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tv   Documentary  RT  July 30, 2018 11:30pm-12:01am EDT

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called war on terror which the u.s. declared following the nine eleven attacks targeting hostile militant groups as part of that military campaign the u.s. has carried out strikes in afghanistan pakistan somalia and yemen the drug strikes have resulted in numerous civilian casualties in every country involved in the campaign for example in yemen up to two hundred civilians have been killed in u.s. led drone attacks. jonathan shafi from the new foreign policy group think tank believes civilians in
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the area should be concerned about the development. billions in need of gold not just of it i say we should be concerned about the kind of damage that these drones can do and we've seen a new minister cations hundreds actually over the years civilians have been killed and of course that he action from the local population is what you would expect one of anger and one that wants to see these drones and if the country that the u.s. claims is going to bring the region closer to paste you see any any sort of a lid to tea within that plane. i think the problem with us is of course that's always the claim that was a claim with afghanistan of which they're still not quote they claim you can even go all the way back to vietnam of course this is always the public relations clean and the reality of course is that the united states is looking to secure a puppet in the regions to secure its own interest in the region and indeed to expand its poet across the region and therefore public safety the safety of civilians and bringing about peace will actually subordinates those interests the
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deployment of drones by the united states not just here but am elsewhere across the region and not just on under donald trump but under obama's way o. and often doesn't come to publicly for many months after the operation start if they do a toll and that's because the nature of this kind of warfare is to be as far as it possibly can they don't want and they the headlines domestically. monday marked one year since the tragic death of our teacher analyst khalid al khattab that another story after the break.
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what politicians do something. to put themselves on the line. to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president i'm sure. more some want to. have to like to be close with what before extremism or can't be good. i'm interested falls in the waters of my house. to syria now and the decision to allow militants and rebels to settle in the
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northwest and italy a province turning it into their last bastion in the country and see many locals leaving the area vajra russia sponsored humanitarian corridor. but. the minute and severe and good to us they demanded six million liras they too called two sons when we reached the checkpoint they threatened us and who had to turn back now we're going home where from up wild who. was.
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the device helps to detect explosives and weapons we press the button and scan the object it has a special indicator this call is one hundred percent clean but we've seen calls with weaponry be full. up with the majority of people come with skin and breathing problems all children and the mothers have been checked over they were given recommendations and medicine to start treatment. to keep. international relations professor dr dillard believes the humanitarian corridor is
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a good development for the future of syria without these kind of humanitarian aid difficulties too for that we want to go back to their homes and. villages especially after of the tourists organization of control of these areas if we are speaking about of the. future of syria without stability security and going by the tories and there is nothing just so because of that i still say that it's very very important and it's at the end of the day have been the syrian people to eat their own to war to make economy and to to have a step after the civilians of these. fascist war against the syrian people. monday marks one year since the death of. a journalist working with r.t. arabic he was killed by islamic state shelling in syria while it was just twenty
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five r.t.s. created a documentary about how leds work in syria here's a preview. you loved like the morning of the day he died i was worried my mind started to come up with this scary. stuff images i was afraid he'd be captured by i so i had a very bad feeling.
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we were near the front line the syrian army was battling i saw our work was over and we were about to pack or equipment khaled stood near it i put a helmet on him i just wanted to take a photo as a memory of my work with the film crew then the explosion came. along i realised something had happened i didn't know what exactly out of habit i started to film everything after i began filming i saw a lot on the camera. i tried to room then realized i couldn't move my legs i couldn't see anything my eyes were covered in blood mixed with doest a call for khaled but nobody also. wanted
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to go on that mission but how did that yeah i had a rule she was bright and very determined she was a good journalist you could see that by his reports he did a lot not only for jollies but by his motherland as well he helped people soldiers she would bring them food and prompt final. action all my friends know that i want to do something good for people family did a lot for me and now i'm trying to do everything for my loved ones that's my main goal. in his honor artie set up a special award to recognize the best reporting from war zones the ceremony began
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with a minute's silence during the awards his mother gave a poignant speech. q. and if it had not met arabic to last another. middle you. got five. little said secular. sadek and i will adjourn with a moment. that us the. american and the world lemonade. and don't know how to end in a limb and in america nickel mafia had a duty. because i had been abused i had it going and they could emerge as it hasa if you let the lesser. get out there to show their. side pics of us and i had them in ages it was me there is it is it hard to know how can camilla matter. so much how can gamble a matter of humor to this much highly the hip. concern over global conflict
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feelings of hopelessness and spending more time on social media could be symptoms of a new mental condition there are priests in the united states say that they are seeing increasing numbers of patients with what they're calling donald trump anxiety disorder apparently it affects both his supporters and his critics those that dislike him where in the world will end or supporters feel isolated from society and even their families democrats also fret about the origin of trump success the twenty sixteen election which they insist was rigged by russia details is killing more people. now the ideas that are commonly labeled as conspiracy theories at this point are most commonly associated with right wingers and top supporters in the public mind however it seems that liberals also have their share of tinfoil hat thinking polls show that fifty five percent of democrats believe that russia actually did tamper with the voting results only thirteen percent of republicans
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buy into this idea which is pretty universally rejected even by the staunchest russian bashers stari know of no evidence that through cyber intrusions votes were altered or suppressed they did not change any votes tallies or anything of that sort so if russia did indeed carry out election fraud on behalf of donald trump why would james clapper and john brennan and the intelligence community say that they didn't do that are fifty five percent of democrats actually convinced that the cia is covering up for russia that's quite a conspiracy theory we decided to ask new yorkers about it do you think that russia changed the voting results in the last election no no not at all ok and fifty five percent of democrats apparently believe that why media that's why. propaganda fake news trump says it best they're delusional misinformed or they have their own agenda beyond that something else do you think that russia changed the voting
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results in the last election s. can you tell us now well i'm sure through technology they were able to somehow finagle possibly i think so i've heard that a lawyer so. yeah maybe but i don't know that they found. one story that he keep bringing up and attack president trump and i think they're going to try to milk as much as they can but. i personally don't see any evidence of fresh millionaire elections i lived through pretty. so there you have it yet. our media is a pearl and wall in the united states and people don't know the truth about what's really happening russia is not the enemy that they make it out to be some people think that the moon landing was fake others think that nine eleven was an inside job and it seems that the majority of rank and file democrats believe that somehow russia got into voting machines and changed votes for hillary clinton to vote for
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donald trump the truth is out there but perhaps people should look for it someplace else it will mop and artsy new york the frenzy over trump with cheap and so his hollywood style vandalized last week spoke to roy response from pranks this. i thought he looked all of us thought that you know it was the. only. reason there is sidewalk somewhere russian trump star can be moved yeah destroying trump hollywood star was great but have you tried voting in the midterm elections.
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president now has security out there on the boulevard protecting its stars i thank . thanks so much for joining us here on r.t. international there will be updates coming your way at the top of the. join me every thursday on the alex simon show and i'll be speaking to us from the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you then. zia's says harlan kentucky. the employees it was very funny.
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a cool money city with almost no coal mines left. the jobs are gone all the coal miners are should add that it was a lot of to see these people the survivors of disappearing before their eyes. i remember thinking when i was younger that if anything ever happened to the coal mines here that it would become a ghost town but i never thought in the million years i would see that and it's happened it's happened. when i almost choked seemed wrong. but all quotes just don't call. me cold yet to shape out this day comes to catechize and in detroit equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart. just to look
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for common ground. i'm max kaiser one more of my guide to financial survival this is a fun it's a device used by professional scallywags to earn money. that's right these hedge funds are simply not accountable and we're just getting more and more to that. totally destabilize the global economy you need to protect yourself and get in for a while because we're for. the got lucky on the. muscle we're going to see i know you'll feel it's going to money i think. he got on michael.
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and. there was no move. put in below one possibility and services not only behind but we are in gains. not intended in the my remaining behind it up nominal meant that the nominee of. the state and the nominee might actually go to the underground i'm in gonna put a monkey bill. lann. feeling. it's forbidden to tell jungle trees on pollo one islands in the philippines in theory to land this protected by unesco but in recent years sixty thousand hectares of ancient grain forest have been destroyed many say the tonawanda suffer in the
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corporate onslaughts as the forests are replaced by the coal mines and plantation. limit the. damage there if someone. gives us a very. clean look at a woman with whom. i'm going. to look. at it i don't know not at all i don't know but i'm. not too slow in the school. harmful. marvie can come out on the. public to come down on my office. and know. that. i had. a ball.
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there have been several attempts to strip the lawn of its biosphere reserve status a local ecologists have to pretend that you can see from them and from the right then lost among will work for certain projects that they start. first only if there are still poor you know and it helps protect us from there couldn't but again there are new system and more plunderers to select for example of this is moving here because this is these are only illegal and become known as among groups that's where sometimes they're. losing. one general the west. the high ranking general for. beauty or disco. then you know. ahead of the money
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there is no ego thing. you know they're trying. to the poor. little money. they will obey your order. and they never thought that that he learns are only being taken out so that years. sometimes just by force should normally be the answer but then that some scientists . are going to give. you up on you know no one in an. airport arms or not. by the ground or in the back of their. own. bed and there's not the person.
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you know well. i mean don't back it's going to go popular must be new to the mining and indeed while. i figured it was i mean in. the knowledge that what i did. what i am going to bust down to number one are not going to go what. are you. i don't locking you began your lamp era i don't know how long a million million indeed i'm just i'm not beyond india nominee we've been taught to be have been you don't quite need to you know may not know you and i got back to you can you go a long time in. here in groups point there i mean mining companies and the most serious
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problem that you have right now yes you can corporation before you can. secure this there should be a municipal indorsement there should be public consultation there was none. but he told me from d.n.r. that fifteen million fierceness lists. some of the officials in the n r i think we need to be sure. that people as an alternative to poaching tribes people are recruited to work with tourists. very bottom but. on the. bottom at.
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the. north in the gun. only. along. now only. i was not really going on only. that but only. when i'm going through a valley and on and on what i've been. moneymakers when i got into. the. illegal. syrian and.
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numbers in london and. the. enough and i want you to know. that it was. in my memory in the grand commie pinkos. you know and that any young people on the. high pressure building would find your toys balled up a lot. that are not. an operatic but you go. on the air with the words. back out there.
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in the loft by the on the bottom. being from down and going to. the number. one. door. i am i get going up on the. phone and i watch. them all back to. him by he wants to be my duty to one another on t.v. about one when you're up on easy. and. you know the. meanest and i'm making sure. somebody doesn't mean for you and are you. that is. what i know i don't know now well i did.
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the i no longer be outdone by. and you can open. the double and. not on a lot. of i've been a lot of. interest i. got me. now. so much. i've been. i've been.
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i. am not. going. yeah yeah.
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i don't know. what exactly are you. going to. go by the grocery store. until missionaries are. quickly down. the. but it won the gold medal that's not all it's up but in your own mind i'm up on not enough money nine. and up
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on an unbelievable amount oh and i'm not the one. i'm up on the bottle with one of us on the side and up in the. in the gun on the. morning tough for them but on the. money it's not on me and i. mean that's the. bottom line on the.


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