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tv   Redacted Tonight  RT  July 14, 2018 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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of our special coverage this saturday judge mark played some of his best football while marino was his manager at chelsea and he had a very warm message for his old boss a couple of hours ago i thought all the years they spent working together you were one of the best managers of the modern era because of what you say because we're about to go live to him in manchester in a moment. a message back. i gave you. the biggest opportunity of his career to change from march to to the premier league so i gave him something very important but he gave me. every minute he was on the pitch for me. and my kid is my kid in spite of he looks older than me. ok good stuff this year's final it's a repeat of a classic semi from back in one thousand nine hundred ninety eight another case in
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france right now two one when is that was on home soil and it seems gracious quite let it go even after twenty years with the memory french defender leant around equalising then giving france the lead still holding that they even wanted to double check that he'd surround would be playing tomorrow they posted a message on twitter the fronts national team then responded on twitter asking curation if they would leave out their former star striker. both teams have said they're looking forward to what they hope is at the railing final as we all are joined as an obvious top studio today as well as didier drogba who we thought having a little heart felt moments with there is a move. we got to legendary strikers impressions about the tournament in russia. wearing a final darts i'm not sure a lot of people predicted you know france against russia. well the big the big teams they face of course the outs and i think it's good for football and you can
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see that now there's no small teams no more history running scored in the champions league final. win is against i mean yes the man of the match that's should be basic knowledge. of the school country's first ever goal in the world cup. how do those competitors mean this is how you get as a football and how does it compare to the sensational story in the first of a country in a world where when i scored. to win you so i didn't really think about it but later when you're you realise that you've been the first player from my record for that's going to work for you you see for yourself i think it's it's quite an achievement you know to make history for a small country like like ivory coast to be the big competition on these big teams . there's a lot to be thought of. for dream life is for dream and dream come true
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and of course all creation is exciting all people around the world from california to australia a lot of communities outside of creation and we really enjoy and that's time to enjoy and i'm sure. we can be tired or we can be injured but you see the players against england it's unbelievable i'm so proud of my players on my coach and my fans you played against us you beat denmark you took it to the last penalties over one hundred twenty minutes next game also one in twenty minutes against russia and win a on the pounds and then again here in the in moscow one hundred twenty one what's the mood what's the feeling in the camp now let's say they're tired but what i would like express i'm all old. but outside of course i'm happy and this but i need a holy day and i'm from the free for congress here in the in you know what mean work area that it's hard working but my player psystar but i feel same one thousand
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eight hundred one trusts we don't know each day when i signed out or a good day today i don't know it's brains the side of it is the market open as that is closed looking toward where i don't go is low it's completely one month just focusing on food bowl and that's very important and look. we will have nice world cup finals france i think one of the best teams croatia beat argentina france beat argentina to make history. it's been absolute pleasure to be here the the the country is welcome the world and the people are fantastic there been a zation has been absolutely top shelf they set the bar pretty high for future hosts and it's a it's really been a real great life experience you know my son both experiences and this definitely takes the box and and my hats off to you know the russian people in the russian
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organization and being you know as president but you know said the best woke up every night it's very difficult to argue with anything in particular right but. yeah i know obviously you know i come from caddo were familiar with russia because of hockey. and great hockey players that come the play in our in our leagues but i think what's surprising be you know i've been here a couple times but you know i just see the tremendous service then then then then there's you know in the hospitality in the in the warmness of russia and i think it's that that has been you know has been surprising in the not that i expected in the cold i was you know neutral about her but it's been fantastic and the people of russia and how they've actually you know sort of jumped onto this so great game of football that we all love and and listen to france a child. is fantastic both gratian and french fans have been really making
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themselves during this will company especially so now that's through to the final which finds all the loudest and the proudest it goes down i think finding out was the last of the last the last. us was russell do you mind if we take turns now you have a show then front right let's make the teams. chance croatia this side says frogs ok it's one. about three. minutes till it was done. the was was who. was the over the ok i was an impressive performance by the grace insipid little me one special soul of the french side has prepared for us there already sitting down so you must be something special he's out there saying to shut up oh
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rudolph show was we had it seem this world coke that has you know just made a sensation at the previous euros i'm talking about iceland but they've also given us a great gift over who who does that who know croatia all fronts. the border who vote who owes who are who cuckoo cuckoo cuckoo was the only one who were all russian people who were nice to really cause you love you thank you for woodcock the was the only
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do you own. was was the now definitely a tie game ahead of us at least judging by the fans performance here but from all of us from everything that's been happening here and most. school this past month one thing is clear despite all this despite the world cup being a competition it's done one thing it's brutal to get them done up from the street here in central mosco from the hearts of the football fever thought see.
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all right let's get a check on more global news this hour the u.s. justice department has charged twelve russians with hocking offenses it is part of an investigation by special counsel robert miller into alleged meddling in the twenty sixteen presidential election. the indictment charges twelve russian military officers by name for conspiring to interfere with the twenty sixteen presidential election. eleven of the defendants are charged with conspiring to hack into computers steal documents and release those documents with the intent to interfere in the election the dozen russians are said to be members of russian military intelligence they're accused of hacking democratic party e-mails and hillary clinton's presidential campaign the indictments say they created online personas to publish the stolen information the justice department outed there was
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quote no evidence the alleged interference changed the course of the election. there's no allegation that the conspiracy changed the phone calland or affected any election result. but moscow claims the a nice but it was time to have a negative impact on monday summit between presidents trump and putin breaking down the story double quarter. was a mixed moment in u.s. history as the u.k. rolled out the red carpet for president trump officials back home indicted twelve russians for allegedly election hacking but so far the f.b.i. hasn't had the best track record of looking at the hard facts of this investigation then did the d n c provide access for to the f.b.i. for your technical folks to review what happened. we never got direct access to the machines themselves instead they've been taking all of their information
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from a third party crowd strike cyber security was the company hired by the d.n.c. to look into suspected hacking of its systems but the thing is the d.n.c. never granted the f.b.i. direct access to its physical servers and that's raised questions over the thoroughness of the investigation you did see never turn the server over to law enforcement if you're investigating either from a law enforcement or from an intelligence standpoint hacking by foreign hostile government would you want to serve or wouldn't that help you number one identify who the attacker was if they had turned the server over to either you or director komi maybe we would have no more so i guess what i'm asking you is why would the victim of a crime not turn over a server to the intelligence community or to law enforcement but that's not the only strange part of the whole situation the f.b.i.
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claims that those indicted are russian intelligence officers which means there's almost no chance they'd come to the u.s. for a trial with no one to defend them it seems almost like an assured victory for mahler one that leaves many questions still unanswered it looks to me as if our f.b.i. our department of justice even under president donald trump remains politicized and hostile to the trump administration so i have something this serious involving allegations that are this profound you'd like to believe that our department of justice or of was acting above the law without partisan interests one way or another and this certainly seems staged to me and the timing of these indictments couldn't have been more convenient they come in the lead up to a highly anticipated summit between donald trump and vladimir putin democrats have already started to demand the meeting be. canceled saying it would be an insult to democracy but the white house says the summit is still good to go so at any rate
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well just have to see which side will get its way if you're the victim of a crime why would you not want to hand the evidence over to the police the fact of the matter is the company they had doing their security is that it is a politically biased company that was involved involved in all sorts of things you have seen other thing so it is a it is a big question but the other big question really is the timing but once again we have an indictment on a friday or a week but not just any weekend this is the weekend before the much anticipated. summit of the political implications of dropping indictments to poison the waters in advance of the trump putin summit this is clearly the work of the u.s. . the israeli defense forces have launched their largest ration against hamas since twenty eight fourteen they say there are strikes have had forty facilities belonging to the militant group across the i.d.f. bombardment began in the early hours of saturday morning in response to burning
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kites being flown into israel by palestinian protesters the israeli military then renewed its attacks after hamas retaliated with a barrage of rocket fire overnight the violence has reportedly left twelve palestinians and three israelis wounded well the latest on risk comes after a fifteen year old palestinian boy was shot dead on friday during violent protests along the israel border one i.d.f. soldier was also reportedly injured during the demonstrations. but. there. was. no friday's riots marked one hundred days since the start of the so-called march of
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return palestinians have been rolling up the border fence every week demanding the right to return to their ancestral lands proprietory demonstrators burned tires and hurled rocks at israeli forces responded with tear gas and. israel alleges that hamas has been the driving force behind the protests and is there for response a bill for the loss of life the organizers deny those claims though with more from the scene here. so i am only one hundred meters away from the fence that separates gaza strip with israel and as you see palestinian protesters are trying to approach a friends and break it well every time there was an attempt the israeli forces were every act back with live ammunition and here it got palestinians as you see it still come to to the protest are very close to the fence and are burning tires to blur the vision of the israeli snipers that palestinians are still debated and
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still passionate of the about the great march of return demanding the right of return and demanding breaking the bilocate on the gaza strip that has been imposed for more than eleven years palestinians today are also protesting expel expressing their brains and anger against the demolishing of the israelis. to invade it the israelis are also closing more restrictions on procedures on the gaza strip while they're going to close. down crossing which they're not allowing any imports of oil exports to gaza strip and they're only allowing the few minutes. there you needs it you can see the palestinians. angry and expressing their anger at the palestinians say that this is the only way they can achieve their demands expressing their anger and expressing the race of the whole world palestinians continue to raise the palestinian flag up high during the protests and as you see the palestinians are
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very very close to the fence while they know that there are heavily weapon states soldiers stationed along the fence this is one of the injuries that came from the fence just right now. with. the intent the beginning of the march eighteenth children were directly shot dad and they are the two including the one hundred thirty eight palestinians killed since the beginning of the march. we are back politicking with laurie king in a moment stay with r.t. international.
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across europe municipalities are taking their water supply back from private companies. this is the simple song alone even some company elsewhere they invite private companies to take over the utilities anybody telescope was allowed to miss you guys who got the pin to go by been this is. to quote them out. of where you're not able to lift hill brought up locals are ready to stand up for the basic human right of access to water it's about water but it's also over toward the water it's about the hurt and the redistribution of our west birth. date downwards the one.
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one on one with russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov on this special edition of . welcome to politicking i'm larry king and historic summit looms which we in the united states president donald trump and russian's leader vladimir putin at a time of increased tensions between their two nations mr trump a signal that syria's sanctions military exercises election meddling may be on the agenda but what does moscow want from this high stakes face to face to find out we now talk with russia's long time prime minister sergey lavrov who joins us from moscow thank you for the invitation larry. ok let's get right into it a wrap up of the nato summit the fifth. trump and other members agreed to
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a joint statement which among other things condemned your country's elite they called it illegal and illegitimate an exaggeration of crimea also reaffirmed support for ukraine's aspirations to become a member of nato what mr foreign minister is your reaction to this. you know there is nothing new in these statements we have been hearing them for quite a number of years so we take it as inertia invited caldwell thinking not nothing more than that i thought the cold war was over. well that's why inertia of the cold war unfortunately still good with nato. and it's high time for nato leave it behind. i add is news conference
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thursday president trump said that the nato allies have stepped up like never before on defense spending he also be called the alliance of fine tuned machine how do what is the foreign minister and what are your thoughts about nato i'll name two is the reality. it's at the visa of called what times but that is the reality and we take it as the reality we don't believe that what nato is doing by trying to expand them further close that the russian borders. smalling countries who frankly do not add to the security of the alliance we don't believe that this is the way to resolve the problems of today. today we have a common thread scum and then in this there isn't climate change organized crime
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drug trafficking and none of this is being effectively addressed by nato expansion nato should certainly be taken as a reality as i said but nato should understand that it is something which cannot dictate to each and every other country how to handle the international security matters dialogue is required we have been proposing many things to natal which we can do together counter-terrorism then the discussions of military doctrines discussion of transparency majesty in the military buildup all this was frozen after the events in crimea after the referendum in crimea and made the the approach that. exactly the same approach as you took when in two thousand and eight in august and then president saakashvili of georgia launched
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a war against his own people in south ossetia and then we demand that the convening of neither russia council but gondoliers the rights of the secretary of state that said no way we can to discuss anything we and i dress quote unquote and then she corrected herself and all nato members agreed that nato must be all the way of that make a russia council must be all they have a. forum and that especially at the time of crisis it should function on the basis of equality and taken into account mutual interests of each other so after the ukrainian there is the random now which was three and three as i said and as many international observers asserted the mistake was repeat that once again and as of the defense expenditure even visit any. a further rise the current statistics is that nato together with the united states spends about twenty times
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more than russia spends on its defense and without the united states the european spent about four times more than russia spends on his defense budget i assume that it might be partially related to the productivity of labor the difference in productivity of labor but this cannot be the only explanation. how do you react when when president trump said that germany is totally controlled by russia. well. my spokesman there is a kind of addressed this issue i think yesterday when she gave facts that we. sell gas to germany which is business and the united states
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has dozens of thousands of military men and women on the german soil and a few dozens military bases and then any international observer having this that he sticks in front of him or her or should make their own conclusions i can only quote what the president around said when he was asked by the president putin this he is enemy or his friend he said he is a competitor a strong competitor and i believe we can get along with him and they hope one day might become friends but speaking of competition i've always believed in free competition because free market is about fair competition. and when speaking of gas in germany and the united states secretary of energy mr perry yesterday i think said that the north stream to pipeline must be stopped and
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those european countries whose companies would be participating in this project would be sanctioned by the united states because because the united states is for competition and for the sake of competition there must be new terminals to receive american liquefied national natural gas some some competition i would say and of course the for. the russian what they read there in gas is supposed to be wars then the democratic american guest then i am all for this story but this is not economy this is not competition this is a pure ideology and unfair competition mr prime minister are you going to accompany mr putin to helsinki. yes i would be there as well as secretary pon powell we had
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a couple of conversations with my pump. we discussed what kind of arrangements we should for see for the for the meeting and helsinki and parallel to the meeting between the two presidents they want to start the one on one would be meeting with mike is invested as to russia and to the united states respectively and we will discuss any issue which each of us would like to raise there would be no fixed agenda but there are obvious items which would certainly pop up. the two presidents will meet a loan by the way i don't end of year mr putin i know in. part a few times and when i when i've been with him he doesn't speak english are they going to be interpreters at that private meeting between the two presidents.
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yes that would be interpreted as president putin actually understands english but for the sake of better expressing his views he prefers to use the interpreters of good office. will there be there be no other aides in the room you will not be in the room well as things stand now that's what the american side proposed and to be polite people so we agreed. what are you looking forward to from the summit what from the russian standpoint will be a successful summit. while a beginning of normal communications. all channels of commit more struggles of communications established during the last seven eight ten years have been
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frozen on very important issues count that there are these and there are g. drug trafficking cyber security many others afghanistan other regional conflicts and what we have now is a spy or a tick meetings between diplomats and the military mostly on syria we also have a channel on ukraine where the aid of president putin and a special envoy of the united states met several times about to be has no visible progress because our american colleagues try every every time they meet with their russian counterparts to deviate radically from the meanest agreements which underlie the consensus on your trainee and crisis but we keep trying and they hope that we would certainly discuss this issue in
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helsinki but back to your question regarding the ideal outcome ideal outcome would be to agree to in gauge all the channels on all the issues which are devised if on the one hand trying to see whether we can get closer on those exact topics and also on those issues where we now can usefully cooperate for the sake of interest of the two countries and for the sake of interest of international community like a strategic stability for example i optimistic about. well i'm not paid to be optimistic or pessimistic i'm paid to be realistic and really try to stick to the reality we'll see what the reality looks like.


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