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yeah we did well we got a nice watch for max and for stacy beautiful jewelry. for matt you know what money laundering is highly illegal for a watch guys of course. i . think he said in my remarks.
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i will say this i don't see any reason why it would be. yet. from the mainstream media. that he sees no reason why. the us president elect. america. and. india's. government to deal with.
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the latest world news headlines here live. international all of us here welcome to the pro. u.s. president donald trump is facing get backlash after claiming that he misspoke when saying that he saw no reason why russia what america's presidential elections he was already under intense pressure from the u.s. media over his performance at the helsinki summit with vladimir putin reporting from washington on his latest. correspondent. the key sentence in my remarks i said the word would instead of what. i have president putin he just said it's not russian i will say this i don't see any reason why it would be. sent and should have been i don't see any reason why it wouldn't be russia. sort of a double negative. so you could put that in and i think that probably clarifies
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things pretty good by a so it's not just politicians from both sides going absolutely nuts over the trumpet and summit it's the media as well and it's mostly just criticism of trump's willingness to talk to putin there's a reason there is a big national freak out happening right now over what the president just did in public why do we have putin pitch to shout trump got beat up in a locker room what worries me about you mr president is you seem to say only good things about your enemies was shocking it was appalling there was a real sense of defeat you have been watching perhaps one of the most disgraceful performances by an american president get a chance to show loyalty to the men and women in uniform and instead he betrayed them it's a disaster now it's force trying to backtrack saying he misspoke which allowed him to reiterate claims made by the u.s. intel community but they're still not convinced instead of standing up for our democracy and democratic principles president trump cowered in the presence of
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putin it was a betrayal of the values and interests of this country there is nothing more heartbreaking to me than a president who refuses to stand up for our democracy president sided with the enemy with the perpetrator of the election interference disgraceful performance of the president treacherous act ignorant and woefully disrespectful president continues to take the word of russians to z.f. simply embracing. their excuse is he is unable to confront russia on anything the highly controversial meeting has prompted calls to release transcripts apparently they want to know exactly what happened and what was said behind closed doors were worried about what the president said publicly were even more worried about what happened in those two hours when the president was alone with mr putin i believe the senate foreign relations committee should hold
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a hearing with the american translator who was present during president tramps and president putin's private meeting to determine what was specifically discussed and agreed to on the united states behalf now this all comes at despite agreement reached upon so we're just going to have to see if a domestic backlash hinders russia u.s. relations i think we have a mainstream media and we have the military industrial complex whose goal it is to shame him in any way possible when he speaks against their agendas now he was right to challenge the military industrial complex of which the intelligence apparatus is one part one very important and very expensive part but the fact that he then turned tail and apologize just shows that he lacks the backbone for this job it's going to help if trump can actually use what he said which was right he was right to call the intelligence community and into question because of their bad intelligence we are stuck in one nonsensical quagmire after another so if he can
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actually take that and say you know what i retract the apology i wasn't wrong we need to put we need to put a leash on the american teligent service if he could do that that would be fantastic i don't see that happening though what i see is someone who's blustering a lot and showing any a lack of any kind of real backbone on this. was delivering on his statements the helsinki summit he tried to shut some light on how he feels about the intelligence community have a. full faith in our intelligence agencies the ups they just turned off the light from us to the intelligence a. very sad case yes ok. it was strange well not only trump statements of course an uproar in the american media and russian president vladimir putin's claim that he wanted trump to win was also seen as one of the biggest revelations of the summit but was it really what it was the have takes
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a look. honestly the bad press and criticism were expected given but surprisingly enough it was what putin said that really. president putin did you want president trump to win the election and if you to write any of your officials to help him do that. yes i wanted him to because the truth will bring us russian relations back to normal you think it's a no brainer one candidate hillary says she wants to will but crush russia the other candidates trump says he wants to be friends why is this scandal us who on earth would back the person that hates them why they acting surprised that might have been the only honest moment of this news conference when the reproducer yes he did run president from when yeah it's still not a secret it was never
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a secret putin just like any other world leader preferred a certain candidate that's best for his country and no it isn't shocking because it's happened before here's what putin told us in two thousand and twelve about candid it barack obama interested in the story. feels only really wants to change much for the bits of but can he really. move a little you go by today's logic the bomber must have been a russian poor why else would putin support him there is no other explanation but seriously we wanted to see what people think about this like calling kalibo but went out nost new yorkers he's an honest man who really wants to change much for the better. that's that's what putin said about a u.s. presidential candidate what he make of that neither one of them. yet. actually what
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putin said about obama. i know obama is very honest actually what putin said about obama. i think obama is that honest man an honest man who really wants to change much for the better that's what putin said about obama. well i mean i think anything's said about obama it's not going to be. you know caught in the media you know trump's way more talk about trump it's way more sexy in you know intriguing to the general public so i think that's probably why you know the media doesn't make it big a deal about that i found the media has gotten much more fractured and much more opinionated over my lifetime it's much more of a of a left and right kind of. mouthpiece that it used to be i think so what you might say back in two thousand and twelve russia wasn't the boogie man there was no alleged tagging no reported meddling no conspiracies yeah there was it was just a trained person to bomb
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a determined to ingratiate himself with the kremlin this unfortunately seems to be the real meaning of his reset policy outstanding example is the personal phone call that barack obama made to vladimir putin from and force one congratulating the russian leader on his election as russia's next president. and yet when it was trump that congratulated putin which is completely you wouldn't formal thing to do in politics they chewed him out for it for weeks president trump's national security team warned him not to congratulate a lot of mir putin's explicitly writing in capital letters on his briefing papers do not congratulate talking to putin right now would be like cheating on your wife and then posing for a picture with the woman you cheated with a no right he did that to lattimer putin won an election rigged to prop up
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a dangerous strong man who was threatening western democracy that requires a strong response so don't some call them up to say at a boy russia has made no secret of it once to be friends of course it does sanctions call the sort of that and in the obama era on the whole that was seen as acceptable but times a different now and you get the impression that the only thing the establishment would have been satisfied with is a brutal bloody ban knuckle brule between the two presidents so with the russian meddling psagot once again dominating the us media agenda a new character has suddenly appeared in the story the us department of justice has expanded its charges against the gun rights advocate and russian citizen maria booted she is now directly accused of being an agent of a foreign government scare them off and has been investigating what exactly can
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turn a luckiest into worse buy into the eyes of the mainstream media and parts of the political establishment. well according to the affidavit they allege that essentially she was working as a lobbyist she was essentially trying to create a back channel of communication between the russian government allegedly and the republican party and the national rifle association now she appears to be a gun enthusiast there are a lot of photos on social media of her carrying a firearm and it is essentially alleged that she you know was communicating with a government bank in russia she was communicating with government officials in russia all while she was do lobbying and trying to you know work in the interests of russia and work with the national rifle association and other interests that's what's essentially alleged now from there we've seen a lot of international media jump to making allegations about spying and engaging in some kind of asked me in objectivity but if you read the affidavit that's not
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what's alleged what's alleged is essentially that she engaged in a lobbying this is actually what we heard from senator chris murphy regarding the arrest but no the russian operative was rolled up in what appears to be a coordinated attack against the united states elections by the n.r.a. and the russian government that's not actually what the affidavit says it says that she was developing relations with u.s. persons and infiltrating organizations having influence in american politics for the purpose of advancing the interest of the russian federation the algae geishas that she was lobbying not that she was doing any spying or anything to that effect now it's also interesting is the affidavit mentions that an exchange she allegedly had with a russian government official was titled posner two point zero and this is of course a reference to latimer posner now the f.b.i. goes on to describe the lattimer posner the russian american t.v. personality as quote a propagandist who worked in the dissin from ation department of the soviet k.g.b.
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now lattimer posner has spoken up and said he never had any contact with the k.g.b. and did not work with the k.g.b. it's also interesting to note that a court. into the f.b.i. affidavit she was communicating with government officials in russia over twitter which is not exactly a secure private communication mechanism not the kind of thing one would use of they were engaging in some kind of high tech intense espionage activities so a lot of questions are being asked but at this moment she is facing those charges and she was a rang monday. attorney made a statement denying she is an agent he also said the woman offered to be interviewed by the special counsel's office but for some reason the office showed no interest in even speaking to. meanwhile the russian embassy in washington says is not being granted any access to. the materials and cold case have also been sealed the embassy says adding that it will continue to stand by using old legal means available but all the hype over the alleged russian spy in the united states
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was fueled on twitter where one journalist appeared to reveal that it had visited trump in the oval office but twitter users were quick to expose the truth.


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