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tv   Cross Talk  RT  August 1, 2018 3:30pm-4:01pm EDT

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they hope the move to prompt the authorities to still ignoring the plight of my clients and force them to take action shows that even ski. paris. maria butch in the made headlines last month after being arrested in the u.s. on charges of acting as a russian agent in addition to allegedly working on behalf of the kremlin to interfere in u.s. politics it's also been claimed she was trying to lure american money to russia or to america has spoken to bush on the floor about the case the full interview will soon be available on its you tube channel. well i think if you read the indictment of the case she is alleged to be an agent over russia who failed to register with the attorney general and so essentially that means is they haven't charged with espionage and if you read the gages ganster know the allegations or anything spy like about it the sense of the government is conceding that even under their own theory it should fall the piece of paper with the attorney general's office at the beginning of her trip to america everything she
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did was legal and so my point is this is more a registration type crime than a crime and yet the media and the government some extent are treating it like an espionage crime. well i mean i think that allegation was particularly damaging to maria because it makes it more like a spy novel and frankly easier for the public to digest and so editors and producers like those kind of allegations because it seems like this is more like the red sparrow and that was an allegation that was set forth in a proffer by the government meaning they did not produce evidence to back up that allegation at the time we're still waiting to see that and we're not sure it exists or exists in any meaningful form in the interim it's very hard to see your client kind of dragged through the mud like this which is why i've been trying to push back on that. south african comedian and presenter of the daily show trevor noah
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a shot to the top of the america's t.v. personalities chart it's based on popularity on social media platforms and television and it seems he has global appeal as well but for some his jokes have too often crossed the line. all women of every race can be beautiful and i know some of your sitting in the yard but i've never seen a beautiful aborigine yeah but you know what you say you say yes that's to say yes because you haven't seen all of the right plus it's not always about looks maybe aborigine women do special things like jump on top of your. partner what works for a girl want the world cup performance well. i mean look i get it i get it they have to say it's the french team but look at those guys there are guys you don't get that tear by hanging out in the south of france
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my friends. clutch. and see. how bad the stance is. but it wasn't it was the police this is the miners and they wanted money and it was a sad situation no one really knows what happened but everyone has an opinion i like this that last joke has provoked a new wave of outrage on social media though it's been years since it was first cracked it's about the two thousand and twelve minute qana massacre when police in south africa killed dozens of people during a miners' strike someone twitter slammed him for using such provocative humor to build his career you know neal ask comedian john f. o'donnell and legal and media analyst lionel if there should be self-censorship in comedy. comedy today is being infiltrated with these floyd ian
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screw ups these demented twisted angry sexually backwater we're forty and nightmare these these these pair of files who think it's funny to shock at this say something and whatever they say we're supposed to accept the reality is once we start letting these kind of p.c. monsters come into place and having like you know people decide what is you know what is tolerable and what is good we do cross the mess that we do cross a dangerous line and if somebody does a comedian does want to of their own volition apologize for a bit i think that that is ok like he did apologize for this the bit about saying you know aboriginal people are attractive to me everything is valid in terms of whether you call it humor or pekin commentary if you don't like it turn it off but a rule might be don't joke about something called
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a mass occur just saying i mean i don't know if there's any rules but i stay away from master curry humor who decides who gets away with what who gets to say you could say it you could say it right that your you were but you can't that's what bothers me we have to go back to the maracana in the way trevor joked about it let's again listen to a short clip why didn't i use rabbi burning so i didn't use average and i guess because those things don't work anymore. these are the whole wheat and they couldn't control people so that's come with ammunition for those guys had weapons plus i guess is a waste of time which strikes have ended because of him against libya for that and use that as comedians as creative people we're coming up with a lot of content we're throwing a lot of things out there sure if we say something that's you know that's really inflammatory and you know there can be a backlash and that's something that we have to we have to deal with right or wrong and let's also remember this is trevor no are ok about. so get crazy but if he did made there's jokes about palestinian riots or outcries ings with israeli soldiers.
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no no no no so there's no applicability to humor across the board it's all what's in and what's not black lives matter sacrosanct the massacre that that's what it all what's a word not oh yes edgy is there a point there that maybe bravery is being lost in company a little bit the easy targets are being deployed when it comes to the liberal vs conservative liberal. comics tend to you know go done the side of conservatives with the trumpet ministration it's sort of it's sort of easy for you know mainstream liberal comedians to you know go after the ministration of the republican party that's the kind of the wheel has a house where they feel you know comfortable i go a lot of these shows would probably be considerably you know would would be happy if there was a hillary clinton presidency but they would have less fodder to go after you know
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if your in the right group and the right person the sky's the limit if you're not republican trump supporter perceived to be right wing whatever you get no tolerance and no exercise of the free liberty of free speech that simple. coming up on the program facebook has taken down accounts it's suspects might be trying to sway the upcoming mid-term elections in the us the details after a short break. most of the people in the last month to its berenson that. we were in the numbers that formed this lose sleep all day experiences all of this. must've been the growth that's. the psyche you would not outsource that.
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what holds its institutions are going. to put themselves on the line. to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president and should. somehow want to be preached. to going to be the person that's what before are you the more people that i'm interested in always in the waters are out. there should. welcome back a joint investigation is underway into the deaths of three russian journalists in the central african republic on tuesday they were killed in an ambush by
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unidentified militia fighters near the town of cebu people in moscow have been laying flowers on a memorial to honor their memory from the ocean joins me now live in the studio with the latest maria what more do we know at this point well definitely a tragic incident and certainly a great loss for all journalistic community first of all we know that the investigation is now on to go into exactly what happened on tuesday and who killed the three central african republic what we know so far officially is that dead bodies were discovered by u.n. peacekeeping personnel some twenty five kilometers north of the central city of steamboat it was on the road an abandoned car was also discovered at the scene all with multiple gunshots yes it looks like the crew was attacked by a large group of gunmen we do not know right now who they were and this is up to investigation to find out possibly it was an ambush and we also know that the driver of that car a local man according to some reports he was recommended to the team by u.n.
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. central african republic so by this incident surprise in the end we know that he's currently called and with investigators we also hear that the crew didn't have press accreditation so officially they did have the right to work in central african republic as a journalist and we also hear from the russian embassy that they were not notified about their arrival their bodies for. were transferred to u.n. facilities in the area and later transferred to one of the hospitals in the capital of the republic where they are now and we hear from the russian officials that their buddies are expected to return to their homeland to russia this saturday has there been any indication as to why they were killed interesting is that it's not what many discuss they don't discuss who is behind the killing of three russian
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journalists but more interested in what their assignment on the ground was shortly after the news about the death we started receiving unconfirmed reports we're heard that from the killed journalist friends and colleagues they were filming a documentary about mercenaries in central african republic possibly with links to russia some would go further calling a group name known as wagner that has reportedly again to kremlin and although these were all unconfirmed reports the media news personality. started using this information as if it was the matter of fact and it created kind of like hysteria but not about the killing the terrible incident that happened in central african republic but about russia's involvement in the conflict there and illegal personnel there and russia's foreign minister as a reaction to these claims i read in here all of this nonsense about an
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investigation into russian mercenaries in the central african republic there is nothing sensational about the presence of russia's military instructors in the country no one covers this based on the location of the bodies the russian journalists were not heading to an area where the instructors work. well this march russia officially to send five military and one hundred seventy civilian instructors to central african republic apart from being one of the poorest countries on earth definitely on the african continent it is very unstable play is divided between different groups so it's like a very dangerous place and this was the reason behind the invitation of russian experts to the republic they were supposed to train military personnel on the ground and according to some reports they are based in the southern part of the country while again according to some reports the team was heading east of the
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country and i think this with the russian ministry is trying to say that this is not the news that's quite fair because the news is the killing of the three russian journalists and we have to wait and see what the investigation finds out who is behind artie's maria from notion of thank you so much for bringing us that update. there's a tense wait for in zimbabwe for the results of the first election since long time leader robert mugabe was ousted opposition supporters have gathered outside the electoral commission's headquarters and quickly became agitated. so far only partial results have been released but the rulings on the p.f. party is on course for a parliamentary majority amid claims of vote rigging and voter intimidation observers have criticized the delay in declaring the final results and will give it
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further assessment later while the presidential election results are not yet declared and unrest is feared to have happened to happen if mugabe successor god way stays in power the opposition m.d.c. alliance has already declared its candidate nelson chamisa as the winner millions were drawn to polling stations on monday turnout thought to be around seventy five percent to first time candidates are up for the presidency presidency after robert mugabe posed in a military coup last autumn is for a right hand man emerson among goggle took over and is being challenge for the top job by nelson chamisa electoral commission has until saturday to declare the result . with the us mid-term elections on the horizon the specter of alleged russian meddling has once again reappeared facebook has removed accounts which it believes were being used to possibly influence the outcome of the vote and
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the media's been quick to blame russia so america looks at the evidence or rather its absence. thirty two accounts were deleted to face the arms race presented by quote well funded adversaries with the apparent goal of amplifying already existing conspiratorial narratives the mainstream media displaying not an ounce of creativity went on to blame the usual suspect brush and actors continue to try to disrupt metal infiltrate the u.s. political debate if not the elections themselves well russia is interfering there continuing to interfere russia has been mentioned as the likely source of this interference in attempts russians and other nation states absolutely are attempting to manipulate us but on what basis the report didn't find russia or russian entities or russian linked entities responsible facebook reiterated several times that they were unable to identify the culprit and even admitted that they quote may never be able to identify the source we're still in the very early stages of our
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investigation and don't have all the facts including who may be behind this democratic house minority leader nancy pelosi even demanded that facebook brief congress on these critical developments which she took as confirmation of the intelligence community's russian interference claims the latest announcement confirms the longstanding findings of the u.s. intelligence community and national security experts that is actively utilizing social media in a car donated effort to sow discord among the american people and undermine our democracy but who are those three to accounts influential enough to undermine american democracy in fact most of the spot of materials had zero to ten followers and in the scope of about fourteen months ran one hundred fifty ads for approximately eleven thousand dollars if someone is against the us immigration policy which is some of these anti ice accounts apparently were maybe they would like to conceal their identity maybe they're afraid of us authorities it's
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a strange thing are we allowed to be private thank you for identities private of us without people assuming that somehow there is some flaw. and hand meddling in things and so it's very strange but the real question is what does it mean that someone is trying to sow divisions among americans are we not allowed to disagree with each other about fundamental issues like immigration and other things and i look at some of the pages and some of them were sort of pro-feminist women shouldn't have to cook for their for their man i mean how is this supposed to is the russian effort to sort of visions americans have always disagreed that's the nature of society of a free society you disagree with the so these people i think the mentality is not like north korea or something is very bizarre. one hundred three passengers and crew have survived a plane crash in northern mexico some were able to walk away from the plane which came down moments after takeoff or during from durango airport those with more serious injuries were taken to local hospitals two infants were also on board the
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aero mexico flight was heading for the capital mexico city initial reports suggest the aircraft was hit by a gust of wind and the plane's wing touched the ground that's a wrap up of of the day's top headlines for now but in the meantime you can always find us on all of your favorite social media platforms up to the minute reports thanks for tuning in. join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics small business i'm show business i'll see you then. i.
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voted with a both. of us. last time we chased. each one of them carrying twenty kilos of drugs. first offense. that they just stepped. into the family i mean the money. they have this is the this is for me. it will be i don't know maybe they'll get a make or. break right. now where.
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i. became a camera. roughly once they showed some leaves for them. uncool videos and sell them with the broken eastern that's. down on string i don't rightly don't t.v. . the unwelcome across we're all things considered i'm peter lavelle on this edition of cross. we consider one question is donald trump america first policy in contradiction to the washington consensus idea of american exceptionalism the
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answer to this question will likely define trump's presidency and change the world in the process. cross talking american exceptionalism i'm joined by my guest michael flanagan in washington he's president of flanagan consulting and a former congressman in charlottesville we have david swanson he is the director of world beyond war dot org and in northwood we cross to introduce palm our he is a professor of international politics at city university london all right gentlemen crossed rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want and i always appreciated let me go to david first because he's written a book on the topic titled curing exceptionalism ok we have about a year and a half of this presidency i'm getting a pretty good idea what america first means in the mind of donald trump and i know very well what american exceptionalism is and i'm i'm not a big proponent of it. are is donald trump incompatible with his american firsts
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policies with washington's insistence. and digging their heels in very deep that american exceptionalism must be maintained go ahead david in charlottesville. i guess the short answer is no i don't see it i look at what donald trump does in terms of foreign policy in terms of continuing u.s. imperialism and he is dropping more bombs he is building more bases he is getting more military spending out of congress demanding more of military spending out of europe shipping weapons to more places including ukraine continuing to insist on the u.s. right to do what it wants in places like ukraine and nicaragua and around the world he's not switching policies allow. when the people of afghanistan or nicaragua or anywhere else to decide their own fate i mean the changes are all rhetorical and and in terms of mannerisms and style people in. people
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abroad outside the united states who see him as radically different because he blurts out things he doesn't act on like nato is obsolete seems to me as superficial as people within the united states who say the people the vote in crimea to rejoin russia was the big threat to peace and stability in the rule of law of the past centuries. looking at actions rather than at. ment's i don't see it continuing us policy but the good points made there michael none the less we we have the reaction of where you are this the epicenter of the swamp they see trump is being very much a threat to the outlook that has been cultivated and enforced i would point out since the end of the second world war particularly since the end of the cold war so
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i mean michael is right on all these points here but that's not how the people that we used to run the show see it that way and they're pushing back against them in very very severe very peculiar ways and in particular using the media to push against him go ahead michael. i think the swamp has a collectivist view definitely denies american exceptionalism writ small and that is america has the best workers in the world and we have an exceptional view of our future and we are we view ourselves as as the shining light of the world and then you have experiment exceptionalism writ large which as a matter of foreign policy means that we'll run the world. the i think writ small trump is a huge champion of that written large i think your other guest is correct he's he's not he's not a big champion of america around the world in the sense that we will make foreign policy for the world but we will behave any way we need to to protect our security
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and that that is often irrespective of what nicaragua wants or what what anybody else wants and i think trump is definitely a proponent of that the swamp would rather have us collectively sit with the european powers basically europe almost exclusively and and discuss what we need to do around the world while we pay the freight and they make the decisions and i think trump is trying to bring an end to that by threatening nato not as an institution like eisenhower did by the way and his presidency but to say that it's not an organization that we're going to support exclusively and move on forward with entergy to you know combined what we've just heard from michael and david so america first in american exceptionalism they have to find the worst possible elements of both and they're being can bind that's what i've gotten from this conversation so far go ahead nor would they want to and i don't think i would violently disagree with. you just. i think american exceptionalism is
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a difficult kind of. and that nationalism has a touch to it a great sense of the uniqueness and superiority to a large degree it's also vast. but it's behind certain kinds of the news and. where president trump probably it differs from his previous esas president obama and george w. bush as well is that in a way he's he's rejected the rhetoric of values of democracy or human rights and promoting those kind of liberal values in favor of the kid up so i would say that that's the principal difference between those two there is also a strategic disagreement as well and i think that largely is around. the relationship that the united states or president trump is building with russia and the bigger geopolitical picture i think which he has in his mind possibly by
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and reconsider the home secretary of state about some kind of a possible russian chinese splits and i think there's a big disagreement about that but that's a strategic question we all grow or the united states continues to exert its up but i think the rhetoric around values i think president trump doesn't have any time he's much more about asserting or aren't out of the dollar or of the trade of market access and of the american military ok well david i mean it i guess in a way trump is probably more honest than his predecessors because he doesn't talk about democracy promotion as you know but that it's always been a cover and i think only people in the swamp actually believe in that rhetoric anymore forcefully bringing democracy to the world i don't see where it works no one's ever empirically proven it to me but but so really it's the same thing. it's american exceptionalism with the just a different rhetoric i guess you know that makes a lot of sense go ahead david. that's exactly right the rhetoric has changed
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a lot more than the substance of the disagreement between the make america great again people and the america already has great people is not around the need for the united states to have double standards and a set of laws only for itself and superiority the rest of the world that is universally agreed upon in washington the disagreements around rhetoric around domestic policies and around russia and the demand from the from the democrats i wouldn't dignify it by calling it strategic it's more trying to explain hillary clinton's loss and hating anything trump does so if he threatens north korea that's crazy if he fails to threaten russia that's crazy you know that the disagreement is is around this this mythical story of evil deeds of russia and their gargantuan significance in the in the context of the good us law abiding behavior
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and there you know you can give trump credit for refusing to bow to the russia gaiters otherwise i give him very little credit for anything far as he continues disastrous policies that are taking this country and the rest of the world over a cliff you know again. the rhetoric is is certainly different but and some of the actions are too i mean i don't think any of us really took seriously that there would be a meeting with kim so soon nothing much came of it and now he wants to meet with the iranian leader a days before in capital letters on twitter threatening and i mean michael how do you explain that or is that just expediency the midterms it's the here and now and worry about the implications later because i mean from the on the outside looking in this is very confusing and we're supposed to be experts to be able to figure this stuff out go ahead michael. i think one of the hallmarks of trump's foreign policy is that it's trump it's not
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a collective view of the state department and with way ends from d.o.d.'s other places and intelligence it's trump. and he's proven to be fairly adept at it so far however you may or may not like the outcomes he's gotten in with korea he's reworked trade agreements in europe and elsewhere some of it has been to our total benefit some of it has been a conciliatory benefit. we enjoy a relationship with china we haven't had and maybe ever. i don't know that what he's doing is confusing bad evil wrong or fattening but what i do know is that it's in his head and it's been working with us far. talking diplomatic level and so i'm not prepared to throw it over just because i don't understand no no you know i get on with that which i don't understand i can't i get your point maybe i get your point i mean in the way he sees the world here and his base and i think it may go back to.


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