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tv   Cross Talk  RT  July 25, 2018 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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she just being picked out because she's russian go ahead ray well peter first full disclosure i want you to hear this from me rather than from the f.b.i. i may be called a coconspirator very quickly because i have met my the oh my god oh oh why oh yeah there may even be a picture of id alongside her anxiety ating i thought you were glowing i thought you were glowing ok go ahead keep going. it was at a meeting a meeting of the session an evening lecture committee for the republic a very non non partisan actually mostly conservative group and i met her with about one hundred other people and there were a lot of people who had dinner together evening so that's number one number two i attended the hearing last wednesday when she came in and her are in show suit there and was denied bail on the pretense that she was too dangerous
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a person that the f.b.i. did not have it in their capability to prevent her from getting into a russian embassy car and being spirited out of dulles airport to russia. number three and last i have been watching analyzing we porting on russia for fifty five years i was chief of the soviet foreign policy branch at cia i am unabashedly in favor of a better relationship between the united states and russia i am also completely appalled at the russia gate drivel that is coming out from all ends now including from amy goodman just yes morning on democracy now who had what's his name greg gordon gordon reporting on how the n.r.a. funneled money you know the conspiracy is right there and i have to tell you i talked to greg gordon just two or three months ago personally and he's completely drunk all the kool-aid about russia gate it's really ridiculous when amy goodman
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and rachel maddow cannot be distinguished one from the other amazing joe let me go to you she's denied bail because she's a dangerous flight risk here ok i mean looking at her biography and look at her instagram very provocative pictures folks ok food and her love of guns ok and her love of america which is very very clear i mean is this you know we don't have a lot of evidence i read part of the indictment here. this seems like it's a nice ingredient to the russia russia russia mantra go ahead joe. you know i think it's more than that peter i've read the criminal complaint and the f.b.i. agents affidavit in the case and i think it's pretty clear that they're setting this up to be the so-called evidence for collusion as you were everyone knows the miller in the last miller indictment of the the alleged twelve russian g.r.u.
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agents did not have anything to do with anyone on the trumped team this crime that she's being accused of is trying to build better u.s. russian relations with informal dialogue dinners maybe that was one of the ones ray was that. they're setting achievement would person american u.s. person want a u.s. person to i predict i suspect that this of one and two will be somehow linked to the campaign because she met with a political party won the complaint says and that was a part of it used to be hostile to russia or in the past you have to think that's the republicans so this is all being set up and all she may have violated as you pointed out peter at the beginning is not registering as a foreign agent as a lobbyist now where she working for the russian government apparently she was really working and had worked in the office of the deputy central bank governor of russia and she continued to be in touch with a ham and may have been an interpreter at some of the meetings that it had when he
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came to the to the u.s. that she's in the she's being accused of illegal activities but in that illegal activity according to the f.b.i. was trying to have better relations between the u.s. and russia that's what this is come to yes alexander i mean i it's already been mentioned here we have the g.o.p. and we have the n.r.a. and if that says one little you know smith inch away from donald trump is this the gambit that's in play here twenty nine year old russian woman a successful entrepreneur likes guns wants to bring the second amendment to russia and she's a conservative in america she's still linchpin honk go ahead alexander. i think that he's exactly what it's all about if you look at the last indictment. published which has been discussed by the way. on consortium use the thing that stood out to me about is that there is actually no collusion allegation involved in it in
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relation to the hack of the democratic national committee's computers so what they're now trying to do and i think joe's absolutely right is they're trying to find some evidence of collusion in some of the way and what they've done is they. found a young russian woman who as far as i could see was leave living her own life i mean she had her ideas about guns good views which i don't personally agree with by the way but she had ideas about guns she wanted russia to adopt something like american gun culture she's very well known in russia as a supporter of american ideas about gun control or the lack of it and has campaigned in russia for that she's been involved in russia with those sort of activities she had a life in the united states she's now caught in the middle she is the person around whom this whole thread bare collusion narrative is now going to be diverted
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given that the original collusion narrative has all but collapsed you know ray i think that what i worry about is that i don't know what kind of legal defense the chief house but she's going to be under enormous amount of pressure here she faces a ten year prison sentence i worry that under pressure she might sing and then start composing you get my drift go ahead. well that's the name of the game here of course you are up somebody up and then you say you know we can put you away for ten years but you know if you could just remember about this russian conclusions and if you just remember this that's manna for it that's all manner of people that the f.b.i. has wrapped up i have to say here i feel really strongly about this because the f.b.i. lies a lot the f.b.i. falsifies documents and i have to can cite simply my good friend tom drake and he was being they want to put him away for twenty six years right and they they took the documents that had been classified and they put
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a secret stamp on it ok and that was part of the evidence they used with this court in the state of maryland now thank god james bamford had the original classified so he took it to the judges said look this is what you're dealing with here and the department of justice and the f.b.i. and the judge threw it out and he said to those justice department of justice lawyers you still don't have a darkened my doorstep again i don't want to see you ever in court you perjured yourselves get out of here case dismissed so that's the kind of thing that the f.b.i. and the target of as bill binney says just does what the kind of behavior they exhibit i want to add one more thing and then be very brief i have to depend myself not only against the f.b.i. but against my liberal friends who think that i'm defending donald trump i think donald trump is the worst person in the united states ever had ok the only thing i agree with him and i would point out that a broken clock is correct twice
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a day is that there's no reason in god's world why we can't have a better relationship with russia and i stand by that judgment ok well joe is that is this what it's really all about is this really what it's all about you know right before the helsinki summit we have the indictment come out after helsinki and then everybody's got their hair on fire even. people at fox news and then we have this young woman caught in the middle of it i mean is this is this is this all choreographed in your mind go ahead i don't want to be very clear we need more evidence i'm asking people to speculate with reason go ahead joe. you know i do think it's corrugated obviously career graph to specially the timing of the indictment he was meeting with the queen in windsor castle exact moment that rosenstein the deputy attorney general made the announcement of these indictments and it was a couple of days before the world cup final and of course the summit in helsinki we also if you could throw into that doing
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a song was about to be turned over to british authorities he's linked of course to this case because we can leaks is named as organization one in the indictments as having received the pearland documents when you look at this f.b.i. as an affidavit about marina you've see that it starts with a long political statement a highly politicized statement full of the typical russophobia saying that russia is trying to destroy our democratic institutions this is an influence operation and she's part of this show it's a low cost low risk operation of russia to influence the united states i mean up against the the the machine of corporate media this woman is influencing the united states this is the kind of thing we see in another thing that needs to be said about her is that i have heard and read that she's actually in of all news supported the opposite yes ition the leader would such small numbers in russia and she says in her in the criminal and sorry in the affidavit that putina was talking
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to americans about post putin russia and future russian governments she was told to talk about that without undermining the current president of russia so that would fit into someone who doesn't really like putin very much and was not working on his behalf and it gets more and more complicated i have to a short break we'll continue our discussion and. stay with our team. financial. locusts it is. most just as. he knows it.
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could. do it it. doesn't go to the destroy. all forest once only but the looking. forward to one of the ninety one columns on the old. boy a. good. move thank. you both. but politicians do something to. put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president or injury. or somehow want to be pressured. into going to be press this is what the before three in the morning can't be good. i'm interested always in the waters of my colleagues.
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question. some people. use indigenous people as you know we that the. people the plant trees. mostly and so that. all of a sudden the man just. told b j. i said i will enter in the they will not allow. you they will shoot we've.
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got all along a million million indeed i'm definitely not in the bin that you could have been killed by your own that i think i mean you know i mean because. welcome back across like we're all things are considered to remind you we're talking about the latest victim of russia get. let's go back to alexander in london you know alex i watched peter struck testimony and i'm reminded by what we've just heard from ray. ok i'll give you my opinion i think an informed opinion because i've had to deal with this ridiculous
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story for two years like the public here he was clearly lying and missed. very very deceptive ok now it's ex-girlfriend it looks like she's thrown him under the bus couldn't happen to a nicer guy you know but it's really about the culture of law enforcement at the highest levels in the united states now i don't know enough a lot about this maria learned a lot about her last few days here but she's certainly not a big fish if i can use that term and it like i said i really worry you know once you pressure someone like that you may tend to sing and then they'll they'll can pose for you here i mean this story is not only a tragic story about destroying still another person's life but it really it's about how law enforcement works and it seems to be quite politicized in quite weaponized as well go ahead alexander. well i'm glad you brought up the destruct
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because of course what we're now hearing and of course these are reports but they seem to be valid records is that there was in a text exchange between struck and liza page in which you said that there was no there there and it seems that lee's of pages confirmed there there is collusion and that text was sent three days after all those appointed special counsel to investigate collusion and these are the two people struck who is at the very heart of the collusion investigation so that seems to me to point very strongly towards a politicized investigation which is what donald trump and others have been saying it is and don't really have any doubt about that now if we go back to marina maria buttin well i think we've already talked about how the fact that the collusion
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allegation has collapsed in connection with the central hacking allegation and it seems that any russian now who is any contact with people of any importance in the united states is now at risk of being dragged into this thing and if i can just go back to two things that was said before. one i think by yourself about pressure being put on people to talk and say things a judge i think his name was judge ellis actually said that he said directly to the f.b.i. and the justice department in the manner for case you're really interested in manner for you're trying to pressure man a fort so you can get it trump and he didn't really deny it so that is exactly that the agenda that's been followed here it was followed with michael flynn also donald trump's former national security advisor and it seems to me there's a real risk that that might happen and of course in terms of. and the
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allegations against the idea that the national the the n.r.a. one of the most or patchouli ot organizations in america could be swung round and brought under the influence of the kremlin why one twenty nine year old russian woman is so far fetched in his complete numbers no no alick that is going on no i'll tell you what is being asked to really know what out there what's pathetic here are kind of you know sleight of hand here no it's not outrageous because remember liberals used to be very distrustful of the national security state they're not anymore let me go to ray you know the contrast in the last few news cycles you have clapper brennan and komi ok you know heralding the virtues of the secure national security state and then we have this young twenty nine one tract of woman that really just wanted to have better relations and she liked guns and she was
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a conservative and you could do better for her cards in the united states we look at these three people on the top that were running the national security state at one point in time if this is the face and i think it's very duplicitous ok i did these people are not to be trusted and people like that are prosecuting this young woman go ahead. well peter the proof is in the putting. people like komi in john brennan are running scared yet you know yet that the house intelligence committee that's serious about this investigation has the goods on them yet they can go to jail yet the matter of fact evan noonish the head of the intelligence committee in the house has said precisely that if they're guilty they're going to be put on trial this is a new phenomena mn the food there's a new deal here in the united states now getting back to you know the fable the drivel about russia gate it was very very clear on amy goodman this morning less than two hours ago live ok she ended up after giving greg gordon of mcclatchy
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twenty minutes she ended up saying now i have to point out that this is all speculation right well the speculation was this was this as follows. robert muller has no russians as as alexander point out there's no russians that we've been able to get and we indicted a whole bunch you know he can indict a ham sandwich what we but both here's a russian a media puttin a we got her now and she's the only game in town ok and we're going to make sure that this works because if we have a russian word was use we have the holy grail a person that we can set up and say aha see she was working in this intricate scheme through the end and everything else to make sure that trump beat hillary clinton i have to tell you i've never seen it sillier season as i have seen it now in washington yeah but you know when you get
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a job here but i mean raise absolutely right but i mean if you watch the n n n m s n b c they don't listen to anything about facts and decisions and some of the can on congressional committees some of the documents they have had to claw out of the justice department it even they'll even say this is good news for my. or are they just don't talk about it it's really amazing to me this is this is it really is a slow motion cooed it's going on here and now they have a redhead russian woman twenty nine years old case closed they've done their job that's going to be the message i'm afraid go ahead joe yeah it's not only the silly season it's a dangerous season because you've got the cork corporate media who's let's in one example takes an indictment which is only an accusation and is not evidence it doesn't have to contain evidence it's not in itself evidence as absolutely established fact they are going on that and they've convinced a huge part of the american population of this and i think this is what moralism
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what robert miller's mission is is to create russian guilt in the public consciousness and once it's settled in by the aid of a fevered media campaign his mission is accomplished they are guilty and we've reached that point now a matter what happens the facts any kind of analysis of detail is irrelevant and maria bettina if she's going to be railroaded as the cook as the linchpin as you called her of collusion and that's what's going to happen i think we're moving towards a resolution of this entire two plus year. so-called scandal of russia gay and it's either going to be the house intelligence committee and the republicans who who can bring down some people inside the f.b.i. even rule himself as being politically motivated or they're going to when the other side rule will win and we're going to see her in jail for tina that is as a colluding person and then that would be the basis for the impeachment of donald
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trump because that's what this is all been about you pretty struck you talked about in his text was deciding with his lover police a page whether to try to stay on and become an assistant district attorney or to join melissa team and he wanted to join the listing which he did because it could lead to the impeachment of donald trump you know alexander the these. people their bread insulin and their kloppers and the coal means they're good they're good at they're going to die i think they're going to skate through this here because they have the whole national security state defending them protecting them and they have the liberal media giving them cover every step of the way and anyone that disagrees with them is just putin's puppet i mean that message it's working it's not working for smart people but the their political agenda this is what but on the other on the other side this is the elites arguing among themselves a recent gallup poll most americans could care less about any of this it didn't even reach the point of meaningfulness ok it was it was way down on the bottom here
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this is a war at the top this is what it's all about it's not about what the american people think it's about the power that people want to maintain and get back go ahead alexander well i think that's all true but i think the thing we've always got to remember is that of course impeachment is something which is carried out by congress which is one definition of the elite so if the elite decides to go down this road they have the power to do it because that is that is what the power that the constitution gives them so certainly it's true that the wider population at least the republican part of voting part of the population may not be very engaged in it that the elite itself is obsessed with it but of course that points to another danger which is that you have in the united states and i think this is becoming increasingly clear
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a disassociation between what people think of thinking within the beltway within the elite generally and the concerns that ordinary americans have and here i'm going to say something about not just right wing americans i mean left wing americans to joe's perhaps better able to talk of. that when i can gray also the point is that i think what americans right and left wing americans are concerned about jobs housing all student debt all of those sorts of issues and i think if this continues for the very much longer more and more people are going to start saying to themselves the elites in the united states is not working for us and at that point they we could easily see the whole trump situation reviving yes i want to know this the young maria here that it's the system isn't going to work for her either here am going to give the last thirty seconds of the program go ahead ray
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well i agree with alexander and i would caution that even the smart people are taken in by the eighty five percent of the media that keep drumming drumming gate and that's really bad last word here as a former intelligence officer i would ask anyone to take a look at the trade craft the trade craft exhibited by maybe. there is no trade craft she's a russian agent my god then why does she put everything right out there were everybody everybody this brother and sister here to get it and going to italy and apparently it was because she had funny stories she communicated with her handler via e-mail while wasn't that devious that's all the time we have gentlemen many thanks to my dad you might be looted by their ranks that were viewers for watching us here at r.t. see you next time and remember crosstalk. or
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least. four man are sitting in a car when the fifth gets shot in the head. all four have different versions of what happened one of them is on the death row there's no way he could have done it there's no possible way because the us did not shoot around a corner. when the whole make this manufacture come sentenced to public wells. in the room in clusters and protect themselves. with the crime and merry go
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round lifts and be the one percent of. the time we can all middle of the room sick. room real news. everywhere in the world my guess is that probably just about everywhere women expect men to make that first move and here we are in an age where men a scared to make the first move don't know how to make the first move don't know what's right to make the first move. i've been saying the numbers mean something they've matter to us is over twenty trillion dollars in debt more than ten like colored orange stamp in each dish. eighty five percent of global wealth you loans to the ultra rich eight point six
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percent market saw a thirty percent rise last year some with four hundred to five hundred three per second per second and bitcoin rose to twenty thousand dollars. china's building two point one billion dollars a i industrial park but don't let the numbers overwhelm. you. early numbers you need to remember it was one of those you know for two minutes one can only be. essentially. the t.v. at least.
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some fear it's possible for groups of militants to go to houses and slaughter entire families the islamic state terror group doubles the number of attacks in iraq a government security advisor says the state media there is trying to avoid panic by keeping quiet about the true level of violence the number of lysol kidnappings the searches and some of the people not the special forces to not have enough resources to run the militants down that is they're hiding out some remote mountainous areas. and the u.s. media and politicians lash out at the idea of a second summit between donald trump and vladimir putin despite a recent poll suggesting most americans are in favor of close the time. on facebook has multiple banning advertising featuring.


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