like account of events of what happened this is pretty much what the f.b.i. did so that's that's why this raises so many questions rise to the situation we have though as it stands we've got twelve russian agents so-called agents indicted what happens now is there a trial well naturally yes this is what mueller is pursuing but there is a catch because look at who he is indicted is indicted several intelligence officers of russia and obviously the reserve. base in russia of course and if there is a trial it is said to happen on the u.s. soil no one in their right mind would be sending intelligence officers to a foreign country i mean it doesn't really matter whether or not the are accused of
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anything whether or not they're guilty or not it just it's intelligence officers they have like information clearances and everything the some of them may not be allowed to travel abroad at all so miller has found is finding himself with this indictment in a very comfortable position because if a trial happens it will be a trial in absentia which means the chances are nobody will represent these intelligence officers which pretty much guarantees a guilty verdict. british police say they have found the source of a nerve agent that killed a woman in the town of spree and left her partner in a critical condition they say a bottle was retrieved from the house of the survivor and the labels that the nearby military laboratory at porton down on wednesday july eleventh a small bottle was recovered during searches of charlie rose house in amesbury it was taken to porton down for tests following those tests scientists have now
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confirmed to us that the substance contained within the bottle is novacek. police are investigating whether there's any link between the m. spree incident and the script pall poisoning in salzburg back in march authorities earlier said they don't believe a link has per to be struck down by the substance were deliberately targeted the area any mystery around the heist where the nova truck was found is still cordoned off officials say there is not believed to be any wider threat to the public when we talk show host john gone the lack of progress in the two british investigations is surprising. i think it's fascinating that expression for months to find out nothing and not arrest anyone after boris johnson was so clear in his condemnation of president putin and his accusation it was the russians was doing it we've also been spun a story that people who saw israel safe well how can they be safe from lage just
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died because they found this file of the liquid they say they've launched a murder investigation i would have said it should be manslaughter and the people they should be looking at are spies and the police think the whole thing has been a complete fiasco i hope this chapter is poorly gets better soon but it it kind of poses more questions than it gives answers now that they found the source. claim relations with the united kingdom are better than ever the us president gave a glowing appraisal of trees and me during a visit to the prime minister's checkers residence i side london on day two of his visit to britain give. terms of grades the highest levels of special yesterday had breakfast lunch and dinner with her through something very special discussion here there was something something very special this incredible woman
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right here she's a very smart very tough very capable person the broadest deepest and most security cooperation special relationship i think prime minister made for her partnership have a lot of respect for the prime minister special relationship long tradition of friendship collaboration and i think she's a terrific woman i think she's doing a terrific job. and we had a little bit of fun with the editing there but you get the gist making those remarks this by the news paper interview earlier when he slammed the prime minister's plans for brakes it saying it would kill any chance of a trade deal with america he went on to suggest that boris johnson who recently resigned as u.k. foreign secretary would make a great prime minister. calling the coverage of interview fake news one thing meanwhile protesters against visit turned out in large numbers in london organizers estie.


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