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tv   News  RT  July 22, 2018 6:00am-6:30am EDT

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presidents trampin putin look to a second to me thing this year after hailing this week's summit in helsinki a success all this posting the mainstream media into overdrive. the most disgraceful performances by an american president it's a disaster it's not possible that the president of the united states is invited so let's pollute again. so the president has apparently doubled down on. the french president faces allegations of a cover up after a top security aide is arrested for allegedly assaulting a protester. and dozens of people are reportedly lynched in india after a fake news than false accusations floods messaging.
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a very warm welcome you watching the weekly here on r.t. international all the latest headlines and a roundup of the stories that shape that week. we start with one of the biggest stories of the week just as the dust time started to settle on the trent putin summit in the finnish capital helsinki the white house announced on thursday it's inviting the russian president to washington this also in an interview donald trump has since confirmed his intention to meet flooding appeared to him again second meeting potentially with your proof. is that in the works is it planned has it been yeah i would say it's in the works look we had a tremendous discussion on many things but fact is we got along very well i think i have a good relationship with russia's ambassador to the u.s.
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says that russia is open to a putin visit to washington although he also mentioned that not the quantity but the quality of the meetings most of the most helsinki talks were billed as historic if you're trying to and i knew parampara were following the event for us. i'm standing right outside the modestly looking presidential palace in the capital of finland where everything happened first two hours of a head to head togs between donald trump and a lot of our putin with all the the translators allowed inside the room that was then followed by a lunch where the leaders were joined by some of the most senior officials from the two countries then came the first ever joint press conference by donald trump and vladimir putin i looked into the faces of donald trump who was standing right here by the way with a bigger microphone and vladimir putin here with a smaller microphone and i saw two men who were genuinely enjoying talking together
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but today first of all their message to the journalists was that they want this kind of relationship to spread beyond their personal time somehow they want to put washington moscow relations back on track and our relationship has never been worse. than it is now however that changed as of about four hours ago but guess what still worries the entire u.s. presidential poll allegations of meddling and collusion there were sitting right here and almost all the questions from this part of the room were about that and it was rather fascinating to see how the two leaders almost teamed up to dodge these kind of questions do you hold russia at all accountable for anything in particular president putin denied having anything to do with the election interference or
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twenty sixteen every u.s. intelligence agency has concluded that russia did who do you believe president putin was extremely strong and powerful in his denial today he offered to have the people working on the case come and work with their investigators with three. thanks to the twelve people i think that's an incredible if there's ever going to be an intelligence of some muscle and i do know how. however none of this seemed to convince american journalists and while i was looking at them when they were leaving the room they seemed to be even more frustrated than before the leaders meant donald trump and vladimir putin though when they were heading towards the doors i can only see smiles on their faces on monday i was working among the group of russian journalists who cover whatever a lot of who does and my colleague from or to america on the bill was among the
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so-called us presidential poll of journalists so. what did it look like from your side ilya captured it quite perfectly and making the point that you can see it just from the way the reporters during the press conference handled question time the only two questions to come from the american press gaggle had to do with collusion the fact the meeting went on and the fact that it went on long made the washington press corps that i was traveling with quite distraught if you can imagine waiting around for the press conference i could hear many reporters from the american side making jokes about what could possibly be taking so long with these two world leaders of two very powerful countries of course. we can imagine there'd be many things for them discussed but only crude jokes coming from the american side i heard one colleague on a major network describe the press conference that was held between trump and putin
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as a wedding that was on live television i don't know which side is the bride and which side of that is the groom anderson but as there were sort of feels like we're in a wedding this is without any sort of anything as much as a joint statement from the two presidents pledging. concrete steps that either will take on issues concerning syria or otherwise none of that came from the event today the two leaders simply said they met and things went well and they hope the conversation will continue in the future analysts of course were looking for any telltale signs from the leaders behavior during the helsinki summit and some think they're handshakes speak volumes we asked analyst and body experts how it felt and what we can read into them. trump is coming from a very very highly critical domestic america so he's he's he's very aware that his whole country is looking at him and trying to interpret what is really
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going on between these two leaders and this with there that he enters the room and he faces faces what seems to be an opponent so you start off and he's very he's almost strutting both of them off they sit down they very very uncomfortable they look like a divorce and couple and then they reach out for their attention and what do you see about that handshake is it is a distant handshake it is not one with the whole bodies are involved in it it's not one hand on top of the other trump is very very visual with a war with of placing of his hand and he goes in very very evenly and that's how the handshake is is. executed the mainstream media have gone through the roof over their plans for a second putin summit some even called it news from hell creating a similar level of hysteria to before the first.
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i don't know which side is the bride and which side of it is the groom anderson but as there were sort of feels like we're at a wedding you have been watching perhaps one of the most disgraceful performances by an american president why is president trump putting himself in this vulnerable high stakes an area and letting flat in their putin lead. a man that even president trump now says interfered in u.s. democracy invited to the white house and now the president has apparently doubled down they stand by him to washington so let's collude to get that. top spy in the united states he doesn't know how is that possible that the president of the united states is inviting putin for a second summit in a couple of months in the fall over at the white house because the president he works for is donald trump the media outrage was also visible on magazine covers as
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well. despite the criticism the american president initially said the helsinki sun this was a very good start for everybody but just a day later the world saw a shift in how trump describes the event have president putin he just said it's not russian i will say this i don't see any reason why it would be. and should have been i don't see any reason why it wouldn't be russia. sort of a double negative. he would carry with us intelligence that. russia meddled in
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the election of twenty six and i would say that that is true but you haven't condemned whom specifically you hold him personally responsible well i would because he's in charge of the time anyway that is russia still targeting the president rather than maybe you know. i talked to the president he wasn't answering that question he was saying no he's not taking questions it looks like a schoolboy apologizing for something he shouldn't be apologizing for the intelligence community in america has been giving primarily bad intel like in two thousand and three with weapons of mass destruction has been turning its surveillance apparatus on the american people trump was right to call them into question we have seventeen redundant spy agencies that need to be slammed into a box we need to fire most of the people who work there and we need to stop letting them create imaginary enemies that waste money and waste lives on nonsense
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approaches. hours after the house think you summit wrapped up a u.s. court ordered the arrest of maria buton or a twenty nine year old russian woman she's accused of lobbying moscow's interests among u.s. politicians russia's foreign minister has demanded to news release and called the accusations against her fabricated maria butanol is also accused of not registering as a foreign agent to distort to have acted on behalf of the russian government she has pled not guilty to the charges her lawyer says to be interviewed by the special counsel's office but they showed no interest in speaking to her investigators also claim that booty was in contact with russian intelligence officials and that she offered sex in exchange for a job at a u.s. special interests organization the hype over the alleged russian spy in the u.s. was filled on twitter where one journalist appeared to reveal the boot visited
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trump in the oval office but that was quickly dispelled.
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let me just say this here in the united states among the media who despise the president they look today at what happened as trump absolutely being own as they say by vladimir putin barris. that it was horrible it was terrible colleague into question his own intelligence agencies it was a desaster this is what they are say what you might see as having occurred is common poll different than what they're saying now meanwhile they're forgetting that the most important aspect of today's visit was what happened outside of the view and the air of the cameras that's what's important that's what's critical
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nobody is talking about that because frankly they don't know anything. but what they're saying is this is another example of of this connection between trump and potent and what this is going to do is resonate through some kind of weird pavlovian connection some obey sense that they have to this idea that the directions they're at it again even they don't know what the it is that they're adding it. french president emanuel mccrone faced backlash this week after revelations and aide was caught on camera assaulting a protester the incident took place at a may day protest and was filmed by an activist. that. was what. was at issue because i was shocked and
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very angry i would never have believed it wasn't a policeman and now anyone can wear a uniform interrogate me that won't ease tensions between police and citizens and it raises the question over the legitimacy of law enforcement the most worrying thing is we know american has been aware of this for two and a half months from the very start so we see intent to cover this up alexandra but eilat was arrested on friday with french prosecutors opening an investigation into the case but now as house was raided by police on saturday questions are now being raised over an official cover up but simply put the government is buying time to arrange its statement we've seen the state override the covering up the lies of ministers i've watched the video and i'm shocked just like the whole world the media poses a number of questions to a man or a micron we need a commission inquiry what is a private
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a lazy aide to doing among law enforcement officers this question must be posed to a man or macron if we accept that anyone can pretend to be a police officer we no longer live under state rule of law the thing is that if the rule of law has been respected from the beginning. mr bin the last should have been fired because the fact that he has done. forbidden by the law of course and ministration has obligations to tell to the prosecutor that he has not directed to hurt anybody i think working as a policeman with. this violence the thing is that it's very astonishing that the president and the government i think a. minister of interior has decided in reality to give. more weak sanction to mr banana
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proves that he has been protected and in complete contradiction with the principle of the come to dates. the indian government is under pressure to take action over a spate of lynchings inspired by false allegations on a messaging app all the details for you after this quick break.
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for the question asked and they want to know why we're not more critical of russia and the real question is how come we're not shooting russia's horn more because they are genius during this crisis but that would be i think a little bit you know over the top to simply point out all the good things that they're constantly doing so we just try to take a more balanced middle of the road approach that's you know the fact is that they're making all these other economies look stupid. welcome back the hit music video this is america by an american rapper went viral when it was first released well over one hundred million people have seen it in part because of its controversial depiction of u.s.
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society it's also inspired a musician of iraqi descent to film a parody intended also to be critical this time of america's invasion of iraq we spoke to the man behind this is a rock. some. guy just live another. guy just let me. put up with another. corrupt and that every year whenever i see hysteria all the same we can take every year there are some barrels and barrels. barrels and barrels. and the demolished delivered to mission accomplished. i think there's a fuel source issue between america and iraq given that the us led invasion of iraq is a major contributing factor to where we are today and i think it was just sort of the perfect drop for this trip to be done on the back of a truck about america when if humanity takes a brick. through our politics to agree to do the money religion something
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needs to be said and i feel like we can be pretty good. in the track itself and just raising awareness and i think that's important i've had people come up to me and understand me for a reason awareness and getting you know getting them were familiar with the subject that they want a clue or because they were too young at the time when the when the invasion happens of this trick in just one person in a positive manner and sort of get a dialogue and a conversation going then sort of it's achieved at school and i'm vindicated and releasing it. at least twenty five people have been reportedly lynched in india the fake news about kidnap taking and abusing children was spread on social media there were now calls for the government to take action. the horrendous acts of mobocracy cannot be permitted to inundate the law of the land the recurrent pattern of violence cannot be allowed to become the new normal and one of the
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latest case is that indian police arrested more than two dozen men involved in the lynching of a man over fake rumors he was a child kidnapper since the start of may the fake news about child abductors has filled whatsapp chives boyko picks up the story. fake news a big time with a bad rep preferred by leaders politicians and the mainstream media labeled as a menace to democracy and sometimes just a way to dismiss a story which you don't agree with you are free to do big news in your facebook page or spaces on twitter too but in india the consequences of spreading fake news have become far more tongil and deadly over twenty five people have reportedly been killed since may over child kidnapping claims spread via the whatsapp messaging service dozens of alleged lynch mob members have been arrested following
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one recent case alone but in the now those suspected of lynching over suspicion of child abduction a man was allegedly killed by an angry mob in front on. this footage shows the moment mohammed as a twenty seven year old software engineer was murdered by a mob of over two thousand people wielding sticks and stones as a hammer and his friends one of them atari national offered some schoolchildren chocolates as a gesture of generosity but suspicious locals spurred on by whatsapp rumors inferred that the out of towners were part of a child abduction ring video like this one may have set off the crowd to punish the alleged kidnappers it's gone viral in india but poaching to show a child abduction it was originally made by a charity promoting child safety in pakistan back in twenty sixteen at the end of
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the original video the little boy is returned to the problem with fake news in india has got so bad that the indian government has urged the whatsapp and its owners facebook to do something about it we're stressing in education campaign in india on how to spot free news and. so the company launched a series of newspaper ads in several languages the headline says beware of whether a story is hard to believe and watch out for spelling mistakes it's not going to be easy though what's that messages are encrypted that means identifying the source of each reema is near impossible india is also what saps biggest market the company counts over two hundred million users that combine that with a sense of panic a very stubbornly high rate of violent crime and you have all the conditions for fake news to turn into real death do you see how almost even before we need to make
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enough money when used to be legalized it is not strictly on the border region but knowing what once was in a large sandbox and things for the skill of these going to be much bigger and the damage is much higher than most people when going through it is a problem because of the raising of information you know more of for solution. is the situation and create chaos and also the sense of mission that is so poses definitely is one of the victims of this news phenomenon that is going on because it's a complex you know when you go to the societies you are looking at you have to look at how much of government the country has and we need to also discipline some of these so history why are these facts. carried out a we love to hear your thoughts on all of our stories so do keep in touch by following us on social media here with all the latest the top of the al is my colleague declan vega.
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what politicians do. put themselves on the lawn they get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president or injury. or something i want to be pressed. into the right to be press that's what before three in the morning can't be good that i'm interested always in the waters of my. first sip. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy for him to
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let it be an arms race to move his arms off and spearing dramatic developments only mostly i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time to sit down and talk. again this man shoot camera. roughly once the show is so much leave for the. future uncool videos and so move with the broken string if. you don't more on string don't t.v. . all.
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along welcome to worlds apart even for those who've seen the war up close the conflict in syria set a new branch mark for cruelty and impunity for more than any other war if capitalized on the public's repulsion of violence and produce death and suffering not only as an ad but the result of hostilities but also deliberately for political and media back can these kinds of crimes be ever educated in a court of law while to discuss that i'm now joined by katrina michael had of the un international impartial and independent mechanism on investigation and. of persons responsible for the most serious crimes under international law committed in syria since march two thousand and eleven when the marquis girl it's great talking to you thank you very much for your time and i've been interviewing people
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in positions of power for quite some time but i have to say this is the longest title i've ever come across twenty one awards not counting articles and propositions all to express the idea that this is not exactly the tribunal but it may lead to one is that accurate. what is accurate is that it's not a trade. and it is indeed to assist in the investigating investigation and prosecution of those crimes and of the person that may be found responsible for it but as it is not a tribunals indeed this mechanism has only a sense if it can turn its files or its evidence to tribunals now you call it impartial and independent despite the fact that the key actors in the in the syrian the war like the syrian arab republic or russia. don't even recognize the legitimacy of this mechanism don't you think that these terms impartial independent
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require the support of everybody in order to be applicable. they are extremely important terms in the in the title i don't call it it was named this way by the by the general assembly which decided to adopt establishes make it isn't. one hundred five states voted in favor of this mechanism but indeed fifteen including russia and the syrian arab republic decided to vote against and they have explained reasons why they do that fifty two states decided to abstain so if the question is whether that. those modalities of an abduction actually renders this mechanism less legitimate or whether it's impossible for us to be independent and impartial my answer is no i think being independent impartial is not just. of not just terms in the name of the mechanism that our principle that
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i but also my entire team are extremely committed to but the legitimacy of our war but when you speak about impartiality the united states was one of the driving forces behind the creation of this mechanism. american ambassador to the united nations nikki haley's specifically stated that she sees the triple. a valuable tool to quote hold the assad regime accountable for the atrocities including its repeated and i'm going to use of chemical weapons now i understand that that may sound as impartial in washington maybe even in geneva but in moscow or in damascus is that a misunderstanding or perhaps a misrepresentation of the mandate maybe official explain what it means to us in the mechanism being impartial and independent i would start with independent independence mean.


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