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tv   Keiser Report  RT  July 24, 2018 3:30pm-4:01pm EDT

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the kremlin confirms president putin oficial you received an invitation from washington to meet with. this you're. also ahead in the program. for so-called cultural censorship it removes. the works of. art. for his painting. the white house threatens to revoke clearances of six obama intelligence officials accusing them of politicizing their public service. president. we debate the legacy of a philanthropist who made his fortune
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a slave trader. residence. gold. because you could have put things in context of what we. now. live from moscow to the world this is our international my names you know neal good to have your company. in a house confirm that president putin has received an official invitation to visit washington for a summit with donald trump in the awesome moscow says it's ready to discuss the proposal expressed willingness for a second round of talks after the two leaders met in helsinki last week. second meeting potentially with the to be approved. is that in the works is it planned has
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it been you know i would say it's in the works we had a tremendous discussion on many things but fact is we got along very well i think i'd have a good relationship with you the next time the two leaders meet could be at the g twenty summit in argentina or right here in d.c. in the nation's capital and apparently john bolton national security advisor will be working out all the logistics the next time he's in moscow but the last meeting the helsinki summit that took place last week provoked a total hysteria here in the us of the media accuse trump of treason just for talking to putin calling him names like a trader a week poppy a kremlin stooge putin's puppet and even accused him of being affiliated with the f.s.b. and the k.g.b. so it was totally outlandish but let's check out what else they have to say.
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i don't know which side is the bride and which side of the groom manners are but it is that we're sort of feels like we're in a wedding you have been watching perhaps for the most disgraceful performances by an american president why is president trump putting himself in this vulnerable high stakes an area and letting flat in their putin lead. a man that even president trump now says interfered in u.s. democracy invited to the white house and now the president has apparently doubled down. to washington so let's collude to get the. top spy in the united states he doesn't know how is that possible that the president of the united states is inviting putin for a second summit in a couple of months in the fall over at the white house because the president he works for is donald trump despite media frenzy
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a new poll showed that the majority of americans support the upcoming meeting between trump and putin and about sixty one percent of americans are in favor of improved relations with russia so trump and the american people seem to be on the same page you. should be thanking them sure you've heard you and there's a campaign that is getting ready is a good thing that. now when it comes to u.s. russia relations and not everyone shares the same enthusiasm nikki haley contradicts her own boss on the topic we don't trust russia we don't trust we never well they're never going to be our friend that's just a fact so it appears that nikki haley thinks that human concepts like friendship and trust are necessary to build bilateral ties between two nations states but president putin's take was a little bit different. but the rule regarding who can be trusted. and if you can
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trust anyone it's who i'm telling you you can't trust anyone did you get this notion from the president trump trust me and i entirely trust him ones that you share he defends the interests of the united states of america that i defend the interests of the russian federation so domestic reaction aside it looks like both sides agree that diplomacy will improve the ties between the two superpowers so we're just going to have to see how this plays out yeah i got the thoughts as well of independent journalist joe lauria who says that murray kisan boster to the u.n. is undermining trump's efforts and any chance of improving relations with moscow over you know what side nikki haley's on she's on the side that's calling trump a traitor for going to the first summit in helsinki and she's posed to work for president trump and her very first speech at the u.n. . she slammed russia over ukraine and this was just after trumpet said in the
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campaign he wanted better relations with russia so she's been on this anti russian thing all along she did say in that interview that it's ok if they meet as good as they meet i mean she has to say that and then in a way. the american people are agreeing with maria but tina this twenty nine year old russian has been arrested here in washington and her crime according to the f.b.i. affidavit is trying to build better relations with between the u.s. and russia that was what you her name was here in the quotes documents and what she is saying and that is considered a crime here because it goes against all the interests of powerful forces in the u.s. that are opposing trump to have bad relations with russia so why i think nikki haley's on their side. social media giant facebook has found itself under fire for removing the works of artist peter paul rubens from its for its the flemish painter is best known for pieces that contain new to see and he says he takes
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a closer look at that. full centuries these were considered priceless treasure as and masterpieces and now that contentious well according to facebook it appears the platforms take box approach to ads means that console the difference between art and pornography annoying art galleries and museums all of about open from visits one does to mogs about ruben's breasts we have noticed that facebook consistently rejects works of art by bits of paul reubens even though we secretly have to laugh about it your cultural censorship is making wide for all the difficult lost in the append that to add to the facebook see they've even all suck a bag to discuss the matter. so who is the seventeenth century artist well his baroque style paintings of famously known to feature nudes and cherubs sometimes delicately draped with cloth but this artistic taste is a big no no with the media john strict advertising rules this flemish tourist
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company thinking if he's not appropriate for facebook he's not appropriate for you and if you have a social media account we have to take you away from the nudity thing to protect your good spirits even if autistic nature this includes paintings individual bodies such as the budget speech cleavage story but it's just that we put your head in front of this painting we are searching for. you for. facebook has said it's open to discussion but there is no doubt this is great p.r. spin by museum curators it is in fact possible to post artistic needs on facebook if it's part of an ad that is in the stricter guidelines and could be rejected but facebook might be playing it safe for different reasons back in two thousand and seventeen facebook came into fire for failing to may have sexual images of children and also failing to stop leaks revenge porn photos all this spot concerns in the
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face. moderation system facebook's where we both take census posts but it appears that makes it hard to distinguish between pornography and artistic nudity but when it comes to exploitation though you can be sure as a facebook user you'll be protected from. don't trump is considering revoking the security clearance of several obama era intelligence officials the white house press secretary said they had politicized in some cases monetize their access to sensitive information and made baseless claims about the president reporters were quick to question the implications of the threat because he doesn't like and he wants to punish them for you know i think you are creating your own story there is the president doing exactly what you just said the president doesn't want all these people doing a little size matters of national security by going after his political enemies people are politicizing agencies and departments that are specifically meant
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to not be political and not meant to be monetized off of security concerns. well six people were named in total including former heads of the cia f.b.i. and their say all of them have been critical of the trumpet ministrations policies and all your officials two of them no longer have clearance but those being targeted say irrelevant whether or not they have it anyway the security clearance has nothing to do with how i or any of us feel about the president i don't get briefings i don't have access to the classified information it's more of a courtesy i don't go back for classified briefings want to have any effect on what i say all right you know i'm open whether the move is a necessity or trump simply seeking to clamp down on powerful figures the top. the former heads of u.s.
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intelligence agencies are now dabbling in politics the fired f.b.i. director james comey just advised the democrats to steer clear of socialism. democrats please please don't lose your minds and rush to the socialist left this president and his republican party accounts going you to do exactly that now this comes just after his recent tweet in which he said that the only way to support american values was to go democrat. all who believe in this country's values must vote for democrats this fall policy differences don't matter right now history has its eyes on us now james komi fits in with a big cast of characters these are former intelligence officers who are now telling us what we should be thinking about politics i know we're not nazi germany all right but there is a commonality there and a fear on on my part that we have standards we have to live up to having some
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understanding of the levers of power that or available to a president if. he chooses to there to resize them from those. downright scary and and disturbing there's a big question first of all in terms of those who are on mr trump's team whether they can continue to serve in good conscience an individual who basically portrayed his nation now it hasn't always been like this former cia top boss george tenet became a private investment banker he left the public eye after leaving office and a former f.b.i. director louis spray he launched a private consulting firm here's why it's kind of a big deal it turns out that former intelligence officials usually keep their security clearance. he's john brennan monetizing his security clearance is john brennan making millions of dollars they volunteered secrets to
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the mainstream media with his attacks on donald trump so even after leaving office they've still got power and connections that they could use to further their agenda on the intelligence. so whatever happened to a quiet retirement now in the air pocket from the new forces of emerging former top spies were turning to political activism they would happen artsy new york lee editor of defense and foreign affairs magazine gregory copley say in any other country such behavior would be considered treasonous but what we've seen lately and the last two years is. the situation with people like director of national intelligence clapper and the like brennan. and so on making it stream. comments designed deliberately to undermine the current u.s.
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government now who says this would be treasonable under most governments around the world there are profound cases of damage to the united states' image to the united states would be. to function in national security sense from what we've seen from this range of visual comedy in the last eighteen months to two years. a proposed plaque on a statue commemorating a seventeenth century merchant is dividing locals in the inner city of bristol it recalls thin walls a prominent figure in the city's history and also the slave trade and much of his wealth was acquired through the royal african company which held a monopoly on the trade of gold ivory and slaves and some residents want to raise awareness of colston's past city authorities have announced plans to of a second inscription to the monument they propose including a parra graph explaining about the enslavement of africans around twenty thousand
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of whom are said to have died as a direct result of colston's involvement in the slave trade well some locals are now calling the move pointless for the statue to be removed altogether we got the chance to speak to racial equality computer lead just stephen morris from the english democrats party on this why have we got this statue of a man who sold millions of africans into bondage and slavery ripped operate them babies from their mother's breast separated families killed maimed and murdered millions of africans but he gave money to charity so we should have a statue of him in our town square we have to look at the full history of the of the slave trade.


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