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tv   Watching the Hawks  RT  July 16, 2018 10:30pm-11:01pm EDT

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like you know that i got. the. wrong number the watch of the hawks i am a robot and and have a lot. to. morrow many things wrong with wal-mart and this is just a small amount of them and so according to this patent document that was filed with the us government wal-mart is saying that they're calling in this invention and listening to the front and sound so like i were just listening to their prominence . and if you think that wal-mart isn't going to isn't interested in what we are saying as if it's just as oh no just the sounds of buttons and cards clay going on will figure it all open their their patent actually states many different types of
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sounds result from people in a shopping facility for example guests of the shopping facility and they talk amongst each other or the employees of the shopping facility and so obviously know that this can't just be you're going to be recording. but then i just wonder how this is going to in states where you have two party consent you where you require two party consent so is it just going to be a sign saying you're probably being recorded in this space so it wouldn't surprise me because you see like you know on businesses and things like our salaries and yeah yeah there's like you know you're under surveillance like you see that in certain buildings or like if you live in california or see this building is highly toxic to your health when you walk in with the little signs there yeah you know something i'm sure that that's kind of what we're going to come down to. this bothers me because it's like and i wonder if this is kind of opened the door like of our because we've allowed the n.s.a. to abuse our privacy for so long is this kind of opening the doors of like private industry saying well if you want the government. why can we record everything you
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say or do especially when you're in a store going home awkward is that you know i mean i think beyond its heritage as well i think you. know what we are. i think it's a ridiculously large amount of money and knowing how much the patent process takes to try to like patent this one thing as if somehow consumers and business business people and investors around the world are going to be like oh one more can snoop on that everybody and figure out you know they're of the future it's not going to happen nobody's going to be thrilled it's not going to be something that actually helps plus good luck trying to figure out your entire performance of an employee based on sound i know everyone has really super nice and is like going to slows up the checkout line when i'm going to i'm just not the night yapping not you know assistant professor at cornell university's industrial and labor relations school if you. told buzz feed news that quote there's a lot of there's a lot of potential for misuse even though the technology is presented as interested
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in one thing the fact that it has the potential for both things to be captured is of concern is the employee and the customer and there's mission creep you know you know we just want to you know help regulate the link the lines and make sure that really like eventually you're not going to just be listening to what everyone is saying because you can sell that data you don't want you could refashion your store based on what people are saying and you're going to pick up things that i think a lot of people are really want want to be out in the public well in her says say that it's one of those things that they'll start using it with law enforcement because this person in the store what if they say we're in this store they were making a drug deal they were doing all of this but i mean it's important to remember that just because they have their evil genius patent doesn't mean that they're actually using it or that will actually develop it or that they can even afford to implement this at the level that they're talking about which requires a lot of analysts a lot of hardware i just think it's sort of. i think it's
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a whole lot of america if only we lived in europe where they have actually really good data privacy laws in europe where employees employers actually have to tell employees what data they're collecting about them and how the plan company plans to use it but since we live in the united states of america we don't have things like privacy anymore. or workers' rights gallons of us or the laser care things like unions spilling and you know. it's interesting because this is like following a chain of events now because you also look last february i was on patent to the wristband that apparently you know would be put on their warehouse employees to monitor where their hands are going when they're packing inventory boxes i could buy a break if you put something in the wrong box or do occulus big business big brother that's where we're headed. the much talked about much debated and very much overhyped summer summit between u.s. president donald trump and russian player president vladimir putin took place on
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monday the meaning came despite desperate calls for trying to cancel by major congressional democrats like senate minority leader chuck schumer and after a deputy attorney general rosenstein laid out a fresh set of miller probe indictments on friday that were high on allegations but low on actual evidence of election meddling and d.n.c. e-mail hocking and joining us now live from helsinki finland to bring us the latest on all the twists and turns of the trump summit is r.t. correspondent on your part. so on you're borrowing. controversial headlines coming out of the nato summit and trump's visit to the u.k. the white house seems to be you know setting a rather low bar for the summit with president putin what took place at the meeting and how they're go for the two leaders from your perspective.
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tabitha presidents trump and putin looked very confident coming out of today's meeting and they're all there to our discussion which was followed by a lunch and they were very happy to address the press today about the possibilities for a future u.s. russia cooperation on major global issues trump said the meeting was deeply productive and went very well saying they discussed issues ranging from korea to syria nuclear disarmament the joint comprehensive plan of action or iran deal none of these topics though were of interest to the d.c. press corps which didn't ask for any details about how trump and putin might work together on major issues such as the crisis in syria and the war winding down there and instead we heard them just ask constantly about the robert mueller indictment
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which was handed down on friday charging twelve alleged russian intelligence operatives over the hacking of the d.n.c. servers so trump said that he was here to engage in the proud tradition of american diplomacy but the press that i was traveling with here on the american side were not so thrilled to be engaging in diplomacy interesting so you mentioned last friday a special counsel robert mueller indicted a dozen russian intelligence officers with the her and many skeptics who pointed out that the indictment seems to have been intentionally time to force trump and putin's conversation in that direction away from the potential cooperation did this play out at all in helsinki. i think it certainly did if it wasn't a political move by a special council. counsel mueller he was still successful in completely dominating
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the media's coverage of the event with these headlines concerning collusion and i have to say i was pretty embarrassed sitting there on the american press corps aside this afternoon with you know trump and putin two very powerful world leaders there and the only two american reporters who were given the opportunity to ask questions focused solely on the issue of collusion and the indictment nothing about korea ukraine nuclear power nothing like that but interestingly enough when asked about the latest indictment which came out friday president putin actually offered to cooperate with the united states. so we can offer that the appropriate commission headed by special attorney muller he can use this treaty as a solid foundation and send a formal and official request to us so that we would interrogate and hold the
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questioning of these individuals who he believes privy to some crime and our law enforcement are perfectly able to do this questioning and send the appropriate materials to the united states moreover we can meet you halfway we can make another step we can actually permit the official representatives of the united states including the members of this very commission headed by mr mohler we can let them into the country and they will be present for this questioning but in this case there is another concession this kind of effort should be a mutual one. bold move out of your very interesting now last week president from criticized german chancellor angela merkel called germany a captive of russia for working with russia on a new gas pipeline instead of buying u.s. energy peter did trump back down from his kind of stance on aggressive gas wars language you know having now you know face to face with putin to putin get him to back down or to drum you know double down.
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it wasn't mentioned as a main topic of discussion during the initial statements from either trump or putin but the question of the north stream to pipeline was raised by a member of the russian press delegation to which president trump responded by saying he wasn't sure if it was in germany's best interest to go ahead with building the pipeline but that regardless the united states is the number one producer of natural gas in the world and while that may be true it is also true that it appears as though germany has decided it is in that nation's best interest to build this pipeline which will connect a region around st petersburg to north eastern germany and to be able will allow russia to double its import abilities to germany when it comes to natural gas angela merkel's looking to phase out nuclear power in germany by the
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year twenty twenty two so that will help or at least in that goal and when it comes to europe while the united states may be the number one producer of natural gas russia is the number one supplier of natural gas with about forty percent of the entire european union's natural gas imports coming from russia and the number for germany is that forty four percent so. not backing down necessarily from his opposition to the pipeline but perhaps coming to the turn coming to terms with the fact that it will be bill's most stuff we will on your part will live from sing to them and thank you so much for joining us today all right as we go to break cork watchers don't forget to let us know what you think of the topics we've covered on facebook and twitter see our poll shows that are to dot com coming up we talk with legendary lawyer alan dershowitz about his new book challenging the call to impeach president donald trump and then we highlight a mountain climber who truly sees no state to watch
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a little. it's hard to imagine decades after the war a nazi doctor was still active rich in a not in seventies print our head as the chair of its board a man convicted of mass murder and slavery at auschwitz a german company develops a little mind a drug that was promoted as completely safe even during pregnancy it turned out to have terrible side effects what has happened to my baby is anything but. you know she said is just cut short arms are many excellent of mind victims i have to this day received no compensation they never apologized for the suffering that not
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only want the money i want the revenge. they gave us national camera. roughly once they showed some new play you for the. future own cool videos june woke up and someone with the broccoli string at. my down more on string i don't rightly don't t.v. the new global economic war is unfolding in the realm of education the right to education being supplanted by the right to access education. higher education is becoming just another product that can be bought and sold but it's not just about education anymore it's also about running a business and what you're good. luck with is also the kind of fellow we couldn't. want is the place of students in this business model for college i was
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more now i'm going to stream in more higher education the new global economic war. eight year. presidents have faced impeachment throughout the storied history of the united states from president john tyler's handling of the treasury back in eight hundred forty three to bill clinton's i did not have sexual relations and of course richard m. nixon the group candling of the watergate scandal and its fallout the impeachment process was found in article two section four of the us constitution that according to history dot com the process includes the filing of formal charges with us which at the federal level is performed for the u.s. house of representatives and the resulting trial which is conducted conducted by the u.s. senate during which the chief of chief justice of the u.s. supreme court acts as judge since the first accusations of alleged russian
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interference in twenty's in the twenty six team the us election in favor of donald trump there have been calls from the neo liberal left and the russian the whole russia hawks on the right for the impeachment of president trump especially after his firing of former f.b.i. director james comey but one prominent legal voice has spoken out against these calls for him to teach men fans lawyer and harvard law professor alan dershowitz and his latest book the case against impeaching trump dershowitz uses his knowledge of constitutional law to argue against both his political colleagues and folks who are now calling for the removal of one donald trump recently our own tire of interest travel to the book signing in new york city to sit down with mr dershowitz to discuss his new book. alan one of the banes are calling for an impeachment of donald trump with the dangers are of undercutting the constitution when you reverse an election without
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a constitutional basis that's the road to tyranny so nothing could be more important we distinguish between democracies and banana republic cement and a republic they read them selves of unpopular leaders by coups and other non constitutional means we pride ourselves in being a nation under the law and the constitution provides very rigid criteria for how you can remove a president from office and in my book the case against impeaching trump i demonstrate that those criteria have not been met is this current culture in washington of using criminal law as a weapon in politics or is this something new to the american experience no it's been used for years look thomas jefferson used the criminal law against his arch enemy aaron burr he ordered his attorney general to prosecute and convict
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her and called the chief justice and said unless you convict them i will have you paid. byrd was acquitted but nonetheless he had to go through a treason trial how does politicizing in using criminal law as a weapon in politics how does that affect the checks and balances in our constitutional republic well it isn't part of our constitutional system of checks and balances that really goes outside the system and in dangers all of our civil liberties because it can expand the criminal law to target your political enemies were really on the road to a very dangerous place it was leverett the bay area the notorious head of stalin's k.g.b. who said to stalin show me the man and i'll find. you the crime we never want that to happen in this kind of for someone who is pro impeachment why should they read your book. because they will see what the implications are beyond donald trump they will see that today it's from tomorrow it's going to the next day it's
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bernie sanders and the day after that it's new. you clearly state in the book that you're not defending donald trump or its policies but yet you're still being attacked why do you believe that is and i think people believe that i'm not defending trump's policies they know that i have opposed this immigration policies the separation of families his remarks that charlottesville is approach to guns his approach to health care is approaching taxation i'm on the other side of the political aisle but people hate the fact that what i'm saying may help from i would have written the same book hillary clinton had been elected in fact to make the point my publisher came up with an alternate cover this is the actual sever the alternate coverage the case against impeaching clinton it's the same bug just a different title but people would love me the liberals would love me if i were defending hillary clinton. with the country so divided and everybody fighting each
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other and sticking to their guns for the same time not wanting to listen to anyone else talk. if you had one message for america what would that be if you are making any positions always apply the show on the other foot test what i'd be saying this is the shoe were on the other foot if it were a democrat whether a problem for a president you'd like rather than a president you dislike we must have neutral principles that apply equally to everybody in the country that's what our equal protection clause demands and that's the essence of america as you know i'm almost eighty i've lived through mccarthyism i've lived through the v.a. . no war the war in iraq nine eleven and every decade we said it's different now it's different it's never different we've always peace difficulties and we've managed to survive. joining us now to discuss mr dershowitz on the lack of
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case for impeachment as a legal and media analyst line of light on media so to lionel as a lawyer and legal analyst i was the subject does mr dershowitz his case against the impeachment trouble or calls for impeachment does that hold water now not at all really i kid of course as an aside what i love about old gershon is edgy use a particular term that a certain governor of minnesota might know he was a baby face now he's a heel he's flipped he's taking heat he does know what to do all his martha's vineyard folks have turned their back on him so we say oh no no this was this was about the impeachment he walked right into trump derangement syndrome i mean head on and now he's backtracking i love the guy don't get me wrong he's a he's just like this burr under the saddle on the fly the oid me he drives
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everybody crazy we got a lot in common but let me ask you a question and next time you see ask him this for me notice how i call him now let's assume as we lawyers say argue endo assume argue one doe that the majority of the house issues an article of impeachment to throw donald john trump out because of his hair and they sign it because of his hair high crimes and misdemeanors his hair. just signed it fifty one percent oh my god it goes to the senate the plurality sixty seven percent sixty seven votes seventy votes say you're right bad hair and we throw him out question number one professor dershowitz whom do you were peeled as to clearly it's ridiculous clearly that drafters of the constitution never add this to my question number one can a court review this no no you mention that you had
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a very good question tyrell you said his support of the checks and balances yes in a way because the courts are checked but haven't told what that phrase means but they are checked from the force in this and the cases nixon against the united states won't turn nixon by the way and the court basically said listen. we're here to just sit back and say this is a political question this is up to you separation of powers we're just here for the beer we're told will oversee this but this is your uses your show they said well what happens if they do something wrong what if they interpret the constitution incorrectly oh ok maybe we'll do that but the bottom line is and go back on the line that gerald ford said was if the majority of the house issues an article of impeachment for anything it's what ever they say and if the peral of the votes to
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convict because remember people always want to talk about impeachment impeachment just means to charge conviction is what you mean conviction is just like me arresting you and guiding you you want somebody to go to prison you want somebody to be thrown out that's the senate part that's that conviction so people never even get the whole impeachment the because to them impeachment means their removal just means that charging so i've got news for you to a great book but i couldn't save them a lot of time and effort we could talk all day long about to say it mean it's an entitled offense does it mean bribery does it mean that the president can only do something that only the president can do during the bill clinton case for example people said you can't throw somebody out because you lied about adultery tell everybody lies about adultery it's your duty to lie about adultery and yet that's
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that's not what something that a president can do richard nixon different sikkim the f.b.i. and somebody you know auditing taxes so we can debate all this stuff and this is terrific but the bottom line ladies and gentlemen of the jury is it's what average house once don't let anybody tell you anything different. three say. we should lie about adultery is that what or this. your lips there for me. but if somebody does something if you're going to throw the president out merely because he lied about adultery that's not something that ollie presidents do and you know there were a what i'm doug about ventura don't don't botch me and i will get on that or the part that that's the part that got me what richard nixon did was different he was i mean this was a different story but yet again if they wanted to do it impeach nixon because of his hair they could have done what he could well but it was interesting stuff and i
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would recommend check out own version which is book always a pleasure to have you on laurel of one all media thank you so much indeed thank you. there often times in life where it seems like something is impossible to accomplish sometimes we need to take a break from the drudgery and the anxiousness of our political climate to look at the stories that remind us of the incredible power of human wealth and human will is certainly a great feat in the life of eric why in my the first blind rock climber to scale the tallest peak in every continent including mt everest. meyer was diagnosed around the age of four with a rare eye disease known as threat no schizos which causes the detachment and on raveling of the retinas from the optic nerves leaving him completely blind by age thirteen he began to rock climbing at a young age shortly after going blind and uses his hands against the rocks like sighted people use their eyes to search for what's ahead of him feeling for stable and strong spaces to hold on to. why and myers says when people say the summit see
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the summit for the view i think they're missing a lot of the equation of why we do things we do the movement is for me the most exciting part. or it will that is our show for you today remember everyone in this world your love told your love the love sort of i love you i am tired rover and on top of the off from watching those hawks another great day in the. everybody. is just standing in the middle of a street and someone reaches in their back in the back with a waistband the cop is not going to sit there and moment give them the benefit of the doubt because people shouldn't be reachin in a waste bin with cops having guns trained on him same thing he still moves. i think hiding this catastrophe of holding
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a brothel for the past fifteen years or so was its connection to the e.u. and the ability to have its own currency and yet passport rights into the e.u. you take those away and you have this actually greece on steroids and all those banks and the e.u. and america are going to attack the u.k. play and drive into bankruptcy. seventy four design submissions. seven thousand pilings. to join judges. eight hundred sixteen nonstop days of. the russian w.b. to be a bit. under russian called stuff. show you how. the crimean bridge was built. witnessed the construction moving you need to transport. that will help them out of crimea to us to most of
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those you know while google more familiar quite a bit by troops. easy
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. i don't. have. that. was. really. good.
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and they have top level diplomacy vladimir putin and donald trump wrap up their historic summit claiming great progress has been made about our relationship. has never been worse. than it is now however that changed. as of about four hours ago. despite both leaders agreeing on a number of key issues the us media is up in arms over the results. are i don't know which side is the bride and which side of that is the groom enters a bit of a sore sort of feels like we're at a wedding you have been watching for have one of the most disgraceful performances by an american president today's press conference in helsinki was one of the most disgraceful performances by an american president in memory.


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