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groups human rights groups as well as the un itself have shown repeatedly that there has been almost no care taken to prevent civilian casualties we're talking about the humanitarian situation that is largely been caused by the blockade that is in place that is preventing medicines and food surviving as we speak even fighting going on of course the assault has been launched on the major held ports by the saudis and i'm an artist again with british and american and french not only material covered by providing the materials the logistical support the intelligence the refueling and arming capabilities but the weapons themselves but also diplomats and propaganda did you know not to can pop a gun to her for example it was britain france and america that blocked the swedish and if it's initiative a few days ago to actually call a ceasefire and that was actually virtually absent from u.k. and u.s. media coverage and one other aspect which is quickly mention what the catherine
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mention and to support what she said it's interesting about the iran angle as you mention always being brought up but in three years no actual hard evidence has been shown whatsoever even by those that claim that iran is back in the heat is to prove that i'm sorry i did it just i'm going to jump in here and we have to remember that in december of last year the pentagon admitted it had troops on the ground we're going to go to a short break and after a short break that short break we'll continue our discussion on yemen state with r.t. . i'm
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going with a both. on the. last time we chased. each one of them carrying twenty kilos of drugs. first offense. that. is very real i mean i'm a little boy they have. me . i don't know maybe. i will bring. around what.
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we have no idea what's he's doing on vacation but she will be back in september. america was never great was founded on the rape and murder. nothing changed so we said all response to these situations that we're dealing with. people here is sad every day she is just sad people kill each other blood for killing children. there was just no way that people are going to just sit back and allow children to be shot down by law enforcement. this country
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doesn't work for us it doesn't function for us. this this can't be happening in america we call from the streets we've got to deal with why this is the reason i have to ride like this is the reason. welcome back to cross talk were all things considered i'm peter lavelle to remind you we're discussing the tragedy no newseum. ok let me go back to catherine on skype in brighton well as we've already pointed out on this program when you put it quite definitively in the first part of the
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program. the people of yemen do not want to be occupied they're proven over the last three years to be quite resistant to that even though the casualties are high in every single way there has never been any doubt solid documentation that iran is helping militarily or any in any kind of meaningful material way so what is facing the saudis in the usa in the in the emirates i mean it doesn't. have a land invasion in occupied i mean the people of yemen have shown selves to be quite resilient to the onslaught that they've experienced over the last three and a half years go ahead catherine well yes i mean historically yemen was nothing they did things in that you know the ultimate in power actually you know gave all been allowed yemen to have a great degree of autonomy and it really goes to show that you know this i would say i'm not going to get a brushing up on the history bearing in mind that yemen is actually a neighbor when it comes to you know i don't think it's going to happen because no
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one that i mean eat the south of yemen might actually give up and actually open its already kind of done that already you know open up itself to you know the u.a.e. and saudi arabia a very much doubt that the north will give up because you know they all are very different people together and for very obvious reason they understand about saudi arabia would mean an entire genocide of them because saudi arabia is very fair in its approach and has made sure that you know the law of the resistance movement in general and northern yemen globally has been label and you know the title and therefore should. obliterated we tend to forget this you know this idea not just that seeking victory what they're trying to do is the ninety eight an anti you people because if they're really just standing there with just belief and the tradition and you know forget to bits about this shit in casualty and on to found out they know collateral damage you know this i would have to be swore to pick locks and that image on civilians because he was the people to rise up against their resistance movement not understanding that the resistance movement and self
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made out of the people that led to me think that a lot has given by the people of god like it's not being created at ups and therefore a victory for this by definition impossible that people will not allow it but in the meantime we're facing a catastrophe of people equal proportion because northern yemen is being based in mated for only one reason is that these people decided to be free in their own land in their own sovereignty so that the real question is are we actually winning in western countries to defend a nation such as saudi arabia and actually give up and for all rights to all who own sovereignty and own democracy because they think that what we doing but allowing a country to look for to declare war on another in yemen exactly let me go back to mohammed in i mean considering the i mean we see some kind of peace overture process with north korea about nuclear weapons and then we got to go in the other
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side of the world we have around and considering the cast of characters that surround president trump i'm not hopeful at all and what's going to happen when it comes to iran i have a distinct worry that they're going to use this humanitarian crisis given the way the media works is going to say this is a rand's fault because of iran's involvement and that's just another of the box that is checked in this an agenda that looking at regime change in iran punishing around more sanctions eccentrics cetera and this is when they'll pull out the pictures this is when they're going to have the crying mothers and the skinny babies that's when they're going to start showing those pictures they have them all saved up in archive and that's when they're going to use it that's my supposition ok go ahead mom. i think it's quite obvious that what is i'm different in this part of the world is the saudi israeli alliance and their relationship with the white house and the united states political regime in general. in the cape for example
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just. recently we saw another airstrike on book camel in the east of syria where either the americans or the israelis bombed iraq he and syrian forces that were fighting isis so but this is something that the western media won't touch why because it's in the interests of the israeli regime is the interests of in the interest of the americans to keep syria unstable and to strengthen israel that is the criteria through which everything is judged and in the case of yemen we see the exact same thing because yemen is so opposed to saudi arabia the people of yemen are supposed. to saudi arabia they don't want to legitimize this resistance so they have to find a scapegoat and that scapegoat is of course iran whether it's in gaza whether it's in syria whether it's in iraq everything is iran and it's i think it's very racists the way in which western countries ignore and west the western media ignore what's
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happening in yemen which is the greatest catastrophe so far in this century and the . but on the other hand i think what's important is that the saudis are losing the war in spite of the problem propaganda in al what data the saudis have been unable to capture the city they've been unable to capture their port they've been they face serious casualties we have from according to the resistance and yemen the americans have a command post and border and maha in support of the attacks we know for example that al qaeda in yemen as the head of al qaeda said last year that they are fighting alongside the soul would be the. u.a.e. backed forces which is not strange because that's exactly what happened in libya there was use overthrow as up and look at look at libya today just the fighting
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right now that's been taking place over the last few days or what or what we saw in syria and of course in syria the western media likes to say that president assad has killed hundreds of thousands of its own people in reality it was obama and his allies that are responsible for these deaths and in yemen if you notice they always say it's for three and a half years now they've been saying ten thousand people have died and when reality hundreds of thousands of people have died but they tried to downplay the casualties in yemen to try to hide them even though hundreds of thousands of people have died from cholera from starvation and other sicknesses preventable sickness is and whereas in iran and syria they were trying to inflate it despite the fact that they were in reality the side that was responsible more than anyone else let me go to charles in london we ought to point out also that a lot of a number of international aid groups are leaving yemen because of the humanitarian crisis being there to help but it's getting to such a critical point that they can't even protect their own people or to stay with
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charles in london b. i looked at how the pentagon has reacted to all this they say that they are slowly targeting al qaeda on the on the arabian. does that cut me does that does that make any sense to you i mean they say but it seems to me that if they're giving logistical support than i guess all these al qaeda people are in wedding procession is all the time ok i mean it doesn't make any sense to me at all go ahead charles. you know america and britain often they're playing a double game they will say one thing in public and in private they're doing something else for example i would say that they urge restraint on israel restraint on saudi arabia and then behind the scenes it's clear they're saying that's all you're going to hear from us here is the next check for the next weapons load that you're going to use to carry out these humanitarian atrocities in the night in yemen it's absolutely clear that the one of the main reasons why al qaeda in iraq is still a problem for the west is because it instability in that country in the same way
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that isis came out of the instability created by the west or at least largely fostered by the west in iraq and syria and now of course also as was pointed out in libya and so and then of course notice how in syria the existence of isis on the ground even though that is waning largely as a result of being crushed by forces such as hezbollah the iranian militia sudden russian air force and so on that the presence of isis is then used by the united states and britain as a justification for having troops and a presence on the ground and that's there's probably some element of that in why the americans are still active in yemen but the main reason is to support the saudi onslaught the saudis have proved again and again that regardless of the massive amounts of military capability they have that in terms of actually putting that to use they are not actually that competent they've shown to be today and therefore they're largely reliant on western logistical intelligence and other support but
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let's put something as well throw something into the mix here for example three within the last three years britain's arms exports to saudi arabia they quickly equate to something like ten billion dollars. half of all britain's arms exports yeah go to one country saudi arabia and that's on top of the massive saudi and incidentally also qatari influence that these countries have on the city of london in terms of of ownership. stocks and shares companies and also real estate and let's not forget as well the massive flotation that's coming up of the large part of the saudi sovereign wealth fund the oil fund that is going to come up in the next few months for which london and new york are absolutely falling to to achieve the flotation on their markets and so support saudi arabia for britain or at least the elites running britain and america as well when you look at political donations to the ruling elites running these countries the role of saudi arabia like israel
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is absolutely vital and the sad thing is that they put on one side the massive lucrative gains that are to be had from continued this relationship is toxic relationship in a country like saudi arabia on the other side is the suffering and the deaths of the creation of a humanitarian catastrophe which is largely not being reported in the west and certainly isn't being reported as anything in which britain and america are complicit. in this a lot are part of what you said charles it's just it's just shameful it's just utterly shameful and having the media cover because of stock prices oh my goodness catherine there are reports that the pentagon is hesitating a little bit with the last major port who day. because they know if they cut shut that if they allow the them or it's to capture it and shut it down then the humanitarian crisis just gets excel aerated somebody somebody in the pentagon is a little worried about this that's just reports i read last forty seconds of the
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program go to you catherine go ahead. i don't know if they really worried about the humanitarian catastrophe i think they're actually worried that they're going to lose you know these battle for the seaport of hideout because i don't think that resistance movement really allow it to and they will throw everything that they've got against it so i think it's more to do you know having to do is very publicly very geo strategic you know a seaport in northern yemen rather than be carrying full for humanitarian crisis because this crisis has gone on for three years and millions of people have already suffered and all in it continue to suffer so i don't think that washington is very appropriate hide you know by civilian suffering and casualties i think it has more to do with a new thing very publicly a very important battle for yemen because you know eve pointed out doesn't fool do . more than just the wall they have been saying in their meeting catherine i have to jump in here we've run out of time many thanks to my guest in london brighton. and thanks to our viewers for watching us here at r.t.
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see you next time and remember crosstalk. first. of all those. two additional don't google so document on the first thanks. trying. to tell you. how the receipt. eat. it do most of it it does up some some of the sheen you know.
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was not. new. for me that's. the weirdest but it's a read. with a very. good torch and you know what. to suggest to her. thomas was remembering a little smile at. her building never great is founded on the rape in the murder. nothing changed so we said in. response to these situations that we're dealing with. people get shot every day she is because people kill each other but with killing
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children. there was just no way that people are going to just sit back and allow children to be shot down law enforcement. this country doesn't work for us it doesn't function for us. this this can't be happening in america we call from the streets we've got to deal with why this is the reason i have to read like this is the reason.
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the. son of a social media giant like self-appointed. several prominent libertarian. speech. the u.k. prime minister joins a growing chorus of calls for her ex foreign secretary. and said women. look like. so we. might make such a remark. would you think would say something like that racist people. that was actually boris johnson was. a mole on my door and leave the
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woman who followed her husband who went to syria to fight for islamic. terrorism charges. whether she deserves to be in prison. this is very. high on their own not you know make their own decisions on life. just off the ones. here in moscow this is ozzy international income your top stories. there are concerns that social media giants are policing what's acceptable to say and i think it's off to numerous accounts belonging to libertarian and conservative figures were banned over alleged hate speech. trying to pick up the story what matters are all of the stories we hear from all of you about the impact
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your connections have had on your lives you can choose from an infinite range of topics that interest you and easily follow that topic in the news countries and cultures are brought together like yesterday. that was the online world as we used to know it all fluids to any of those pesky folks trying to set limits in two thousand and eighteen you'll be told to hold up if twitter decides there are sparks of your world that shouldn't be discovered what if you're keen to know what someone has to say let it be former u.s. diplomat peter van buren you might as well unfollowing your interests the man's profile is shut down for good because he jokingly wish someone had eaten the face of his opponent in a twitter rant honestly that's by far not the most offensive thing you can find online but what's abusive about showing mr van buren some support to users who did
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so god bands to it's not about me it's not about the group of us who have band together i think it's a bigger issue and it's an issue that's that's raised its head this week people like us who are not part of the legacy media we're not new york times shapers of opinion we're also allowed to have our say so if someone from the new york times or the washington post put something up that we know is false we can refute it almost in real time that's very threatening i think for the powers that be this tendency to want to shut people down if they disagree with you is very dangerous it's going down a very slippery slippery slope. toward totalitarianism there's a word for that see and ask. well someone saw it coming when even perhaps the most controversial on line talking head alex jones was told get outta here by all major platforms we remove hate speech to keep people safe after all they all have to stick to their own rules and keep people safe from hate speech but
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then even those anti-left who come to hate jones went on alert could be because they thought someone would click on their profiles and see a hold up pop up alex jones a bad guy but the problem is that once you start saying that hate speech is a rationale for banning people from social media you get in some very very big territory. i'm no fan of jones so among other things he has a habit of repeatedly slandering my dad by falsely and absurdly accusing him of killing j.f.k. but who the hell made facebook the arbiter of political speech free speech includes views you disagree with but there's no turning back when it comes to the online censorship evolution so i'm not sure it works like that anymore mr cruz plus people on the left are ecstatic bring it on is their call and if it is even a crucial step forward in the fight against fake news and fringe extremism. info
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will is the tip of a giant iceberg of hate and lies the uses sites like facebook can use you to tear our nation the poets these companies must do more than take down one website the survival of our democracy depends on it the world is getting older and a bit more author a tarion only lately a top u.s. intelligence committee democrat has come up with twenty legislative proposals for keeping online platforms under a close watch brace yourself as you might soon have to say goodbye to things like anonymous posts or accounts that can't be tracked down yep that covers just two of the twenty. we discussed the issue raised with former u.s. congressman ron paul he told us social media outlets are far too heavily influenced by the government. that is a real mix bad the social media in one sense is a real delight there's a lot of information out there i have benefited by but it rejuvenated with
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a lot of government assistance in the biggest role that the social networks play is working with the government and giving the government the information they do the work for the n.s.a. so it's a mixed bag or they call themselves a private company the libertarian so we don't regulate private companies. and yet it's so mixed in empire law is the truth is treason so when people blurt out the treason on the internet it's not like they're saying something mean and ugly. things challenging the status quo is what they can't stand and they're nervous them so they have to silence people so it's more likely for an individual like myself to be silenced because i represent a challenge to the status quo but if anybody understands our first amendment the first amendment isn't there to talk about the whether the first amendment is there for us to be able to challenge our government but if we do that now whether it's direct regulation from the government or indirectly through social media we have
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a real challenge i'm just hoping that technology can stay ahead of it all and that we can have alternatives to the dependency on twitter and these other companies that have been working hand in glove with the government after all the accusations of twitter being biased in its account by the social network surprised many this time by refusing to block the account of alex jones is the man behind the controversial alternative news website info was that he has just been banned by a host of other online platforms though including facebook and youtube and it's all over alleged hate speech. u.k. prime minister to resign has backed coles from within her party for boris johnson a gaffe prone full foreign secretary to apologize for comparing women wearing new cabs to letterboxes. writing in his newspaper column johnson called muslim face coverings offensive britain's x. top diplomat also commented on women are wearing burkas saying they look more like
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bank robbers and should be asked to take off their veils we read johnson's remarks to people on the streets of london to see if they could guess who made them. who do you think would say something like that racist people trump boris johnson and tommy robinson. this was actually johnson. it was actually boris johnson even a normal person there. should never do that they can make you choose from trump. boris johnson the robbers think it was boris johnson it might be sensible in public. exposure who do you think could have said something like that somebody didn't think. well i'll give you some options trump boris johnson or tommy robinson. sounds like that. is
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actually boys johnson. was actually worse johnson guys real warning. and no reason for him to say that's that's a terrible thing to say well if you were to could get. anything he says. for anyone to say that especially someone in that position that's that's even worse some say the timing of johnson's comments is no accident as he seeks to shore up support among hard line conservatives meanwhile the issue of muslim body coverings has been much debated in europe with some countries including denmark and france and posing a complete ban on full face veils. germany among them have only imposed partial bans for example whilst driving. starts off the hour here in moscow a time now for the second in a series of reports on the fate of a russian families who left for syria to fight for islamic state. within
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a quarter of a travel to southern russia to talk to a woman convicted to eight years in prison on terrorism charges so after she followed her husband to syria. the clock is ticking on its current life sentenced to eight years behind bars for being part of an illegal armed group she won't actually go to jail until her youngest child turns fourteen and she's only one right now less than twelve months ago her life was old very different than of us i was twenty nine when i left i went to turkey first with my husband i never thought i would end up there. within seven months as i did that was living in syria and pregnant with her third child she said as her husband had been drawn to islam and a better life. he told me it was safe to go there he said.


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