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new economy new things are these aren't small companies anymore they affect millions of workers and users and cracks are beginning to show suggesting far from expanding some of starting to fire their workforce and in the new economy relationships are shall we say complicated hundreds of thousands of paid for tesla cause the poor company hasn't even built if it goes bust these ordinary people would likely be quote wiped out definitely there's a there's a bubble not just in in the tech stocks but in the general stock market itself in the u.s. we're already seeing companies like general electric and caterpillar and some of the others. wells fargo in financial stress that there are signs of financial fragility as i call it where francia fragility is really a condition where the cash flow to finance previous debt becomes insufficient and they can't roll over the debt and they can't borrow that debt so then they have to
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default or sell off some of their assets first their better assets and then they did they default that after they can sell off those assets well that financial fragility in my book systemic ruggieri in the global economy is an indicator of pending financial instability and i think we're approaching that and we may see that emerge in the next year or two. u.s. lawmakers and the american civil liberties union of raising the alarm over amazon's facial recognition tool this is after it falsely matched photographs of members of congress with criminals there are no calls for a ban on its use by law enforcement and identification with that accurate or not could cost people their freedom or even their lives congress must take the street seriously hit the brakes and enact a moratorium on law enforcement use of face recognition. the american civil
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liberties union compared photos of all the members of the u.s. congress with a large database of criminal mugshot summers on facial recognition till may twenty eight matches but all of them were false eleven of the mismatches involve people of color prompting additional concern the union claims that the till has an inbuilt racial bias for forty percent of mismatches involving people of color that's even though congress which for that test group is overwhelmingly white we spoke to technology analyst roger about the issue when these afterwards trained to recognize faces it has to train our corpus and the corpus is made up of lots of the images that people in it for whatever reason the images are mainly prosecution people then it will be better at recognizing them some of the minorities if they weren't well represented in the training center but if you just grabbing any images that you find and many of them will be dark you know absolute people who have
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darker skin tones may just do just may be harder to see it should be understood that their visual recognition is not a matter of looking at photographs and ripping period to another photograph and saying oh this one looks like now and that's what it is human we do know what a computer do ours is though the measures points. made the a.c.l.u. revealed amazon is trying to sell its facial recognition technology to government and police agencies and that led numerous civil liberties groups to join together to campaign against it even amazon workers joined the protest but the technology is already being tested by some u.s. police departments. the next of course comedy as kate said you could expect is a public safety chemist on his are already working with government agencies to deploy this technology at the a.c.l.u. we obtain records that show that amazon signed a secrecy agreement with one county to keep details about the technology out of public view they've also invited law enforcement to suggest new features and they offered free consulting to help the city of orlando build its own system. and was
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on his head back at the a.c.l.u.'s test though saying that it had used low accuracy settings than recommended while eighty percent confidence is an acceptable threshold for photos of hot dogs chairs animals or other social media use cases it wouldn't be appropriate for identify an individual us with a reasonable level of certainty when he is in facial recognition for law enforcement activities we guide customers to set a threshold of at least ninety five percent or higher from amazon's point of view what they said was that the train there are law enforcement clients not to use the software or who are making decisions but rather to narrow down the pool to where shuman can look at the final result and verify yes these do make sense the people or they're not the same people amazon is saying well we think it's quite helpful we can find lost children and we can find criminals and things and that's
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all very positive but then the a.c.l.u. is saying yes but you also may use that as a way to sweep up people there's a possibility of abuse of the technology and there's also the use of it for good. three palestinians have died after friday's clashes on the israel gaza border but into the palestinian health ministry one of the victims was a teenage boy eighty other people were injured a journalist working with r.t. in kadar he was in the midst of the unrest. so this is the theory that ad drone that i used to it does. give me. a feel. for. the night when. you look at the map but what if. we just woke up from inhaling and suffocating tear gas i think it's going to go to you just one
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more time by all the tear gas canisters and despite all of the life i'm using the palestinian protesters continue to protest and are still very very close to the fence participating in the great much of return and this is not the first time they have been facing this violence and this excessive force but they have been witnessing this for more than eighteen weeks now most of the injuries today have been injured in the upper part of the body where most of them are in the chest in the stomach conduct in that and the had this is one of the injuries that was shot with live ammunition from that is right the snipers that was that the palestinian minister has stated that most of the injuries today are from live ammunition this is a protest that was killed to a nice just then people are saying that he's shot killed it's very dangerous for us to be here but despite everything we're still here covering all the israeli
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violence against the palestinians more live ammunition we can hear live ammunition and more injuries are coming from the front line. israeli military's defended this is of life on saying soldiers acted within the rules of engagement to defend the border. thousands of palestinians have been rallying on the girl's israel border every friday for the past four months demanding the right to reclaim ancestral lands. her. career. her. ground. are going. facebook has blocked the accounts of right wing activists in brazil ahead of elections there they say it's part of
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a crackdown on fake news we'll explain all after the break. you know world's big partisan movie lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to get the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the bats and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks. will make this manufactured consent instant to the public will. when the right wing closest to protect themselves. with the flame and merry go
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round lives only the one percent so. that's not to ignore middle of the room signals. room i mean real news is really. far away. down there aka paul he does the dollar vigilante and he's an anarchist and that is an arche it's anarchy in that there is no centralized authority that is corrupt and all that leads to all kinds of bad outcomes when you have anarchy you gotta do centralization of power you know you have the wherewithal to have a more peaceful existence.
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welcome back facebook has blocked the accounts of hundreds of rightwing activists in brazil that's as part of their campaign to tackle fake news the move though caused outrage in the country many claiming that facebook is clearly interfering in the upcoming presidential elections later this year the head of the right wing free brazil movement says the tech giant's decision to block me accounts came as a surprise is a facebook justified its decision these pages and profiles were part of a coordinated network concealed by the use of fake accounts on facebook which hid from people the nature and origin of their content for the purpose of generating division and spreading misinformation or of course. was shut down and i was like what the hell is going on then suddenly i start to receive four. hundred friends
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who are also went and suddenly we also realize there are many many profiles files for all of the leaders. and then we realize first even before the facebook he was an answer we realized that there was our. journalism paper writing that we. we were bennett for facebook because we have like a network of around three hundred facebook pages and profiles spreading fake nails and we're like we don't spread any fake knew what the hell they're talking about brazil's federal prosecutors called on facebook to explain the blocking of the profiles he's demanded a list of all pages and profiles blocked a lot as a factual justification for each decision is co-founder of the free brazil movement run and santos again he says the deleted pages were obviously influential enough to
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attract facebook's attention. it was in the last three years the most influential. of page on brazilian facebook and it's of or one of the more political beaches in the world actually or numbers of engagement used to be compared to mr b. and inherently and we did a lot of transformation or calgary because of our job because of our natural because we fought the mainstream media the as equally the they knew that they couldn't win the public debate against us so they decided to shut shuttle or not to make or make us quiet and that's what they're doing they start to first of all putting down our reach on facebook used to reach eight million people writing of people they need only on our facebook page and now we reach one point five to one people and they are doing this because of what's your lectures and also because
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intern actual actions they are there and somehow they're trying to shore their american elections that they are doing their homework using brazil as. an expert an experiment the. u.k. has suspended its cooperation with the u.s. over the prosecution of two former british citizens who joined islamic state known as the jihadi beatles due to their accents the pair were caught in syria and could now face the death penalty in america britain had intended to share intelligence to help the prosecution however learn the decided to take a short term pause after outrage in britain over the possible execution the u.k. dropped the death penalty back in the one nine hundred sixty nine lawmakers rights groups and a family member of one of the suspects all appealed to the british government political takes a closer look at the case. political rallies human rights taking a stand in case you missed it quite frankly a bit about pay when you want some but not the terrorists taken care of. the
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isis b. cells not called back because most of them a dad in one is a terrible drama but because they carried out he accept terroristic gruesomeness well speaking with a british accent grammar came up with that title has unfortunately made them sound a little too costly for a gang of murderous but hedges well ten of them have been captured by the us which really wants to extradite them home and deliver some humane injustice if you know what i mean all american needs is a bit of evidence to be sent out of it from britain which is a real shame because the u.k. is a country of conviction political values and it doesn't contain the possible use of the death penalty in any situation there was outrage how could britain stoop so low i'm sure it even the lives of their beatles at risk they had already rescinded their british passports my god is that not punishment enough. in any way of taking care of the likes of the isis beatles while at the same time
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keeping your values intact well luckily there are a few options. target the bad guys with anonymous drones while they're still in a sandy country that different one sure is always tricky but if one of your intelligence agents happens to be standing in the back of the room while someone else from one of those developing nations happens to be pulling out the fingernails well that's different and steve i'd freedom fighters with a picture of bin laden in that well it's to do some killing that. sending terrorists to stand trial in a real court or for a possible death sentence well that just went. to new zealand was released to the.


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