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actually made to the nato standards they did does not own or transfer arms or ammunition for any further questions we would refer you to national authorities now another trace from the basement of this former terrorist base in aleppo is the markings on the casing of a missile now if you take a look the first number here this represents the type of missile the second number however is the stock number you'll notice that it contains the figure zero one now that's the nato code representing the united states it turns out that this t o w anti-tank missile was manufactured at a facility in the united states by the raytheon systems company this is not the first time this has happened syria is actually littered with weapons that are made to nato standards and some of which have actually been manufactured in the united states the question now is how much do washington and nato know about their weapons falling into the hands of the very terrorists they claim to be fighting there is
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a deafening silence a purposeful lack of interest a purposeful apathy and the reason for this is simple the us government and the military industrial complex and the corporate owned media that functions as an echo chamber for the military industrial complex actually does not care the us government prosecutes those who they say aid and abet terrorism well guess what american war contractors are aiding and abetting terrorism but the us judicial system the justice department the long arm of american law enforcement will not be used against these same military corporations which in fact they're subsidized receive a form of welfare from american taxpayers every year. the russian mole inside the us embassy in moscow britain's guardian newspaper has been reveling in that story since it revealed the poll though not quite as it seems as the dawn of explained. everybody loves a spy drama mystery suspense and
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a russian firm photog. the name of the agent is stabling saul my name is evelyn so then you are a russian spy. this guardian story had every ingredient for a thriller recipe the u.s. secret service as quite clearly stems from the very name is one of the most enigmatic agencies of the u.s. government its main function is to protect the lives of u.s. presidents ministers the top political brass and that is where the russians according to the guardian planted a mall the russian spy had been working under texted in the heart of the american embassy in moscow for more than a decade she had plenty of time together intelligence without supervision bissell
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said the guardian's head of investigations claims she was operational for a whole decade in that time through the agency's internet in e-mail systems she had access to all kinds of highly classified stuff including the shared jewels of the president and vice president all of that according to the guardian the woman fed to the physic be russia's key security agency before being let go last year over security concerns they had lined the narrative the details looked spectacular in the scoop which was even projected to link to a spy ploy in washington d.c. itself or activities of stealing and sharing information could shed more light on how the russians were able to hack the twenty sixteen presidential election office of the d.n.c. except the secret service was. unimpressed by the reporting and not out of shame or embarrassment but because of the facts according to the media release within the agency the woman in question held the position of
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a foreign service national these employees have their duties outlined very strictly as by default the secret service views every one of them surprises as potential spies the woman's responsibilities were limited to things like translation cultural guidance administrative support and i don't mean to offend anybody here but this sounds. more like the job description of a tourist guide rather than a spy a material employee and i wish i could say the guardian did not know all these things when publishing the article but they did prior to the guardian publishing their article the u.s. secret service provided their editor with their official statement clearly refuting in found information despite all this the article was published as is after all everybody loves a spy drama but some plots are better be saved for hollywood scripts. and while
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this particular spy story has been dismissed by the u.s. secret service america's politicians have been doubling down on allegations of russian meddling they've pledged to protect november's midterm elections from foreign interference. our democracy itself is in the crosshairs of pain by russia to try to weaken and divide united states threat is not going away prevent foreign interference in our elections to prevent russian and other foreign influence and the russians try to hack into and steal information candidates and government officials alike cyber attacks against voting infrastructure along with computer intrusions malicious cyber actors are getting elected officials it goes beyond the elections it goes to russia's intent to undermine our democratic values. content is created tested and hosted on
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platforms such as you tube reddit and pinterest its push to twitter and facebook with their standing audiences in the hundreds of millions and it's targeted at the most receptive this is a problem of the entire information ecosystem this is cross-platform reddit confirm hundreds of ira created accounts tumblr did it. a lot of pride pride related content less news more memes this isn't just a couple of platforms this is music apps this is video games this is me i'm sharing it it's much broader than twitter and google. and. when you look it's just hilarious when i hear that funny pictures can undermine american democracy i think it's just paranoia that goes off the scale it's not respectable for american lawmakers to make a sensation after the nothing we're not the ones who invented social media and we're not the ones who insisted on making social media open to everybody they're going to blame russia for whatever happens in the november elections whatever goes
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wrong whatever problems we have it's russia's fault there are no racial divisions there is no way in quality of income there are no problems in this country except the ones that are made by russia this is ridiculous what's going on here. they have to use something to deflect criticism from their own. rules their own rules ship this is absolutely getting out of control right now i have not seen it like this before and it's getting more and more dangerous when you think of the relations between two superpowers they don't want better relations with russia they want to push this line and they yes there's a war between trump and his intelligence in paris a volunteer group that gave out free food to homeless small groups has been forced and its activities will explain why after this break.
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what the politicians to do something to. put themselves on the line. to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to express injury. to somebody want to be. that it's a going to be this is what the korean people are. interested always in the war as it. should be.
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the volatile atmosphere in a suburb of paris has force one migrant group to end its work that according to volunteers the area is not safe enough with even basic security lacking from working there for almost two years it's handed out more than two hundred fifty thousand meals along with other supplies to show the dubin ski has a story. in paris is a gritty eighteenth hante small town hundreds of migrants clustered together on the streets they gather here as it's where food is distributed by a local for them tea group but after twenty months solid data to me call wilson looks set to close its doors saying they just can't take it anymore. it's become more tense we're serving around seven hundred breakfasts every day to
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migrants who live in terrible conditions they have nothing not even tents they sleep on the ground and sometimes woken up by the police in the morning they kick them and use tear gas to move them so when they come to us they're stressed or nervous twice last week we had to stop serving food to let the tension calm down this is something new for us so yes we're stopping. migrants of been expelled by police in this area many times philip tells me that despite this they come back and every time they do this situation becomes even more desperate from the beginning our mission was to serve hot drinks and bread and we've done this for twenty months every day during the last month we started questioning our mission as we day one i volunteered to be put in danger. who is to blame for this situation for not giving enough help to the migrants on the streets is this the mayor of paris is this the government of france. for us is both the state is responsible for people on the
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streets for taking in migrants at the same time the authorities in paris are restricting access to water taps in the summer is irresponsible they also have a responsibility towards the miners their miners who you sleep on the street and in the camp of drug addicts neither state nor the paris administration is doing its job with the authorities not providing enough support the volunteers all giving up just a stone's throw away from haiti is an area known locally as crack hill that's also make things worse for those working to help the migrants felipe says that some of the drug addicts are also coming for food handouts and causing problems. for the drug addicts who evacuated recently but nothing was done to help them and they came back to an outcome for a break for this too it creates additional tension very aggressive including towards the volunteers so this is an explosive situation. while recording the interview me the food distribution point to. individuals approach us from the
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movies is what i saw lambeau media which serves your reality and i was here i was the only. so basically. at the moment some of the people on the street. like bill me were not filming that scene but they just aren't comfortable with the cameras. the venue to practice it said. i. think. more people are coming nothing is being done about it and there are the drug addicts as you saw it's impossible to film people here it's becoming more difficult than before we think the situation is explosive and it puts is in real danger by shutting up shop solidarity meek or wilson know that they are cutting off a vital lifeline for vulnerable newcomers but as well as doing it out of concern for their volunteers they hope the move to prompt the authorities to stop ignoring
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the plight of migrants and force them to take action charlotte devinsky r.t. paris. the bodies of three russian journalists killed in the central african republic have now been delivered back to russia the three reporters were killed in an ambush by an identified militia fighters on tuesday.
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yeah you're probably nearing information from the investigation is that on identified individuals attacked a russian journalist would have you to robbing them and kill them when they resisted. and told ohana no one would tighten and those who promised to protect them were full of them but now it does not matter the central african republic is an extremely dangerous place why people especially if without military protection they deal with such dangerous things as most no reason there is a civil war in which a person's life cost nothing not any unfortunately my friends fall victim to this war.
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thanks thing without any updates coming your way in just over half an hour either. close. some for something.
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bark of. the welcome to world a part of the united states and the philippines have a curious history together once a colony down a staunch military is now trying to take steps to redefine and rebalance its relationship with washington and by extension some of it's france and how is it going so far to discuss that i'm now joined by alan peter secretary of foreign affairs of the philippines secretary it's a great pleasure great honor. welcoming you're in the studio thank you very much for coming over the honors mine thank you very much for having me now your visit to moscow comes at a time when. you can't even describe the relationship between russia and the united
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states intelligently i mean it's a it's a big mass and i don't think we can even put some label on it i wonder if you believe this trip of yours will be noticed in washington friends in need their friends indeed russia the russian federation president putin came today the philippines while we were fighting terrorism in our wheat and we owe it to russia to also come and show our friendship whether there are world issues or not being discussed our bilateral relationship is strong and wanted to be stronger now let's discuss your relationship with the united states first because obviously it has a much longer history and then the year relationship with russia i heard you compare your relationship with a washington to that of a family with a kid who came of age and wants to try and he's or her own path which means meeting with people that the parents do not necessarily approve of and do you yourself come
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from a very well placed family i'm sure you on earth your catherine requests and everybody else's is that how the philippines relates to the united states the well my father a filipino from the smallest town in metro manila and my mother is an american and my mother and my father loves my mother very much but always said that the americans cannot dictate to the filipinos what to do and it's up to the filipinos to chart their own that destiny precedent that there comes from this generation of appreciating the history noting that there were no points in the history at times that we were taken advantage off but no thing also that the strong military ties and the. and then the help and the people to people relationship there's three point five million filipino americans or filipinos in the in the u.s. having said that you know it's like you love your parents but they can't
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dictate your life to you know so little about the secretary i think in every functioning family the parents remain the authority figures even after the children leave the house this is what i'm trying to get from you how much of of an authority you have vast in the preferences in it in the opinions of the united states at this point of time well that's precisely what we want to change you know we we will not swallow hook line and sinker that we have called one or the same interest when our interests they verge we will pursue what this in our best interest when their common interests we should pursue it but gone are the days when anything that the west or. american to say is good for us you know we're not in the cold war i came from well some people say we are in in an even worse period than the color of their you know their students today students for international relations from the cold
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war mentality we should have the coldplay mentality you know and it's all about fixing ourselves about you know seeing the light and being honest with each other we live in a multi-polar world and the u.s. and other great powers have to find its place in the new world order now this new policy of independence is associated first and foremost with president tried to get a tariff there who judging from polls remains quite popular among your country man but as you yourself never tire of saying the philippines is a democracy and therefore it can elect somebody with a totally different vision help us understand here how much of the current poster is tied directly to the president he's personally. and how much of it is institutionally driven that will outlast him well in the sense that precedent that there may be no gave no illusions and during the campaign said this
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is how i'll treat china this is how i will treat the u.s. i don't want any one dictating upon the filipino people i'm accountable only to the philippine no people so in that sense it's very institutional in the sense that it's very personal it's really the president and there are plenty to sion that dictate foreign policy but our constitution says independent foreign policy meaning a foreign policy for us but in the past we've always said whatever the u.s. or the west that's right for what is your sense of your own people's desires do you think that kind of irene taishan is going to stand for longer than four years that he has it now my godfather was always telling me in the time that we had walkmans if you ask anyone do you want an i pod no one will say i want the night but because you didn't know what it is' you didn't know what i tunes to us so you know we're now discovering what the independent foreign policy is what it is to have mature
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friendship with the us what the hell in them that we want a mature relationship with russia we have a dispute with china but still we want the relationship with china and the rest of the world so it's too early to tell but i can say there's a lot of excitement there'll be a lot of benefits for the chinese people the filipino people the russian people we have a lot of chinese filipinos but when the former president went again to china they were just quiet so now there is some noise there some people are quiet in the u.s. but they know that the people to people relationship you know but still different from the international relationships of state to state now there isn't asking you because the philippines is definitely not alone in. in adopting this more versatile foreign policy what you say is very similar to how for example the pakistanis. describe their relationship with the united states and other actors so it doesn't
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look like a broader trend the question is and it is often asked by our american colleagues is whether it is likely to make asia more or less stable i mansour question by a direct example so you talk to the americans and they saying they're increasing their presence in the south china sea and in a sea because. the chinese are also getting more aggressive in building some defensive posture and putting military assets on some features in the south china sea and according to the americans the sea lanes there are too important for world com worse you talk to the chinese they'll tell you that seventy percent of their economy passes through that channel and commerce is too important to that so both are saying the same thing but from an opposite point of view so what do we do if filipinos believe the pro chinese are doing be pro america or do we tell both of them were pro filipino and you guys have to talk and work out this region. so that the us in
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a sea and the philippines will be caught in between so i think it's not just a trend it's the right thing it's really difficult not to be caught in between especially as time just but it's not the cold war anymore there's no left and right if you're right in the wrong or evil and good you know it's a multi-polar world you have bilateral relationships you have multilateral relationships you have transnational crimes you have to resume so you know we have to get we have to find a way not only to live with each other but to find the world order where all of us have an opportunity for great and i ask you though we just discussed a little bit the complexity of your relationship with the united states how you try to rebalance it while retaining the positive i'm sure your relationship with. china i mean it follows a different trajectory but you would agree perhaps that the choreography of that is just as complex and challenging on a personal level on professional level who do you find more challenging the americans or the chinese when you negotiate. oh well as i said in think back in the
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u.s. the americans are veterans but we're saying we're off to college and allow us to pick our own friends the chinese our roommate you know their close neighbors so regardless what we do with each other and how we three. it's going to affect our economy our people are security. you know so. the complexity comes in not in the bilateral relationship but in the overall. regional and world grieve agrees and in the world order so it's equally. challenging but we are speaking this frankly to our american counterparts and to the members of the u.s. congress who care about the philippines and we think to a frank discussion you know we'll get somewhere now you just mentioned your talk at the council on foreign relations last year and in that talk you also suggested that the russians i beat cautious of pursuing
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a relationship they philippians because of the says deeply ingrained called war perception of your country as a very very close american associate not even an ally it would say i think more like an associate more and ate how far have moscow and many gotten. have in practical terms my perception is that both in moscow and manila there were policy makers who say you know take it a step at a time be cautious this just might be a connection between press and then put in and president there are very good talks between prime minister medvedev and president you know but from that time on you know we have had. well we were buying arms from the u.s. and because certain members of congress were making noises about alleged human rights violation you know when we need that the most it was in there but here comes
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china and here comes russia despite policymakers in beijing and moscow saying let's be careful let's see what's happening you know took a leap of faith and came to manila now don't get me wrong the u.s. also helped us in we and the australians the japanese you know and we appreciate this but what we're saying is that we want that much your real friendship we may be a smaller country well that that friendship also has a material benefit. is all it said not only friendship but also not that far away i mean russia or not and i have a perfect question for you on the subject because i think you have some very funny amazing metaphors i heard you say that with ten million filipinos living abroad you guys x. print in long distance relationships i think we here in russia and a bit more said that me time to develop stronger ties with those who are either close to these dos we can reach to territorially through land what
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could possibly breach this eight more than eight thousand kilometer distance bits been moscow and manila discovery i think the more we discovered russia and the more russia discovers the filipinos will find out that we have a lot of things in common. we both have a strong sense of identity and are finding our place not only in society in the world but both of us just you know want to get along with the rest of the world have enough food that they will know we're also often misunderstood in our intentions right that this is one of the things me because again the cold war mentality i mean again it's always spock aged in some western media that this is correct this is so wrong in. so we have to judge country's actions and lead there said the wreck dave's case per case you know you're going to everything the us the historic or you can oppose or say everything the u.s. is wrong so we need more objective but the reality is. you know media tries to
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give the facts but also leans. their world view so this is where social media and direct communication comes in unfortunately it's sometimes called fake news is sometimes is but it's sometimes actually a different world view packaged as fake news by powerful people now i know that russian particularly is interested in marketing its nuclear power and transfer the expertise to the and to the philippines i wonder is that something that may be of interest to you particularly the nuclear energy issue from what i understand it's quite a contentious subject in your country we are interested in everything that they saw russia and we hope that we can interest russia with everything that's filipino from our warm hospitality to our beautiful islands countryside mountains from yours.


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