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the difference is reducing so that's why you see these kind of results and nothing else but i care about that because it gives maybe a chance for every course in the next year next year but not go through it through hanson expat because even though that this is between the smaller teams and the pick of the small countries in the big all teams from africa didn't perform too well is that a concern over you white of either i think. it's a it's a concern because and we enough it got we need to do. to organize. a conference to to to speak about it to try to find. the why and how we can change it and when we're going to we're going to do with and the president of our consideration is organizing do so and we ask all the actors of african football to speak and to debate about it so. i'm positive this was. a disco result fossick on teams but i think it's
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a good way or so it's important for two c.d.'s to witness this one to stand up we need to change things what do you what do you think needs changing want to areas you know needs i mean i think we need. certainly we need to keep. the creativity you know the craziness you know the the power the physics of african football and but you need also you know. the costliest and see you know and. when i say organization of european teams and i would say look and i'll say experience teams need to learn from these teams like a team like senegal was very well organized and and maybe come to my side of it on the creativity and score enough goals and i don't know well what's your take on that because. i think. i think when you want to go find it in
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a big phenomena like this you need a new a good spine a strong spine you know you know again you know when you're in in manchester your spine was unbelievable and you know good good keep you know good sometimes defender you know a good number six you need a good striker because all these people are the ones who are going to make the difference for you and of debates around will we follow you you need good leaders and i think sending out a few players but there wasn't enough for them to go for in terms of dulls obviously you scored a lot of them as a strike at i've got my history running scored in the champions league final yet you insist you explain it again by me yeah ask the manager and that that's should be basic knowledge about. the school of your country's first of a goal in the world cup but i don't see how do those competitors mean this is how he gets a football abhisit can paddle the sensation scoring the first of a coffee
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a country in a world where when i scored a goal what is going to win you so i didn't really think about it but later when you do you realise that you would be the first player from my request for the scoring a wildcard you know you say for yourself i think it's it's quite an achievement you know to make a story for our small country like like ivory coast and to be dying this big competition with these big teams. there's a lot to be thought of. you know you've been you can't accept you play an active role in organizing you talk about a committee or a congress to speak are you are you someone who can take the lead in tennis and we need to do better would you put yourself out there well i'm really happy to do it because it's. it's it's all it's all a concern and you see today you asked me to question you mean about. there's something wrong. from afghan football and. and. number
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of of atsic are enough to come for broke i need to get involved i think. i went to europe and i and i learned a lot of you out of being then and i think it's a point on to being used to knowledge and and to share it with we do esteems and and with the continent if it is a responsibility that because only people i mean your position you know will recognize successful do you feel like it it's j.t.v. to do that because if you don't know who else i mean for me i believe that when you'll be in the. playing with the best and the people. you mentioned you was one of the best. it's important to do to leave a legacy and and for me to participating in indies to try to have the continent east my way of leaving your legacy because i believe that what's the point of being a champion and he's behind you is this normal normal people there's nothing it
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means that you will be playing for yourself and football these are for me as a collective sport where you bring people together and i really want to do inspire people sort of stuff i'm doing. is it more than football the needs to change is it also a culture i mean i have traveled. a lot in africa yes and that's a such a big difference from west africa to east africa yes yes so is it is it more than football is it also culturally that that have that african nations needs to change in order to become. highest performance if you like in the you know you know on most of the time for example in west africa. when you don't get the results you expected you're like. it's ok next time i'll do better and so. it's ok it's god's will you know and. i have this positive month
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as well but at the same time i hate losing yeah so i think that's the chance of. living your ivory course at age six and growing up in europe and and being surrounded the people who always want to perform and perform and painting as well or we don't want to want to win so i have both and and. i agree with you i think this month. we need to believe that we can go through a walkout but do we need not to participate no more we've been participating but now we we have to make sure that the next time we go there it's like for a shot to be in the final and get a chance to win it it's been at the world cup i think fed say quite a few surprises and it is not good for football when you see the likes of you know the host russia beating spain yes they had to be pretty defensive but mexico beating germany is a good school or was it is again i think it's good for football because. look at
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spain for example. they are one of the best watching the world and to play one of the best with gold but you see that football is still football to win the game you have to score a goal more than the other team and then and if you don't even if you play well you're out you know so you need to be efficient and and food bowl a lot of teams like russia teams like and i don't know any other guys who wish. to be in that position and to get the chance to do it out otherwise it would be too easy to always see germany spain you know brazil in the competition we've got france and crisis of our in the finest talk a little bit about this i mean obviously you have the big background yeah. i'm french as well and then for my requests i'm from france. and. look i was i was in
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paris for the saying if i know and the images and i couldn't sleep the night. after the game because of the noise in sean's easy imports we're not seeing his eyes meet. the excitement of being in a final twenty years later and yesterday i saw myself just like he. you know all been on cue so i cound and they were they would get scared because these boys are ready to make history and make sure that before you forget a vote pick. another you can call on you in a football club now don't have all jaw in the management side of it you one of the best manages of them of the modern era josie in the ring you know be careful what you say because we're about to go like that in manchester in a moment about what you would if you thought about the level of the managers in this world cup the tactical changes of the night have been pressed by anybody in particular. i think i want i'm not going on. in the
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way maybe you want but i want to highlight you she said my job is to go. because i think you thought you were impressed by the work you did with the team and it was the only. you see on the ground coach from from from his from his country from golf contains and i think he did quite well and and and he's an example of what we should do. to to to to to raise a level that i completely agree with that's why i said with the organization but then you know he hadn't probably had enough time to build the whole team together so you can score goals as well exactly what i'm telling you they find the players also you know what about stanislav just test off whoever was hated in russia so he has no one supporter and the work he did here he reminds me a bit of. in france. nobody. i believe in the french do you
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believe a lot of from the games and he was criticised. right mirror. when you wonder for the final be pretty much drop. margaret is not even remotely ok we are going to hand over to. your mrs. over now to josie marino in manchester. yes hello everybody we have swapped the moscow skyline there for the manchester one again to be alongside the man united boss sir j.j. marino who is with us for today's game belgium against england joe you say it's good to see you again with today's game i know that it only decides third in fourth place but if you listen to what the managers have said before today's game it's clear isn't it there is an awful lot of pride that stack is still missing they have to say this is on the scene they can say is the only thing they can sink.
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is a better to finish so than fourth in my opinion this is a game that doesn't make sense i think players managers even fans. to lose a semifinal just to to go home. in the professional pleas to have a rest to prepare for the next season. and nobody likes to play the final of the losers because this is the final of the losers nobody likes to play but when you have to you have to do it in in a positive way so the managers they have to be the first ones to say yes these match mera they have to be the first one to motivate the players that have to be the first one to say that bronze medal is better than nothing and is absolutely normal the way they are approaching sayings are they going by winning
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this match to forget that they lost probably a chance of a career no way not going to two to forget that but i agree it's better to finish third and fourth how difficult then is it to motivate the players in these circumstances given what you've said i'm sure they are feeling pretty low many of them would feel they would perhaps like to return to pre-season training you know depends. i like to speak from a position where i've been there before i've never been there before but i think that can be different ways to try to do it one is to play the players that were not playing too much and then for a player that was not playing a lot to have the chance to play a world cup match to have a chance to give a real contribution for his team for his country for his teammates to finish in
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a better position than then the fourth that's that can be a way another way can be the match is so important that i go with a team that i think is the best team that i don't care about fatigue i don't care about sadness i go with the ones that i think they are the best bet are different ways to do it but in reality is that when you're. semifinal you are almost touching the sky if you lose the semifinal and then if you lose the third and the fourth match you go home after two defeats so instead of go home with the feeling that ok i didn't touch the sky but i was almost there you go home after two defeats it looks like you are home. as a loser and in fact. the the bigger losers are the ones that are left in the group phase were knocked out in previous stages so i think yes there
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are reasons for. for belgium and england to look at this game with not just the pride but with the desire and the reasons to try to win it and on your point of the different options the managers have just looked at the team you sit in with a few minutes ago and it looks like they are trying to play their strongest team it seems belgium changes one player. is still a man's the only one that just play against england's in the third match of the group and then never play again and now starts the match will they go with the same team when you back from suspension is normal that the plays but they don't make changes so lots of players that are there and fighting for the for the team and for the group at the expense for. the social part of of the group the motivational side the behavior it's quite a bit frustrating not to be chosen for a match like the serve in the fourth place but we have to respect the manager that
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thinks these are the best players i'll go with the best team in england i think. they go more for a change in that area of the peach where. you really feel more than the others. the fatigue which is the midfield and. replaced by by. a lot of the sheikh and elf as three fresh players in the new clues in in the engine of every team which is the midfield so with these three changes i think it will try to give at least more. and more of physical condition more intensity in the area that is. that is not clear but a little bit surprisingly for me starting in the team. because if you had the goods good good world cup he didn't have
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a good enough cup in my opinion to be chosen for a match in front of the world bank russia for its people we'd we'd probably better conditions by the physical and the psychological point of view to start the game but of course it's a decision that that has to be respected i think also for a. second a goalkeeper to feel i don't even play i didn't play in the sort of match of the group phase i'm not playing in the match of the so then the fourth position. when can i play in when we play against. a little team in the in the in the cup nations but we don't have little teams in the cup nations anymore because in the nations we we are going to play against teams of the same level so i think quite frustrating for a guy like like but then the or or pope but again. decisions and in the end
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i agree with gary and with roberto it is better to finish so than fourth no doubt and people with great motivation would a shame to that it would be ok and harry came by within a shacked of getting the golden bow to the world cup an article called quest to score three two in it's right or at least two to use them for the moment harry came on six or to two to equalize not easy to score two or three goals against england in one place against weeds with three center backs. maguire stornes jones he's quiet central nucleus quiet strong not easy for local to score two or three goals and he comes from a run of three mad. result scoring all the three matches in the knockout he didn't score. three will be there and in the high but not easy to score two or three goals
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against england i think harry is in the most privileged position is in control look at who's not even playing in another pitch in another stadium he's playing against against each other so i am sure harry wants to finish so there's the captain of the team but if you can if you can we need. he's better to we need than not not to do it and i'm pretty sure that the speaking to two storms well why aren't johns and tell them i policed do the job for me ok would you expect an open game today a game of go do is not a game of pressure is not a game where players are feeling pressure where players are feeling the fear of the mistake of. semifinal or a final this is not the semifinal of final is a match that they have to obviously to play to win but they have to play with dog then they and the kind of of emotion that really meet their performances and i
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was a little bit not critic but just trying to say the reality for example the belgian team when they played the semifinal against france where i felt that on the. was able to to feel free of pressure and to be ourselves because all the others they were not what they are i seem to be that there is absolutely no reason or understanding for people like. look. there is no reason for these guys today not to express themselves and perform better than they did in the semifinal ok and i just before i spoke to you i don't know if you know we knew but we had to be a drug in moscow speaking to our hosts there and he says hello pather that was his message a message back. please pup. sing for ever and sunday's. for over two
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giving. the biggest opportunity of his career to change from marceau to to the premier league so i gave him something very important but he gave me you sweat in these loads every minute he was on the beach for me. and my kid is my kid in spite of he looks older than me. i think it is the only thing ok good stuff he will be back in half an hour when the game kicks off that's that belgium england see shortly.
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what politicians do sometimes. put themselves on the line. to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president or injury. or somehow want to be rich. if you want to be prosperous what before screaming more can't be good that i'm interested in the waters of my college. first sip. it was a change agent writes about as a nice way to say he's crazy and he's going to go into any situation and just over turn the table and say let's start from scratch with exactly what is needed for the united states because the united states was very poorly position to head into the twenty first century so we need a guy like trump to come in there and just you know knock over all the pieces on
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the chessboard and star playing checkers i mean and start all over again. it's hard to imagine the decades after the war a nazi doctor was still active. in the nineteen seventies crittle had as the chair of its board a man convicted of mass murder and slavery at auschwitz a german company develops a little mite of a drug that was promoted as completely safe even during bring them to you it turned out to have terrible side effects what has happened to my baby is anything paul you know she said she's just cut short arms minix a little mind victims i have to this day received no compensation they never apologized for the suffering that. not only want the money i want the revenge.
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i would get from they all to a new center in moscow and call them bright we're bringing you a full hour of world cup coverage and our headline story is next up that the u.s. justice department charged twelve russians with hacking offenses it's part of an investigation by special counsel robert mueller i've been to allege meddling in the twenty sixteen presidential election. indictment charges twelve russian military officers by name for conspiring to interfere with the twentieth sixteen presidential election. eleven of the defendants are charged with conspiring to hack into computers steal documents and release those documents with the intent to interfere in the election the twelve russians are said to be members of russian military intelligence and they're accused of hacking democratic party e-mails and hillary clinton's campaign the indictment says they created online personas to
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publish the stolen information the justice department though says there was no evidence that the alleged interference changed the course of the election. there's no allegation that the conspiracy changed the vote count or affected any election result a moscow says the announcement was time to have a negative impact on monday's upcoming summit between presidents trump and putin you know neal discuss the latest developments with correspondent egos dano. everything in this investigation when it comes to the hacking of the democratic party it devolves around the d.n.c. server so we don't know as i've said where miller got his information from but what we do know is where he didn't get it from apparently and that is the f.b.i. as they themselves have numerously admitted to fail to examine the server themselves have a listen when did the d.n.c. provide access for to the f.b.i. for your technical folks to review what happened. we never got direct access
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to the machines themselves it's all up begs the question doesn't it if the f.b.i. had no access to d.n.c. servers who heard in this exact case we don't know exactly but we know that previously all the information about this server came from a company named kraut strike it's a company that was hired by the d.n.c. received money for the from the d.n.c. for maintaining and taking care of their servers and so they were the ones who provided the f.b.i. with all the logs and all the information and all the strike itself says that the information they gave it's a carbon copy of it's like the exact same thing as what was on the actual server there's no way real way of proving that. you know very fine but because they have tampered with this quite a bit they have already restructured it back in twenty sixteen in this whole server
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so that's did raise some questions as well you did see never turn the server over to law enforcement if you're investigating either from a law enforcement or from an intelligence standpoint hacking by foreign hostile government would you want the server wouldn't help you number one identify who the attacker was if they had turned the server over to either you or director call me. maybe you would have no more so i guess what i'm asking you is why would the victim of a crime not turn over a server to the intelligence community or to all unfortunate and this question is what many many people are asking because think of it from the following standpoint say there was a crime in some apartment the police show at the door and then the victim's roommate shows up and says look i live in the same room i saw everything happen here's your forensics like fingerprints you know traces of d.n.a.
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pictures from the crime scene you're all good and the police they say oh then fine then we won't examine the actual crime scene since what you're showing to us is the exact copy and the exact like account of events of what happened this is pretty much what the f.b.i. did there what happens now is there a trial well naturally yes this is what mueller is pursuing but there is a catch because look at who he's indicted is indicted several intelligence officers of russia and obviously the risen. base in russia of course and if there is a trial it is said to happen on the u.s. soil no one in their right mind would be sending intelligence officers to a foreign country i mean it doesn't really matter whether or not the are accused of anything whether or not they're guilty or not it just it's intelligence officers they have like information clearances and everything the some of them may not be allowed to travel abroad at all so miller has found is finding himself with this
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indictment in a very comfortable position because if a trial happens it will be a trial in absentia which means the chances are nobody will represent these intelligence officers which pretty much guarantees a guilty verdict and the executive director of the ron paul peace institute believes the timing of all this is highly significant. if you're the victim of a crime why would you not want to hand the evidence over to the police the fact of the matter is the company they had doing their security is that it is a politically biased company that was invited involved in all sorts of things you have are saying other things so it is a it is a big question but the other big question really is the timing once again we have an indictment on a friday before a weekend but not just any weekend this is the weekend before the much anticipated trump suit and summit of the political implications of dropping the indictment the poison the waters in advance of the trumpet and summit this is clearly the work of the u.s. state. striking
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a more positive tone russia's ties with the united states can be repaired so says kremlin spokesman dmitri peskov he's been talking to our. head of monday's summit between the demon put in and donald trump. we knew that mr pascal's wouldn't really spill the beans just before the big had to had adventures however we did hear a few things from him lately the media and the west as well as some politicians have really been distressed or even agitated about the summit coming up in the capital of finland feeling that one of the two leaders may use some sort of leverage in a bargaining game while the spokesperson of mr putin says that kremlin isn't looking into any kind of bargaining options i also asked them about some specific potential bargaining chips that would leave me go right up to western journalists are going on about some possible big bargaining game that could on ravel in
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helsinki what should we be watching out for anything like that at all does moscow have any bargaining chips for the americans when you over towards this the word is absolutely inappropriate instead positions will be compared and there will be clarification as to confirm or dispel any fear is you know that our relations are in a quite pitiful state and you know that russia was in the one who initiated the ruling of the complex of all relations because you know we hope there is a political will to normalize relations but in middle nick a police for him at a previous so rumors again in the american media that russia might hand edward snowden to u.s. authorities have nothing to do with reality for him to think anything of it. no they have nothing to do with it it's out of the question i think about it as a hoarder or books within the karimov but you know when the why are you so stubborn with it constantly even the slightest possibility of discussing all right.


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