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still seeking to bring the plight of my clients and force them to take action show that. price. made headlines last month after being arrested in the u.s. for being a russian agent she now faces further allegations that she is luring american money to russia americas spoke directly to her lawyer and that's coming up fully very soon next couple of days on america's youth channel. well i think if you read the indictment of the case is alleged to be an agent over russia who failed to register with the attorney general and so essentially that means is they haven't charged with espionage and if you read the ganster know the allegations are parroting spy like about it the sense of the government is conceding that even under their own theory if she had filed a piece of paper with the attorney general's office at the beginning of her trip to america everything she did was legal and so my point is this is more
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a registration type crime than a crime and yet the media and the government some extent are treating it like an espionage crime. well i mean i think that that allegation was particularly damaging to maria because it makes it more like a spy novel and frankly easier for the public to digest and so editors and producers like those kind of allegations because it seems like this is more like the red sparrow and that was an allegation that was set forth in a proffer by the government meaning they did not produce evidence to back up that allegation at the time we're still waiting to see that and we're not sure it exists or it exists in any meaningful form in the interim it's very hard to see your client kind of dragged through the mud like this which is why i've been trying to push back on that. south african comedian and presenter of the daily show trevon know a shot to the top of america's t.v.
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personalities chuck disney based on the popularity on social media platforms and television indeed he is a person's go global appeal but the twist to this is to some is jokes have gone a bit too far. all women of every race can be beautiful and i know some of you're sitting there going over your but i've never seen a beautiful aborigine but you know what you say you say yes that's to say yes because you haven't seen all of the right plus it's not always about looks maybe aborigine women do special things like jump on top of your. partner but i don't want the world approach to what. i mean look i get it i get it they have to say it's the french team but look at those guys i guess you don't get that ten by hanging out in the south of france my
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friends. what. dancing i bet was the stance i but it wasn't it was the police this is the miners and they wanted money and it was a sad situation no one really knows what happened but everyone has an opinion i like this one because provider to that last show provokes a new wave of trouble about it on social media those been years since it was first cracked it's about the twenty twelve maracana massacre when police in south africa killed dozens of people during a miners' strike some on twitter slammed in for using such provocative humor to build his career what do you think about it we got some guys in the studio to give us their thoughts spoke with comedian john f. o'donnell and also legal and media analyst lionel if indeed this should be
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boundaries in comedy. comedy today is being infiltrated with these floyd ian screw ups these demented twisted angry sexually backwater we're forty and nightmare these these these pair of files who think it's funny to shock at this say something and whatever they say we're supposed to accept the reality is once we start letting these kind of p.c. monsters come into place and having like you know people decide what is you know what is tolerable and what is good we do cross a mess that we do cross a dangerous line and if somebody does a comedian does want to of their own volition apologize for a bit i think that that is ok like he did apologize for this the bit about saying you know aboriginal people are attractive to me everything is valid in terms of whether you call it humor or pekin commentary if you don't like it turn it off but
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a rule might be don't joke about something called a mass occur just saying i mean i don't know if there's any rules but i stay away from master curry humor let me tell you what bothers me and in addition to this and i'm no real big fan of ever knowing and that doesn't mean anything you know read anything into that how many years ago were some of these jokes is there a statute of limitations number one do we just dredge up stuff that's number one and number two i don't mind or i do mind to say when some people get away with things and some people don't who decides who gets away with what who gets to say you could say i know you could say it right that you are but you can't that's what bothers me we have to go back to the maracana musser in the way trevor joked about it let's again listen to a short clip. why didn't i use rabbit mornings i didn't use i'd say yes because those things don't work anymore. these are the whole wheat and they couldn't
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control people so that's come with ammunition for those guys had weapons plus i guess is a waste of time which strikes have ended because of tear gas live you have a little news and yeah it is a very you know disparate and you to kind of say something like that and then kind of have this thing you know i wrote say this was this was five years ago and i was saying it's like how long do these our age police get to you know exist why what's the statute of limitation on saying something as comedians as creative people we're coming up with a lot of content we're throwing a lot of things out there sure if we say something that's you know that's really inflammatory and you know there can be a backlash and that's something that we have to we have to deal with right or wrong and let's also remember this is trevor no are ok about it so get crazy but if he did made there's jokes about palestinian riots or uprisings with israeli soldiers. no no no no so there's no applicability to humor across the board it's all what's in and what's not black lives matter sacrosanct the massacre that that's what it
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will what's a word not oh yes edgy is there a point there that maybe bravery is being lost in company a little bit the easy targets are being deployed when it comes to the liberal versus conservative liberal . comix tend to you know go done the side of conservatives with the trouble ministration it's sort of sort of easy for you know mainstream liberal comedians to you know go after the ministration of the republican party that's the kind of the wheel has a house where they feel you know comfortable i go a lot of these shows would probably be considerably you know would would be happy if there was a hillary clinton presidency but they would have less fodder to go after you know if you're in the right group and the right person the sky's the limit if you're not republican trump supporter perceived to be right wing whatever you get no tolerance and no exercise of the free liberty of free speech that simple. and took it away
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it's coming up as the u.s. looks to those midterm election soon face book scraps more accounts it believes were created to win the vote tell us about that and more coming up.
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in a world with big partisan. and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that made stream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the bath shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks. again thanks for watching on t.v. today so with those u.s. midterm elections on the horizon the specter of alleged russian meddling is once again repeated facebook has removed more accounts which she believes it was being used to possibly influence the outcome of the vote but reports there's no evidence to point the finger at moscow. thirty two accounts were deleted to face the arms
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race presented by quote well funded adversaries with the apparent goal of amplifying already existing conspiratorial narratives the mainstream media displaying not an ounce of creativity went on to blame the usual suspect brush and actors continue to try to disrupt metal infiltrate the us political debate if not the elections them selves well russia is interfering there continuing to interfere russia has been mentioned as the likely source of this interference and attempts russians and other nation states absolutely are attempting to manipulate us but on what basis the report didn't find russia or russian entities or russian linked entities responsible facebook reiterated several times that they were unable to identify the culprit and even admitted that they quote may never be able to identify the source we're still in the very early stages of our investigation and don't have all the facts including who may be behind this democratic house minority
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leader nancy pelosi even demanded that facebook briefed congress on these critical developments which she took as confirmation of the intelligence community's russian interference claims the latest announcement confirms the longstanding findings of the u.s. intelligence community and national security experts that's russia is actively utilizing social media in a car donated effort to sow discord among the american people and undermine our democracy but where those thirty two accounts influential enough to undermine american democracy in fact most of the spot of materials have zero to ten followers and in the scope of about fourteen months ran one hundred fifty ads for approximately eleven thousand dollars if someone is against the u.s. immigration policy which some of these anti ice accounts apparently were maybe they would like to conceal their identity maybe they're afraid of us authorities it's a strange thing are we allowed to be privately recorded these private us without people assuming that somehow there are some. hand meddling in things it's very
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strange but the real question is what does it mean that someone is trying to sow divisions among americans are we not allowed to disagree with each other on fundamental issues like immigration and other things and i looked at some of the pages and some of them were sort of pro-feminist women shouldn't have to cook for their for their men i mean how is this supposed to is the russian effort to sort of visions americans have always disagreed that's the nature of society of a free society you disagree about the these people i think the mentality is like north korea or something it's very bizarre. next the city of austin love the skyline may have to rethink its name austin texas of course the report from the city's equity office raised the issue that the texas state capitol was named after a supporter of slavery that is a sensitive issue for a city that's concealed is considered to be one of the most liberal in the whole country.
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so it seems leaving no stone unturned austin's equity office reviewed all the city's property on whether it had any connections or not to confederacy and they came up with a whole list of street names of monuments that they said should be changed all removed although you'll see that changing the city name is not let it happen any time soon as it would be given medium priority so if you live the don't panic yet
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anyway what's the controversy about let's go back to the history books a little bit so about this guy stephen f. austin the father of texas he was secretary of state of the new republic in the nineteenth century but he was a prominent slavery have occurred and even infamously said if slaves were emancipated they would turn into a menace he had slaves as domestic servants as well himself back there back to today however what do people think about it when we spoke to one resident at least naming the city after the state found it is common sense says media relations consultant and local resident john griffin. we've got this push in texas to try to you know be careful not to withstand anybody but texas is offensive because liberty's offensive the fact that texas is named that its capital city is named for the person that started the colony in texas that became the state that's common sense the city council here in austin has made a few a few very bad decisions like banning it so the city council would rather waste
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taxpayer money on frivolous ideas like this then actually doing real work. i'll leave without full thanks watching all to international twenty five minutes past one no i'm kevin o. in c. again tomorrow the news continues in half an hour's time. russia is one of the country's and most by capacity and although very high population does that mean russia does need to be concerned about sustainability i would say yes absolutely you are no lucky situation where you have a lot of farm per person so to say you know you have a lot of wealth ecological wealth and but the word is very scarce so that's a huge economic advantage as well and saying wow this is an amazing farm let's look after it well because that's our said that bush has been able us to live well in the long run.
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with coal make us manufacture come sentenced to public wealth. when the ruling classes protect themselves. with the financial merry go round lifts and be the one percent. we can all middle of the room sick. room i mean real new. womanliness of us up both some of us there's
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a. little say in all of this bullshit. last time we chased. each one of them. twenty kilos of drugs. is the very real i mean. this is the. i don't know. because. i was a great. camera . roughly once that showed some of the.
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uncool videos and so moved with the broken eastern. t.v. . you keep. one that. can. mean.
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it's him in december morning and i'm on a bus headed down south from chinatown new york there breathless driver speeds up on the ice who really. am traveling across the states in a snowstorm because of a book. written over dishpan of twenty years back and forth from the mining area some eastern kentucky the book by italians corner. is a monumental collection of moral history it tells the struggle of the words built around mining of coal when any grants were to come to the area to work well paid but often has faded jobs the book tells the story of harlan county that's where i'm going. to marry. this repast. own.
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land. i'm headed to the depot mary kom of this book i want to see what's left of the. three years since his first space is now that the us is shifting to major and gas and coal mines for shutting down one after another i do not expect to find a lively city when i drive into harlem i find it on a city where people are stuck like car turned in and black and white picture their
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stories and there. have not changed much from those recorded by pushing pills research and that they are leading me in this journey round. world. with. well we really don't know what your big. bang backs backwoods person because i've been in thirty. plus at least two it will be. worth. no ma'am. but way from their place now it's. like appalachian man but.
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appalachian male even. it's. great. writing on a farm or fall. i got married when i. sixteen years old and my husband was seventeen years old and the lean mean myriad about six months when he went into the mountains and six months after that dad and i went to court accident. i had two week old son. lady who lived down the street here only. killed. vertebra that he would hit
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really. low. where no. company wants to poll real that's georgia set off for the coal ready for the christmas they wanted him there and we. shot the whole world will put down it was done it was bad that it was. killed if. they know it much. two three tell the pope that locket one through till it. shielded. that if it would save her i would fail and. she cared. for me. i. i
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find remnants of the mining history older memories of the casualties and the hard labor are alive in the stories told by the young and the like they're not had for the glory of collectives childhood and hard work paid off. speaking to the locals barson saloons he conceded their life was and still is mine mine is hard their narrow. their collective legend and whether played a part where said when try to steer survive the war i'd disappear in before day i ask for the rose parade rest. in their stride branded a bit of a work first see a racist god shield but first you have like i went sixty of them at meyers grill. it was work and i got there as my grandpa grandma
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a six awful sweater. but maybe you mean you know you don't want that only blood. will. go. in every lady made home and at it. he always had peace because you know now we face the life that you'll say. the truth. you won't want to hear that there's no water in the mine and soon you would have to drown through water it would get it over your knees and. the horses would have to pull through the opponent's muna
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and then they would like to bow folders for tracks sometimes when they'd run out of track people here named were you know anywhere it's there's nothing for him to day and there have been all the young papers the turning to see after. and. if we were some one would have to stay and said. a our government would get interested in this place this article to. thank. these young people could make it better if they know their neighbor day. out for dos in this say.
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this or pop. eight point seven b.n. t.v. to downtown weisberg this is johnson brains in arcade until ten o'clock tonight so i'm talking with some of the best music of two thousand and thirteen rendon playing the song but all. use.
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is holding its all groove. in one thousand nine hundred i was the first woman to work in this one particular mine and my job was what they called the belt boy and then they started calling me the bell person because i was a female so when i would go into ground everybody would be kind of gathered to see this one. coming out of the mines you know and then i remember my face would be all black with the coal dust and i was a little bit vain so i would have a handkerchief and i would wipe my face off before i would come outside so it be all clean. so that it but the guys would always be looking for me to come out because it was just so amazing i guess to them to see a woman working in the mines. prove.
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more inform on malo no. i remember when i was in high school i loved the earth science i love the mountains all of anything he was brock's and my earth science teacher back then said there's going to be eight hundred years of coal and when he said that that's when things were good you know where everybody was working like the guys that worked in the mines they always had the nice cars like the camero i remember thinking when i was younger that if anything ever happened to the coal mines here that it would become a ghost town but i never thought in a million years i would see that and it's happened it's happened.
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we. did what. now and it's time to check. a load of. think you see a good. mood in the school is a. church secret indeed catholic priests accused of sexually abusing children can get away with it.


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