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tv   News  RT  July 28, 2018 4:00pm-4:31pm EDT

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by israeli defense forces the protesters. this is the theory that ad drone that i'm just you know it does. give me. a feel. for. the not doing. the job but what if. we just woke up from inhaling and sophisticate think it was i think it's going to go to you just one more time by all of the tear gas canisters and despite all of the life in unison the palestinian protesters continue to protest and are still very very close to the fence participating in the great much of return this is not the first time and they have been facing this violence and to success of course but they have been witnessing this for more than eighteen weeks now most of the injuries today have been injured in the upper part of the body where most of them are in the chest in
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the stomach conduct in that and the had this is one of the injuries that was shot with live ammunition from that is right the snipers that said this but a senior minister has stated that most of the injuries today are from live ammunition this is a protest that was killed to a nice just then people are saying that he's shot and killed it's very dangerous for us to be here but despite everything we're still here covering all the israeli violence against the palestinians more live ammunition we can hear live ammunition and more injuries are coming from the frontline. police really military says it responded in accordance with the rules of engagement to defending the border and accuses the mass of using the protests to try and breach the barriers the protests of the gaza border been ongoing for almost four months now.
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i. heard. her. talking a lot about social media this hour now facebook has bought the accounts of right wing activists in brazil of elections they say it's part of a crackdown on fake news will to get closer look after the break. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy. let it be an arms race. spearing dramatic developments only really exists i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time to sit down and
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talk. in a world of big partisan lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to get the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the bad and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the troops the time is now we're watching closely watching the hawks.
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welcome back facebook has blocked the accounts of hundreds of rightwing activists in brazil as part of their campaign to tackle fake news the move caused outrage in the country many claim facebook is clearly interfering in the upcoming presidential elections today later this year that of the right wing free brazil movement says the tech giants decision to block the accounts was a surprise is how facebook justified its decision. these pages and profiles were part of a coordinated network concealed by the use of fake accounts on facebook which hid from people the nature and origin of the continent for the purpose of generating division and spreading misinformation or of course. was shut down and i was like what the hell is going on there suddenly i start to see four. hundred friends who are also. and suddenly we also realize there are many many
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profiles or files for the leaders for. and then we realize first even before the facebook he was an answer we realized that there was our. journalism paper writing that we. we were bennett for facebook because we have like a network of around three hundred facebook pages and profiles spreading fake news and we're like we don't spread any fake knew what the hell they're talking about brazil's federal prosecutors called on facebook to explain the blocking of the profiles he demanded a list of all pages and profiles blocked as well as a factual justification for each decision is co-founder of the free brazil movement renan santos again he says the deleted pages were obviously influential enough to attract facebook's attention. it was in the last three years the most influential
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of page on brazilian facebook and it's of your are one of the malls. in the world actually our numbers of engagement used to be compared to. be here and inherently and we did a lot of transformation or calgary because of our job because of our natural because we fought the mainstream media the as equally the they knew that they couldn't win the public debate against us so the side you should try to were not to make or make us quiet and that's what you're doing to start you first of all putting down our reach on facebook we used to reach eight million people writing of people they meet only on our facebook page and now we reach one point five to one people and they are doing these because of what's your lectures and also because intern actual actions they are there and somehow they're trying to shore their marital actions that they are doing their homework using brazil as. an expert an
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experiment. to mishear has released a suspected is louis terrorists who was deported from germany two weeks ago the authorities claim there's not enough evidence against the man although they added an investigation is still ongoing sammy i did is an alleged al qaeda member who was accused by the german interior minister of being one of a some of it lardons bodyguards he had been living in germany since one nine hundred ninety seven and even applied for asylum there in two thousand and six although that bit was unsuccessful he was arrested and subsequently deported from the country earlier this month in two thousand and turn the administrative court of docile doff prevented the deportation of something i did it was concerned that he could be exposed to torture and inhumane treatment in tunisia at the time a number of german politicians said that the court was in the wrong. what free to wait sammy in tunisia is not a problem of german taxpayers to protect one financially equipped and islamised
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well less and less true means for our own people is not acceptable but it suits chancellor angela merkel's vision for germany is allegedly a hate preacher he has al qaeda training and is said to have been the bodyguard have been lauded and anyone who thinks that we've done something terrible to sami a has to weigh up how long this man has already been in the country and how long we have tolerated this security risk rona's that he. should have been left in germany for ten years and secondly that the way he was brought back to tunis or weight loss department there is scattered it caused to question the rule of law in germany it's up no one wants this man in germany but it is grossly illegal what happened there cannot be described as legal it anyway the court rules and do you move government is bound by court ruling it out just disregard of course
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yes this man was supported. on and whether that hagar the way the government respond it in a very matter but you know speech for a start it's all chaos now. battle tanks from twenty three countries are facing off on the outskirts of moscow in the name of sport though not war they're competing in a special event organized by russia's defense ministry it's called tank.
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that brings you right up today with today's news all about the latest see you in just over half. four men are sitting in a car when the phipps gets shot in the head. for a different version of what. one of them is on the death row there's no way you could have done it there's no possible way because all this did not shoot around a corner.
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right we're all set to start in five. years how does that signal. going to talk about. just the right after the mars explorers one who would have their. records. well we all. know the last room full welcome to sophie until i'm so the sheriff not said today we're got lots to talk about in our program and our guest is who've good luck little.
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but after a time here we're going underground as russia hosts the twenty eighteen international army games with invitations extended to forces from eighty countries including nato nations coming up to show up for the worst israeli bombing of gaza since twenty fourteen when five hundred children were killed we speak john vause is former deputy foreign minister ghazi hamad was described israel as an animal straight man does that mean ahmed says semitic we asked one of the founding members of jewish voice for labor richard cooper of accusations of anti-semitism i used to silence the jitterbug criticism of israel but how far away from a new global order following three days of events at this year's bric summit in south africa we speak to american author and former economic hitman john buchan's bolus them all coming up at today's going underground but first whatever happened to theresa may and labor blairite support for
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a war on syria how did syria suddenly disappear from mainstream media we need to political solution a political long term solution which sees a syria without assad and why is our friend hillary clinton not saying things like this any more air strikes will have to be combined with ground forces actually taking back more territory here across the pond another hillary has gone very quiet about his grand syria campaign that some suspected was just another blairite leadership group against jeremy corbyn my favorite to replace theresa may we know about fascists is that they need to be defeated. and it is why as we have heard tonight. show socialists and trade unionists and others join the international brigade in the one nine hundred thirty s. to fight against franco it's why this entire house stood up a. enemy of corbin and son of the late great anti war labor cabinet minister tony benn there trying to persuade u.k.
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politicians to bomb syria according to no arguably victorious syrian president bashar al assad what hillary been there to learn hillary clinton were doing could have actually destroyed the planet in reality we were close to have dad a conflict between the russian forces and american forces. and fortunately it is it has been avoided. by the wisdom of the american leadership by the wisdom of the world and because the slope in the interest of anyone. anyone in this world and for all the syrian to have does. not join with a nuclear conflict was on the agenda of the u.k. taxpayer funded white helmets but they have arguably realize they've lost their war . trump contacted me canadian prime minister truth and request. hundreds of white how much from syria and why helmets allegedly linked to al qaeda
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groups in syria have also be devaluated to a country that has been arming israel's netanyahu britain this in the context of britain arming israel as it is killed or wounded thousands of palestinian men women and children since the spring no wonder the u.k. abstained on the un general assembly motion to condemn excess force by the self-proclaimed jewish state one hundred twenty countries voted in favor of the resolution titled protection of the palestinian civilian population while eight members including the united states voted against it forty five nations abstained france and twelve other e.u. countries along with russia and china supported the resolution britain state well israel says it is merely responding drawn provocation from hamas israel just had to wound or kill sixteen thousand palestinians since march thirtieth those.


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