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but he seemed to be taking cues from washington a united airlines spokesman said we have deferred the matter to the u.s. government since this is a diplomatic issue to be resolved among governments and this isn't word ends with d.c. on this matter the u.s. backed american institute in taiwan opened a new two hundred forty million dollar de facto embassy in taipei the taiwanese capital the u.s. also sells a billions in weapons to taiwan over one point four billion under trump alone and the american government's rhetoric continues to go against china's and its own policies speaking at a banquet in taiwan's capital back in march the us deputy assistant secretary of state alex said the aim of u.s. policy is to ensure that taiwan's people can continue along their chosen path free from coercion one continued by saying that the united states wants to strengthen our ties with the taiwan people and to bolster taiwan's ability to defend its democracy still while businesses are trying to stay out of the politics most of
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those who work with china recognize that state friendly with beijing is in their best interest for r.t. i'm alex mileage. there were actually a brief pause but hang here because when we get back our test the batteries they handle charging the revolutionary auto makers image arcade and calling takes a look from a tesla dealership here in d.c. for his report plus antitrust issues continue to impact technology firms under a barlow is back to help us track some of this and make sense of it and steve crist also darkie america sports correspondent takes a look at sports and data and sports betting and how money man mark cuban is involved as we go to break here the new marrows at the closing bell oil down closer to thirty to seventy dollars and all green arrows for stocks on the big board as we go to the weekend.
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they gave us national camera. roughly once the show and some will pay you for the. uncool videos during the world cup and someone with the broccoli string at. my down on string i don't roughly don't t.v. join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you then. doesn't change agent right so that is a nice way to say he's crazy and he's going to go into any situation and just over turn the table and say let's start from scratch which is exactly what is needed for the united states because united states was very poorly positioned to head into the twenty first century so we need a guy like trump to come in there and just you know knock over all the pieces on
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the chess board and start playing checkers i mean and start over. and welcome back medical and pharmaceutical supply giant johnson and johnson has been ordered to pay nearly four point seven billion dollars to twenty two women and their families who alleged in their lawsuit that the companies tell compiler products contained s. best and cause them to develop a very cancer mark len you're a lawyer for the plaintiffs allege that the corporation had been aware of the presence of a cancer causing chemical in their telco product for forty years one of the plaintiffs was unable to attend the hearing because of her continuing chemotherapy treatment while six others have already perished johnson and johnson has faced similar though smaller judgments over their talcum product and a court even overturned one and additional nine thousand nine thousand alleged victims of best bestest poisoning by use by johnson and johnson products have
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pending lawsuits against the company. and in ireland they are set to become the first nation in the world to completely divest from fossil fuels after the fossil fuel divestment bill as it is officially titled passed the lower house with a broad support the bill now expected become law before the end of the year requires the ireland strategic investment fund to pull out of roughly three hundred eighteen million euros worth of investment one hundred fifty different companies in the greenhouse gas producing sector as soon as it's practical they say it experts say that that soon as practicable term means about five years the executive director of. the ngo trial care who helped write the bill told the irish times that a lower house quote sent a powerful signal to the international community about the need to speed up the phase out fossil fuels if global climate goals are to be delivered. and we've talked with the car coach on the show about the batteries and tesla
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vehicles which of caught fire and take a long time to go out well now there is more news now is former test or technician martin tripp has filed a whistleblower contain a point with the u.s. securities and exchange commission saying that not only has the card maker inflated car production numbers talked about those a lot of times on the program but there is a controversy for with regard to these batteries and he says that tesla has been honest with investors related to safety laws including the batteries artie's then call and takes a more in-depth look at the fiery problem for the automaker. these popular cars are becoming more accessible to average consumers but like so many products they come with unexpected risks on march twenty third a tesla model x. electric car crashed on a california highway the car burst into flames soon after causing injuries that would kill its driver firefighters struggled to extinguish the flames days later the fire reignited while the car was impounded before firefighters managed to put
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it out and on june fifteenth t.v. actress mary mccormick shared this video of her husband's tesla on fire on the santa monica boulevard in los angeles she said in a tweet no accident out of the blue and was glad their three girls were not in the car while gasoline powered vehicle fires occur two electric vehicles a relatively new technology that are touted as environmentally friendly vehicles of the future and they're under extra scrutiny the national transportation safety board opened an investigation into the crash which is ongoing but questions remain about the source of the fire the car's a lithium ion battery lithium ion batteries like the one in the tests a model x. use a chemical compound called ethylene glycol to cool the engine it's highly flammable and when one cell heats up the coolant can cause a neighboring cell to burn causing a chain reaction that can be deadly and
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a nightmare for firefighters it's a problem the electric car industry has faced before fisker automotive the world's first production of luxury hybrid plug in cars face similar problems its battery supplier the highly touted company a one two three batteries also started fires and in two thousand and fourteen fisker was forced to go out of business tesla manufactures its own battery for the model s. tests the publishes an emergency response guide for fire departments to handle accidents the guide says because burning with e.m.i. on. batteries release quote toxic vapors including saw fear of acid oxides of carbon nickel lithium copper and cobalt responders need to wear self-contained breathing apparatuses the section adds that responders have to use approximately three thousand gallons of water applied directly to the battery and it may take twenty four hours to fully extinguish with electric vehicles promoted as the future
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of the automotive industry the viability and safety your questions consumers manufacturers and regulators alike will have to grapple with reporting from washington d.c. dan cohen our team. and we spoke about and i trust on the program on number of times but as many moves continue to unfold what's next in the area of antitrust pacifically related to the tech field we've been assisted in the past by andre barlow of the law firm doyle barlow and mazhar and he joins us again now andre thank you for being here before we get to the text it is always for to us when you come on that some news is broken and today the news is that the department of justice has appealed the time warner eighteen team merger that you set for for six weeks what your take on that not much going to happen or maybe there's something there you know they they file their notice of appeal so they preserve their rights you know the back story is really interesting because you had the solicitor general who apparently didn't want to appeal the case and then you had the and i trust
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a vision which is emotionally invested in this case and wanted to to appeal and it looks like they've gotten their way they filed this notice with it's a very difficult case to appeal because it's a fact laden opinion by judge leon he didn't really do much to change the law he accepted all of the government's product markets there and i competitive theories so it's a difficult one to to appeal but i understand why they did it because if you recall when i was here last was the day after the opinion comcast put in a bid for the foxx. sas it's as you said this is going to do it they did it five minutes after the program was over and now their bit is clouded by this appeal just as it was with the trial very interesting and so this is just a notice that they may appeal it's not an actual appeal yet how long do they have to ninety days ninety days so we'll know within ninety days or less and i would think that they would act you know it will be interesting to see how quickly they do act there's a whole separate with. time warner until february of two thousand and nineteen
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so there's six seven months here you know where it's ok with they want to start let's move on we talk about the merger madness and of all the mergers going on all over the world the u.s. has the highest number of mergers and that's especially true we talk about tech companies a lot of them are talking about merging and and let me just ask you i mean when you look at all the companies out there google facebook etc me aren't some of these already monopolies and if you're a consumer i would imagine a lot of people would would think that are they going to be facing increased scrutiny by and i trust officials but i think they will i think companies like google facebook and amazon will be facing scrutiny i mean we're at a point now where the trumpet ministration republicans and democrats they're all on board that you know they're concerned about how large these companies are and how much data they actually have now that that doesn't mean that there's a trust problem here you know big is not necessarily bad. you know and these
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companies you think about it google facebook and amazon they have provided benefits to consumers as well for free search to get free social network and you know amazon provides the opportunity to buy products at your convenience and a very what's a good devices out of lots of good but there could be some bad and there you know what we're talking about in this country is and i think they have to see is actually concerned and wants to learn more about these digital platforms. that are two sided markets and their associated network effects and they're actually going to hold hearings in and september through the end of the year so so more to come on that excellent and we know that the e.u. regulators as you say you know they're coming at it also with the google fight and maybe even more coming up in the future i'm very barlow thank you so much really appreciate you being here again always appreciate your expertise and there's been
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a big bone for the sports betting industry after a supreme court decision earlier this year sports radar is one company with some big names behind it including mark cuban and they're using artificial intelligence and more for making sports betting better r.t. america sports correspondent steve christophe's those reports with particulars. sports betting has always been popular and prevalent in our society even though it was not fully legal but now with an expected boom for the industry after the supreme court decided to strike down a federal law banning the practice sports data companies are looking to cash in one of those companies sports radar is setting itself up to be at the center of the legal us sports gambling industry sports radar uses artificial intelligence to provide sports organizations media platforms and betting operators the most accurate and fastest sports data to improve their business operations and provide deep insights and strategies it's the official partner of the national basketball
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association the national football league the national hockey league and nascar the company recently acquired two investors which now give sports radar a two point four billion dollar value the canadian pension plan investment board and silicon valley based growth equity firm t.c.b. acquired the stakes from private equity firm e.q. t. c.e.o. of sports radar carsten curl said of the recent acquisition quote having two new investors with a strong north american footprint is ideal given our increasing focus and expanding operations in the u.s. as the sports industry evolves to meet the expectations of today's sports fans sports radar will continue to develop best in class integrity and technology driven services as we expand into new market segments and we're excited to have such a strong team behind us additionally big names in the sports world see the long term investment opportunity and are among the existing shareholders of sports radar
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washington capitals and wizards owner ted leonsis former n.b.a. superstar an owner of the charlotte hornets michael jordan and dallas mavericks owner mark cuban are all investors with a strong focus on the u.s. sports gambling market ever since the supreme court ruling two months ago new. jersey and delaware have been the first to take advantage with many other states are likely to follow beginning with reviving the casinos and racetracks and now single game sports betting companies like sports radio may be the future of artificial intelligence as betting houses rely on the put and most accurate data to drive up wages in washington state for stockers are to. stand on sports it's been a wild ride but this weekend marks the end of the world cup in russia england and belgium vie for third place and croatia takes on france on sunday for the best team on the globe a billion people will be watching and one of the big winners here has been russia
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reportedly done a very good job on these games that's it for now thanks for watching him catch boom bust on you tube you tube dot com slash our to see you next time. i think more do good is an outstanding person because he took on the most powerful agency in this county or you'll be to stay this look at some of the analogy. marc was the day that when he was. going to spin the sheriff's most contentious critics say he is the first time i noticed something wasn't right these were pretty much when he first started the corruption in palm beach county it's not something that you can. see it's. the wind it wasn't what i wanted to do. more in this county
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then some states have had collective took and went to his website began featuring comments about his family the show it's like. squash you like a bug you know we should stop then you should say i don't like the stuff i believe what i'm doing. oh so it's ok you know it's your funeral building f.b.i. raided p.b.s. and critics in this house. i snuck out of the united states. into russia political fighting. men they know bad wolf. kind of financial from on the job today was all about money laundering first to visit this confession just a different. good it's a good start well we have our three banks all set up here maybe something in europe
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something in america something overseas or the cayman islands or do we do all these banks are complicit in their tough talk received us up to give me a call and say hey i'm ready to do some serious money laundering ok let's see how we did well we've got a nice luxury watch for max and for stacy oh beautiful jewelry how about. luxury automobile again for a match you know what money you want to hire. watch kaiser of course. we are against any kind of presence of the united states in origin if they want to continue their as human or unique well listen we mean we are against their idea only in origin in origin if we're in a region that's. understandable legal business. in the united states it's going to be in a region you only get any kind of these banks you need them in any kind of
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a the only way you know this is or any of that i. will say you will be. like that is your last guest does. it with the people most of all not all what i mean. i mean if. you know the yellow sea to me from him he can see as you know he's right.
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if you're in the form of the media. i'm with you more with the baby when was in the north and even many balls up in the film i was in theme of i was at the field. thanks thanks. thanks. thanks. thanks.
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thanks that was. u.s. charges twelve russians with. links to the two thousand and sixteen presidential election but says the interference did not influence the outcome of the. british counterterrorism police said that they have located the source of the nerve agent that killed a woman in the town of. partner in critical condition. after a stinging attack on the british prime minister over her exit plan may tell reporters that anglo-american relations are stronger than ever the broadest deep depression relationship is really something very special i give our relationship terms of great the highest level of special.
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prime broadcasting live. this is our team international thomas is certainly glad to have you with us now the u.s. department of justice has charged twelve russians with hacking offenses linked to do two thousand and sixteen presidential election. indictment charges russian military officers by name. for conspiring to interfere with the twenty eight sixteen presidential election. eleven of the defendants are charged with conspiring to hack in the computers steal documents and release those documents with the intent to interfere in the election well i have the document here in my hands and as you can see it's pretty long twenty nine pages to be precise so let me read to you exactly what it says while russian intelligence officers knowingly and
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intentionally conspired with each other and with persons known and unknown to the grand jury to gain an authorized access to hack into the computers of u.s. persons an entity's involved in the twenty sixteenth us presidential election still documents from those computers and stage releases of the stolen documents to interfere with the twenty sixteen u.s. presidential election but regardless of what this says the department of justice found out that this so-called conspiracy didn't affect the vote count or the election results there's no allegation that the conspiracy changed the phone count or affected any election result well the announcement came during trump's meeting with the queen at windsor castle and just days before he's scheduled to meet with president putin so we'll just have to see if this is a trigger some sort of a domestic resistance and the russian foreign ministry has given its reaction moscow says the timing of the announcement shows that its purpose was to negatively
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effect to the trouble putin summit r.t.c. would have done of earlier spoke to my colleague you know neal on the hiking and. as for new information i mean the military man himself they would never reveal their sources or that we know that they've been questioning a lot of people as he has a few men in his at his disposal so their capacity is quite limited and everything in this investigation when it comes to the hacking of the democratic party it devolves around the d.n.c. server so we don't know as i've said where moolah got his information from but what we do know is where he didn't get it from apparently and that is the f.b.i. as they themselves have numerously admitted to fail to examine the server themselves have a listen when the d.n.c. provide access for to the f.b.i. for your technical folks to review what happened. we never got direct access
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to the machines themselves all up begs the question doesn't it if the f.b.i. had no access to d.n.c. servers who hurt in this exact case we don't know exactly but we know that previously all the information about this server came from a company named kraut strike it's a company that was hired by the d.n.c. received money for the from the d.n.c. for maintaining and taking care of their servers and so they were the ones who provided the f.b.i. with all the logs and all the information and all the strike itself says that the information they gave it's a carbon copy of it's like the exact same thing as what was on the actual server there's no way real way of proving that. you know very fine bad because they have tampered with this quite a bit they have already restructured it back in twenty sixteen in this whole server so that did raise some questions as well you did see never turn the server over to
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law enforcement if you're investigating either from a law enforcement or from an intelligence standpoint that hacking by foreign hostile government when you want the server would net help you number one identify who the attacker was if they had turned the server over to either you or director call me maybe we would have no more so i guess what i'm asking you is why would the victim of a crime not turn over a server to the intelligence community or to law enforcement and this question is what many many people are asking because think of it from a following standpoint say there was a crime in some apartment the police show at the door and then the victim's roommate shows up and says look i live in the same room i saw everything happened here's your forensics like fingerprints you know traces of hair d.n.a. you pictures from the crime scene you're all good. and the police they say oh then
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fine then we won't examine the actual crime scene since what you're showing to us is the exact copy and the exact like account of events of what happened this is pretty much what the f.b.i. did so that's that's why this raises so many questions as to the situation we have though as it stands we've got twelve russian agents so-called agents indicted what happens now is there a trial well naturally yes this is what mueller is pursuing but there's a catch because look at who he's indicted has indicted several intelligence officers of russia and obviously there is a trial that's based in russia of course and if there is a trial it is said to happen on the u.s. soil no one in their right mind would be sending intelligence officers to a foreign country i mean it doesn't really matter whether or not the are accused of anything whether or not they're guilty or not it just it's intelligence officers they have like information clearances and everything the some of them may not be
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allowed to travel abroad at all so miller has found is finding himself with this indictment in a very comfortable position because if a trial happens it will be a trial in absentia which means chances are nobody will represent these intelligence officers which pretty much guarantees a guilty verdict daniel mcadams executive director of the ron paul institute believes the timing of the cases if it. if you're the victim of a crime why would you not want to hand the evidence over to the police the fact of the matter is the company they had doing their security is that it is a politically biased company that was invite involved in all sorts of things to have our say in other things so it is a it is a big question but the other big question really is the timing but once again we have an indictment on a friday before a weekend but not just any weekend this is the weekend before the much anticipated trump hooten summit of the political implications of dropping the indictments to poison the waters in advance of the trumpet and summit this is clearly the work of
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the u.s. deep state. british police say that they have found at the source of a nerve agent that killed a woman in the town of amesbury and left her partner in critical condition they say a bottle was retrieved from the house of the survivor and that it was analyzed at the nearby military laboratory at porton down. on wednesday july eleventh a small bottle was recovered during searches of charlie rose house in amesbury it was taken to put down for tests following those tests scientists have now confirmed to us that the substance contained within the boss who is novacek. of police are investigating whether there is any link between the amesbury incident and the screwball poisoning in salisbury back in march the area in amesbury around the house where the number chalk was found is still cordoned off officials say that there is not believed to be any wider threat to the public we heard from dave colum professor of organic chemistry at cornell university he says there is no evidence
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to link the cells brain amesbury cases. it's impossible to make a connection and there been no data presented so you're at the mercy of the authorities assuring us what they found and what they know what it is and you know how bottle ended up in there they. and that matter whether or not they actually were poisoned by not which are if you're allowed to get down to i find it suspicious that they're carving no but chuck around in in what's called a bottle i would think the container they use might be a little easier than a bottle so but we have no information on it so but it yeah i find the whole thing suspicious. donald trump is claiming relations with the u.k. are better than ever the us president gave a glowing appraisal of theresa may during a visit to the prime minister's checkers residence outside london on day two of his visit to britain. give relationship terms of grades the highest level of special
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yesterday at breakfast lunch and dinner with or through something very special discussion here there was something something very special this incredible woman right here. a very smart very tough very capable person the broadest. security cooperation special relationship i think prime minister made for her partnership have a lot of respect for the prime minister special relationship long tradition of friendship collaboration and i think she's a terrific woman i think she's doing a terrific job. made those remarks despite a newspaper interview a day earlier when he slammed the prime minister's plans for braggs it saying that they would kill any chance of a trade deal with america he went on to suggest that boris johnson who recently resigned as u.k. foreign secretary would make a great prime minister although trump later backtracked calling the coverage of that interview fake news. well meanwhile protesters against
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a trump visit turned out.


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