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migrants have been expelled by police in this area many times philip tells me that despite this they come back and every time they do this situation becomes even more desperate from the beginning our mission was to serve hot drinks and bread and we've done this for twenty months every day during the last month we started questioning our mission as we day one i volunteered to be put in danger. who is to blame for this situation for not giving enough help to the migrants on the streets is this the mayor of paris is this the government of france. that is all for us is both the state is responsible for people on the streets for taking in migrants at the same time the authorities in paris are restricting access to water taps in the summer is irresponsible they also have a responsibility towards the miners their miners who sleep on the street and in the camp of drug addicts me the state nor the parish administration is doing its job. with the authorities not providing enough support the volunteers giving up just
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a stone's throw away from haiti is an area known locally as crack hill that's also make things worse for those working to help the migrants felipe says that some of the drug addicts are also coming for food handouts and causing problems. the drug addicts are evaluated recently but nothing was done to help them and they came back to a now come for a break for this too it creates additional tension they're aggressive including two of the volunteers so this is an explosive situation. while we're recording the interview me the food distribution point to. individuals approach are all movies that i saw ambo media which serves. i was here i was only. marginally so recently. with some of the streets are very uncomfortable if like me were not filming that scene but they just kept up with the camera is.
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the venue to see this is the. exact i. think. more people are coming nothing's being done about it and there are the drug addicts as you saw it's impossible to film people here it's becoming more difficult than before we think the situation is explosive and it puts is in real danger. by shutting up shop so i. know that they are cutting off a vital lifeline for vulnerable nicholas' but as well as doing it out of concern for their volunteers they hope to move to prompt the authorities to stop ignoring the plight of migrants and force them to take action even ski arty paris. maria burton or made headlines last month after being arrested in the u.s. on charges of acting as a russian agent in addition to allegedly working on behalf of the kremlin to
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interfere in u.s. politics it's also being claimed she was trying to lure american money your to russia or to america has spoken to put in his lawyer about the case that fall interview will be appearing soon on its you tube channel. well i think if you read the indictment of the case she is alleged to be an agent over russia who failed to register with the attorney general and so essentially that means is they haven't charged with espionage and if you read the against or know the allegations or anything spy like about it the sense of the government is conceding that even under their own theory if she had filed a piece of paper with the attorney general's office at the beginning of her trip to america everything she did was legal and so my point is this is more of a registration type crime than a crime and yet the media and the government some extent are treating it like an espionage crime. well i mean i think that that allegation was particularly
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damaging to maria because it makes it more like a spy novel and frankly easier for the public to digest and so editors and producers like those kind of allegations because it seems like oh this is more like the red sparrow and that was an allegation that was set forth in a proffer by the government meaning they did not produce evidence to back up that allegation at the time we're still waiting to see that and we're not sure it exists or it exists in any meaningful form in the interim it's very hard to see your client kind of dragged through the mud like this which is why i've been trying to push back on that. so i thought frickin comedian on presenter of the daily show trevor noah a shot to the top of america's t.v. personalities chart now it's based on popularity on social media platforms and on television and he clearly has a lot of but for some his jokes have to often cross the line.
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all women of every race can be beautiful and i know some of you're sitting there going but i've never seen a beautiful aborigine but you know what you say you say yes that's to say yes because you haven't seen all of the right plus it's not always about looks maybe aborigine women do special things like jump on top of you in. africa but i don't want the world cup. i mean look i get it i get it they have to say it's the french team but look at those guys i guess you don't get that terror by hanging out in the south of france my friends. what. i had
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was the stance of i but it wasn't it was the police this is the miners and they wanted money and it was a sad situation no one really knows what happened but everyone has an opinion i like this. last joke has provoked a new wave of outrage on social media though it has been years since it was cracked it's about the twenty twelve massacre when police in south africa killed dozens of people in miners' strike some of them for using such provocative humor to build his career and earlier i asked comedian. legal and media analyst lionel if there should be self-censorship in comedy. comedy today is being infiltrated with these floyd ian screw ups these demented twisted angry sexually backwater we're forty and nightmare these these these pair of files who think it's
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funny to shock at this say something and whatever they say we're supposed to accept the reality is once we start letting these kind of p.c. monsters come into place and having like you know people decide what is you know what is tolerable and what is good we do cross the mess that we do cross a dangerous line and if somebody does a comedian does want to of their own volition apologize for a bit i think that that is ok like he did apologize for this the bit about saying you know aboriginal people are attractive to me everything is valid in terms of whether you call it humor or pekin commentary if you don't like it turn it off but a rule might be don't joke about something called a mass occur just saying i mean i don't know if there's any rules but i stay away from master curry humor who decides who gets away with what who gets to say you
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could say you could say it right that your you were but you can't that's what bothers me we have to go back to the maracana in the way trevor joked about it let's again listen to a short clip why didn't i use rubber burning so i didn't use i'm going to tend to i guess because those things don't work any more. these are the whole wheat and they couldn't control people so that's come with ammunition for those guys had weapons plus i guess is a waste of time which strikes have ended because of him against libya for that on the news and as comedians as creative people we're coming up with a lot of content we're throwing a lot of things out there sure if we say something that's you know that's really inflammatory and you know there can be a backlash and that's something that we have to we have to deal with right or wrong and let's also remember this is trevor noah ok about. so get crazy but if he'd have made those jokes about palestinian riot for our prize ings with israeli soldiers. no no no so there's no applicability to humor across the board it's all what's in
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what's not black lives matter sacrosanct the massacre that that's what it all what's a word not oh yes edgy is there a point there that maybe bravery is being lost in company a little bit the easy targets are being deployed when it comes to the liberal vs conservative liberal. comics tend to go down the side of conservatives with the troubling ministration it's sort of sort of easy for you know mainstream liberal comedians to you know go after the ministration of the republican party that's the kind of the wheel has a house where they feel you know comfortable i go out of these shows would probably be considerably you know would would be happy if there was a hillary clinton presidency but they would have less fodder to go after you know if you're in the right group and the right person the sky's the limit if you're not republican trump supporter perceived to be right wing whatever you get no tolerance
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and no exercise of the free liberty of free speech that simple. investigation is underway into the deaths of three on tuesday they were killed in an ambush by unidentified militia fighters near the ton of subdued people in moscow have been paying tribute to the slain man laying flowers out of memorial. spoke earlier to check into. what more do we know at this point well definitely a tragic incident and second a great loss for all the journalistic community first of all what we know so far officially is that dead bodies were discovered by u.n. peacekeeping person our some twenty five kilometers north of the central city. it was on the road and a bed in the car was also discovered at the scene with multiple gunshots yes it looks like the crew was attacked by a large group of gunmen we do not know right now who they were and we also know
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that the driver of that car a local man according to some reports he was recommended to the team by u.n. . central african republic so by this incident we know that he's currently called in with investigators we also hear that the crew didn't have press accreditation. officially they did have the right to work in central african republic as a journalist and we also hear from the russian embassy that they were not notified about their arrival and we hear from the russian officials that their buddies expected to return to their homeland to russia this saturday has there been any indication as to why they were killed they don't discuss who is behind the killing of three russian journalists but more interested in what their assignment on the ground was. to the news about the death we started receiving unconfirmed reports we're heard that from journalists friends and colleagues they were filming
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a documentary about mercenaries in central african republic possibly. some would go further calling a group name known as wagner although these were all unconfirmed reports some media . news personalities. started using this information as if it was the matter of fact and it created kind of like hysteria but not about the killing the terrible incident that happened in central african republic but about russia's involvement in the conflict there and to send an illegal person out there and russia's foreign minister as a reaction to these claims by reading here all of this nonsense about an investigation . russian mercenaries in the central african republic there is nothing sensational about the presence of russia's military instructors in the country no one covers this base and the location of the bodies the russian journalists were not heading to an area where the instructors work this march russia officially deed and five
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military and one hundred seventy civilian instructors to central african republic apart from being one of the poorest countries on earth definitely on the african continent it is very an unstable place is divided between different groups so it's like a very dangerous place and this was the reason behind the invitation of russian experts to the republic and i think this is what russian ministry is trying to say that this is not the news that's quite fair because the news is the killing of the three russian journalists and we we have to wait and see what the investigation finds out . twitter so again the fund itself at the center of the debate over center ship the latest controversy comes after it imposed the twelve hour suspension on austin peterson a republican candidate in the u.s. state of missouri senate race for what it described as abusive behavior his
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suspension came after a writer for the left leaning sharer blue website drew a link between peterson's acceptance of bitcoin for campaign financing and the alleged russian hocking of a democratic senator petersen responded to that with a gift featuring josef stalin some users flag this post as offensive and it was subsequently deemed to have violated twitter's rules but the image was actually from the platform's own collection and can be found on its database well twitter sees the tweets amounted to targeted harassment which is often used to silence voices on the platform but often peterson claims there was more to the suspension. three different emails were sent to me about this saying that i had not done anything wrong mysteriously two days later the ban was issued it almost seems as though something had gone on behind the scenes and that this would this was an attempt to suppress my speech during
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a critical election and it is quite ironic because my response was a was a picture of joseph stalin which was meant to be humorous saying off the gulag and then of course they mass reported me as if i have access to a gulag here in the state of missouri that i could that could be a credible threat. well mr peterson comes on twitter brings together a special research team to combat prejudice promote what it defines as collective health and openness on its platform but the plan seems to be causing upset with the assembled team already being accused of a strong anti trump bias. like donald trump when you can trump. something tells me a little for. where republicans in congress are testing the waters and pushing magazines trying. trump's twenty
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sixteen digital team and cambridge on this week to help the russians figure out how to tell gates late he's campaigned on facebook. while the team will work on algorithms not rooted in civility and intolerance on twitter and assess the extent to which people engage with different viewpoints often peterson claims though that the platform despite what it says' is actually making a concerted effort to censor certain ideas on talking points. we don't have free speech in the united states in order to be able to discuss the whether we have free speech so that we can discuss very controversial things i don't mind if a social media network has a bias i assume a bias but what i prefer is transparency about that bias twitter suppresses conservative and libertarian voices from being able to get their message out because they have a bias and it's deeply disturbing and
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a threat to american democracy. the state capital of texas may have to rethink its name a report by the equity office in austin suggest taking a closer look because the city's named after a supporter of slavery now it is long been a sensitive issue in a city that's considered to be the most liberal among those in the united states.
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well austin's equity office reviewed all public property to see whether it has any ties to the confederacy's most controversial period they came up with a list of street names on monuments that should perhaps be changed or removed although renaming the city is not likely to happen anytime soon the issues being assigned medium priority well the controversy lies with the city's namesake steven austin the father of texas was secretary of state of the new republic in the nineteenth century but he was a prominent slavery advocate and even in first said that months it paid to slaves would turn into a menace he had slaves domestic servants as well but back to today naming the city after the state founder is common sense so save media relations consultant and
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often resident john griffin. we've got this push in texas to try to you know be careful not to withstand anybody but texas is offensive because liberty's events it the fact that texas is named that it is capital city is named for the person that started the colony in texas that became the state that's common sense the city council here in austin has made a few a few very rich decisions like banning it so the city council would rather waste taxpayer money on frivolous ideas like this then actually doing real work. one hundred three passengers and crew have survived a plane crash in northern mexico eighty people who were on board have been treated in hospital for their injuries the pilot is said to be the most seriously hurt he's reportedly undergoing surgery after sustaining
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a spinal injury the early mexico flight which was heading from durango airport to mexico city crossed moments after takeoff the company that runs the airport ses it believes the crash was caused by vers weather conditions an investigation is not under way. well you check out our twitter feed for the latest developments on the story and all the other news we're across this hour you're watching international. camera. roughly once the show is so move for the. uncool videos and some of them with the growth in eastern europe. down more on string i don't roughly don't t.v. .
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time after time if you were going underground on the day britain's biggest manufacturing employer the defacto taxpayer funded b.a. systems report financial results bolstered by lucrative contracts with those bombing yemen in the world's worst humanitarian crisis coming up in the show i'm talking about the budget. religious would nuclear on prime minister imran khan shoot down nato nations drones flying over his country we have asked to gauge the future of a china backed. with former minister of state and chairman of the pakistan border investment zamindar and on the day other succeeds a year's worth of its resources in the shortest period of time in history we speak to the president of the global footprint network about this what is nagel about the biggest liberal ponzi scheme in this solar system from the church headlines is
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a promised to slander of milk and honey about to become the land of. gold a symbol coming up in today's going underground but first how will britain respond to the political victory of pakistani cricketing legend imran khan good today's financial results from the u.k.'s be a system. provide a clue. is one of the most advanced projects that. capability. britain has been supplying intelligence from for our a.f. bases in yorkshire cambridge linkage and northamptonshire to facilitate drone strikes on khan's country according to amnesty international the usa says german strikes are vital tool in its fight against the taliban and al qaeda in the pakistan tribal areas portraying of canister. it considers them a reliable and precise method for targeting and killing insurgents. by the.
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character he. played on the. amnesty has long been asking for a public inquiry into british involvement in the u.s.a.'s drone assassination program in pakistan and it's something a prime minister imran khan would look set to show interest in killing people by these drones basically sitting on a screen and eliminating people. dehumanizing them treating them. as if you know from some other planet not giving them a basic right of proving their innocence i mean it violates all norms of justice imran khan has even threatened to shoot down the drones of nato nations and while the u.k. aided drone assassinations to raise amaze former leader david cameron blamed pakistan we want to see a strong and stable and a democratic pakistan but we cannot tolerate. any sense the idea that this country
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is allowed to look both ways and is able in any way to promote the export of terror while u.k. tory politicians blame the two hundred of millions strong nuclear armed nation of pakistan for promoting to. era pakistan has allied itself with russia but as we have to look at now should you go to see if we can stand on your debts working for crimes. there's a past history going to this that used during the last two years. engagement the district egypt level has been of great value to us and we value this pollution ship very deeply it's not just we are in bricks that pakistan is militarily allied to it's also the sea communist china the increasingly tough talk by the trumpet ministration to pakistan seems to have pushed pakistan to concede more to china now or according to the latest information china is likely to bear a joint. efforts based ads of on in pakistan close to the the border has been
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touted as second miti based in a foreign country often the best it has supported so how close were pakistan's times to china and russia b. what now for pakistan ruled by human cohen joining me is a former pakistani minister of state name zamindar name thanks so much for joining us from san francisco how closely tied to brics will the future of pakistan be under him run can or perhaps they the prime minister i believe that the diaries will be close and closer because i'm just not sure graphical proximity and opportunity especially with great with china be able and one of the largest economic opportunities of our time economy which is going to grew from twelve trillion dollars to forty trillion dollars with the next twenty five years is a massive growth opportunity to sort of drug into and be a part off so i there's no do ways about it this is one of the big economic opportunities for pakistan yaks speaking to you from britain we're talking about
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managing decline arguably purse bricks at least that's what the remain is a saying but you mention chinese and a bit like imran khan yourself imran khan mentioned china seven times in the context of lifting hundreds of millions out of poverty which of course has occurred i. and of a government of the communist party in beijing. it has to be the clear driving better that's the reason why i came to garden because i clearly pakistan is a country with a lot of potential and there's no reason why the us you know we're twenty percent or more of your population is below the poverty line that has to change and we're going to lift people out about it and we have great economic potential we have all the resources it's just been bad management over the years lot of challenges you know many wars on our borders and with you know with our neighbors and we are now ready for change we are ready for prosperity through brady for a country where which which realizes its potential so see this is perspective
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a finance minister talked about as being it. says when you were a minister and when you were in the trade department eight million dollars fled to dubai. things are going or be wrong in pakistan or that may be true but there was a you know invest you know it takes a long time for a country to regain its credibility right for many years the whole war in afghanistan it was affecting box on as badly by you know incidences of terrorism and we were probably the biggest we were huge. six or sixty thousand people lost lives in pakistan right it look so it took many years to clear that out to make pakistan a safe place and it's happened now is much safer for the united states for that matter right. in terms of violent deaths so we've done the hard work moving towards a peaceful environment and i think iran's job will be to to make sure that we and
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we are able to and he said it clearly that he wants to have peace with its neighbors it is important or before this new body of human cons came about britain which presumably wants to benefit from this growth that you have five percent apparently now it blamed pakistan for promoting terror we have david cameron to resume it maes old boss saying that and obviously britain has been providing intelligence on bombing your country how well will britain be placed in this future of yours we've been part of the commonwealth. we have a long history with with british and and close ties with it so we don't you know we really want to focus on building a country right and creating prosperity for people and trade is going to be important we want investment from britain a lot of you know britain has a very large a buck a sunday sport of there and what. we think the biggest opportunity for us is to tap
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into our diaspora that a man million people of us on the region outside of pakistan that's a massive market option generally and many of them have done really really well so not only do they bring up. but also nor how to be able to do grow this economy in the new digital age i should favor a gun said something like that to me when i interviewed him but he also said in the same breath that britain shouldn't be involved in the drone killing of people in pakistan do you think imran khan will make britain's involvement in the drone campaign in pakistan an issue in terms of any trade like an exit for us or pakistan making sure that we have a country which is at peace with the self and its neighbors is extremely important and whatever it takes to make that happen is what iran conny should do right is make sure the box on is a safe place. and. i think that's what's his focus is going to be you can't keep
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bombing people right and think that they're done to peaceful people it just a are i'm a person who clearly believes that we need to be able to negotiate we need to find a settlement and solve the problem rather than you know squash it being a systems is one of britain's biggest companies you're saying britain could make more money using its diaspora trading with pakistan than building weapons to use against pakistan. absolutely not pakistan it has a g.d.p. of about three hundred billion dollars i'm sure that all the next twenty years you can quadruple it it's very easy to upgrade the country with a very low base you know. we are the fifth largest country in the world into the bottle ation but we have what is your point three percent of the g.d.p. share which is a very small study drawn by a low point and and it's very easy to now build upon it but it has to be said nato nation media.


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