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it's in chicago and there's nobody i would expect to do this other than you richard sandor the father of all futures and the head of america or thank you sir thank you very much bart ovies a pleasure. bucket truck the president's daughter and senior policy adviser to the president is called the administration's enforcement efforts related to separating more than twenty five hundred families a quote low point for me and says she felt very strongly in viet million opposed to the policy up until now the first daughters are made fairly silent on the issue and the other day i sat down with professor of economics americas at the university of massachusetts amherst richard wolf and ask him how we got to this place in a nation of immigrants were so many americans bizarrely seem to hate immigrants here's what he had to say. when did it become you know a country of immigrants how did it become popular to just trash immigrants give us some history on that and your views you know we've been a country as you say of immigrants we really are and we are proud of it and for
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good reason. once before in the one nine hundred twenty s. we had an episode a period of time when there was a massive push against immigrants and it came after an economic downturn a severe one by that the end of world war one and into the early twenty's and so i think what you're seeing is a replay of that event in other words when the economic situation deteriorates as it has for the mass of american working people over the last twenty or thirty years the wages have been flat the cost of a good life the american dream have gotten up there's a temptation at that moment for people to do something very natural to become critical of an economic system that's not working for them this makes the people who for whom the system does work very nervous and at that point it becomes really useful to find a scapegoat to get the upset and the anger of people which is legitimate to be focused. on something that they can be angry about that they can vent on but that
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has nothing to do with their real problems let me be as stark as i can if you threw out of the united states the ten million roughly undocumented immigrants that are asserted to be in our country or let's make it fifteen million it doesn't matter let's remember what that is that's one to three percent of our population you're not going to solve the problem of a country of three hundred twenty five million people by expelling ten or fifteen mc it's nuts and it's cruel and it's nasty and we see where it goes with caged children and all the rest but fundamentally it is that escape mechanism it's a fantasy to think that abusing these poorest of the poor is going to change your economic situation it hasn't done that by the way obama threw out three or four million he really did it it didn't solve the problem and mr trump doing it more viciously to a larger number not going to solve the problem either it's
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a scapegoat waiting for people to discover it doesn't solve the problem and we talk immigration it's not necessarily hispanics that are the ones that are really coming to the country right this is a little factoid that i like to give the audience is what i talk about this if you take the top three groups of people coming into the united states now most americans don't know this the two countries sending the most immigrants to america now and this two for last few years china and india hispanics are way down number three from mexico and central america and that's where racism and other issues begin to come in because you're not even really going after the immigrants are you you're going after non why poor people and that's even less of a factor in our economic problems than the emigrants as a whole which is more evidence that it's all a scapegoat theatricals for politics it's now. a real issue. time for
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a quick pause for the promotional cause but hang here because when we return does donald trump everything to read in vision a new american industrial revolution or is it more back to the future i sat down and asked steve walz birth plus how would you like yours me prepared how about from a test to read cost by the author of bet the farm house food stop being food sat down with me to discuss the lab piece you heard it right and the jobs report for july is it one hundred fifty thousand jobs were added while unemployment fell to three point nine percent we'll have more on this on the next broadcast back in to play. mom asked some for something on.
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people as you know we that they paid in there was quite a treat. for the sense that only the air. out of a sudden a man just. simple being there. i said i will enter it even if they will not allow them. if they will shoot we've. got all our money on million million indeed i'm going to the market now new guinea i mean you've been that you could have been you don't buy it you know now that i've got me it'll be like i mean the economy i you.
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would normally guess manufacture come sentenced him to the public wells. when the roman class or some project themselves. with the financial merry go round the sun be the one person told. to ignore middle of the room signals. during the moment i mean the real news is really the world. this is. the church secret indeed just like priests accused of sexually abusing children it can get. away with it literally i like to call this the geographic solution so what the bishop needs to do then he finds out that the priest is is a perpetrator he simply moves him to
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a different spot where the previous standards in the. highest ranks of the catholic church help conceal the accused priests from the police and justice system to that end of themselves as the i intend. to do this out and. i. welcome back on our last broadcast we were able to get to a couple of hot headlines related to heat sorry about that we spoke about the devastating fires in california but other heat related news include some of the
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chronic impacts of climate change being felt in australia and germany the australian state of new south wales has been hard hit by the nation's drought going without substantial rain for nearly two years officials were announced an aid package worth about three hundred seventy million u.s. dollars but the aid will mostly go to expanding existing loan programs and subsidies for a and water costs some farmers and ranchers say it's already too little too late to keep them from staying and from going out of business and many ranchers of already called their livestock herds due to a lack of water and feed and meanwhile the german farmers association note that drought will push this year's harvest of german wheat down to eighteen million tonnes that's the lowest yield level since two thousand and three and twenty percent lower than this than last year's crop the worsening drought impacts which. predicted limited supplies have pushed e.u. benchmark trading prices on wheat to their highest level in three years. the global heat wave is straining electrical systems worldwide the electric grid in iraq is
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snapping under the pressure while summer highs in iraq have been easily topping forty four degrees celsius or one hundred ten degrees fahrenheit for days on end regular outages are striking the country's power grid making basic life much less commerce and culture nearly impossible according to many iraqis those who can afford the cost of turned to generators for electricity and sun entrepreneurs' are selling power from largely privately owned generators that can cover dozens of households. i'm hard to take a longer look in the midst of all the trade war talk but we do now as president trump's vision for the united states mean another industrial revolution or going back to the future as it were here to discuss is conservative t.v. and radio host steve malzberg steve thanks for joining us you know i just wonder about this thing he really seems to want to go back to the day when we had steel and made autos and that's a grand vision but i wonder if it's like this over policy of his and he does you
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really think that that can take place what are your thoughts first a lot of people are accusing him of picking winners in the steel industry for instance at the expense of others i had to get political to let me remind people that barack obama gave guaranteed loans in subsidies by solar and other all the solyndra i mean that the taxpayer got stuck for billions of dollars in picking winners under obama so it's not that unusual but i think would trump is doing i think it's less political and more his belief that that is within him he campaigned on steel he believes for instance that you can have a strong military without u.s. steel being a strong factor and being healthy and of course he's a builder so steel was his life blood in his in his own industry so he has a soft spot as heart for that i don't think that. he's he's looking to handcuff us or take us back i think he's just trying to save what seems to be fading from what he believes in many believe to be the foundation in
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a way of america and he doesn't want to see that slip away yeah and you know i would i actually worked in a steel mill for a year out of high school and you know they're great jobs or dirty jobs but great jobs and good jobs for average workers but you know i just wonder if the tariff approaches work we look back at the jones act from the twenty's and you know u.s. shipping and we look at tariffs over the over the years even bush. w. bush had tariffs on steel didn't work out so well do you have a better hope this time i do because i think he believes and i think he said and the people around him have said that this is not a a permanent fix for anything this is a temporary solution until we get fairer trade until we get what we're looking for i think he's you know he's willing to put a tariff on this of to this country and then go to go shit with that country he doesn't like nafta so we want to sit down with candidate that with separate deals
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with them so i don't i don't think that anything he's doing is could be viewed as permanent and being put in place for the foreseeable future i think it's just a whole bargaining chips with him i wonder sort of a political question but before we go so you know he's pretty much built a coalition of conservative voters and then the business community but a lot of the business community the auto sector in particular and others are starting to say whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa is there a point at which steve this isn't going to be a politically popular thing to do or does that you know damn the torpedoes full speed ahead for the president well the president not too long ago said because the stock market has done so well in the tax cuts we're playing with the house with the house money right now when it comes to tariffs and trade so if we suffer a. a little now well we gained so much already i don't i don't really like that i don't think too many business people as you just alluded to it would buy into that either but that's his mindset but yeah i think you're seeing it i think farmers who
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are going to get some sconces subsidies for their suffering they don't like to take quote unquote welfare they want to have their business you know be fruitful in its own so he's going to run into some political headwinds no doubt about that but we'll keep an eye on it we'll call on you to help us out steve malzberg conservative t.v. and radio host thank you steve thank you. now it is medically modified organisms or lab b.s. i first recall the stockyard i went to when i was younger and frankly a lost my appetite for be for a while well now your beef can be grown in a dish does that sound more appetizing to some of you if so stay tuned the german drug maker merck and a large european union meat processor are rapidly with forward on beef cell culture technology products and here with the latest in his take on it is the author of bet the farm how food stop food being food and fred welcome what's up with this it sounds so weird franken burger franken beef but what do we know well look i maybe
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it's not so weird everybody understood how all their other food gets to them how they're carrots and peaches and oranges it's all done through a grafting technology so in other words what you're doing is you're taking really one master carrot and just replacing it again and again and again this same thing that's going on with meat now which is that we're taking one cell of a perfectly good part of a cow that's able to replicate itself and we're just putting it in nice happy environment and we're feeding it some sugar and some oxygen and it grows up to be a big boy a big burger now the first one. that first burger cost three hundred thirty thousand dollars so i don't know if there's a good retail it's not a happy at all no matter how you eat it now i'm going to be careful because i don't want to make myself sick here thinking about it but when you say it replicates itself the cell replicates itself so are we are not talking about organ we're talking about things like scar tissue or something that would be able to skin or
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something is that sort of the idea that to rebuild itself into what amounts to a piece of beef well this is a very interesting question what part of the stake do you want to replicate itself well the scientists the three hundred thousand dollars one that they thought the best thing would be some muscle tissue why do they want muscle tissue so it will get you that chew you know the end because that you don't really want your beef to in a slurry yet to be like a putting you want you want that good mouth feel so that's the only reason let me ask you you know there's been a lot of documentaries about this and i put a lot of weight behind it and this is a somebody who as you know i worked at the agriculture department i think you know production agriculture in beepers a good thing but there's so much of it around the world that clearly the methane the the off gassing as it were from beef cattle is helping to increase temperatures around the world and and so is this may be one a good idea for begins perhaps even though it's still beef i guess least
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vegetarians and then to fred is it a good thing you think maybe a remedy to some of the problems with global warming well absolutely and i think what's very interesting is is the position of the foodies and the food activists here who are generally against this kind of intervention in food but what we're going to see across the board are two kinds of meat as this goes forward on the one hand we're going to see our kids in all grass fed beef higher price and on the other side we're going to see this other kind of meat which of course the great thing about it is the inputs are. so much less because it's not just the off gassing it's the amount the number of gallons of water that one pound of meat takes it's not at all the diesel inputs it's all the monocultural grains that go into that beef that are depleting the environment and so on this this is it actually could be a a wonderful thing as we have increased need if occasion of global diets we have an
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increased demand for meat and so this can be a way this can be a way for me to fixation oh that's a new one i love new words meat if occasion let me ask you one final question before we go where do you think this might catch on the most in the e.u. where they know they. to some extent are into environmental things but again they don't like g m o's there asia us where if at all would you put your money i think at the largest producers are smart the largest producers of beef they're going to get on board and they're going to sell these burgers in the good ole united states of america probably make some marketing sense fred kaufman author of bet the farm thank you very much appreciate it fred thank you bye. that's it for this time thanks for watching you catch boom bust on you tube you tube dot com slash boom bust r.t. we'll see you again. the
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philippine city of angeles when the u.s. military moved out the six tourists moved in. and now a whole generation of fatherless children is growing up. they died and within a one month old couple simple than an eagle. eye big day in sudan like you i think i knew. that so. sorry it isn't the first time in the t.v. crew to see you or takes you were no don't answer is a little bit now and that if you are. that's it the better you want my god found it
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. a victory you can take the guilt of above it you can take the girl. no woman you know. oh i love you like i did it you did it. look up.
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the british home secretary admits the more it needs to be to taco forced marriages of women than teenage girls of asian and middle eastern descent in the u.k. more victims speak out. there is not some office coming from india that they want people waiting to come for a visa to use me as to take it they paedophiles right this murderous terrorist who are thanked was coming and going as the victims we don't want them to hand. us democrats and republicans aggressively campaign in local on congressional midterm elections when we look at how both parties are using president trump's image to get their message across. and saw as ins rally in the israeli city of tel aviv furious of
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a culture of virtual new law that is seen as discriminating against non jewish citizens and looking at live pictures now from tel aviv will be going more in depth to the story this news hour. grab your chiming in from right around the world this hour welcome to moscow and to our to international my. top story the british home secretary has acknowledged that more needs to be done to tackle forced more ridge in the u.k. but times newspaper there revealed that women and teenage girls from asian and middle eastern buck groans are being coerced into relationships here's testimony of some of the victim's. family forced her to marry a cousin in pakistan her husband only married her for visa purposes eventually they
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ended up with two daughters and after some miscarriages her husband forced her to go through eye the after retirement so that they could conceivably when she eventually found pregnant her husband said that if she was having a girl than she would be having an abortion the abuse continued and the male child was also subject to abuse after the wedding in afghanistan her husband beat and returned back in the u.k. she was forced to work full time to support the visa application she fled when her family tried to get her to sign these reforms but they must have forged her signature as her husband is now in the country now she's a refugee and her replaced is in the u.k. . reportedly eighty eight requests for the u.k. visas a foreign men to be blocked only half were upheld with the sessions pending campaigners against forced marriage claim the authorities are turning a blind eye to the issue because they don't want to be accused of racist or
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religious bias to see a church and i spoke to one victim. paedophiles rapists murderers terrorists who are saying why are they coming in you know the victims we don't want them here in a troubling number of cases girls raised in the u.k. are being taken abroad by their families and forced to marry their then told they can't return without their husbands sometimes they're even forced to get pregnant to make it easier for the father to then join the family back in britain i'm a british citizen i was born in this country and i'm tired of stalker a seventeen and then i was held captive and i was tortured because i was seen as damaged i was then taken to india where i enjoyed an exorcism and then i was brought back to this country where i tried to commit suicide in a homeless shelter and then i was forced into marriage and after a school since march there was barry abuse after five months of share how i was then my family's finally took me back and then they were nice in the second course marriageable me and they said nobody in england would have you now so we're going
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to have to bring someone over from india on a piece and there was lots of offers coming over from india that there were people waiting to come over for a visa to use we had to take care but i actually ran away from home and i was threatening suicide sunny who was disowned by her family as a result considers herself lucky she managed to escape when many others are still captive campaigners have called this the equivalent of modern day slavery and they are calling on the authorities to do more to talk of the problem but what is this feeling this must service massive individual charities report thousands of calls a year to their helplines the problem stretches far and wide affecting middle eastern asian afghan kurdish iranian and other communities living in the u.k. . became a criminal offense in britain in twenty four teens in england we've only had two criminal convictions and yet we see thousands of people reporting that is disproportionate so why oakie called too afraid to prosecute too afraid.
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to take a stand and minister is our whole if he should and speak out against this part of that reason i fear has everything to do with the fear of offending me into the office classifies these as reluctant sponsor cases while describing itself as the world leader in tackling the horrendous crime of forced marriage there are a number of reasons why cases are referred to the forced marriage unit not all of which are the result of a reluctant sponsor getting in contact in some cases it will be decided following inquiries that no further action is necessary and a visa will be issued if an individual refuses to act as the sponsor for a visa application then under the immigration rules that visa should not be issued . those campaigning to highlight the problem disagree accusing the authorities of knowingly allowing criminals into the country in these cases the victims themselves
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report that they didn't want this person to come to the country and yet still what the data tells it is under a freedom of information requests by the journalist was that these visas were still allowed so we have these people living in britain now. as a result of our bit to be forced into marriage the u.k. home secretary has now announced launching an investigation into the handling of these cases but charities have been getting horrific stories of young women forced into abusive marriages for the sake of u.k. visas for years and i see a truck in our party london. there is more at stake for american voters in the upcoming midterm elections than simply choosing who they want in congress the vote is considered to be one of the most important in recent history because it could swing the republican majority but allows donald trump to deliver on his policies there's also the possibility of
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a democratic majority could make threats of his impeachment much more realistic and that's why politicians from both sides are topping trump in their campaigns as killer martin looks into. now the midterm elections are months away and across the country it seems pretty clear that the elections will focus on one single issue donald trump that's not an exaggeration check out this campaign ad from florida everyone knows my husband ron to santa is indorsed by president trump he's also an amazing dad ron loves playing the kids build the wall he reads the stories then mr trump said you're right you're right about that part of making america great and you know now that just scientists has the blessing of the donald he's rising in the polls trump has actually managed to resurrect a number of republican primary campaigns and for the democrats trump is an easy punching bag and the bogeyman check out how this candidate is marketing his anti
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trump message i'm rich metal you know i'm running for governor to deliver progressive results and to stand up to donald trump here a few of the things i've done that already in theory i protected planned parenthood from the republicans in congress take and what's the number one way and i. for the republicans. take that trump now the ad never really makes clear how offending the president is going to help the people in maryland but that doesn't seem to matter the anti trump message is loud and clear and that's the name of the game in u.s. politics are you for trump or against him no other information is required that's not surprising when it comes to voters as they're divided along party lines like never before this is actually spruiking members of congress you cannot just run against donald trump and it is the job we democrats to put together a strong cohesive economic. group of proposals aimed at the middle class
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and those struggling to get better we're in a strange place it's almost it's becoming a cultish thing isn't it it's not a good place for any party to end up with a cult like situation as it relates to a president that happens to be purportedly of the same party the democrats are now taking the cult thing to a whole new level they're even invoking old uncle joe he has very deliberately set up the press as the enemy of the people. who think that he first heard from joseph stalin this is very dangerous it undercuts democracy we decided to ask americans how much their vote will be influenced by one man's cult of personality do you plan to vote in the upcoming midterm elections. why not. go there. you need to look at the candidate and you need to see what the candidate has to offer and what the candidate whether the candidate can pull off what they're promising to do what they think of trump not just what they do you plan to vote in
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the midterm election. that you want to try to win again i don't like i don't like alan. views on that but it will. definitely that person that you can say what i believe in and about this now and that it seems like america has already decided what the key issue in the upcoming vote will be and it's not going to be perceived the russian influence as some outlets would like you to believe it's going to be the donald but keep in mind he won't actually be anywhere on the ballot these are mid-term congressional elections but regardless the way american politics is developing it seems like the upcoming vote in november will be a referendum on one man he will mop and r.t. new york well we talked to a former adviser to retired congressman ron paul who believes the current crop of candidates have run out of ideas.


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