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chicago's going to try to be a trump free zone we have to make sure that prison trump is that not everyone believes that chicago is a trump free zone if he's serious about helping the people. on the west side of chicago. well the outburst of deadly gang fighting took place right after the ninety violent protest on thursday people are claiming the bloodshed is a consequence of corrupt authorities in chicago we spoke to gregory livingston who organized the protests my. father was intentionally segregated segregated in terms of geography. segregated in terms of educational assets health care assets capital investment it's been segregated for quite a long time a matter of fact we martin king said all throughout the south he had march to chicago was the most segregated city he had ever been in and we're still facing the the. via product of this legacy because when you segregate the city you insulate
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one part of the city such away and comfort and you ostracize the other in a lack of a lack of assets poverty challenge or disadvantage which generate a certain level of violence. the u.s. sanctions against iran which should just come into force have seen a spike in oil prices with analysts predicting the upward trend will persist with the u.s. preparing to impose yet more sanctions the iran's second largest trading partner has shown it's ready to protect european companies doing business with tehran. we are determined to protect european economic operators in legitimate business with iran this is why european union's updated blocking statute enters into force under seven of august to protect e.u. companies doing legitimate business with iran from team pact of u.s. extraterritorial sanctions we believe that it is and it has to be up to.
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the europeans in this case to decide with home to trade while the first round of sanctions prohibits iran from using american currency and push restrictions too on creating precious metals and also includes limiting rainy and currency flows as well as constraints on the car trade smear a car looks at the kind of impact u.s. sanctions have had in the past. the trumpet ministration has imposed so we ping functions on iran with the goal of curtailing so-called iranian aggression and blocking all paths to iranian nuclear radiation now the outcome of such a move is hard to predict but from what we've seen so far unilateral u.s. sanctions are rarely successful but that certainly wasn't for lack of trying the department of treasury is sanctioning turkey's minister of justice of the united states has issued sanctions on key russian oligarchs we will enforce the ban on tourism the united states will not stand idly by as venezuela
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crumbles we will enforce the embargo the question is are sanctions affected. the u.s. announced it would be sanctioning turkish officials over on crowe's detainment of an american pastor turkey didn't respond so highly you know it's never shown patience but the step america has taken does not with it's a step taken towards a strategic partner in america has shown serious disrespect towards turkey as you can guess the pastor is yet to be released. the us has imposed round after round of sanctions against moscow but have any demands been met now even from russia hardliners have admitted that previous sanctions against moscow have been ineffective the current sanctions regime has for you to deter russia from meddling in the upcoming two thousand and eighteen midterm elections and the republican senators the groundbreaking solution more sanctions but years have gone by and
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crimea is still part of russia russia still in syria and russia is apparently still trying to influence elections at least according to some american politicians and media with. cuba has been under u.s. sanctions in the early sixty's and have and is still under u.s. sanctions but those restrictions haven't been successful in a capitalist overthrow the cuban government was still very much a communist state the. unilateral sanctions don't work we've seen that in cuba for many many years where the u.s. tried to unilaterally crush the economy of cuba didn't work it didn't work in iran under both republican and democratic administrations previously it's as a stepping stone towards possible military actions what they do is to some extent they have an impact and to some extent their political organizing and by imposing the sanctions first it's
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a step that were in their view would help legitimize it or sit in washington you think that the u.s. is all powerful militarily and can win any war that it wants. to kick him to the negotiating table but those things since it weren't unilateral but multilevel sanctions backed by the e.u. when he recounts we brought new accountability to the north korean regime when north korea continued its illegal missile test we brought all the nations of the security council together including china and russia to impose new sanctions but some would argue the sanctions lead to pretty disappointing results. mary kaun that now in israel around twenty ultra-orthodox jews have been arrested at a rally against conscription was . it was
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good the hundreds of people took to the streets in the city had been a bracket blocking traffic that disqualifies the rest of the religious she and he filed reports of minutes meanness and office people try to police try to break up a sit in using water cannon a limited number of religious students in israel are exempt from military service but only if they can report to the authorities improved. statists a month ago a bill was passed cutting funding for religious colleges that failed to meet their own this quite serious. so comfy here not see this german authorities are taking measures against the rising islamist radicalization of young people well have a look at how they're doing that just after the break.
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to. put themselves on the line. to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president and should. want to be preached. that you'd like to be for us that's what before three of the boys can't be good get. interested in the waters of. the ship. seemed wrong. just don't call. me. to shape out just a educate and engagement equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart. she says to look for common ground.
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hello again that going on hunger strike to stop his father being tortured that's what the son of a jailed bahraini opposition figure says he's doing outside bahrain's london embassy we spoke to him about why he's resorted to this particular course of action .
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my father was seventy years or serving life in prison and behind bars they thought showing him they were telling me they are killing the denial for medical treatment there for me to visit these acts is the book even what i thought i. spied my father the court for robbing the decatur of redeeming my country i'm talking not about the basic rights which is medical treatment to man who is seventy years all. i'm calling for family visitation because he didn't i mean see my family family from eighteen a few months but this is the reason for denying medical people for seventy years one man there is not nor upset if he does not accept what reason. there.
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he continues to receive medical examination along with these prescribed medications and a special diet a spiral of his medical regime i wrote a letter to a movie i can do for human rights organization about my father situation because nothing changed and they've been my father is dying distorting. what we have aspirations foreign affairs ministry to comment on the allegations of human rights violations although so far we haven't had a response. now thousands of displaced syrians are returning home as government forces drive out the last pockets of militant resistance in the country according to syrian state media a special refugee committee is being set up to coordinate the process of resettlement and to help millions of citizens to rebuild their lives although some media do see the situation a bit differently as r.t. hugo's you've done off expects. a brutal despot a mass murderer
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a children gassing animal the nicknames the international media tag the syrian president bashar assad with self-explanatory as to why seven million syrians had fled the country since two thousand and eleven pundits prophesies the dictatorship must come down before anyone would dare to go home when we asked them about president bashar al assad they said they don't want him dead because that would be too easy is the syrian government in fact more than isis that has ruined their lives and led to so much of the refugee crisis they escape with their children and if you possessions but as they cross the border to safety many also bring their hatred of the man they blame for leaving them homeless come twenty team the syrian army is one by one retaking new areas from opposing factions and he assad forces
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once in charge of the larger part of syria are reduced to two small pockets of land and what's that a tirade of refugees is coming home we want to go back we want to return to our beloved syria i want my daughter to have a future she doesn't. have then i want to go back to syria return to our home alicia said as for why i'm going back there is no place like home we were not happy here thank god safety and security are back in syria and danny now we are hopefully returning home it's not a case of a few mad men who are for some twisted reason seeking to return under the regime of a tyrant according to the russian defense ministry out of those seven million that escape the conflict more than one and a half are seeking to come back to syria now there's more the path has already been paved for them the u.n. recorded more than seven hundred thousand syrian. as who returned last year and
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began rebuilding their lives. when the shop here thank god electricity is back and life went back to normal again i want to fix my handsome leave here and sleep with peace of mind of course there are millions who are still too afraid to go back for many it is indeed the dread of a sad event stopping them but those who did and are returning may very well inspire hundreds of thousands more to go back to their roots. germany's homeland security office is raising the alarm over the rise of islamic radicalism among young people in the country this is prompted some politicians to call for them in an age when someone can be surveilled to be lowered the current limit is fourteen years old this is not about criminalizing people under the age of fourteen but about warding off significant threats to our country like islamic
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terrorism which also targets children the inhibition threshold for violence is lower in these children you fear it is therefore need the tools to take care of traumatized and violent return these under the age of fourteen. well according to the german homeland security office report there are currently around three hundred children who have been educated since birth with an extremist world view the document also says the children come both from families that have gone to war zones and those that haven't but the german interior minister says that families that traveled to conflict areas need to be prioritized when it comes to surveillance insley we have knowledge of more than one thousand islamist german nationals all from germany who've traveled in the direction of syria and iraq to become part of the islamic groups about a third of these people return to germany is mainly about extremely meticulously evaluating the danger that lies within these people. where the main opposition
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party in germany the anti immigrant alternative in germany says that putting miners and surveillance could prove a useful measure that their counterparts from the left parties say that the authorities should concentrate on adult extremists first. do potential victims care whether they're being attacked by a thirteen year old with a knife whether it's a bearded islamists stabbing them it is necessary to go with an iron broom and transport all fanatics where they belong the real issue is not that sure no one is scared of some children are not legally liable children are not legally liable for their actions under the age of forty one of them going to do they ensure you should step before i was doing all the efforts on the real terrorists that we have and as long as we have terrorists running around on the streets and true good people of course it will threaten our children we recruit that think what the domestic
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intelligence services try to distract from their complete and utter failure to deal with the real islamic terrorists and. their wildfires raging across california have become the second largest in the state's history the fires doubled in size over the weekend and the inferno's here have claimed the lives of at least seven people prompting the government to declare a major disaster vast areas of forests have been destroyed along with dozens of homes with local services overloaded astray and new zealand and they're sending over their fire crews to help. meanwhile the bring us some chaotic scenes in europe as well where firefighters have been battling to contain wildfires in portugal and local officials there say over one thousand one hundred firefighters and eight aircraft a fight in the places which were caused by a massive hot air from north africa at least forty four people require medical
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assistance according to the authorities temperatures in portugal if it all time records in some parts of the country paid forty four degrees so so. so that brings you up to date that's how things are looking so far today we're back with more in just over half. i. suppose it was a. split. last time we chased.
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each one of them carrying twenty kilos of drugs. first offense. that they just step where. is the free will remain. they have. this is for me. i don't know maybe they'll. make or. break. for now or. manufacture consent to steam to the public well. when the ruling class is to protect themselves. with the fine.
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be the one percent. of the room see. the real news is. superman superman to superhero is also a journalist clark kent is a journalist they're both fighting for the american way i think about that stacey. china i think about it and it's confusing to me but you know what we're going to do
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a little bit of a summer solution sort of episode here to match the one we did last week at the same time whereby we talked about the united states of inequality and how that is impacting not only global trade but the u.s. political system and therefore the global geo political system we were discussing that perhaps this is a seismic shift in geo political power many people talk about china as being the next rising superpower they certainly have on a person saying power parity and economy bigger than the united states but whether or not china will be the new next superpower and one of the things you and i have been covering for the last few months is that one belt one road policy whereby they're spending billions of dollars trillions of dollars in fact to build roads ports bridges railroad to basically do a new silk road whereby they can trade easier with right now untapped parts of the
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world so china overloading poor nations with debt top u.s. official says china saddling poor nations with unsustainable debt through large scale infrastructure projects that are not economically viable ahead of the u.s. overseas private investment corporation oh pick said monday. are we supposed to overload in countries with four countries with the source of the other mimicking the u.s. policy of the empire of debt or is are they making a boo like they want to take over for the u.s. they want to compete with the u.s. they have artificial intelligence driving their policy does the ai box driving china policy in the polar bear of china tell them that there should be a lot of these poor countries with what we're going to get into the ai story in a few headlines from now but i do want to stick on this story in terms of the debt of course yes. states did get very wealthy at the banks to get wealthy by loading
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up poor nations with debt and then having the i.m.f. i.m.f. come in take those private debts and make them national decimate socialize those debts and impose austerity on various countries around the world the us also got wealthy even earlier than that by being yankees they started to as the dutch called them they were stealing their copyright ideas they were stealing their intellectual property and things like that hundreds of years ago and china is doing the same now and we complain so here yes it is a bit ironic for the us well this is a us official with opaque us overseas private investment corporation so he's complaining publicly and getting reuters and well like that to publish this but look what happens well the criticism of beijing targeted by president trump in a trade war has sent ripples through economies around the world comes as washington seeks to ramp up development finance in the face of china's global ambitions these lawmakers in the united states now are introducing advancing
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a new law called the bill act i b u i l d through congress that washburn this guy the head of this oh pick the private investment corporation says should bolster private u.s. investment in developing nations by doubling opec's access to u.s. treasury credit to sixty billion dollars but i when i was a way. look china have the policy for decades now to go into countries and build stuff bridges tunnels schools and to get a piece of that action the u.s. policy for decades has been the going to countries and bomb stuff bomb schools bomber oh was bomb people terrorize people and still stuff so now you're saying that the u.s. is going to change gears here they're going to be like way maybe we should stop bombing stuff and start building stuff. now there's no talk of. our sort of
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policy of bombing and having the unique you know monopoly has forced china to have to do trade deals and. basically offer many carrots to people around the world but here this trade representative this guy who wants some free basically taxpayer money from the united states sixty billion dollars worth to go compete with china what if peacenik is a hippy now. and i'm going to boom by zero and join him and we're supposed to be bombing where america well you know so they can't bomb these countries this is china china has one point three billion people and a massive military the biggest military in the world. and road is going through places like russia we can't bomb them either we can bomb we can bomb libya we could bomb iraq is places that are deserts in the middle now where and those are the places that we go into we can't even bomb the likes of vietnam anymore because we've learned our lesson so here they're basically he's saying well that's really unfair went to china is doing they're loading up these countries with debt like in
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sri lanka sri lanka they had a porch or a bridge or something built from china and they couldn't pay the debt so now china owns that port so this is what they're doing this is what the united states did before but this this guy is going to the u.s. people saying how dare look at this horrible situation over there give us some money and we'll go and compete who will well offer our own unfair you know. precedent in the u.s. history of course in the one nine hundred eighty s. citibank i believe under walter wriston loaded up argentina yes with a lot of debt and then they did something that nobody had done before they defaulted their sovereign debt default and then the u.s. came in and they started running argentina and they started running it into the ground in a very it is still suffering today so china well they avoid this outcome are they once they start loaning these folks all this money and there is a problem is paying on. the stuff back are they going to then do america citibank
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argentina or they how are they can they figure that bit out yet or are they just going to blindly go to make the same mistakes that american spirit well they've already worked through the w t o to get things to their advantage against the united states or other trading partners and i'm sure they'll use the you know these are contracts they're written under international law and abide by international law they're giving them money in these countries need course they need railroads but private investment hasn't been there nor has. a whether they're given the money that's our money they've got trillions of dollars of do x. dollars if they took whereas they sold junk to wal-mart in exchange for our jobs now they're going to give it to other people our money and to compete with us that's not fair stacey well it's interesting is that they decide they are clearly not confrontational as you mentioned they don't bomb and they don't invade in order to execute these trade deals but they are targeting areas that the u.s. does not have already advanced relationships with they're not doing this in places
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like mexico they're targeting places that the u.s. doesn't enter u.s. corporations and particular don't enter like africa and we're going to talk about african the second half so they're looking at places that the u.s. is not already powerful and like mexico like canada you can't really compete with those united states they're. you know so they're they're they're building and they're executing their trade deals in places that like for a long africa these are not places that u.s. corporations are very active in but this is a way for them to continue to build their technology their innovation their you know first mover advantage of course the extractive industries like mining minerals energy were a what drove the debt and financial revolutions of the past few decades but we're entering now into a purely digital economy so these. areas that you mention there like sri lanka it
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is nothing to extract from the. core of the earth and run away with but they do have brains they have people and they are connected to a global network and they will be part of chinese. incursion into global fin tech and things like that so there's a lot of folks out there that are not part of the you know the unbanked for example if china were to say hey you know what there's like three billion people that citibank doesn't control we want to have them on and financial you know jack miles company or some chinese company gave gives us incredible operating leverage in the twenty first century so you know we've overlooked we're obviously overlooking the trillions of billions of people in the in the global economy that china's failures is going to be a huge asset if i may say yeah and the nightly news here by the way the cable news you would think it's all russia russia russia while we've been focused on first for twelve fifteen years and now russia russia russia like so much is happening around
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the world it's unbelievable that like how rapidly china is taking our place economically and you we can't control that we can't compete economically sun even russia it's russia nine hundred fifty five yeah but we term of this story that i'm talking about is we the united states cannot compete economically anymore against china so we focus where we can compete and we have the absolute moral authority to bomb and basically invade and sanction any country on earth nobody else can do that so that's why we that's all we have left after all these years of focusing on some guys in caves somewhere in afghanistan and you know in the meantime if that's the only model we we know we we know how to present any longer so china is then going around saying well i understand you might want to do a trade deal with the u.s. because there might bomb you but you know what we'll give you one hundred fifty billion dollars no questions asked no strings attached we're just one want to do trade so a lot of people are saying well that sounds actually a lot nicer and
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a lot easier than possibly being bonds if we don't do this so this is happened in the past fifteen twenty years this is what's happened and now we're trying to. look the mental gymnastics that americans have to go through dealing with the loss in vietnam the vietnam war that america has lost it to so the us are still alone in the rambo movies to reinterpret and revise that history to make it look like americans are the winners multiply that times one hundred and end up with what's happened since nine eleven so nine eleven and every period you're just describing right now the americans are still in shock they're still dealing with the psychological damage of nine eleven they still need enemies they still unjustified they still are having troubles working through it and meanwhile the rest of the world is old leapfrogging and yeah and they're still in shock because the mainstream media are ratings driven and they're and the ratings give them higher ad revenue and they keep you in shock because that's a very powerful tool to get you to buy into.


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