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tv   News  RT  July 24, 2018 6:00am-6:31am EDT

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donald trump threatens to remove the security clearance of several former intelligence officials they're accused of politicizing and monetizing the information they had access to. and how a seventeenth century slave trade is remembered has divided the city of bristol live in southwest england. the old ones with the plots going to be so you because you've got to put things into context of what was up you know the sign now you would guess it's money is already ramped up what dr clarke and what. a former trump advisor comes under fire after he announces a new foundation to purportedly from and a rightwing revolution in europe he's taken aim at a liberal for the philanthropist george soros who's been promoting the left for you it's.
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a very warm welcome you're watching r.t. international with me thank you aaron our top story this hour donald trump is considering revoking the security clearance of several former top intelligence officials the white house press secretary said they had and have been making political and financial gains from the information they had access to but the announcement doesn't go unchallenged because speech doesn't like it he wants to punish them for you know i think you are creating your own story there is the president doing exactly what you just said the president doesn't want all these people doing the list size of matters of national security by going after his political enemies people are politicizing agencies and departments that are specifically meant to not be political and not meant to be monetized off of security concerns. six people were named including former heads of the cia f.b.i.
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and n.s.a. most of them are known for being critics of donald trump's policies the officials themselves say if they clear and says revoked it won't really change anything the security clearance has nothing to do with how i or any of us feel about the president i don't get briefings i don't have access to any classified information it's frankly more of a courtesy i don't go back for classified briefings i want to have any effect on what i say all right. former u.s. intelligence officials have a history of speaking out once they leave office caleb maupin explains the former heads of u.s. intelligence agencies are now dabbling in politics the fired f.b.i. director james comey just advised the democrats to steer clear of socialism.
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democrats please please don't lose your minds and rush to the socialist left this president and his republican party accounts going to do exactly that now this comes just after his recent tweet and which he said that the only way to support american values was to go democrat. all who believe in this country's values must vote for democrats this fall policy differences don't matter right now history has its sights on the us now james komi fits in with a big cast of characters these are former intelligence officers were now telling us what we should be thinking about politics i know we're not nazi germany all right but there is a commonality there and a fear on my part that we have standards we have to live up to having some understanding of the levers of power that or available to the president if. he chooses to bear to resize them from those. downright scary
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and disturbing there's a big question first of all in terms of those who are on mr trump's team whether they can continue to serve in good conscience an individual who basically portrayed his nation now it hasn't always been like this former cia top boss george tenet became a private investment banker he left the public eye after leaving office and former f.b.i. director louis spray he launched a private consulting firm here's why it's kind of a big deal it turns out that former intelligence officials usually keep their security clearance. he's john brennan monetizing his security clearance is john brennan making millions of dollars they volunteered secrets to the mainstream media with his attacks on donald trump so even after leaving office they've still got power and connections that they could use to further their agenda on the intelligence. so whatever happened to
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a quiet retirement now in the air pockets around the new forces of emerging former top spies who are turning to political activism. are to the new york. and to off to focus on foreign affairs magazine gregory cope play says that in any other country such behavior would be considered treasonable but what we've seen lately and the last two years is. the situation with people like director of national intelligence clapper and the like brennan. and so on making extremely common sense designed deliberately to undermine the current u.s. government now who says this would be treason of all the most governments around the world there are profound cases of damage to the united states' image to the
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united states' ability. function even national security sense from what we've seen from this range of officials commenting in the last eighteen months to two years. people in bristol in southwest england are divided over a plan to add a plaque to a statue that commemorates a seventeenth century merchant involved in the slave trade edward colston is a prominent figure in the city's history for his philanthropy however much of these wealth was acquired through the royal african company which was involved in the slave trade residence a people need to be more aware of colston's past and are demanding a plaque mentioning his role in the slave trade with many now also calling for the statue to be removed altogether we spoke to racial equality campaign the lead jasper and stephen morris from the english democrats. why have we got the statue of a man who sold millions of africans into bondage and slavery
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ripped african babies from their mothers breast separated families killed maimed and murdered millions of africans but he gave money to charity so we should have a statue of him in our town square we have to look at the full history of the of the slave trade was going on for thousands of years before europeans arrived africans were enslaved africans and selling them to the arabs way before we got there and it's actually quite unfair to judge the past by today's standards and today's models so for me eight is part of the history but it really got to be showing the full history of what was going on at the time and not just to be a seen until european issue against the slave trade when the slave trade was very predominant across the entire continents at that time so for me look at the history of but we've got to put it into context or i will actually the fifty million people
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is a lot more noble and simple thing one could go on for what we know and redesign and find it that day historians of the tie are all consensual around that figure so i think it is you need to get your facts straight all depends what the plots going to be saying because you've got to put things into context of what was going now you're the guest is just going on a complete. whatever whatever point he was trying to put forward whatever argument he was trying to put forward is actually been lost and he's actually rants now you're the guess is this man is a really nice dog run so that's what i. want to be more loony trying to put forward i'm going to pluck there then you have to make sure that you put it into context of what was happening around the world we shouldn't be imagining and celebrating colton it should be either bristol. zeal of shame which you can go in and all the order of colonial aspects and relics of the past can go in but i don't worry it
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should be contextualized as the book to refute period in bristol's literary you cannot george historical events by today's standards you have to look at what was going on at the time more blood was enslaved by blacks than there were by the europeans so he needs to marshal it's all in law why when i walk eagle why why archie why you subjecting me to the most ignorant and based racist. rewrite of history but obviously. the name of the white man who's got no idea now on any image to comment on with girls later meant more blood was enslaved by blacks than they were by the europeans so he needs to needs to actually look and stop being very hypocritical. president transformer adviser steve ballin has announced plans to spark a right wing revolution in europe he wants to create a new foundation promoting the ideology the plans were revealed in an interview
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with news website the daily beast balance says he aims to rival the impact of the open society foundations set up by liberal billionaire george soros balance foundation is called the movement and is expected to have headquarters in brussels the organization would offer polling think tank research and advice on targeting european right wing groups these plans sparked outrage among some members of the european parliament an attack on freedom and democracy in europe will not stand idle we will respond we have to fight now with good arguments confident and true it's a frontal attack on the e.u. and european values. george soros has spent billions to promote leftist ideas for years for example funding pro e.u. campaigns by supporting a second breaks at referendum when asked any piece from the syriza party what he
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thinks of balance initiative. what is wrong with promoting an alternative does it not to challenge views so you get debate you get conversation instead of name calling people in the united states. if you pull the money so where the money was going to finance this. movement which so movement rather for the division of europe and north korea the unit you're right could that argument not be made to george soros says well why shouldn't these parties and groups who have support of large swathes of the population get some help from the outside the same way that the left has been getting help from soros and other like minded billionaires this is not the point where yes we know where that money comes from because of the fighting there's themselves but they've they're financing their of sims for what they are in favor of the reste. you know call of the previous would be you well that's not
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really on the working class tell us is that there's a lot of working class people who fear that their jobs are being taken by possibly by immigrants possibly by other forces at play and they are voting for who they think will be able to solve those concerns and at the moment across europe and many countries it's not the left they need an alternative well yes. sort of the left of course so you admit that there is no way you know but it's very easy to be a democrat you don't use a. scapegoat whether this mr soros or the scapegoat is the recruiters or you white workers are going to be excluded right we are so we could. in britain we breakfasted but now that that's true that's the reason you don't have to be an extreme right winger to have views on immigration do you when you're seeing
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so many people coming from north africa and sub-saharan africa into your nation that they did not vote for. so you know well if you see so many people. from different places you have to we will ask why you know and the people who you know they're coming from or it's those middle east that we started all of the people out of all of these are repetition there are people we united states great britain and the people of bombarding you know they destroyed the crowd and now they are denying the story go and political responsibility and this is the same it is those same goals for the people not represented by regrets come from africa while devastated are forgotten or of the curators centuries you know that reached european governments they have to take their historic responsibility for that. the north stream to pipeline which is currently under construction is set to
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deliver natural gas from russia to germany the project has been widely criticized by the u.s. which wants to supply its own liquid natural gas instead trump has also warned that the pipeline will make bowen too dependent on moscow but according to a recent poll it seems the majority of germans don't see it that way. i think it's a horrible thing that you have a pipeline coming from russia and i believe that germany is going to be getting fifty sixty or even i've heard numbers of seventy percent of their energy coming in from russia. and how can you be working for peace and working from strength when somebody has that kind of power of your country i don't think it's good you're not working from the strike you've given up all of your strength i think it's very bad for germany very bad for the german people the pipeline will be about one thousand two hundred kilometers long it's a multi billion euro venture between russia and five international companies it
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runs next to the original nord stream pipeline and will double the amount of gas being transferred not stream to you is said to be fully operational by next year columnist ike harmer says the project is the best way for germany to meet its growing demand for natural gas. this is a matter of a great opportunity for germany to have another infrastructure that supply us with natural gas which is needed in germany without being able to be blackmailed by the countries in between every american foreign policy is another duty they have to did a closer relationship between russia and germany us the us is not in the position anymore to make big ace because germany now after the sanctions and after the not so far like behavior of america against germany we have to look for better
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opportunities or other of the two nephews and therefore it is no no possibility at all anymore to separate germany or europe from from russia anyway he just wants to be the first he just wanted companies to make the deal and make the your base especially the germans to wait a little bit longer and go the american companies are allowed to make deals in russia i think this is all about he is a business that greece is in the grip of deadly forest fires and is asking these to help with the latest on the phone he lost this quick break. it's.
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wrong. to shape our. worlds apart. to look for common ground.
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welcome back forty nine people are confirmed dead in devastating wildfires near the greek capital athens one hundred fifty others have been injured. a german football star of turkish descent has quit the national team saying he fails on one say that his own country mesut ozil was subjected to widespread criticism off the posing for a photo with the president of turkey and the run up to the fee for world cup.
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here refuses to chantelle in national lampoon's pulls out a long time ago and not to sell it to his promise to mislead congress someone you don't know that is not a german and someone that should not play football for the german national team such a photograph has a symbolic value and it is definitely not what is needed to build this story here would you please because you represent the crown for the german values. also with that appointment was a mistake it is still a mistake and you say the reason is because we gave you don't convince me so i can speak speak should respect that raises the question of how it's are spectacular the big tragedy. to politics. john. as they have done their job.
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isn't to dismiss you know the chance to hear these results using feisty music is a great he has done a lot for the national food which he has now made a decision that must be respected and turned on any case the truth is on the. facts of the german wild card as if she witnessed having his picture taken the first. chinese president xi jinping is a blonde a part of a four nation trip to africa to establish deeper trade ties here earlier visited senegal which is the first west african country to be involved in china's belton
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road infrastructure projects beijing has been expanding its presence in africa in recent years in twenty sixteen alone china invested thirty nine billion dollars in the continent bringing the total to more than two hundred billion. but the initiative hasn't been without its critics the u.s. thinks the countries are not prepared for such huge investment and may end up deeply in debt to china however recent offensive remarks from donald trump have strained relations with the continent. the president of the united states is racist he really is the devil this is an actual quote from the actual president this is the gift that he decided to give the american people they're not whole countries for one donald trump isn't their president. political analysts we spoke to think that countries in africa are turning to china because of u.s. government policy. united states has it varies more outlook towards africa and the
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rest of the world they do not want to best interest truck which is a long term investment improve our economy and they have basically had it to the united states especially whichever i know well is to make money they make double digit profits overnight they're not interested in the want term development of the country that's why the united states and the west don't know all. they can tilt the china sea our chinese built a new energy how do energy plants china's built a new ports and there's many more things that they're working on in the course africa and so the problem is that the west expense is not really thinking how to. think in terms of how do we make some fast boxes in the united states the use united states influence on africa was already dwindling well before don't want to
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sean came into the play and it will continue to do because of some of his comments he's attitude towards africans and he's position on africa in general he's only interested in basis and africans i'm afraid i'm very much interested in in partnership and those that take them seriously and and of cause like a liberalized continent it's voting with the kind of changing united states in every sector that i know of in favor of the chinese or i'll force china already had a huge presence and influence and that influence i've just grown to levels for which even if the americans were to try now unlikely to ever catch the the chinese in my lifetime you might hear it r.t. we love to hear your thoughts on all of us stories though do get in touch by following guys on social media and for all the latest you can join my colleague jacqueline very at the top of the hour.
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people criticize us or they question us and they want to know why we're not more book critical of russia and the real question is how come we're not tooting russia's horn more because they are been genius during this crisis but that would be i think a little bit you know over the top to simply point out all the good things that they're constantly doing so we just try to take a more balanced middle of the road approach that's you know the fact is that they're making all these other economies look stupid by comparison. with hope to. put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president. i want. to go on to be press which is what before three in the morning can't be good. i'm interested in the waters and the. question.
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became a cameraman. with me once they showed some movies for them. videos and so on with the book eastern and. down one string i don't roughly done t.v. . greetings and salutations welcome home all hawk watchers while many of us here in the us pounded burgers and beer while waving plastic us flags made in mexico as chinese fireworks lit up the sky the federal bureau of investigation was busy protecting americans from evil terrorist plots evil terrorist plots created right here in
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these united states of america built by hard working americans in the f.b.i. yes the f.b.i. was doing what it does best in this year's u.s. independence day busting terror plots and terrorists that they themselves create and entrap meet demetrius pitts and on alhaja lexicon who n.b.c. news reports was charged monday with plotting a fourth of july terrorist bombing in cleveland after a sting operation by the f.b.i. which gave him a bus pass so he could travel to scope out targets. pitts allegedly told an f.b.i. employee posing as an al qaeda sympathizer that he didn't want to have to have anything to do with making or delivering the bomb but according to a federal complaint stated quote i'm going to be downtown when the thing go off i'm going to be somewhere because i want to see it go off. the f.b.i. caught on to this terrorist mastermind in need of
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a bus pass after he made alarming comments and sent disturbing messages on facebook even n.b.c. news had to admit that there was no indication that pitts could have carried off any attack on his own but you see that didn't stop u.s. authorities from charging pitts with one count of providing material support to a terrorist organization. which i guess in this situation would be. because they were the ones posing as a terrorist organization who are at the madness of the federal bureau of in person nation never stops my friends when you are watching the hawks. but you get the. real deal with. the plot of. the day like you that i got.
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this. week so. welcome aboard watching the hawks i am tyrrel ventura and i'm tabitha lalas. tell me please what possible justification could be f.b.i. have for this. sharing both sides drumming up terror plots that don't really really really exist so they can can keep getting the huge budget that they get every year to fight terror besides that one yeah because they want to get that one out about it ok so i wonder if they were meant to the public ok yes or with their magical just because well stephen anthony special agent in charge of the f.b.i. has cleveland field office praised in the fed the investigation telling the media quote law enforcement cannot sit back and wait for mr preston committed violent
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attack we don't have the luxury of hoping an individual decides not to harm someone or get others to act oh wait so when domestic violence situations happen in which someone says hey i'm afraid this person is going to kill me because they told me they're going to kill me or they're going to hurt me but they can't do anything until the person does something wrong. but in this case you get i wish the f.b.i. cared as much about us citizens. safety more than they do magically but we can't just wait for it to happen but when you literally know someone is a danger you do nothing because well we can't do anything till they die you know it's interesting with terrorism of the with with terrorism if you mention if you practice your freedom of speech which look nobody likes terrorism no one is saying that the f.b.i. has a decent jobs over catching actual terrorists they do it's hardworking people there
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but at the end of the day we've seen story after story after story come out ever since the war on terror started of the f.b.i. really kind of taking people who don't really have like any kind of opportunity or means they might have a motive but they don't have any opportunity or means to actually do a terrorist attack and then basically give them all the tools and give them all the means and give them all the opportunity to do it and then arrest them saying well this person is a terrible hey if this person one of the believe you was a terrorist in his head that still legal you can do that right because it's called free speech you have free will to do that until you decide to hurt someone but i think there it's really ridiculous and this is the thing that's always so strange the new york times first reported about this yeah the f.b.i. basically became aware of this guy pitt's back in like december of two thousand and fifteen when authorities claim he sent messages on facebook using the name of the to an obscure california talk.


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