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yeah it's. build up to it go ahead but nobody i know has gotten a. yeah yeah. yeah. it's. feet. i don't know. what exactly are you. going to. be doing if you get anything done.
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by the book the results. to others until missionaries are in the one nine hundred seventy s. most rituals are. performed only for tourists. who have been consumed by civilizations quickly. about the. budget one of the gold medal. for them for. me. i mean
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not the. plan on the. climax keyser one more of my guide to financial survival this is a hedge fund it's a device used by professional scallywags to earn money. that's right these has flaws are simply not accountable and we're just adding more and more to them. totally destabilize the global economy you need to protect yourself and get in for god's kaiser put. people in euros it's bare is that. we were in number one dissolute all day experiences all of this him
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with full must see of the new growth path. and the psyche would not out slow down. towers of confiscated chainsaws have become the hallmarks of the piano and the environment's organization but as strange as that may seem pinoy doesn't just catch poachers it also represents them in courts. the rural poor are forced to cut down trees as ficta of the corporations and corrupt politicians are. there before. you want the. forest it's an old growth. forest but. in his. it doesn't matter there are all
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developments development in terms of. its. are all the ones forest. and now. it's all temptation. to use indigenous. trees. there. thirty. trees. on. these. areas. that's where the companies go in. their own tragics
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but then usually ones who are being caught are the beasts or the poor farmers. all. over the. whole. well you know what he's having them as a normal american the only earning him are correct but also human is. not only on him pretty much him simply going in there much like the language. can only near now only they are now early and the minute somebody now going to encounter them or never not got fifty. posts is so moved from for commuter. train the whole full hour well that i'm going to answer that will. add up on this
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army. in one month someone out in the barbecue got me a feeling among the people who made a simple mark on our air. we came into. the world more than anything if the marking of any fifty four of our patients are all you think you know for. some time. if we were going to give you things that are zero. percent that no one has come along and support really none of them in case.
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after the poachers become guides they often end up siding with the colleges offer and information about illegal logging but back into fatal. the philippines the second only to brazil in the world for deaths among environmental activists. here and by law and it is very risky last year we have our end where. i meant that you wash up. in the same year. the indigenous leader. there on the previous years also. well when he stopped and i was down here doing my own practice in vetinari minutes and all of a sudden a man just found and told me that he was shot in my mind that was. probably just a minor minor wound but then i ran to the area where he was shot i saw him
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on the ground. in the medical field and somehow know the use of gondor and that kind of guy it was. the spirit of the people seem to be strong he has exposed a lot of things specially against government the government our politicians. would do a lot before upshaw and the biggest exposure was the. money which was not utilized . for defeat on the spot but then by the chanson and specially the one who saw suspected or a legit mastermind. then maybe it's before he died. he was supposed to come to. me half an hour and a nice wife called me up she was guy said why are you crying jerry you were shot i said what i just talked to you brought. he wanted to start
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a. signature to stop the mining. expose i'm going north he's deaf was the god because he had these three joe show and he kept. the. document. i cannot say that it was to get the world. that he did what he did because somebody had to do it and also i believe in what he say. and after he died i took over the community based on a will to him project and i told the people not to be worried because we have to continue. to give them important information about how important the environment is to their lives and their
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sustainability do survive. i mean my must attend an all new tomorrow night on your. own. little while i'm going to learn to deal with it don't go to i'm talking about going to. bug you too much. too big now i mean we. can begin to talk. and i mean do you think. someone i don't mention. nothing. you know. i mean you know. now i mean. you've been up.
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for. a little. need to return a revote but our theory of the. course you don't want to be able. to call those you know. where you. were in a really. long reach shore. they did it in the will to live if you. really are here. in. jena lopez lost her job as the environmental secretary because of her uncompromising position on illegal mining the situation is like the philippines
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it's so. with the you would be with gore and at the same time. also a lot of men around. the right choice has to be me the areas which have my like but that that's really too bad they have two minds there it's already one of the best minds in the country they've built the whole would down there based on their mining thousands of people just based on their mining so it seems good. it seems good but the economic growth is negative zero. and i talk to people that are living nearby the silkies alter the going to their families and this number they cannot be not before i see it and i fight ninety five percent of them i may be earning goes out of a not going to want to me so that's why the people did mean war and by law when there should be zero poverty very deep. sea goodwill to not
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begin a mine mine you know fired up non muslims. and. then fled then what an hour from now. on this in the body would be good in its socket. because the number i don't know. the secret and i'm not going to. go to one of them has a gun on me and we're gonna put a bomb and kill the one couple it's not going to move. on you don't. want to let me . finally get some of. the farmers reported to me that they started cutting the trees and when i went there together with our policemen they did not allow me to enter so i think for three times i went there and i was not allowed to enter it and then guards our arm so i had most of
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trade to go there. just me and by the guys. on the fourth time. i said i will enter it even if they will not allow me. even if they will shoot me i was soloing my. life but i have seen. or heard one. and together with the farmers and begin the. people we were able to get the inside and saw that the prestige on the. west side and close ties to the forests is so close so comedically for what they believe was wearing first their young. and then after that. time remaining terms.
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however even if they have. more than and they've been here there's one day how the photon number of priests on that day i mean there is. a balcony is more than twenty six thousand trees so if you would include the small trees i said it's more than one hundred thousand. but then i think. when i took that i learned. from the spirit from i want to find out for months. but also you know. maybe. eighty. eight. eighty. one of them but it's going.
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to take a look. back with the pressure to my door oh sure it's ok i'm going. to keep going to get a release because. i know you watch how much i've been religious i did you know to know the place. but. i'll be sure i will not let down. well you know that little i do know. the real scientists separate life. but i do commander bonds yes. that's right more about america better come back he said and i think that. today if
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the marketplace put it working and i might be initially up i. don't but i'm working here and i know all cargo like you've got quite a life. for you back. i could. have. but i'm a bit i don't lash out because instead of looking to political advantage of. my little corner of. the senate you're going to get your punishment. if you. this is says harlan kentucky. overall in this group want
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to see you go green street families or you need. a co money since it was almost no co mines left. the jobs are gone all the coal mines of said. that it was a laugh to see these people the survivors of disappearing before their eyes. i remember thinking when i was younger that if anything ever happened to the coal mines here that it would become a ghost town but i never thought in the million years i would see that and it's how it's happened. russia is one of the countries that most buy capacity and all the very high population does that mean russia does need to be concerned about sustainability i would say yes absolutely you are no luck a situation where you have a lot of farm per person so to say you know you have a lot of wealth ecological wealth and but the word is very scarce so that's
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a huge economic advantage as well and say wow this is an amazing farm let's look after it well because that's our ad said that book made a loss to live well the long run. on this edition of crossfire we consider one question is donald trump's america first policy in contradiction to the washington consensus idea of american exceptionalism the answer this question will likely define trump's presidency and change the the world. what politicians do something to. put themselves on the lawn. they get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president or injury. or something i want to be friends with. that's a right to be for us this is what the forecast three in the morning can't be good
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that i'm interested always in the waters of my. question. protests against the immigration and customs enforcement agency take place across the u.s. that's why supporters of the president trumps immigration policy. it's revealed the manchester arena bomber was rescued from war torn libya by the british navy three years before he kills twenty two people. and spain adopts new emergency measures to control the flow of refugees into europe while an italian charity claims migrant children being sexually abused the man offered to help and said he would child from them in exchange for sexual services when alone with my father's will be for continue the journey subjected me to reach you and abuse me.
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those who ask me dot com for more on all the latest stories of how the next cross talk debates the effect trumps policy of america first will have on the u.s. and the world. though and welcome to crossfire all things considered i'm peter lavelle on this edition of crossfire we consider one question is donald trump america first policy in contradiction to the washington consensus idea of american exceptionalism the answer this question will likely define trump's presidency and change the world in the process.
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cross talking american exceptionalism i'm joined by my guest michael flanagan in washington he is president flanagan consulting and a former congressman. we have david swanson he is the director of world beyond war dot org and in northwood we cross to introduce paul maher he is a professor of international politics at city university london all right gentlemen crossed rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want i always appreciated let me go to david first because he's written a book on the topic titled curing exceptionalism ok we have about a year and a half of this presidency i'm getting a pretty good idea what america first means in the mind of donald trump and i know be very well what american exceptionalism is and i'm not a big proponent of it. are is donald trump incompatible with his american firsts policies with washington's insistence. and digging their heels in very deep that american exceptionalism must be maintained go ahead david in charlottesville.
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i guess the short answer is no i don't see it look at what donald trump does in terms of foreign policy in terms of continuing u.s. imperialism and he is dropping more bombs he is building more bases he is getting more military spending out of congress demanding more of military spending out of europe shipping weapons to more places including ukraine continuing to insist on the u.s. right to do what it wants in places like ukraine and nicaragua and around the world he's not switching policies allowing the people of afghanistan or nicaragua or anywhere else to decide their own fate i mean the changes are all rhetorical and and in terms of mannerisms and style people in. people abroad outside the united states who see him as radically different because he blurts out things he doesn't act on like nato is obsolete seems to me as as
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superficial as people within the united states who say the people the vote in crimea to rejoin russia. there was the big threat to peace and stability in the rule of law of the past centuries. looking at actions rather than at. ment's i don't see it continuing u.s. policy but the good points made there michael none the less we we have the reaction of where you are this the epicenter of the swamp they see trump is being very much a threat to the outlook that has been cultivated and inforced i would point out since the end of the second world war particularly since the end of the cold war so i mean michael is right on all these points here but that's not how the people that used to run the show see it that way and they're pushing back against them in very very severe very peculiar ways and in particular using the media to push against
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him go ahead michael. yeah i think the swamp has a collectivist view definitely denies american exceptionalism writs small and that is america has the best workers in the world and we have an exceptional view of our future and we are we yourselves as is the shining light of the world and then you have experiment exceptionalism written large which as a matter of foreign policy means that we'll run the world. the i think rich small trump is a huge champion of that writ large i think your other guest is correct is he's not he's not a big champion of america run the world in the sense that we will make foreign policy for the world but we will behave any way we need to to protect our security and that that is often irrespective of what nicaragua wants or what what anybody else wants and i think trump is definitely a proponent of that the swamp would rather have us collectively sit with the
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european powers basically you know europe almost exclusively and and discuss what we need to do around the world while we pay the freight and they make the decisions and i think trump is trying to bring an end to that by threatening nato not not as an institution like eisenhower did by the way in his presidency but to say that it's not an organization that we're going to support exclusively and move on forward with interchange a you know i think combined of what we've just heard from michael and david so america first in american exceptionalism they have to find the worst possible elements of both and they're being can bind that's what i've gotten from this conversation so far go ahead and norwood northwood i don't think i would violate li disagree with. you just. i think american exceptionalism is a is a particular kind of nationalism and that nationalism as attached to it a great sense of the uniqueness and superiority and to
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a large degree insoles of that by what is behind certain kinds of values and. where president trump probably it differs from is previous esas president obama and george w. bush as well is that in a way he's he's rejected the rhetoric of values of democracy or human rights and promoting those kind of liberal values in favor of the kid up so i would say that that's the principal difference between those two there is also a strategic disagreement as well and i think that largely is around. the relationship that the united states or president trump is building with russia and the bigger geopolitical picture i think which he has in his mind possibly by and reconsider the home secretary of state about some kind of a possible russian chinese splits and i think there's a big disagreement about that but that's a strategic question the overall united states continues to exert its up but i
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think the rhetoric around values i think president trump doesn't have any time he's much more about asserting the war are out of the dollar or of the trade of market access and of the american military ok well david i mean it i guess in a way trump is probably more honest than his predecessors because he doesn't talk about democracy promotion as you know but that it's always been a cover i think only people in the swamp actually believe in that rhetoric anymore forcefully bringing democracy to the world i don't see where it works no one's ever empirically proven it to me but our but so really it's the same thing. it's american exceptionalism with the just a different rhetoric against you know that makes a lot of sense go ahead david. that's exactly right the rhetoric has changed a lot more than the substance of the disagreement between the make america great again people and the america already has great people is not around the need for
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the united states to have double standards and a set of laws only for itself and superiority the rest of the world that is universally agreed upon in washington the disagreements around rhetoric around domestic policies and around russia and the demand from the from the democrats i wouldn't dignify it by calling it strategic it's more trying to explain hillary clinton's loss and hating anything trump does so if he threatens north korea that's crazy if he fails to threaten russia that's crazy you know that the disagreement is is around this this mythical story of evil deeds of russia and that they're gargantuan significance in the in the context of the good us law abiding behavior and their you know you can give trump credit for refusing to bow to the russia gaiters otherwise i give him very little credit for anything. as he continues
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disastrous policies that are taking this country and the rest of the world over a cliff you know again. the rhetoric is is certainly different and some of the actions are too i mean i don't think any of us really took seriously that there would be a meeting with kim so soon nothing much came of it and now he wants to meet with the iranian leader a days before in capital letters on twitter threatening it i mean michael how do you explain that or is that just expediency the mid terms it's the here and now and worry about the implications later because i mean from the on the outside looking in this is very confusing and we're supposed to be experts to be able to figure this stuff out go ahead michael. i think one of the hallmarks of trump's foreign policy is that it's trump it's not a collective view of the state department and with weigh ins from d.o.d. and other places and intelligence it's trump it's and he's proven to be fairly.


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