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injured so they need this surgery in in one or two days. to where they should look. in the show looking. our land was given by so quickly due east to these people they called then up or down then. the cause of the war between good social group and those didn't just so it is to sit in the fall in between to provide easy to order sources including a gun to fight the shoot that is our case now. and we're going to demanding the dollar lunch must be given back to us. very badly you explain it to me we've had here in quite a lot and working with all of you you have taught me a lot you you've shown me many anything you have a strength that i've never seen anywhere else. and i would also like to welcome
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back to you who is the new head of office in qatar. thank you so much for the welcome you so very welcome this royal welcome i actually . got up from a stiff. as a great leader. as a kid she was spoken from was bill to my best. very much you know if you really want to try to put it feel good and well ok good let me try and hide my membership you know i'm going to have to endure not to live with i don't but it's one. that. is going to. be with you today i have. to get.
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up and i'm going to. you're going this is so won't you as my mom my mom you know you mean it. wasn't you it would be it. was. you you know. it. was a little. bit so we go oh you know something he just likes it so you got all those six volunteers right. and i think you might do it to. a one.
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on a status conference planned for them based on the same for you but the ship is the case in point. thanks and. i had to tell us we're going to. have a pickup. yes this is about fourteen eight zero five and eight eight and nine it's living conduct i would watch over. the next contact one hour one hour over. the devoted guard. already. think. you know some come for.
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the eurocentric point of view has seen a lot of criticism lately relevant is eurocentrism no can it still be the idea that you know it's confronting such. is democratic socialism the few. of the democratic party the future of america is moving to the left a winning strategy to take on donald trump's vision of conservative populism one thing is undeniable mainstream politics in both parties for under pressure to evolve and become more accounts.
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this is a historically. on place the first the first time what they're calling the enterprise of the british and the french decided to stop and go their separate ways. and happened here in this inner kingdom so very had. their own culture and sovereignty
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for many centuries now. it's a very rough terrain you so it's rough climates and you have to fight to be able to live and to find enough. south sudan soil is so first that it can't you just you harvest a year however because of the continuing hostilities people have no time not even to cultivate the land a devastating humanitarian catastrophe is taking hold in several of the countries states famine the red cross hospital is now the only place where many can actually find something to eat. i'm not worried.
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about money but i love them enough enough i don't. really i mean i don't know but i guess it. comes down to. the sound of some man my you mean you don't know what i'm here on you do you know. i don't you what about the high if you don't want. to we. know your own boy how am i going to be kind of one. i owe you guys we didn't someone you know no one . in my view we already have a bag of luggage and i need it in my stomach as bad a getting a question. in my head well the thing knowing if. i don't know you you will see you can i mean many things like they'd ask a noted to remove any minute of what i play on the eve of a problem i'm not
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a man let my unique place of my many get money that i get i would be back. to. the normal people and or less ninety percent. no concern aboard the total deal always of what we want in the government they just need security i do that when business comes to beijing the good because if we'll believe them but. in two thousand and thirteen south sudan's president self a killer from the dinka tribe to stir up the yes nick balance within the country's government he dismissed the vice president and several kemet of members all of whom were from the new a tribe they immediately led an armed opposition soon to be
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joined by the should look tribe. did the beginning of the war going to the point i mean it was it is and i cannot tell you exactly in this area but. this over two hundred level would have come as long as even myself if i could not defend myself i would just be killed so many people died because when they made these a genocide people i'd given them zelikow to try to see a better body in the children is ready to participate in the good the war is not a political war. the hood is owed to me go to a meeting with police. no we're just beginning with the washington post a bit then must know we're just putting sugar. extrusion. the sure
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stench still at least prevent infection and promotes the heating goes their way into the distance the faster you can. and you do it just the day dressings for the cleanest. you're getting now the only numbers that are good as i get. there when they get away. and they will mean that i. not only was the one but done a pretty. good going to good one accord and while they did the bus side. by side getting. on me going to sit at a key didn't back in the old but nobody. not a member of my. own. could be it would fit in and what you would do we assassinate and i think you get no we what we meant we knew to you you could do with a good monthly government a baby they could be getting that food what will you do when you hear get it they
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will be mad that you know what you were doing a good outing ok then a year later would do it and you. have a long one you know you have a dead. man it's an old on the way and i didn't know were going to be a celeb i keep it out of if you were going it's a moment you're going for the. security . and look at you. you. don't know. so he didn't sleep last night. he. didn't sneeze he didn't manage to hold us kids should do it quick don't worry. so what we're trying to do just took him just there on this nice torture cold he was not. yet what procedure. if you leave him was old brain for like
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winter far worse problem. than the long. haul and this is still. a student. injection. was it bending down to let it. all change. let's say that. you just do most all this night looking forward to. this literature are those sort of for you to do just bundle with. some nuclear they pull up their boots but all those sorts of its western. cultures which are.
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sometimes still. i feel for you know over the years of eternal loss of russian but i. know man i know i know that i want us to buy stocks that i have. lost interest these are the same on paper. plates and i don't know when you're here. you know. largest part of you know. got some i mean i just got a feeling why don't you. say
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you know. you mean what if you've got. a. four. year old. son disclosure forms. and. that's where. you can live.
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ok. you know. child where. that was. you know with that when you're losing a lot of leads the day you're not getting you know having baby and you having. a
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meeting and the body doesn't have a name will be just that. if she wants two parts to left she can post by saying this one that's ok but it turned out she should not force staff it's some it's not something to force that. you can just come to submit i just laid down. i'm on midway. and but i support other departments and i cannot if there is no get to mass hold make now that is not to get trisha and the medical doctor was not there so i also heard there. would be. if you will do to him what induced you want stuff she wants to see. if you can no
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problem because of you. notice monday at least a month that. you need to be in. love you. don't i didn't want gloomy i got a bad mood. and you haven't it's ok ok due to the people feeling that it will. become hunted to do. so you need to explain to them to make sure that they keep these fun times one time just. sometimes to. practice so stressful but now you have to call wants to save because if you have so
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much stress then you get confused time to you know temperament the question. will be very happy when i buy him and the patient gets away and. that's that's when i. don't have to. most people think just stand out in this business you need to be the first one on top of the story or the person with the loudest voice of the biggest raid in truth to stand out of the music business you just need as the right questions and demand the right answer. questions.
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pleasures fuzzes guaranteed returns that those being abused by the crooks are in the county to shovel it a lot of toxic garbage that is ending up is a guaranteed bill because at the end of the day a lot of these pension accounts not being cut back people who think that they had a pension are being told there's been a run up you don't have a pension anymore you're now flat broke you have to go out in the street and beg for money go to get addicted to heroin we don't want you anymore drop dead.
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syrian president bashar al assad warns activist group the white helmets they will be wiped out like other terrorists if they refuse to surrender. donald trump claims russia might interfere in the upcoming midterm elections to help his rivals the democrats as the issue of russian meddling remains divisive. found more than six hundred migrants forced their way into spain storming through a border fence between the country's north african on a plate of soup and moral code. for the latest on these stories head to r.t. dot com at the top of the hour my colleague laurie sushi will be here with the latest news but stay with us in the meantime for the kaiser reports looking at the
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impact of deindustrialization on parts of the u.s. . i'm max keiser this is the kaiser report well it's time once again to check in with stacey you know max you and i have been covering this story of private equity hollowing out some of the remaining businesses in america things like toys r us or all these retail outlets they hollow it out you know buy it with loaded debt loaded up with steel the pensions and run away and the hold the industrialization of america financialization well you know there have been one group of people kind of immune from this and that as the state workers the federal employees certain firefighters policemen they have some guaranteed pensions guaranteed by the state
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so if it if the returns are not good enough of course the states just raise taxes and make sure that these guaranteed pensions are met well. it turns out as looking pretty bad wall street managers have cost americans more than six hundred billion dollars over the past decade over the last decade fund managers who oversee the pensions of the nation's teachers firefighters police and other government workers have doubled down on an investment strategy that has cost us taxpayers at least six hundred billion dollars possibly more than a trillion investment data and calculations by yahoo finance found guess why who did they turn the money over to. private equity and hedge funds oh oh yeah well as if said many times on the show pensions fon are where risk goes to die in other words eye wall street to risk they make bad bets they put a lot of these bad trades into what's called an error account i haven't mentioned
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the error account in a while but every brokerage firm out the error account where you make a bad trade is something goes wrong you stick it in this error account where it's not accounted for on any financial statements officially and then eventually some pension fund somewhere and in getting that trade and they backdated and they stick it in with a lot of other garbage and the pension fund managers are typically kind of underpaid low level people that don't really know much and i'm a robber citroen famously was the manager and i think was orange county that i was a very famous case of somebody who was and complete idiot managing the shoot fund that that's generally the case in the industry they purposefully put people who are morons into these jobs so they can easily steal from these pension accounts but part of the problem has been that they charge huge fees to manage it and they have they don't outperform the market so this is how they get sold seeking higher gains
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pension fund managers have upped their investment in so-called alternative strategies that are costly and weighed down returns quote we find that some of the worst performing plans are those that went into alternatives late in the last decade said john pierre aubrey air research director at the center for retirement research at boston college we studied the impact of investing on into alternatives and public pension funds they don't outperform the market had they just invested in vanguard index fund that does mention we were the heirs and yes the ever since john boggle you know invented the index fund over there vanguard it's been outperforming every manager in any significant time period five year ten year two. any air and this is undisputed facts occasionally hedged on our private equity fund while opera for the market for a year or two but over five years ten years they never perform the market any pension fund this on invested in a passive index fund like a vanguard no if the fund is going to underperform the market and that the those
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those are just basically as night follows day if the facts of the case nevertheless these pension fund managers continue to write we would buy them because because they are able to charge such high fees against other pension funds other state employee pension funds they can afford maybe flashier shoes and clothing in and fly private jets and you know the pension fund manager so impressed and they order you know two thousand dollars to fund manager is picked by the wall street crook there's going to be investing that pension fund money ok that's just the way they're not that pension fund manager is not a innocent bystander in all this they're placed in that role by these crooks to buy the crickets just to bag o. worms from the crooks ok now if the teacher's fun in the fireman's fund the police fund they want to get a real return on their pensions and they want to wise up they need to get you know make sure the person running their fund is actually nobody just put it into an index fund well remember their pensions are guaranteed so they don't care right at
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the participants in it as it says alternative funds invest in things like hedge funds private equity real estate or commodities rather than traditional stocks and bonds because pensions are guaranteed under performance has hit taxpayers and the form of budget cuts for schools hospitals and libraries and decreased spending on infrastructure health care and other ok when i say all the see this type of guarantee was in the savings and loan crisis of one nine hundred eighty s. we see it in the current crisis in the two thousand and eight banking crisis where the banks were guaranteed to get bailed out by barack obama and the federal government and even though they made a horrible loans and they made horrible decisions they got bailed out not the debtors so the savings and loan crisis that the government guaranteed. insurance program for deposits that was abused by the famous five but the keating five during that era now the pension funds as guaranteed returns that is being abused by the crooks are you the guarantee to shovel it a lot of talks the garbage that is ending up is
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a guarantee bill because at the end of the day a lot of these pension accounts are not being cut back people who think that they had a pension are being told has been run out you don't have a bunch of anymore you're now flat broke you have to go out to the street and big for money don't get addicted to heroin we don't want you anymore drop dead ok in a private sector when the pension goes bust because of wall street charlatans goes bust and everybody loses their money of the participants in the private pension scheme here it's chicago or california california guarantees a pension of say two hundred thousand dollars a year for the local policeman well if if the pension fund fails to return that amount of money they just raise taxes on other people to pay for their pensions so here i want to say all three study shows that across the board public pension fund managers have thrown increasingly more money at these complex and pricey alternative funds despite the fact that they consistently underperform simple index funds available for a fraction of the fee of the cost part of the reason why they do that is because on paper. the fancy you know private equity or hedge fund is promising we
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could probably get you returns of ten percent a year so that because of the hollowing out of the previous hedge fund guy you know they need that ten percent they need to show their members that they're going to get ten percent the index fund will only guarantee basically the market you'll do as well as the market which might be four percent right i get the point that the song a private fund it's ok to go bankrupt however as you point out does and bankrupting people in the sense that they impose austerity they impose they raise taxes they force people they can't afford health to give health care to people people end up on the street destitute and dead. right so it's just a mixed the difference rich in crime on the street and crime on wall street is that a criminal you know knocks over a liquor store is doing so in real time they shoot a guy there's still the money it takes twenty minutes with wall street they are patient bill still your money over yours bernie madoff stole money for years and
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years and years yes you see knew about it on three separate occasions you just it or year after year after year was because a slow drip of criminality it's a slow drip still slowly it's a slow motion theft right people think it's not happening and yet there they are pensions bust dollars no good feds over leverage because so they stay employees by the way become participants in the cycle of fraud upon the other taxpayers because the alternative investment fund managers promise higher returns they sell the pension fund manager and high returns and thus sold on flashy promises of high returns those high assumptions allowed the employees to make not as high contributions scott could be chief investment officer a financial management firm carson group told yahoo finance they are trying to find a way to catch up because they have uncovered the liabilities i don't know if that
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is particularly well but so if you're told that here mr fireman or mr policeman or mrs police officer you know you don't have to contribute as much as you did last year because last year we were an index fund and this year we're going to move to a hedge fund flashy hedge fund guy who flew here in a private jet he's obviously doing very well but he's promising you that his returns are going to hire and therefore you don't have to give five hundred dollars a week towards your pension fund but you can retire in the same amount but only give three hundred a week so you have two hundred more in your pocket this week they can say yeah go with the private equity guy like people are stupid you know that movie that came out about the theft that went on during the subprime crisis. yes and it documented the shortage of short right so here's like it's a documentary practically bunch of bankers got together and rob americans blind for billions of dollars and now people know me i cover finance right they come up to me the question asked him.


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