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and small house solutions only d. lighting such things actually account for about fifty percent of the whole market so i think that's a fantastic area to to focus on secondly we do like hydro a lot hydro power energy why because it's baseload it's big it's gigawatts and it's green unfortunately you can only do it where you have rivers so you do need to be lucky enough to have a big river running somewhere but hydro power is fantastic and finally nuclear power we consider that to be green yes there is a disposal problem to a degree on the on the waste but net net it is still a green technology that today has become so much more safe over the years and it is a technology that delivers big gigawatts so if you can construct these power plans of the reasonable cost which seems to be a bit of a challenge sometimes around the world then i think that would also be part of the energy mix those three things hydro nuclear and efficiency those are the ones will
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move the needle big time in terms of green energy production globally thank you have said before we're having few infrastructure problems that hinder green energy development what do you mean it's existing out of tricity great infrastructure not adaptable to green energy sources. it is true the infrastructure problem is a big issue to be honest because it takes something like wind the wind usually doesn't blow exactly where it is consumed the consumption is in the big cities the wind would simply be out of by the coast or in areas where there's a lot lot of wind so you've got to transmit the energy from where it's produced to where it's consumed and so it's got to pay for that typically it's been the state or has been the infrastructure providers but somebody has got to do it and it has to be economically attractive to do it unless the state is doing it but if you look at the build out of what is required if you were to switch say for instance you go
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to ten percent or twenty five percent wind energy production in a country like the u.s. you have to build a massive amount of infrastructure in terms of transmissions and that is vastly expensive so this is a big challenge so why do you think that's a problem because i'm thinking a hundred years ago there was no infrastructure for extra city and you have to build and it was built can't that happen the same way now you can make it happen and that certainly requires political will to to make it happen because somebody is going to foot the bill. as to green energy the young fortunate thing is typically the production of the energy is much further away than if you use fossil fuel if you fossil fuel you can build a castle gas powered powered fire power station or indeed an oil oil energy producing station close to the big cities just outside as it were so therefore the lead for interest russia is much less whereas if you have green energy initiatives
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like solo wins or indeed hydro power it's simply is far away from where the energy is consumes you're going to have to build it out but that is the price of of green energy i'm afraid it. will going to take a short break right now when we're back we'll continue discussing that. stay with us. from some occasions to putin to visit the white house is postpone turns around inviting trump to moscow has trumped up
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a grand plan regarding russia or is he merely keeping the campaign promise this much much more efficient across. church secret indeed priests accused of sexually abusing children can get away with it quite literally i like to call this the geographic solution so what the bishop needs to do then he finds out that the priest is a perpetrator is simply moves him to a different spot where the previous standard was not known highest ranks of the catholic church conceal the accused priests from the police and justice system to
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that end as old as the eye and then i can flip out at tuesday's out and. it. became a camera. roughly once they showed some leave for the. future own two videos and so on with the rocky string and. more on string i don't rightly don't t.v. . who are back with the noun c.f.
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philanthropists and space tourists to be when they're discussing future of green technologists welcome back to the show per now there have been grain bubbles before lights in the ninety's and then during the financial crisis and during obama's time as well there's nothing scary about a green bubble a sense that seems to always bounce back. there's something scary about bubbles in general in financial markets and of read another book about that called wall street without the ups and downs of financial markets and the sad reality is when you build up big bubbles like that and they bust somebody is going to pay for it and typically it ends up being main street as opposed to wall street who pays for it so there is a political aspect to this the good news is you can actually prevent some of these bubble the bad news is that we as human being tend to want to create them out of maybe out of right motivation but wrong implementation that's the challenge we face here but there has been green bubbles in the past they have not been as big as this
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one we're building right now because now there is a shooter amount of political will maybe outside the u.s. partly with the current administration to really make this thing happen just look what's happened to the electric comma in the mobile is going on that the moment people really generally want to change and that creates a huge opportunity and huge challenges big subsidies is required and therefore we've got to be very careful about this mountain of subsidies we build up so that it doesn't suddenly burst and crash so climate change and all things green have become a cultural sable i mean think about it taking the subway not taking a plastic bag in a grocery store keeping your tires inflated those used to be mundane usual things and now there and by mental statements being grain is becoming a fashionable thing to do it's a fashionable lifestyle well that drive the demand for green energy happens while. i think that's true certainly it's become more fashionable i think also i would
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even push a bit further saying the consumer has become more conscious about its consumers behavior so we all think a little bit more about saving a bit more water. maybe taking public transport if that sees and best way to get that i think is more conscious consciousness about and therefore there is a drive amongst a lot of populations to do good to have a clean environment we've all suffered a bit from coughing we've been in a very polluted city and it's not very pleasant i mean go to certain big cities in china or even indeed hin london where we've recently put on a ten pound extra charge for old cause that pollutes mole so there's definitely this political drive and that's in turn is a reflection of increased consumer awareness which ultimately is a good thing because whatever the politicians do whatever we do through legislation ultimately it's down to human and consumer behavior so that is
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a very good thing that we're becoming more conscious about now ylem asked really stepped the laws of economics will drive civilization towards sustainable energy inevitably do you believe him isn't that make long term green investment why. there's nothing better if you can put up in the economic incentives without without subsidies for entrepreneurs to get involved if an entrepreneur sees an opportunity where there is a decent return to be had and that return can be gained over time without subsidies a bet you that entrepreneurs around the world will roll up the sleeves and get on with it and that's exactly will be have seen in the space of solar energy in those places where solar doesn't need subsidies if it does make a decent return in its own right they'll get on with it and that's what we need to get to bring down the cost find the technologies that actually has a true chance of working in its own right on
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a commercially sustainable way within five to eight eight year timeframe that's what we need to get to because then life will start to take. its pressure will start to take a life and of its own you will see projects being produced and sopranos want to expand the businesses make more money which is a good thing if it drives the green energy revolution forward in addition to the consumer behavior that also puts up extra demands for products to be more green for transportation to be more green etc that is that becomes a competitive edge and a good branding her you know it's not only the cream tack that is pulling forward fossil fuels are refusing to get second in past as well fracking technologies has let the industry tap into so much natural gas in america they say it will last a century it's cheap less polluting than coal or oil how can you will is actually compete with that. it is a challenge if you look at the cost per megawatt for renewable energy as
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a group to compete today with fossil fuel as a group the reality is that coal in particular the price of coal per make a watt the dollars per make it what is actually very cheap so you're going to have to in the short term impose certain duties old or certain extra taxes polluting tax and that's as things to level the playing field because otherwise you're absolutely right it is challenging to compete today however the good news is going forward within the reasonable time frame some of these technologies will be able to compete on their own right and that's the really good news but we're still going to need fossil fuel well we want to the not for a long period to come fossil fuel still accounts for the vast vast majority of our energy production today so we still going to have to invest in that because it is part of life well you like it or not and that includes shale technology you've been able to go deeper into the oceans to to take more oil and gas off it cetera we are
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going to need it because you're not going to want to let you call stand there idle if your car drives on petrol that's just reality you want to go from a to b. and the electric cars still a lot more of evolution to show for itself so once we ran out of oil and gas here will go look for resources in the sky that's what musk things and any rate what do you think is that far faster aiming that we're actually going to go to space for some asteroid goal or something like that. i would beg to differ on that point first of all we're not going to run out of oil and gas anytime soon there is plenty available on the earth plenty yes it's true we always say there are so in so many years thirty years left this that the other but the reality is it comes down to how much you want to pay for it for the extraction there's plenty available but it will cost you more to extract from the earth because now if you look at big elephant
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deposits big deposits there typically further out in the sea the deeper the more costly to develop the required big of billions of investments but we are there they are so we can get it if you want to is just a much matter of how much you want to pay for it when it comes to resources from space mining asteroids so all the planets and that sort of things i think that's a fall off it streams dream for now it's just not economically viable yes there are some some good resources the moon for instance has a lot of helium three which is a very scarce resource on earth but it's just not economically viable to send a space ship up there do some drilling and then come back down again the cost of space transportation today even with space x. in the low cost providers is simply prohibitive to make that activity economically viable you're more likely to find the answer in going deep deep in the oceans to do under the sea mining underwater mining and that sort of things that's more likely
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to happen well anyways you're going to space maybe not too high nasser and gold but you're going you've signed up for three trips to space with different private companies and completely your space training as well i mean this will be the first public space tourism flight are you scared at all i mean when you're doing it with our eating with the russians at least you have the state guarantees of safety do you feel just as safe i don't know with virgin for instance. yes is true with enormous space i have been preparing for some time to go to space and in fact aft on some of my space training in russia trained style city together with you know wonderful. been to bike annoying kazakhstan for a serious launches and flown make fighter jet so had a wonderful time in russia executing my space training as well as i've done in america and to be honest i'm so excited i can't wait to go yes those risks but
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there's always risk when you when you do exciting things i'm an adventure i'm a pioneer i'm not afraid of pushing the boundaries and in two thousand and eight a set a world record by doing the first tandem skydive oh mt everest so often things that in my view much worse or have high risk profile in the past can't wait to go to space we'll follow me. if you take me maybe but i'm last question for you dennis tito the first space tourist paid twenty million dollars for a straight fifteen years later you're paying a quarter of a million dollars for your ticket using make space travel will be equivalent to i don't know train ferry another twenty years. no i don't think so i think it was actually on the launch pad in baikonur when when dennis took off to the assess i was very very excited that his behalf and and he's a true pioneer in that regard so it's fantastic to see that actually now civilians
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can can go it is even more exciting that the cost curve is coming down so much and that's exactly what private enterprise brings to the equation here before oh if we have nasa and the other national agencies around the world funding it they tend to be less economically efficient bring in private enterprise like space x. and you just lower the cost base by eighty percent or so that's that's really good news and that means that space will become more accessible more people get an opportunity to go into space and enjoy. this fantastic experience that is being an astronaut also i mean who don't want to do it as a kid lots of kids would want to go today and this is truly expiring that we can allow love kids to dream for real about the prospects of going into space in their lifetime fantastic thank you so much for this wonderful interview will wish you all the best with all your endeavors for talking to. me
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space stories per hour when there are about whether green technologies can provide answers to our future energy needs and that's it for this latest mission of so i'll see you next time. thank you. put themselves on the line they did accept the reject. so do you want to be president. want. to go on to be this is what before three of the more people. interested always in the water.
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there. you know world a big part of the movie lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that made stream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the bats and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks. this is says harlan kentucky. in this move the voices are you going straight fanny's leave.
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a coma any city with almost no coal mines left. the jobs are gone all the coal miners are said that's. love to see these people a survivor disappearing before their eyes. i remember thinking when i was younger that if anything ever happened to the coal mines here that it would become a ghost town but i never thought in a million years i would see that and it's happening it's happened.
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brigs it remains as divisive as ever with reports now stating the u.k. army is prepared to fly in food and medicine in case of a no deal with the e.u. some claim it's fear mongering the say the u.k. is effectively setting itself on fire. a shocking post-war practice in canada's been exposed where the authorities forced thousands of single women to give up the babies we hear from one of the victims there was no conversation about it with me about how i got pregnant all they cared about was the fact that i was. pregnant and that i had a baby that they could. take. us confirms it's armed drones have been operating in the for more than six months now
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the african state becoming the latest on the long list of countries where america is fighting its so-called war on terror. is joining us this is r.t. . god help us a british m.p. is tweeted in response to reports the u.k. army will fly and food medicine fuel should the country crash out of the e.u. without a trade deal or the military has since said that it's not received any such formal instructions the news has created concern with the country deeply divided over briggs it. has details of this work that deadline fast approaching it seems this uncertainty about what exactly is going to be achieved come march next year has been peaking at the specially in light of the reports that have been
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circulating here in the british press over the last couple of days talking about how the british army could be in. if there is a new deal brax it in terms of helping provide supplies such as few food and medicine and certainly this is something that would usually be associated with an emergency and of course the reaction. have been very swift to these reports some saying they're shocked and others refusing to be manipulated with what they call scare tactics god help us this is not coming from remain as this is not project fear pro bricks that ministers are drawing a blueprint for the army to deliver food fuel and medicine if we leave you with no deal we have a duty to prevent the self-immolation. the plan of scaring the crap out of people with no deal horror stories in order to make a free trade agreement which will tank the economy like a good deal is beginning to work well in reaction to all of this we have seen british prime minister theresa made was always said no deal is better than
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a bad deal basically try to calm down the public when it comes to all of this often being worried about preparations that we're making i would say that people should take reassurance and comfort from the fact that the government is saying we're in a negotiation we're working for a good deal i believe we can get a good deal but actually it's right that we say because we don't know what the outcome is going to be we think it's going to be a good one we're working for a good one but let's prepare for every eventuality while a threesome a there is obviously trying to convince the public that everything is going to be all right we do know that downing street have also said they've decided to stop drip feeding information in the time to come about some of the details about contingency plans in case of a new deal brax it and of course they've also said that there are no plans for the british army in such a situation following those reports that have turned up quite a bit of trouble however with all of that said it seems the public is not quite
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that the government knows exactly what it is they're doing in this situation seems a bit shambo make some kind of you know reactions to everything. and really really anyone in london or anywhere for that matter has really across from it really is do you think officials that are in charge of this process have done a good job so far figuring out what's going to happen and negotiating with the e.u. . just one party. here you know germany france getting a real understanding of how this will affect the country itself those are some opinions of the people we. here in london earlier today but we also know that there's been a leaders' sky call that was released that said that only ten of the people surveyed believe that the government was doing a good job when it comes to bret's it and as many as seventy eight percent thought
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the complete opposite. the canadian government has acknowledged a disturbing practice that dates back to just after the second world war when a married women were forced to give up their babies which then hundred over to married couples some new mothers were even lied to and told the children had been stillborn we spoke to one of the victims of the decades long practice that was meant to promote traditional families this is they found out i was pregnant they mark my records b.f.a. baby for adoption. i was a fifteen year old girl pregnant i was pregnant from a sexual assault. and. there was no conversation about with me about how i got pregnant all they cared about was the fact that i was. pregnant and that i had a baby that they could. take. a healthy born
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haired blue eyed beautiful baby. you will forget the child go home get married and have other children or if not get a puppy. that is what i was told get up puppy. it was a very abusive in there. we were isolated from our life i was isolated from my family is my community my sisters my parents i was completely left alone. my parents were not canadian citizens they're there from europe and my parents
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believe that they would get deported if they didn't follow that. what the government wanted at maternity homes mothers were routinely denied their right to see older feed their babies there are still some mothers who do not know when their day delivers a boy or girl being told well it's none of your business to hold my daughter i actually had to ask three times and i at first i said it quietly and then i said it a little louder and then the last time that i asked i had to yell and i had to yell bring me my baby now. and then the nurse stopped looked at the doctor for permission and i was quite surprised that the nurse would have to ask for permission for me to hold my own daughter since i am her legal guardian and my daughter in my arms and. and then the room went. black i started to get i started to pass out and then they
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took her away from me. i met my daughter she for she actually found me. so she phoned me. and she said. you don't know who i am and as soon as she said that i knew who she was. we talked on the phone for about six months getting to know each other getting familiar with each other and building some trust she needed to feel safe because our children were told that there was something wrong with us they were told and alternate story that we were drug addicts prostitutes.
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united states has confirmed this armed drones have been operating in the west african country of nizkor for more than six months now although it's not yet known if they've carried out any strikes that are in coordination with the government. u.s. africa command has an intelligence surveillance and reconnaissance aircraft already in the to improve our combined ability to respond to threats and other security issues in the region i a saw aircraft began flying in early twenty eight. well the u.s. military presence in asia has expanded in recent years reflecting growing concerns about rising militancy in the west african region the decision about deploying the drones was reached in twenty seventeen following a long period of negotiations we have requested comment on the matter from authorities in both the united states and i will let you know when we hear anything . drone strikes or played a key role in the so-called war on terror which the u.s.
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declared following the nine eleven attacks targeting hostile militant groups as part of that military campaign the u.s. has carried out strikes in afghanistan pakistan somalia and yemen the drug strikes have resulted in numerous civilian casualties in every country involved in the campaign for example in yemen up to two hundred civilians have been killed in u.s. led drone attacks.


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