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tv   News  RT  July 17, 2018 10:00pm-10:31pm EDT

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donald trump says he misspoke during a joint news conference was putting which had outraged the media and politicians. most disgraceful performances by an american president who showed cowardice on the world stage the senate should have been i don't see any reason why i would or why it wouldn't be a rush or a media storm to see ransack moment russia's defense ministry says it's ready to implement all agreements reached by trump and putting in helsinki on how to bring peace to syria. and facebook admits classifying thousands of russians as interested in treason for advertising purposes raising concerns over approve ones to target so that she was.
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coming to live from moscow this is our to international welcome to the program. one day after holding talks with president putin in helsinki donald trump has met with the u.s. congress members telling them that he misspoke on russian madlang during the summit by president putin he just said it's not russian i will say this i don't see any reason why it would be in a key sentence in my remarks i said the word would instead of what the sentence should have been i don't see any reason why it wouldn't be russia. sort of a double negative. so you could put that in and i think that probably clarifies things pretty good by it so it's not just politicians from both sides. going
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absolutely nuts over the trumpet and summit it's the media as well and it's mostly just criticism of trump's willingness to talk to putin let's take a look at what they said there's a reason there is a big national freakout happening right now over what the president just did in public why do we have putin pitch to shout trump got beat up in a locker room what worries me about you mr president is you seem to say only good things about your enemies was shocking it was appalling there was a real sense of defeat and. deep breath you have been watching perhaps one of the most disgraceful performances by an american president he showed cowardice on that world stage where the president looked like a weak. we negotiated from a position of weakness yesterday and a lot of airplay and walked away from helsinki with the when he had a chance to show loyalty to the men and women in uniform and instead he betrayed them it's a disaster now it's force trying to backtrack saying he misspoke which allowed him to reiterate claims made by the u.s.
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intel community despite its not so credible record but they're still not convinced instead of standing up for our democracy and democratic principles president trump cowered in the presence of putin it was a ho sale betrayal of the values and interests of this country there is nothing more heartbreaking to me than a president who refuses to stand up for our democracy president sided with the enemy and with the perpetrator of the election interference disgraceful performance of the president treacherous act ignorant and woefully disrespectful the president continues to take the word of russians to c.f. simply embracing their excuses he is unable to confront russia on anything the highly controversial meeting has prompted calls to release transcripts apparently they want to know exactly what happened and what was said behind closed doors.
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we're worried about what the president said publicly we're even more worried about what happened in those two hours when the president was alone with mr putin i believe the senate foreign relations committee should hold a hearing with the american translator who was present during president tramps and president putin's private meeting to determine what was specifically discussed and agreed to on the united states behalf now this all comes a despite agreement reached upon so we're just going to have to see if divestiture backlash hinders russia u.s. relations. or there was spoke to a former pentagon security policy analyst michael maloof and he told us that trump had been thinking long term in talking to moscow. so what he just said about the translation. and interpretation he did underscore his support for the u.s.
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intelligence community and in fact the information goes way back even during the obama administration that there was alleged meddling which amounted to no more than social social networking and by by whether it was russian chinese or anybody else in the world and but but he's but he's trying to get above that i think and move on because we've and we not only meddle in the elections we've actually helped overthrow governments so i think that if if if he can get beyond this most democrats and deep state types cannot and so and or and and and the neo conservatives they cannot get a book get beyond that they need russia as a demon and but he wants to get beyond that because he has a. longer range geo strategic look i think any needs russia for a lot of things and we need to be cooperating with moscow and he's made that very
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clear and as much as he dislikes nato he says we also need nato and what has what has happened there is has happened so i think that he's ready to move on even though his opposition is not they still haven't accepted the fact that he's the president. meantime while trump was commenting on the u.s. intelligence that assess that the lights and the room went off the president had his own explanation. full faith in our intelligence agencies which they just turned over the way the us did intelligence. is ok. it was. at the summits letterman put an offer to u.s. investigators the opportunity to question twelve russian intelligence officers implicated for allegedly hacking democratic party servers however he said moscow will only do so if the u.s. grants russian prosecutors similar access to accused u.s.
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nationals and particularly he mentioned businessman bill browder whose colleagues were accused by putin funneling four hundred million dollars illegally earned russia to hillary clinton's presidential campaign on tuesday the russian prosecutor's office published a list of people it would like to question the biggest surprise was perhaps a michael mcfaul former u.s. ambassador to moscow well there are also several other state department officials as well as u.s. intelligence officers on that list former british am i six agent christopher steel who is behind the infamous trump file is also wanted for questioning by russia. we needed to do it years afterward nicky and us that we're talking about foreign intelligence officers in particular from the us who shaped the false testimony against the russian national in the case of the us against the present company they also provided assistance in the criminal activities of william browder
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a businessman convicted by russian court we are ready to send yet another request to the relevant authorities in the us to question the intelligence officers and also other u.s. officials and businessmen so as to indict them for complicity in broadus crimes we can support everything with evidence and if us call the extern to us to get that information where of course ready to provide it within the framework of international legal cooperation but i want to underline that it should be done on the basis of clarity not unilaterally which has often been the case before you to be host and political commentators steve malzberg fears the offer of an exchange well never happened. there's absolutely no way on either end that this is feasible first of all browder just believe is giving up his u.s. citizenship and he's a british citizen so i think any requests for him would have to go through through the prime minister of the people of great britain but i mean to think that first of
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all u.s. president would grant you know access to u.s. intelligence agents to any country let alone an adversarial country i just think is is is just not within the realm of possibility at all and furthermore i think that the offer from from vladimir putin i believe was more like you could call muller could come and his staff could come and watch the russian people interview the the indicted people the people that the mother has indicted not that mahler and his team would be able to question them and have access to them. behind the media speculation of whether trump isn't pocket the helsinki summit did in fact see some diplomacy one of the issues where were the leaders appeared to have common ground was syria and russia's defense ministry says it's ready to implement any deals
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agreed are now my colleague aaron spoke to our. i'm afraid there is no too much to discuss because there are no details on exactly what has been agreed in health and from what we hear from russia's defense minister right now it's also not clear what steps we may expect from both sides in syria but what is clear is that both russia and u.s. are not interested in making this strategic information public but what is clear that that the dialogue that mr trump and mr putin had in london house and key and claims by russia's military is definitely a positive sign for syria both sides also stress that they are interested in. ending the humanitarian crisis in syria and they said that they are going to focus their efforts on how pain people in syria that you but i would i think there is plenty to work on a crucial thing is there are many refugees in streets bordering syria in turkey
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lebanon jordan if we move back to their homes this will ease the migration pressure on european countries i think that is extremely important if we can do something to help the people of syria get back into some form of shelter. on a humanitarian basis and that's what the world was really a humanitarian basis is that the both of us would be very interested in doing that and we are we will do the right and what is the current situation in syria right now so as for the military situation the focus the main focus right now in theory is on the region bordering israel and the confrontation between syria and israel has been very severe recently and has actually been quite always between the two countries but it's interesting that both fulton and mentioned the security. of israel in that space is probably the
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a long meeting behind closed doors just shortly after the meeting. we heard reports that the syrian government managed to regain control of a strategic point in that region so it's not a secret that the u.s. has some influence on so you may say that that would be. a reaction or what the two presidents have agreed but again like it's really hard to speculate right now executive twenty first century wired dot com patrick canning sent believes if the u.s. and russia managed to cooperate over syria a meaningful cease fire might be possible. the situation is drastically improved hundreds of thousands of people have returned to east formerly. terrorist held east aleppo they've returned they're coming back they are returning from europe in some cases this is been documented so this is already this trend is already happening
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the fact that the united states and russia are going to cooperate in this way means that we could actually see a meaningful cease fire how hold what you have to look out for is in the past when this was threatening to take place we had all the sudden some incident on the ground and also in the white helmets would arrive with their cameras to film i'm talking about the u.n. aid convoy in the fall of twenty seventeen that's or twenty sixteen those are the sort of incidents that you can be aware of that would sort of sculptor any international multilateral cease fire effort that's been getting in the way in the past i'm hoping many people are hoping that this is something that will be resolved by the united states and russia cooperating in this way. because the parliament of justice has expanded its charges against of a gun activist and russian citizen my rehabilitating them she is now directly accused of being an agent of a foreign government the story has seen some media outlets jumping to radical
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conclusions scallop moppin explains. well according to the affidavit published by the f.b.i. they allege that essentially she was working as a lobbyist she was essentially trying to create a back channel of communication between the russian government allegedly and the republican party and the national rifle association now she appears to be a gun enthusiast there are a lot of photos on social media of her carrying a firearm and it is essentially alleged that she you know was communicating with a government bank in russia she was communicating with government officials in russia all while she was do lobbying and trying to you know work in the interests of russia and work with the national rifle association and other interest that's what's essentially alleged now from there we've seen a lot of international media jump to making allegations about spying and engaging in some kind of asked me in objectivity but if you read the affidavit that's not
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what's alleged what's alleged is essentially that she engaged in a lobbying this is actually what we heard from senator chris murphy regarding the arrest but no the russian operative was rolled up in what appears to be. a coordinated attack against the united states elections by the n.r.a. and the russian government that's not actually what the affidavit says it says that she was developing relations with u.s. persons and infiltrating organizations having influence in american politics for the purpose of advancing the interest of the russian federation the alledge a geisha is that she was lobbying not that she was doing any spying or anything to that effect now it's also interesting is the affidavit mentions that an exchange she allegedly had with a russian government official was titled posner two point zero and this is of course a reference to latimer posner now the f.b.i. goes on to describe as a lot of your posner the russian american t.v. personality as quote a propagandist who worked in the disinform ation department of the soviet k.g.b. now lattimer posner has spoken up and said he never had any contact with the k.g.b.
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and did not work with the k.g.b. it's. also interesting to note that according to the f.b.i. affidavit she was communicating with government officials in russia over twitter which is not exactly a secure private communication mechanism not the kind of thing one would use of they were engaging in some kind of high tech intense espionage activities so a lot of questions are being asked but at this moment she is facing those charges and she was a rang on monday howie turney made a statement denying she's an agent heels and a woman offered to be interviewed by the special counsel's office but off the show no interest in speaking to us will put the legal and media analysts a line know what you're going to hear regarding this this russian citizen that she is called a russian agent what is missed completely is that agent should be referred to as a lobbyist and agent in law in american law means
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a representative. when american media say agent they think secret agent. espionage agent you know something nefarious something involving behind the scenes something illegal something that is other than an agent this particular person was charged with basically being a lobbyist and asons without having registered with the department of justice could more indictments happen absolutely will the media american media clarify what that means absolutely not the accusations against maria buton and prompted some twitter users to find the funniest explanation behind the arrest.
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facebook google and twitter have once again faced u.s. lawmakers on this time to funding how they filter content and they address accusations of bias claiming their platforms do not discriminate for political reasons it comes as facebook admits its automated systems have labeled thousands of russian users as interested in treason supposedly for advertising purposes but it's raising concerns over a whole might really want to target these users here's what i've got to see if. it's simple facebook exists to serve advertisers not users not you and i said a rerun of its. advertisers pay money
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they want direct access to the right uses the target audience you might fall into the interested in islam category or interested in homosexuality group it depends on the things you click on line which facebook tracks and then advertisers or governments can tag you but one of those categories was treason interested in treason officially russian people who facebook deemed as anti government to the russian and facebook confirmed it to us treason was included as a category given its historical significance given it is an illegal activity we have removed it as an interest category that is their official statement they added that the key word was hardly ever used by advertisers which means that it was used there were people out there searching for treason inclined russians and serving
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them with presumably propaganda encouraging them to commit treason against russia months it was found out facebook removed the category but the pundits managed to twist even vat this isn't about sixty five thousand russians being targeted with foreign propaganda meddling in internal russian politics they don't see they say the real control over see is that these people could be targeted by russian authorities imagine if ace book categorize americans as potential traitors fact advertisers that blog zuckerberg op have expressed how upset i am that the russians tried to use our tool to sow distrust what they did is room and we're not going to stand for it. and that's the meat of it when it's russians being targeted
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by propaganda to sow distrust in russia abs five until you get caught r.t. has sent a request to a number of human rights and journalist groups asking whether such a practice constitutes meddling in the country's internal affairs four of them including human rights watch and transparency international have responded saying that they are not in a position to comment journalist john gaunt believes of facebook's power and influence has become overwhelming if this was americans who were being targeted there would be absolute age in congress and across the whole of the american media and clearly it was looks like it was being used to spread dissent in russia and that's wrong with this also to be given to governments so that governments could enforce their will against the people we already know the algorithms against anybody who's got a slightly roy said to view we know about shadow of
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a shadow account i just think we've all been rather foolish it came along facebook and twitter facebook in particular we gave all our information or our history all our pictures all our significant events and they have literally got too much power and that's scary on every level whether you're living in russia america or indeed in western europe. you're watching our international we'll be back with more in use in thirty six minutes time. chose seemed wrong on one old quote just don't hold. me to the old it is yet to shake out this day comes to add to it and in detroit because betrayal.
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to judges. eight hundred sixty nonstop days of. a russian w.b. . and a russian mob stuff. show you how. long the crimean bridge was built. witnessed the construction moving you need to transport. that will help out of crimea. most of those you won't go for more familiar with it a bit but. right we're all set to start in five guys this year has a signal. that it's not going to talk about. just
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me right after the mars explorers one movie but if they're looking. for new rock. to say last week. you. know the answer to your welcome to sophie and tell i'm sophie shevardnadze and today i woke up lots to talk about in our program and our guest is . the rock that. it. gets.
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us. greetings and salutation. turncoat traitor treason those were the accusations being thrown around the washington d.c. political news echo chamber on monday in the aftermath of the summit between u.s. president donald trump and russian president vladimir putin from the. former head of the cia john brennan exclaiming on twitter that quote donald trump's press conference performance in helsinki rises to and exceeds the threshold of high crimes and misdemeanors it was nothing short of treasonous to former watergate
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prosecutor joe wind bank stating an innocent b. c. the trumps performance today will live in infamy as much as the pearl harbor attack or the kristallnacht these are just a few of the lockstep chorus of voices heard around the media today from the new york times the box news yelling treason or some variation of it and just what heinous crime against the united states did president from commit while on stage with president putin on monday well he had the audacity the audacity to question the u.s. intelligence communities or rather the cia f.b.i. and n.s.a. as hand-picked analysts assessments on alleged russian meddling and for start stating the following in the presence of one vladimir putin. i hold both countries responsible and i think that the united states has been foolish i think we've all been foolish we should have had this dialogue a long time ago and
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a long time frankly before i got to office and i think we're all to blame i think that the united states now is step forward along with russia and we're getting together and we have a chance to do some great things. so just so we're all clear what is happening right now as we speak here in the united states a majority of our elected officials both right and left along with the majority of our journalists working in the in the corporate news media are now declaring that as high crimes and treasonous if a u.s. citizen even the president of the united states admits publicly to our country's past mistakes and questions the veracity of our intelligence community. ladies and gentlemen welcome to the fascist states of america and let's start watching the hawks. you. want to bring you the best
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players in this would be. as you get to the bottom. of the day like you like not i got. to. play a little bit. because i'm. welcome everybody to watch the harks i am to the robot turtle and then top of the lot. i don't people actually understand the definition of high crimes that doesn't mean high crimes and high in seriousness it's high because it's a public office as any person a high person looks where that comes from to see about the high crimes and misdemeanors thing can literally mean anything from not not following the law you know i mean andrew johnson was impeached under high crimes and misdemeanors because he.


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