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tv   Cross Talk  RT  July 16, 2018 3:30pm-4:01pm EDT

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strange people been watching the team for the last month fighting i'm praying that they would win the world cup i may have done it in other words like it's just a feeling incredible though that the energy everything soon then coming here is was incredible it was but your but now the feeling was a sense of unity and everything was absolutely incredible i'm an american and i'm living here this is such a joy to see all of us you know find it's really just great to embody the spirit this is what france is all about we do study here all their words grow close just sitting there and realizes this is beautiful. to see over the years almost all growing oh you are so excited is the city of paris is actually renamed some of the metro stations you know not all of these places including are not true don't want to show up as being renamed does not take did you show up in oh no all the manager over that will cup team of course he was also the captain affronts is will cup winning team back in ninety ninety eight. good
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luck they think i did. and they are certainly ecstatic. ok let's take you over to croatia now where with the pre-stimulus teams as they welcome back the croatian national team they lost out soon listing juicer may try seats in strongs they were defeated four two in the final in moscow on sunday but of course they exceeded everybody's expectations and the captain of the team luca more rich was also awarded player of the tournament so that also receiving a hero's welcome back in may. and we're going to be back at the top of the hour with all the latest so to join us.
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i don't i'm. probably. not. going. to get. it. but if you're standing in the middle of the street and someone reaches back in the back with a waistband the cop is not going to sit. give them the benefit of the doubt because people should be reaching in their waistband like cops have guns trained on the same police don't move. it's hard to imagine the decades after the war a nazi don't it was still active and rich in the nineteen seventies criminal had as
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the chair of its board a man convicted of mass murder and slavery at ash was a german company developed thalidomide a drug that was promoted as completely safe even during pregnancy and it turned out to have terrible side effects what has happened to my baby is anything but. you know she said she's just got choked up minix and had a mind victims i have to this day received no compensation then never apologized for the suffering that not only won't the money i want the revenge.
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hello and welcome to crossfire where all things considered i'm peter lavelle if you're a political news junkie then you're probably experiencing a serious overdose consider the recent nato meeting trump's visit to the u.k. so called russia gate and the trump putin summit we discussed at all here on crossed. cross talking some a trade i'm joined by my guest mark sloboda he's an international affairs and security analyst we also crouse he is an independent political risk analyst and we have examined him or oh he is the founder of the center of political strategic analysis ok gentlemen crosstalk rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want and i always appreciate it eric there is to much to talk about this week as i said in my introduction that kind of overdosing on all of this here i think what's really most important we can get some up a few days of trumps visit to nato and then to the u.k. his reception and that he had achieved very much mr trump is a bit of
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a loose cannon and he likes keeping people off balance he will one day give warm warm praise and the next day absolutely tear them up in the u.k. . but this you've got to understand there's a method to his madness mr trump it's a traveling salesman mr trump has one real interest in life which is to enhanced american sales of arms and energy he wants all the europeans to massively overspend on defense defense against whom we don't so ok ok so you got to my point here marc so it's not it's not about security you know at least not from trump's point of view. and i think the contradiction of trump pointing out that germany is talking. russian threat while they're also cutting billion dollar gas deals with russia points out the internal contradiction on that whether trump intended it or
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not but i agree with eric absolutely trump is is a businessman and he doesn't think in terms of geopolitics or american hegemony he thinks in terms of pluses and minuses of a balance sheet and he sees that there's a huge trade deficit between the u.s. and the e.u. therefore he wants to correct that any way he can and. that's his but is that happening because exactly you right after the bluster about all i mean trump called himself a stable genius which is quite remarkable for a politician to say i must say but mccrone came right out after what we really didn't agree to anything ok i mean again i always have i have this is just. what i would like to underline the fact that. there is always talking about create an independent group of defense so i was working the moment when.
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my call i'm going to answer to trump so we don't want to pay more so get back to you are you nato and we're going to buy or at least an independent europe. of defense. if it's if that were to come to pass if that were to come up pass i can do think could be a reassessment of the threats don't you think and then they'd say well do we really need to spend this kind of money here i mean this is the wrinkle right here eric is that if you really step back and say what is a real real threat to europe then they are their defense would be commensurate to that not with the nato paradigm is today is the fundamental problem contradiction of nato it was an alliance against the warsaw pact it was meant to fight conventional. war and lies always generals were fighting the last war nothing next war it was meant to fight a conventional war with tanks and artillery in east in eastern europe that this is
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about as likely as a replay of the war of the roses or the thirty years war it's not going to happen the next third world war it's going to last forty five minutes and we won't have time to get it on t.v. so basically there is no real purpose the purpose is to keep the army the military does it is ok i mean we agree that you know they the thing is that mark you know i can understand where nato comes from there's a lot of people that work there and a lot of people that have jobs there but the real problem here is and it can't trump this kind of right for the wrong reason is that the nato is able at least the european members are able to reimagine a defense security architecture they're satisfied with what they have now well i think that's part of the problem is that it isn't a defense architecture at all. richard sakwa he called it a fateful geopolitical paradox that nato exists primarily to manage the risks they
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created by its own existence now wonderful quote that is that is if you go by the standard rationale collective security keep russia out etc nato hasn't been used that way in decades nato has become a political figure leaf tool for us military had gemini around the world jens stoltenberg pointed it out himself in response. to this a head of nato pointed out exactly this week he says that if you its european part of nato military usage to the united states is in perception that the use of met us military force around the world becomes much more acceptable in the eyes of the rest of the world when it's done through the filter of. kolisch and within nato it is a political thing i think the military can't know because it's been pushed aside so
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that you don't you have to remember that before you can do the main goal of nato if you look at the meeting in two thousand and two or two thousand and thirteen was the fight against piracy piracy yes yes and that's all true of a big year to run somalia right huge military and for that and i couldn't agree more that it's a political institution the media there is a sion of europe and space by putting some space this is a way to politically control space and. it's a really you know more. the thing is that you know you know i'm always a big advocate of sovereignty here but you know under the nato paradigm the nato countries are surrendering a lot of their sovereignty here but the way trump is doing it it's all of hackett's deal as we've said before and our g. tariffs and security for him it's all one thing ok and once you start fiddling with one of those three then it starts to unravel and this is what the elites in europe
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do not want to have happen to the core of the only family we have a deal for you but it's a package deal where you would you. your appeal in the lead are fairly pathetic i'm sorry to say but i have seen deterioration. my french national and i have seen the deterioration of the governance of my country over the last few years which in it because of that because politics is really technocratic now i mean there's you know there's one charisma magic figure in the west right now it looks a bit odd because donald trump i mean these other people don't inspire much well it's not just now i mean we don't understand how much came to power the action was feet long previous to people of course it was the head of the i.m.f. who got to court. and said. up in new york city. and then mr philo was removed by a sudden scandal would somebody pulled out. who is it who knows where all the
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skeletons are hidden. spending tens or hundreds of billions they are aware of but then that everything that presupposes that it does it doesn't matter who's president of france does that matter to who is the prime minister of the u.k. i don't think so no any more you know. the most important thing is some seem to forget its ideology right there is pro western ideology which isn't here to talk about and so in my point it's just the product and where we go it's a product of this ideology is to make the system and then probably it's a french go bunch of you know. elites. well in france. and ireland we call it zip codes ok where you never you never see the immigrants you never see drugs in the. speaking of the variation of european union officials
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at this nato summit in brussels john clarke vent juncker walking around. that might could have been go ahead i know you would be toasted off his butt or if you believe the official version he has that problem sorry i. just can't you want to watch repeated videos again and again of the joke i mean we had he's the president of the european commission and i think he's a perfect metaphor for the european union today back in the day they used to mock that geriatric leaders of the soviet union rationale for drop out for having to be propped up yeltsin i. mean it's up in this block and i want to ask you is the. is the western north atlantic alliance it's changing is it forever changed mark i mean there's no going back to the status quo absolutely there it's. just
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intends to wait trying to know whether it's two years or four years or it might look at all you know you bring up another no no the soviet analogy stagnate means anything that you're going to go. back to i think it's changing. it's clear that statement. no independent policy of defense we don't need to so it can do time can say what you want it will win on so he thinks he can pull out for us i would of nato all by himself and i don't know maybe you can. mental story here which is that we're living in a period of accelerated transition we had in a single empire which was highly successful which in one thousand nine hundred forty five controlled almost fifty percent of the global g.d.p. currently controls about eighteen percent is now the world's second largest economy
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let that sink in china by in p.p.p. terms of course you can world bank is the world's largest there is a shift in the center of gravity and what we're seeing and what we're talking about are symptoms the the real driving force is the the general in the change and the change of the dominant empire and from a russian standpoint the ideal situation for russia was to do a balancing act between east and west. west has rendered impossible so russian orientation is now going to become much closer much more. time yes that's correct well kate i'm going to jump in here this is a very nice segue to what i want to talk about in the second half of the program after a short break we'll continue our discussion on some real news stay with our. well
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i think this catastrophe of falling in britain for the past fifteen years or so was its connection to the e.u. and the ability to sell a car seat and yet passed right into the e.u. you take those away and you have essentially greece on steroids and all those banks and the e.u. and america are going to attack the us a plate and drive into back. the camera. roughly once the show some will pay you for the. future uncool videos during the world cup and someone with the broccoli string. down more on string i don't really don't t.v. . welcome back across like we're all things we consider on peter lavelle to remind you we're discussing some real names.
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ok i want to go to you before we talk about the summit in helsinki you want to make a point basically i was sort of looking at the american media coverage of this and i was seeing an article in the in the new yorker which used to be a liberal relatively pacifist yes one. east coast publication and it has now gone full on propagandistic and if you look at the american media you know basically have it's far as i can see three factions you have the d.n.c. which the democratic national committee group which is still arguing with the referee eighteen eighteen months after the final whistle was blown they're still arguing they lost the election and you've got to get out and try to fight the. next one you've got fox news with all that represents and always has represented that hasn't changed very much. and that's right and then you've got the military
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industrial complex which is making a lot so that's c.n.n. and them. and there is no there is no independence of any of them and the problem is that they want to score points against trump what ever cost. me i'm really glad you brought this up because it's about susan b. glasser and it's the the amateur boxer up against muhammad ali washington fears trump will be no match for putin in helsinki now this is a very interesting i'm glad you made it and you made me aware of it mark but this is a perfect example of a low octane intelligence getting you know it's certainly i mean she's no sharp sharp knife in the drawer ok not by any standards but this is the swamp this is a swamp article ok and it really is and eric's right it's against if it's against donald trump then it's perfectly fine but it has nothing to do with the geopolitical interest of the united states eighteen years ago the same it made us
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explaining where expanding that to continue to. be and always mommy daddy that's not always mohamed ali right exactly it's interesting the title that she took you know that trump is an amateur boxer fighting mohamad ugly is supposedly a quote from an anonymous for. you know that huge wall. street. i mean back what this article shows us and it's a good one to read and there's a good one you want if you if you flip through the new yorker's articles this week it is it is just one among many in a similar vein they're terrified of the summit because they and we it must be said do not know what trump will do. this i mean there is no agreed upon reason for the summit other than to have a summit you know the idea of starting to talk but usually when there's
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a summit between the leaders of the u.s. and russia there are months of preparatory work low level officials on various issues go back and forth they debate the issues that really caught a lot of policy in this paper right here don't know but what i said that i think they're going to i think there's the i think there is a method to this madness here i think no i think really what it is is that you trump wants to make sure he's going to have the summit he wants and not what john bolton wanderers are not what pump aoe wants not one always confused nikki haley wants he's going to have his own they're in they're terrified when he goes into that room with just interpreters and his deep state handlers not their you know to handle him the way he can't do he he what he might do we don't know what he might do but they're terrified of that possibility add him threatening you know threatening that germany that there are eight captives of russia right when the opposite is actually far closer to the truth or threatening to pull out of nato
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right just in the last week they were in the united kingdom where he's having a discussion with the prime minister and saying that boris johnson bojo anyway could put it in there to me but i don't see what. what either side can give to the other i don't see anything ok because there's a lot maybe because there's no preparation for it but i don't i don't see. how i don't. have good results but this was a. november election what need no. meeting was put in for. election americans through care about foreign policy and a certain but we do know be careful we have indications that his base would like to see better relations with russia that's one of the pushing it only because if. we go full circle here everything he says he says for his base it's not about security
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it's not about economics it's not about anything except for himself and his base eric go on. at this point is that mr trump tomorrow announced that he had a meeting lined up with the holy ghost within twenty four hours that new york times would be the kremlin has ordered the the holy trinity their work. they don't care and this is a very decent god to democrat i guess it's a very dangerous situation for any country when the domestic political players are more interested in harming each other than for the national interest this is when you get civil war it looks with the indictment of the alleged twelve russian intelligence officials here i mean i think all of us think that the timing of that is quite peculiar to say well i mean it's obvious it's a political mess right it comes right on the heels of the stroke hearings in
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congress as entertainment that was ok but it's obviously a political attempt to derail the. you know one of the things i think is really important i'm glad you brought that up because we can and i watched the talking heads dissect that testimony from peter. struck it was one of the most amazing things i've ever seen in my life. beyond the optics too but what was interesting and i think this is we've talked about on this program many times of crisis of institutions this really is that really at the crux of all of this here is the separation of powers is that the f.b.i. and the d.o.j. are defining congress this is not trivial this is not trivial at all and i think this is where it's coming in struck still being an employee of the f.b.i. gets the shield of the protection of the f.b.i. once he's out we'll see what happens to him his girlfriend. lisa page looks like
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she's going to be ok ok we'll see that next week but there's an institutional crisis here. i mean france you were talking about. is this i mean is this i mean spain the. permanence of. the u.s. through these crises because it's of course if. no matter what is said during this summit. trumps likely to get any credit for it i mean it doesn't matter the outcome even if there is no outcome and you said it he's going to get it basically it's going to like with kim he's going to come out is going to announce a major victory great step forward for american security they'll come up with some sort of my guess and it's only a guess and marco probably disagree is that putin will give something about iran on . it well see i think you agree that why would he do that why would he do that and then number two eric why should your putin in the russian political trust donald
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trump doesn't have to trust him he's not giving away the keys to the kremlin i grew up. so. how do you go how do you know what you actually want to do i think they're discussing that could be you're fired to. be honest. it bill is a deal in syria we know trump wants to pull out of syria his own military has been preventing him one of the areas in particular is this all top of base in the south basically it's a desert area there's very few rebels left there most of them have been transferred trained in transferred to token case i should talk that important it's a highway there so part of the idea what the americans are so furious about now is is the president is meeting the israelis and the saudis are furious about now why the american dog is that the iranians are in syria while they don't want the iranians in syria and why did you go back why don't you try to overthrow thirty one flavors of jihad and six hours right and that's exactly why the iranians in syria
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it's a lesson they already learned from iraq is trying to preserve relationship with israel to somebody and so do you really have the yes and it sort of but this is diplomacy so the idea is that they might offer that putin gets iran to block a back down out of there miles iraqi order and in return the u.s. gives up a military base that it has syria that it has you know he was forced on let's not forget that there is a legitimate government in syria they have to be on the border to also. have to do is promise oh sure the iranians will be gone the americans give up the military base and then next week the iranians can be wherever they want cases having you and you're an expert on ukraine is ukraine going to play any role in this summit do you think in my opinion first as a beatle against ukraine. and we know we saw what it did was about trucks or i was not love the regime inc yes yeah you know it's very interesting the question of how
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much money by the ukrainian all of dark skin to the trump campaign i don't think any ok nor do i think they did a lot with you because you're here to give an interview on a newspaper and. discussed with some discussions with from and from very. understand the criminal position on ukraine but it doesn't understand what kids really want as police put the politically speaking so first trump has appeal against the kim government and going to be we don't have to forget that russia is not a competitor for us germany he's of course and so i truly. trading between richer and units to. g.d.p. for both sides so it's almost it's almost nothing so. it really is just pres make to go. make america agree to industrial country again so just only interest to find an agreement means business owner might be just for him to
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make him great the history of this is they want to first let's see after november we don't know what. their words were because there was some actually very serious discussion between the us and the russian part but again in my opinion we want any official result. you know we're going to have people every ten seconds more immediately it'll be very interesting language trump says russia is a competitor to john mccain rises from his deathbed to say that no russia is an enemy they're going to the end of the. spokesman says no i think quite trolling no trump is our partner ok. i didn't have all the time we have many thanks to my guests here in moscow this is the end of our broadcast segment stay with us for the extended version on our you tube channel see you next time and remember cross talk .
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is just standing in the middle of the street and someone reaches back and they're back or they waistband the cop is not going to sit there and no give them the benefit. the doubt because people shouldn't be reachin in their ways being with cops having guns trained on them simply still move. the new global economic war is unfolding in the realm of education the right to education is being supplanted by the right to access education low it's high education is becoming just another product that can be bullish and sold but it's not just about education anymore it's also about running a business and what you're good models of the regime look good as souls. they couldn't be. more is the place of students in this business model before college i
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was born now and i'm extremely bored higher education the new global economic wall. a day of top level diplomacy comes to a successful end as a bloodbath putin and donald trump run up and his storage foes summit having great progress our relationship. has never been worse. than it is now however that changed. as of about four hours ago. by both leaders agreeing on a number of katie international issues that the u.s. media over the field areas that the result. the only president calls the reporters the the enemy of the american people as an american citizen i just personally think today is just an incredibly depressing moment in our time not history.


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