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tv   Cross Talk  RT  July 24, 2018 11:00pm-11:12pm EDT

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things that were said before one i think by yourself about pressure being put on people to talk and say things a judge i think his name was judge ellis actually said that he said directly to the f.b.i. and the justice department in the manifold case you're really interested in manner for you're trying to pressure man a fort so you can get it trump and he didn't really deny it so that is exactly that the agenda that's been followed here it was followed with michael flynn also donald trump's former national security advisor and it seems to me there's a real risk that that might happen and of course in terms of. and the allegations against the idea that the national the the n.r.a. one of the most or apache ot organizations in america could be swung round and brought under the influence of the kremlin why one twenty nine year old russian
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woman is so far fetched in his complete numbers no no no let that is going on no i'll tell you what is being asked to really know what out there what's pathetic here are kind of you know a sleight of hand here no it's not outrageous because remember liberals used to be very distrustful of the national security state they're not anymore let me go to ray you know the contrast in the last few news cycles you have clapper brennan and komi ok you know heralding the virtues of the secure national security state and then we have this young twenty nine one tract of woman that really just wanted to have better relations and she liked guns and she was a conservative and thought you'd get or you could do better for her cars in the united states we look at these three people on the top that were running the national security state at one point in time this is the face and i think it's very duplicitous ok i do these people are not to be trusted and people like that are prosecuting this young woman go ahead. well peter the proof is in the putting
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people like oh mean john brennan are running scared yet you know yep that the house intelligence committee that's serious about this investigation has the goods on them yep they can go to jail yet the matter of fact evan noonish the head of the intelligence committee in the house has said precisely that if they're guilty they're going to be put on trial this is a new phenomenon i'm and if there's a new deal here in the united states getting back to you know the fable the drivel about russia gate it was very very clear on amy goodman this morning less than two hours ago live ok she ended up after giving greg gordon of mcclatchy twenty minutes she ended up saying now i have to point out that this is all speculation right well the speculation was this was this as follows. robert muller has no russians as as alexander point out there's no russians that we've been able to get and we
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indicted a whole bunch can indict a ham sandwich what we both here's a russian a media put in a we got her now and she's the only game in town ok and we're going to make sure that this works because if we have a russian word was use we have the holy grail a person that we can set up and say aha see she was working in this intricate scheme through the end and everything else to make sure that trump beat hillary clinton i have to tell you i've never seen it sillier season as i have seen it now in washington yeah but you know when you get a job here but i mean raise absolutely right but i mean if you watch the n n n m it's a b c they don't listen to anything about facts and decisions that have some of the can on congressional committees some of the documents they've had to claw out of the justice department it even they'll even say this is good news for my. or are they just don't talk about it it's really amazing to me this is this is it really
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is a slow motion cooed it's going on here and now they have a redhead russian woman twenty nine years old case closed they've done their job that's going to be the message i'm afraid go ahead joe yeah it's not only the silly season it's a dangerous season because you've got the core corporate media who's lets in one example takes an indictment which is only an accusation it is not evidence it doesn't have to contain evidence it's not in itself evidence as absolutely established fact they are going on that and they've convinced a huge part of the american population of this and i think this is what moralism what robert miller's mission is is to create russian guilt in the public consciousness and once it's settled in by the aid of a fevered media campaign his mission is accomplished they are guilty and we've reached that point now no matter what happens the facts any kind of analysis of
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detail is irrelevant and maria bettina if she's going to be railroaded as the cook that's the lynchpin as you called her of collusion and that's what's going to happen i think we're moving towards a resolution of this entire two plus year. so-called scandal of russia gay and it's either going to be the house intelligence committee and the republicans who who can bring down some people inside the f.b.i. even rule himself as being politically motivated or they're going to win the other side who will win and we're going to see her in jail for tina that is as a colluding person and then that will be the basis for the impeachment of donald trump because that's what this is all been about you previous truck you talked about in his text was deciding with his lover police a page whether to try to stay on and become an assistant district attorney or to join ruelas team and he wanted to join the listing which he did because it could lead to the impeachment of donald trump you know alexander the east. people their
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bread ins and their kloppers and the co means they're good they're good at they're going to die i think they're going to skate through this here because they have the whole national security state defending them protecting them and they have the liberal media giving them cover every step of the way and anyone that disagrees with them is just putin's puppet i mean that message it's working it's not working for smart people but the their political agenda this is what but on the other on the other side this is the elites arguing among themselves a recent gallup poll most americans could care less about any of this it didn't even reach the point of meaningfulness ok it was it was way down on the bottom here this is a war at the top this is what it's all about it's not about what the american people think it's about the power that people want to maintain and get back go ahead alexander well i think that's all true but i think the thing we've always got to remember is that of course impeachment is something which is carried out by
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congress which is one definition of the elite so if the elite decides to go down this road they have the power to do it because that is that is what the power that the constitution gives them so certainly it's true that the wider population at least the republican party voting part of the book relation may not be very engaging the elite itself is obsessed with it but of course that points to another danger which is that you have in the united states and i think this is becoming increasingly clear. a disassociation between what people think and of thinking within the beltway within the elite generally and the concerns that ordinary americans have and here i'm going to say something about not just right wing americas i mean left wing americans to joe's perhaps better able to talk about that than i can gray also the point is that i think what americans right and left wing
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americans are concerned about jobs housing of student debt of those sorts of issues and i think if this continues for the very much longer more and more people are going to start saying to themselves the elites in the united states is not working for us and at that point they we could easily see the whole trump situation reviving yes i want to know this the young maria here that it's the system isn't going to work for her either here am going to give the last thirty seconds of the program go ahead ray well i agree with alexander and i would caution that even the smart people are taken in by the eighty five percent of the media that keep drumming drumming gate and that's really bad last word here as a former intelligence officer i would ask anyone to take a look at the trade craft the trade craft exhibited by maybe we've seen
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that there is no trade craft she's a russian agent my god then why does she put everything right out there were everybody everybody this brother and sister here did it and you're really in apparently because you're funny story she communicated with her handler via e-mail while wasn't that devious that's all the time we have gentlemen many thanks to my dad you might be angry and wounded by their ranks that were viewers for watching us here at r.t. see you next time and remember crosstalk. for a man or sitting in a car when the phipps gets shot in the head. all four have different versions of what happened one of them is on the death row there's no way he could have done it there's no possible way because the list did
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not shoot around a corner. seemed wrong. but all quotes just don't hold. any goal to get to shape out this day comes to educate and engage with equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. i'm bart chilton and this is bone boss broadcasting around the world from right
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here in view of the u.s. capitol in washington d.c. this is a second installment of our infrastructure deficit special if a structure isn't just a nice thing to have isn't only about having less bumps on a ride or about convenience it's much more including national security we asked the former director of the national transportation safety board jamie finch about that and more. in the search for four is a national security issue. goes about going all the way back to president eisenhower having indeed the germans autobahn he brought the concept to the united states as a as a system to build across america so you can actually travel from the us from from the east coast us to the west coast the u.s. and short of it out of time versus the several months that it took him when he was a private when he first made it into the army.
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the world has become more connected with people in places that ever before and we can now reach just about any city on the planet in a single day and none of it would be possible without airplanes and airports in fact the national air traffic controllers association says there are over eighty seven thousand flights in the united states every single day at the same time u.s. airports are decomposing before our eyes for an aerial view on the current state of airport infrastructure we handed over to our correspondent nicholas. most people come into the u.s. the first thing they see is one of these and they're poles and although america considers itself to be the leader of the developed world the truth is that it's a full on always want to.


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