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proper summit between the two leaders now foolishness and stupidity those are the words of donald trump hours before today's summit taking place trump took to twitter to say that moscow washington relations have never been worse thanks to years all foolishness and stupidity by the u.s. of course during his election campaign and after his own operation trump repeatedly said that he would like to have better relations with russia which had already sourwood on the last leg of barack obama's second presidential term over issues such as syria and ukraine however under trump's administration sign sions have been slapped on moscow diplomats have been expelled and russian diplomatic compounds have been so much the u.s. establishment as well as at least some of washington's western allies have meanwhile spared no effort to prevent or at least to spoil today's forthcoming summit the u.s. media almost competing to provide their audiences with conspiracy theories about
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possible collusion between trump and putin as a renewed push to promote the narrative that has become increasingly thread to bed over the last couple of years now moscow sees today's summit in helsinki primarily as a way to just restore dialogue between the two nations and add some common sense in bilateral relations and over the days preceding the summit trump has already called putin a competitor and said that the u.s. was quote tougher on russia than anybody at the same time he also repeatedly stated that if we could develop a relationship it would be good for russia and good for us and good for everyone on sunday in fact the u.s. president told c.b.s. that he was going into today's meeting with quote low expectations he added that quote nothing bad is going to come out of it and maybe some good will come out of it now some of the issues expected to be discussed at today's. summit in helsinki
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syria how many more coggs to certain western powers have to play in syria with jihadists and proxy army is on the back foot. in the country of the nuclear north korea that is also expected to be part of the discussion as well and of course iran what will be next for iran after the us president only weeks ago said the united states no longer supports the iran nuclear deal even though the international atomic energy agency has said repeatedly that iran is complying with this nuclear deal so the live pictures right here helsinki international airport the russian president is on that plane preparing for today's historic summit. now just a quick reminder here. landing here in helsinki that meeting with donald trump is already donald trump has already met with finland's president in fact the two had
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breakfast together along with trump who was accompanying her husband on his europe trip although the summit with putin hasn't begun yet some sectors of the media are already in full panic mode just as they were when trump and putin first met.
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there is unlikely that the president will confront is going to convey to putin that he's weak. from what is now our american perspective was he earned a face to face by the scale bilateral meeting with the u.s. president. the president's trip abroad will also include a meeting with russian president vladimir putin were it leaders of these two countries in the going to hear someone say this is a bad idea when he goes into this nato conference who will he represent we represent the united states when we represent moscow the former k.g.b. colonel in the kremlin could be doing some important intelligence gathering on his american counterpart people are are are terrified the best case scenario is a scenario where basically nothing terrible for a start. that's a bring you back into live pictures right now from a helsinki international airport there is the presidential motorcade for
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a lot of me approaching the russian president making its way towards presidential plane that you see right now on your screen the movie stay way has just been approach towards the plane now we are standing by for the russian president to start to stand to send those steps as we've mentioned earlier trump has said as early as monday morning that the relationship with russia has never been worse thanks to many years of u.s. foolishness and stupidity in fact earlier the u.s. secretary of state my punk peo said that the prospect of improving ties between moscow and washington is in russia's hands quote a better relationship with the russian government would benefit old but the ball is in russia's interesting comment coming from pompei o the us secretary of state the us media the democratic group and also some of the republicans in washington some of them are in panic mode so the russian president is preparing to meet with. his
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american counterpart there should be a list of topics for the the discussion here so the presidential delegation disembarking from the plane the iran nuclear deal that is expected to be up with discussion israel is going to have some input with this as well of course israel not attending this meeting but israel is pretty well entrenched in syria as it tries to battle a brawny in hezbollah in syria also the nuclearize ation all of north korea as well that's going to be an issue that is expected to be discussed as we stand by now the door is opening on putin's presidential plane as the russian president now prepares to come and meet the dedication standing by at helsinki international airport spokesman dmitri peskov insists that the russian leader is pragmatic enough to accept with donald trump placing u.s. national interests above all else but to build a mutually beneficial relationship he expects his counterpart to respect russia
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peskov saying quote this is what we hope to achieve at today's summit we hope this will be a baby step towards overcoming the current critical situation in. relations so alternately the eyes of the world are right now on the finnish capital with the leaders of the two powers who due to meet in just about an hour also. stressed he's going into today's meeting with rather low expectations adding that quote nothing bad is going to come out of it in fact maybe something good will come out of it later tweeted his favorite avenue of communication to the public that even if he were granted moscow was retribution his critics would simply say that is not good enough we've been watching the various democratic senators and congressmen in washington ultimately trying to derail this summit days ago twelve russian hackers ledge tacos where indicted for hacking. twenty sixteen election some are saying the
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timing is curious and somewhat suspicious the western media has been downplaying this saying that trump already appears weak and that putin will simply push him around one of the democratic officials in washington ultimately saying that. trying to negotiate with putin is trying to hand feed a shot so a lot of eyes of the world now right here watching the helsinki international airport preparing to disembark and donald trump ultimately waiting for him at the presidential palace in helsinki off with donald trump and his wife. also had breakfast with the helsinki from a ship as well let's bring in jonathan steele international affairs commentator to give us a inside on today's expectations on the summit as well in fact stand by for us jonathan just stand by for one moment if you will there is the russian president vladimir putin after what must have been
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a very late night last night with the final of the world cup wrapping up and russia of course france winning the world cup and putin being involved with various a ceremonial awards ceremony and diplomatic gestures after the world cup god only knows what time the russian president went to bed last night but he's finally arrived here in helsinki it's right now it's ten past one in the afternoon it is a twenty nine degrees celsius there in helsinki and that jacket it's going to be a hot day barry is the russian president now getting into his cold limousine here so let's get back now to jonathan steele our international affairs commentator joining us live on the program as we fade away from these live pictures of helsinki international airport jonathan steele thanks for joining us and you're expectations of today's meeting do you think today's summit could yield any new cooperation agreement. well. i think you feel superior agrees to have regular meetings
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regular summits and regular meetings between the two countries secretaries of states and foreign ministers that would be a step forward. i think the normalization of relations between two enormous countries enormously powerful countries this kind of attempt to put one of them in withdraw all the time isolate them will sanction them over time doesn't help in international relations even if you have differences of agreement between countries you still have to keep talking to the. jonathan as we know twelve russians that we know charge with talking offenses linked to the twenty sixteen presidential election this is you know this is a recent news here in the past week or so you do you think mr trump will raise the issue today with his russian counterpart. if he does varies it will be in a very low key manner that's not the high priority issue to some people trying to make it as you mentioned already iran is important north korea's important serious important nuclear issues are important one thing that might come out of this summit
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is an agreement to extend the start treaty which will run out in a few years time on this it's extended so that would be a step forward donald trump's already said that the nuclear issue is crucial and they may want to put some flesh on that statement. on twitter has blamed the media for us and relations with russia do you think that mr trump has a point. yes i do think so i think there's been a terrible trivialisation of international media coverage in general particularly on the u.s. russia issue and it's a trivialisation that extends to some politicians as well i mean to see it as a kind of wrestling match of the fact that even a meeting is taking place is a victory for one side and defeat for the other and one side is going to show weakness on the other side so coming that they'll hands down i mean this is not a wrestling match this is a meeting between two heads of state and heads of government and it's silly to try and see who's one more points from. one thing is that both sides should points by
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making agreements because there are differences of opinion between them now jonathan's as you and i are talking with their showing live pictures here of the russian presidential motorcade now just leaving the airport and heading into central helsinki into the capital to get today's historic summit underway mr steele what do you think putin need to show the world today with this historic summit what is the world need to see. what they need to see a press conference where those two sides are relaxed very easy to have some sense of humor involved some very very simply more friendly even more hostile to each other and very hopefully we'll see some sort of statements from them over that we don't expect an official communicated declaration and some statements verbal straightens. they want to continue discussing the meeting to resolve these outstanding issues on terrorism on iran on syria on north korea and so on are
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jonathan steele international affairs commentator joining us here for this important day thank you very much for your insight thank you. well in the meantime hillary clinton has suddenly resurfaced tweeted insinuating that president trump is in with the russians it seems a no matter what happens in helsinki for example or how hard trump and putin try to improve diplomatic relations some will never be satisfied as what i've explained. two years they've obsessed over it one dead end worried about this meeting joked about their relationship than old i want to state officials that we in russia are so the words you are us prisons take you now down a little drop ladder be uprooted one old one i'm taking a year me a joint statement saying we're best friends blah blah blah and here we are and they finally meet in a pundit call fanie roaring up into a crescendo
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a tense moment but trump thinks it's no biggie. putin may be the easiest of the more. i hope we get along well i think we get along well hopefully some day maybe he'll be a friend it could happen but i know i just don't know him very well in the sense we're competitors not a question of friend or enemy he's not my enemy so what's on the menu well for starters no one really knows yet we've had hints syria ukraine meddling but nothing concrete which is no surprise anything these two say especially about each other invariably gets strong out and turned upside down and inside out. he's a very bright person talented without any doubt reaffirming their bromance mutual
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admiration society if he is really very much of a leader he's been a leader far more than our president has been a little too mentally unstable aggressive men with nuclear buttons it's a disgrace it's gotten so bad that even common courtesy is frowned upon or reviled at this point of putin's needs that trump would be crucified for merely saying bless you thing is trumps trump he's easy with words russia is not strong economically and we could do a lot of different things to really do numbers on them if we wanted to know what. trumps trump words for him more sound than meaning who don't know much more careful politician. trump was able to succeed in business and that means he's a clever man come on the team is more effective during the election campaign
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sometimes i thought he was exaggerating is true but it turned out he was right. although i did once side with trump remember the rumors spread about trump the one about prostitutes and a certain hotel room in moscow. trump is a man who for many years has organized beauty pageants he socialized with the most beautiful women in the world i can hardly imagine he rushed to the hotel to meet some young russian women low social responsibility. sweet talk aside russia and the u.s. in syria have almost come to open war relations a dismal getting worse but not all is lost crimea is back in the headlines trump has called for russia to come back to the g. seven regardless trump's a businessman likes the deal likes the trade so we can do me
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a favor we can get out of syria i think and probably have a good relationship with the yeah this is going to be easy but at least they're talking to nuclear superpowers which could destroy the world thrice over not behaving like children everyone's better off when they talk unless you're a pundit or a hater they're in meltdown mode calling this a loss for the u.s. calling trump a russian agent but hey they've been outed for years all that's left really is their wait and see what happens only time will tell. tweeted that relations between russia and the u.s. were rock bottom blaming his predecessors for that you also said that the media would crucify him at home no matter what the outcome. unfortunately no matter how will i do with the summit if i was given the great city of moscow as
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a retribution for all of the sins and evils committed by russia over the years i would return them to criticism that it wasn't good enough that i should have gotten some petersburg in addition much of the news media is indeed the enemy of the people. well that's he's really trying to is now in the immediate vicinity of where the two presidents will be meeting in about an hour or so just ahead of the summit though he walked around the city of soaking up the summit. so i just made it to the area intended for the media very close to where donald trump meets lot of are. you see this so the hosts are sitting too straight and traps those with security precaution very soon we'll find out whether the arrows can go in the same direction when the presidents meet this is really
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a special time for helsinki the city is living at the moment obviously the finish capital is no stranger to hosting these kind of summits between russian or soviet leaders and american presidents so i've seen posters all around the city goodall's on sale t. shirts about the historic meeting and one local brewery even came up with two new beer types one is for mr trump and one is for mr putin the hosts finland have even set up two saunas in the media center and our t. heard people making jokes that this is either a sign that heated discussions really heated up is what we're up for or that things may get so cold that journalists will have to rush through the saunas to keep themselves warm syria and iran the saga with the arabian nuclear deal as well is definitely the cold area this is where you should watch out for
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miss understanding now the stuff that donald trump has been doing to deal with the north korean crisis this is the area where things are getting a bit warmer kremlin has praised american efforts and north korean efforts but a lot of my putin has kept saying that it's still a long way to go and concrete steps have to be made. so the talks are about to get started in the next hour or so if you can do stick around the latest updates on what could become the biggest meeting of the year. let's shift gears here on our feet to the climax of the twenty eighteen world cup from our special studio in central moscow.
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little. good day after that. for a hello a warm welcome get in the mail real hard reporting from our studio right in the heart of moscow the kremlin red square about where the bolshoi theater right in the face of the action as you have been for the past month day. has it look around yet again we've had a rather a really good month of football weather of sounds of atmosphere it's been pretty good six goals in the final yesterday you probably have to wait another twenty years until you get such a high scoring final in the world cup again this is what it meant to the fans it was friends for croatia to be stayed in high spirits.
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i really do not want this tournament and can we start all over again and maybe get our legs for the tournaments. it has being
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a world cup the last thirty days we've seen so much action we've seen one. game in the attire tournament another to. have been looking through you could pick from a thousand and one every team for the first time champion chips scored at least two goals as you say the final they just went crazy it's been fifty two years one thousand nine hundred eighty six since the final and the same scoreline by the way in that one in sixty six i don't think you need to be reminded about bad but france are the champions this time around for two. and. usually the better of players. failure kicks in people they don't want to lose it is even more than they actually want to win it didn't happen in this. play and make for a really entertaining game six goals let's go through them. i
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i. i. i. i i. i it was.
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when you three commission players players the coaching staff will be very very disappointed because. at the time the best team was losing and was losing because of. in my opinion and mistake of the concept of the i'm not saying he's not the penalty because that can be different opinions are wrong i'm saying that the concept of the v.a.
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is a bald important mistakes of the referee and this was not one of these of these cases so really really does a point to do that in the second off happen what we would expect and then france scored the sort of the ball in the fourth and then just. a mistake of that i don't even call the mistake i call extra confidence because of the follow on in the game over but croatia still playing until the end the great surprise they were fantastic and they deserve all all the credit for what. in football the reality. in france is little chance three years of. good analysis that from i think he was good did you notice i would love maybe you can do that r.t. put together a compilation of joe's a at the end of his interviews i love the fact that time is money no time to waste soon as interviews over microphone off walked out of shop if
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you could just put those together but it was at the training ground how to go back to pre-season training no time to lose just lot more respect in the new. one of the things we saw there and i really hope. it's not remembered for it mario. becoming the first man to score an own goal in a world cup final and then becoming the first man all to score and own goal and a goal for his own side not the memory what i hope christian fans because they've been an incredible team credible support that he's not blamed in any way that first goal going in i think that the courage of fans are going to blame everybody i think they were it was so happy just to get here i was having dinner the night before the final the president of the creation football association. there were lots of croatia fans in the hotel and he was going around a bit like a superstar just shaking hands with everybody you could tell everybody was thrilled
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just to be in that match everyone was smiling it was a little bit of a calm believe here. ninety eight remember only got to the semifinal of the world cup yet there hurdle did its absolute heroes these guys yes they got to the final so they have the deserve their place and i tell you what only for that v.a.r. decision before half time the school was one one when the penalty was given to france for two one before the break i don't know but things could have been a little bit different there's a lot to be talked about in the aftermath of this game isn't there and they don't get an awful lot of funding in croatia for the. i was saying that you know he's got this battle with the politicians in the country to try and get a new national stadium give them a stadium they've done great stuff if you want to have more of these celebrations you want to have more great teams and greater given the funding i'm going to put you on the spot just before we go to the celebration because you want to have a look at. what's been happening in paris a million people on the show quite incredible we'll see those in
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a minute about the tournament itself you spoke to a lot of people up here on the studio a lot of guests in the country how is this being the best world cup ever we heard that term bond in the run but you know what the football that's being played the welcome the people's received. was hard to say not as old as i look at. you watch the matches you know i remember nine hundred eighty two. fantastic players and fantastic games not sure about the football i think it's been a pretty entertaining world cup on the pitch for me the atmosphere though the position we've been in for the first time ever been able to really observe and be in the middle of the emotions of the people who've come to the competition and i think we hopefully we can. through the magic of t.v. watching i think more than ever people realize the atmosphere of the world cup as much as just the football i think it gets ignored by a lot of the broadcasters usually tell you who won the gold medal for supporters of
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this definitely south american but last night the french maybe put it up to them let's have a look at some of the scenes we were witnessing. and drunks and there were champions i. think something at the time she lost experience. was actually. in the wrong in the world cup many. wins this championship going. very very strong here. and of course they've done it every stage of the way the fans have been down the street and now they've been rooting with this incredible moment this moment where they know that they are now the world cup champions and this weekend is just the icing on the cake the first still day the national celebration here in fronts and now this sunday.


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