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tv   Keiser Report  RT  July 21, 2018 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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partisan issue that you get america's divided political class it really works ok it brings people together all right and i think that that's also its purpose ok is that and it's also a justification for the democrats why they lost the election because they still can't come to terms with that they were remain in denial go ahead brian well there's another issue that there's a bipartisan support in there too are closely linked which is the absolute support for the military industrial complex in the intelligence agencies so both the democrats and republicans routinely and almost unanimously support these gargantuan increases in the u.s. military budget again it was in eighty two billion dollars increase even crease this year that's more than russia's entire military budget that was supported by the democrats and the republicans so they come together on this issue and in russia as our other guests have said is an essential part of the expansion of the u.s.
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military machine because what are we going to why are we going to spend a trillion dollars a year on wars are going to be against grenada is it going to be against a little tiny countries you need a major power sort of enemy and then the national security strategy that was unveiled in january and trump himself came out to do it maybe because some of his narcissism he came out to announce that unlike previous presidents it says that the main priority for the u.s. military in the coming decade in decades is not islamic terrorism it's not terrorism at all it's for major power confrontation with russia and china that's budgeting that's budgeting and military contingency planning now to do that you have to really paint the adversary as an adversary so it's an article of faith there's a new religion in washington d.c. which is called i hate religion i hate russia russia is the enemy and we almost.
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and genuflect at the altar of this new religious icon and that's the way you can take the american people's money heart yearned tax dollars which could be used for housing and health care and the education the things human beings need and shovel it over to the defense contractors you have to explain to them that it's an absolute national imperative to do that in order to carry out this looting of the national budget and that's what we're witnessing right now and he let me go to let me go to earl before we go to the break you manufactured consent this is what groups of o.b. and its most recent incarnation it's a it's a manufactured consent and and and i want to talk about the intelligence committee in the second half of the program but the liberal media loves it and they they perpetrate it go ahead earl thirty seconds. it is manufactured consent and it and i believe it's probably orchestrated some somewhere in the dark corners as well i mean what we have here we have mccarthyism two point zero even if you shake
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ambassadors hand at a reception yeah you're all you're you're sure putin or that you know not yet meeting you know you know the lady that was just arrested because she was you know she had she had some kind of agenda here i mean because she's not a foreign agent well hell half of washington should be a foreign agent under the under those strictures here ok i'm sorry let me let me jump in here we're going to go to a short break and after that short break we'll continue our discussion on was supposed be a state with r.t. . will do. with it this is. my.
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daughter who was supposed. to do the story for you. well it's only about the looking. forward to one of the my colleagues on the. floor. you'll. join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guests of the world of politics or business i'm show business i'll see you then.
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welcome back to cross talk where all things considered i'm peterbilt to remind you we're discussing rusa phobia. ok let's go back to dan and i think also part of what brian was saying this new religion as it were that so bipartisan in the in the liberal media loves to propagate is that why should i think we should question the intelligence community i think that's a really important thing to do i mean again if you go back and look at the history of their behavior we i mean bay of pigs that mean their involvement in vietnam all the issues surrounding nine eleven i mean there's
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a lot i mean and then you listen to peter struck ok i mean all the more reason to be very skeptical of what's going on behind the closed doors in the in the deep state here i mean i don't understand it's gotten to the point where questioning anything now you end up being ostracized and demonized like the you know the lip the left wasn't always that way go ahead and. you know i mean her for many years the left understood the cia was this pretty diabolical and to sion that was engaged in regime change abroad and murdering world leaders the cia lied us into the war with iraq in two thousand and three. with the lie that weapons of mass destruction which of course you know led to over a million iraqis dead five thousand americans dead and trillions of dollars wasted
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and yet those lives are forgotten and the irony of course is that it tends to be the liberals now that are rallying around the cia and the f.b.i. the f.b.i. which is for years in gauged infiltrating progressive organizations and peace organizations to disrupt them. who killed fred hampton a leader of the black panthers in cold blood and now somehow the f.b.i. supposed to be our it's really incredible you know brian one of the things i think it's. very interesting very tragic here is that somehow russia meddled in america's democracy i don't even really know what that means but you hear it all of the time but what really is happening i think my personal opinion is that because there isn't any questioning of the intelligence community in their behavior and i'm thinking of the f.b.i. during the two thousand and sixteen election they are damaging america's to mock
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received because you cannot ask these questions about what they did i mean the f.b.i. the d.o.j. which was created by congress right they fund these agencies and what we see is the obstruction so i can't you know meddling ok i'm not i have no idea what that really means but we're getting more and more information that that kind of regime change scenario. the u.s. is used around the world for decades has actually come home and they're practicing the same playbook go ahead brian. and in fact that's gone on for decades the the i guess i agree with dan come vala why would anyone trust the f.b.i. or the cia and certainly progressive people or people who used to consider themselves liberal i don't even know what the word liberal means anymore it doesn't mean anything. what here's the situation is this the u.s. government says that russian meddled by hacking into the democratic national
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committee e-mail server and revealing e-mails that show that the democratic party leadership. violated its own rules and regulations to make sure that hillary clinton would win the nomination now if that's true and it's being described as a parallel or or synonymous with what happened on nine eleven or pearl harbor why did the f b i why did the f.b.i. not subpoena and take control of that server to carry out a forensic investigation why did it allow crowd strike a third party that had its own self-interest in its own political bias against russia why did they take their word that in fact the democratic party server was hacked by the russians that on its face would make anyone skeptical but again if you're in a religious situation you don't need proof you only take things as an article of faith and so if the f.b.i. says we have a high degree of confidence without giving any evidence that russia did this
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without any evidence if you're in a religious mode you say i believe i believe because i believe because i'm part of the religion and that's the situation right now if those of us who question this narrative continue to question were considered to be nonbelievers and like a witch hunt if you're not part of the witch hunt you perhaps become a witch yourself and it creates an atmosphere of political. imitation that's what we're experiencing right here in washington d.c. you know in earl i mean i don't know i don't know the number on the top of my head but the n.s.a. . isn't it their kind of job to be seeing what's moving around on the internet you know from sensitive places and all that you know i mean again we there are there are very intelligent people that are former members of the intelligence community that can make a very strong case is this is a leak not a hack and these people have done it using their you know what's in it to between their ears their brain ok they're not they're not the n.s.a.
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here i'm thinking of william binney and people like that ray mcgovern i don't think they're traitors to their country though they are very very critical of the places they used to work for go ahead irl. absolutely and if they should be able to isolate down to the building. you know where the path of traffic was they're definitely monitoring almost everything not just foreign traffic but internals well the but you're absolutely correct on the forensic analysis so i mean where's the real forensic knowledge were the independent forensic analysis the closest thing a tap and it's come out of. the veteran and you know veteran intelligence organization that's part of it absolutely that's the only thing that's even been close and that verifies that they had to be internally some very very skeptical on any of this you know early dialogue you want to just jump in here real quickly i remember i think i'm going to remember this i think it was in january and february
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of this year that was actually talking about it and then months later months later hannity on fox started talking about consider the kind of news environment we have some really smart people that know what they're talking out about right about this put it out in public i think it was consorting news dot com and it it didn't even make an impression on the mainstream in the me somebody said hey if you read this because this is exactly what hannity would like but for me it was astounding this information was around for months and it didn't even penetrate it was amazing it's a small circle of as dan i want to change gears. are russia in the united states destined to be enemies for good go ahead dan well i certainly don't believe you know that they're destined to be so i think i mean i believe there's a lot of interesting i think we should be partners. however
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i really you know as eric hobsbawm historian pointed out you know the hatred of russia is is in the d.n.a. of the american people and by genetics but as it was put there. by people who. found a reason to vilify russia but it does appear that you know the powers that be in this country will continue to stoke the flames of the entire russian. in the interest of war which will make it very difficult for us to be partners and i think that tragic thing you know brian and i've heard repeatedly. the russian meddling again whatever that means is akin to pearl harbor what if the united states there was a reaction to the attack on pearl harbor it can be completely mobilized its economy and fought a very hard very bloody war and justified in my opinion ok but what kind of rhetoric is this now you know then well then what should the u.s.
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do and i'm and then you know all of us on this program know the very importance of arms control agreements i know it's not really sexy for amisom b.c. and c.n.n. debate in their day does have low octane octane intelligence ok but this is important stuff here and it has to be dealt with i really wish the donald trump had been had a little bit more finesse i know that's hard for him really hard for him but that's a really important issue ok and we need to move forward on that but if we're going to be enemies how can you go there if this is one of the great tragedies go ahead brian. after september eleventh which is this is being compared to and pearl harbor the u.s. went to war war against japan in world war two of course and then after september eleventh the war on terror. the u.s. i believe we're past the point of no return ironies of the russian animists and how still. towards russia i don't think we're coming back donald trump as you said all
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of the media attention was on his very badly stated positions at the helsinki but actually what they talked about was syria and de confliction they talked about the possibility of improving the start treaty the start treaty was signed in one thousand nine hundred one it said the united states which has seven thousand operational nuclear weapons all of which of just a few of which could destroy the entire world and russia which has a similar number that they should be reduced down to one thousand five hundred fifty and then more that's a requirement also and in a firm that obligation on from the nuclear nonproliferation treaty on all nuclear powers they talked about that that was not covered as you're saying peter that's a big issue the danger of nuclear war even an accidental nuclear war the catastrophic consequences are so profound why don't we talk about that talk about meddling in the in the future of the world nuclear weapons are meddling in our future having control over those nuclear weapons getting rid of them that's
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critically important that seems to be off the agenda right now what i think is really really tragic in this environment that we're right now is that you know negotiations are equated with the this is the tragedy of the conversation right now ok and arms control is so very important but if you negotiate it means surrender summit go ahead irl. you know i i think you're right it's that personally i've this meeting is something that should have taken place a while ago and i and i think a dialogue is is death absolutely necessary. or we're going to agree on things absolutely not but but it's definitely definitely necessary for agreement and for some reason these major areas of collaboration and and coordination are not. are bypassed by the media and it's very very unfunny or unfortunate well we'll see where it goes here gentlemen but considering the way things are going it seems to
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me that the u.s. russia relationship has been spoiled and it could last for generations that's all the time we have gentlemen many thanks to my guests in washington and managua and thanks to our viewers for watching us here at r.t.c. you next time and remember. right we're all set to start in five. something has that signal.
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he's not going to talk about. just maybe right after the mars explorers one who would have their. food and rock. to see what we. could. welcome to sophie and co i'm says the shevardnadze and today we're got lots to talk about in our program an hour gas. good luck little. good politicians do something to. put themselves on the line. to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president or injury. or somehow want to be rich. that you'd like to be for us this is what before three in the morning can't be good
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. i'm interested always in the waters in the. first city. today there are four million students studying abroad a trend is on the rise in the game of global competition international students are very much coveted the best research graduates are entirely taken care of and as for the huge number of students that can afford studying abroad they represent an irresistible financial honeypot the expression global student market has become a household term among university head offices. in france and germany the foreign students don't pay tuition fees just yet but it changes soon to come in
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england they contribute fourteen billion euros ten billion pounds a year to the national economy a foreign student pays between twenty and thirty thousand euros a year twice as much as the european student and it represents an additional consumer in the country a dream client. so the university of manchester house about ten thousand international students which is the most of any u.k. university or there was a percentage it's not the highest so those students are important to us for a number of reasons they bring diversity they bring different cultures they bring different backgrounds different ways of thinking our own students benefit from studying in an environment with students from very different backgrounds of course they also bring income to the university which is important the largest community chinese students which make up just under forty percent of the total international student body and the crowds lining the streets around the. visit.
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or the president visited we knew it was really in. joining his visit present. matters. not to say. me finished like just material. right with. a stopping point. since the early ninety's chinese higher education is experiencing a spectacular growth. over the course of thirteen years the number of students grew from seven million to thirty five million studying abroad has become an absolute must for all the chinese new benefiting from the economic boom this year over seven
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hundred thousand young chinese studying somewhere in the world a four hundred percent increase in fifteen years and the trend is unlikely to reverse. a new business is multiplying worldwide. companies in rolling students in international universities in terms of commercial office universe does in the u.s. u.k. and australia clinch first place. bond surety. of. colonel let me see how do you got it all for what you think i'm just out of a picture of true short are you going to go on record i. don't even want to hear what order where the how come your true since sure you wash your own i don't jim.
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we are looking to ship back to her home and up the mountain. when she made it into the realm of a bash drunk. super. quick comparing arson yada yada yada i. ching a step i mean. because i caught it. off a year. or so fragile. that in your career i mean cash are we talking about what should i mean for our strong issue. not all chinese students going to ford studying in leading universities in those that truly matter not all students can afford to study abroad. most of them are enrolled in universities based in their
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home province they dream of a brighter future in stocks that is the shanghai or beijing hundreds of thousands now migrate every year to big cities. but the chinese economic system isn't quite ready to absorb all these young graduates. dong is one of them he studied bioengineering for four years in a college from his province today he makes a living from the jobs he dreams of working in the film industry he belongs to this new class of people that are educated but paul. your view is show no hold live beijing for. you either it didn't you do or our know for how they are coming our knowledge and i give you.
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any higher or younger and see that you have or you're. going to harder than your listener and he. on the whole you can. lead but you know how the war and the word to the harsher. and yoshimi would change on the chee chee play even though it's a hundred or two on the she's in the hunt for you. and she. you're a woman. and you heart's all that you're a me. and you are. blondes i'm good you're a woman on the plane. and then to the journey and i'm kind and you're very good called me kenya you walk on them be it i'll do it too or do you do they have their have be our lawyer be our
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own idea or leave them in your quiet quiet manner your cheating and some call our attention to their dirty can in her order does either mean you moved your way to. being in the. rule on. your. room or you know. that. despite disenchanted hopes of upward mobility china has no intention of slowing down the development of its universities it wants to become a key player of global higher education the us australia and western europe all covered this new market countless partnerships are entered into every year between china and foreign countries.
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the entire world has its eyes set on china and china has its eyes set on the entire world in two thousand and three tome university researchers developed the shanghai ranking the most media tightest the most controversial and the most followed ranking report worldwide a world ranking based on the number of nobel prizes fields medals and publications in scientific journals the united states clearly dominates the ranking among the top hundred there are over fifty american universities eighteen blish for french and four german. so i'm afraid international rankings are in and i sound afraid because i absolutely
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hate them but in some parts of the world in particular by all accounts it ranks. strong the. question is for us of all those different. yes. doors are on the president and off track is often up to the end and raking in sit what's your name. from the high have tucked it does rain can of gone from country to even for freddie. and institutes your own dimension. that's mention the us i know my hero and i know man of god you come on this crowded mess and in the end the fog when it was would you when you visited got to the phone to not mention quality. to shower. and then mark just
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kind of. up. whereas the criticism is substantial there a few years in university presidents resist this ranking grace the narcissistic offer is tempting be seen and be identified as the best and so countries increase university merges with an explicit objective build up the number of research labs multiply publications and accumulate awards they go climb the rankings in france the most representative projects settled in the south of paris eighteen of the country's top leading higher education and research institutions grouped under a unique banner here lies the future pinnacle of french education and research the next french have it stanford or mit a poll of excellence amidst fields of beetroot. the
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