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tv   Watching the Hawks  RT  August 9, 2018 9:30pm-10:01pm EDT

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and this is in regards to the form a poisoning of form and double agent take a script on his daughter back in march now the sanctions will be implemented to sets the fifth set will ban licenses for the export of sensitive national security goods to russia including electronic items and these kind of exports have been previously allowed on a case by case basis the second round of sanctions though will be more severe this will be the prohibit u.s. baron colognes the ten minute carrier landing rights which with could affect flights from russia to the u.s. and fed restrictions on exports and imports as well but the u.s. says they that the second round of sanctions will come into effect unless russia provides reliable assurances that it won't use chemical weapons in the future and agrees to on site checks by the u.n. but when you say reliable assurances it was last year twenty seventeen the
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international community the o.p.c. w confirmed the destruction of all chemical weapons in russia exactly the chemical weapons watchdog verified the destruction and can fend this in september two thousand and seventeen but with still waiting for now that evidence as to why sanctions of being imposed now and the u.s. has already implemented measures you might remember that around sixty diplomats were expelled by the u.s. last spring when this saga fest escalated but when questions at the press conference the state department official didn't mention any the reasoning behind the sanctions whether this was because of old evidence or new evidence let's take a listen to what they had to say there are you getting the conclusion that she's behind the screen posing i would leave it to others to characterize the current state of our understanding of the screen. we've been very clear that we agree with the assessment that it was a joke agent and that the perpetrator was ultimately the russian federation. i'll
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leave it to others to give those kinds of details of what we currently understand obviously from reading the press it appears that their investigation is ongoing in terms of the scope and nature of the details and its implications but i'll leave that to others the key words there from the official swear a leave it to others to give the details so whether the u.s. wants the u.k. to disclose the evidence behind the attack remains to be seen and the u.s. is now skating around the reasoning at the moment issuing fresh sanctions without fresh evidence and all the while russian officials here in moscow keep asking for transparency for evidence to keep asking can russia be involved in this investigation and yet we understand the basis of the yukos evidence still falls on the quote highly likely stance well the case views on this always has been highly likely that russia is behind this attack saying that only russia has the motives the means and the record to target the school policy and moreover as well moscow
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has repeatedly denied involvement with this offering offering like you said cooperation on the investigation which london has repeatedly denied but so far we know that the chemical weapons watchdog the a.p. c.w. and porton down haven't been able to confirm all region of the nerve agents we have nor verify the precise source but we provided the scientific information to the government but you have not been able to establish at porton down that this was made in russia as i said it's our job to provide eight you know the scientific evidence that identifies for the particular nature of each and is but it's not our job to see where that actually was my the facts are typically your not to even look at him down to say where it is from we haven't yet been able to do that not the. analysis nor the o.p.c. w.'s report i did too far as the country. of origin of the agent use.
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in this attack and now we're left with this highly likely stance from the u.k. and the u.s. is issuing this fresh round of sanctions but we haven't seen any new information come to light here in the sanctions are thought to be imposed on or around august the twenty second in the meantime the u.k. prime minister's office has the new batch of u.s. sanctions on russia the russian embassy saying it only wants transparency it still asks can we please to be a part of this investigation by the russian embassy calling these sanctions describing them as draconian measures the sanctions haven't been imposed yet but the announcement has already impacted on the russian economy with the ruble plummeting to its lowest level for years christine a chairman of business association free market started eighty not much can be read into the four. i don't think the impact will be so big because up to the present u.s. russia trades are not that big actually. and still have already been damaged by
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past sanctions so there are overlapping of sanctions actually maybe more most importantly that you should also look at their facts on the you because up to now in many cases do you followed. us in terms of sanctions and obviously your relations with russia are more economic relations with russia are more intense than the u.s. relations because you and the russia have canonically more complimentary in the terms of the products they deliver. facebook and i have closer ties to washington than previously thought it's now emerged the social media giant is relying on experts funded by branches of the u.s. government and nato when it comes to tracking foreign influence aren't easily but trying to explain. how's that for
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a mark zuckerberg nightmare he or his team in front of a horde of suits go and sort these russian bots out sort out the fakes sort them out or did i just paint a good picture of the reality web giants of been facing lately in the past election you. we've seen how foreign actors are abusing social media platforms those images that can be attributed or associated with the russian company lack of resources a lack of commitment and a lack of genuine effort the likes of zogby could have proudly said we're just a platform where independent and sorting out what you call fakes is none of our business but when wall street alarm bells are ringing you know how it can happen with the stocks it could be better to zip it and focus on an intense year. see if we stick to be the tough year began with. news feed algorithm the
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trick was to boost posts with let's say pix of your friends cat and sideline all that politics related media stuff haha they say this lead to less views likes and comments under donald trump's posts move it on facebook has evolved from policing offensive content to policing news views ideas it can be anything apart from your friend's cat if people flag them as potential hoaxes we send those to fact checkers and if those facts. that is provably false then we will significantly reduce the distribution of that content why do you want to just say get off our platform will look as a porn to some of this content can be i do think that it gets down to this principle of giving people a voice eventually though the get off our platform way to sort things out still prevailed ok and now. it's time to meet the fact checkers journalists have found
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them in a tiny room at these guys' h.q. got it at the end of the day facebook's not so happy with that online policeman's hat so zuck and co are outsourcing the digital share locks i'm being serious that's what they call themselves who are let me check where they come from. linked to nato with their help thirty two suspicious pages have already been sorted out the big ship is not turned around overnight takes a while but i think that they have now given some opportunity to work with them and i hope that in a month when we have at least three other platforms in that we will see. a willingness to collaborate with others to come up with a solution bravo and it's not just facebook who are doing just as great one question though since already most americans head to social media to get their news
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when will freedom of speech ring a bell those who come to the brian logan says the left is moving to get rid of undesirable views on social media platforms feels like the only people they have the right to speak out are those who agree with the leftist principles if you are against lefties ideology any kind of way they find a way to demonize you they call you a conspiracy theories they say it is you're promoting fake news we're coming more under control because parisians and a lot of these people who are in the government and corporations are kind of working together to colluding with each other any kind of extra regulation from the federal government will most certainly impact freedom of speech online there's going to be a battle to try and corral the internet back and kind of the mainstream media. form a where you get your news reader for you and you don't have any kind of distancing viewpoints. a new u.s. poll suggests the reputation of news organizations is in decline it found more than a quarter of american citizens now think their president should have the power to
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close media outlets deemed to be behaving badly on the scale of morbid took to the streets of new york to get opinions on freedom of speach. the american media just can't get over the anime of the people label first slapped onto it by donald trump a little while back anime of the people i think crosses a line i think it's reckless i respectfully ask that and this is a phrase that has a long historic provenance it goes back to the french revolution it goes back to stalin to mouth when the president attacks journalists we question his motivation at this point you could dismiss the comments simply as media oversensitivity or biased against donald trump however whether it's media partisanship or trumps behavior it seems pretty clear that public support for freedom of the press is stark now at this point less than half of americans say they believe the mainstream media is working hard to engage in honest reporting now what's more shocking is
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that twenty six percent of americans more than a quarter say they believe that the president should have the authority to shut down any media outlet that isn't gauging in what they call bad behavior now it's not surprising that most of these media haters are republicans and it's no secret what outlets they want to shut down. do you think that's surprising to you do you think a lot of americans agree that the media outlets should be shut down i do i think they're smart if you're smart and you have a good mindset or you see different things then you would know things like that obviously should be shut down especially if they're not telling the whole story that's a joke that's a joke once again this go back to page one freedom of the press led to him appearing in those twenty six percent i mean that you know the constitution i'll be blunt i don't think the pressure be closed down but it doesn't mean we have to read it or pay attention to it i just block it out. don't really know their definition
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of bad behavior i mean if there is a clear definition of bad behavior i know maybe i'd agree with a. stephen moore of course if they are imposing violence or inciting or some kind of non peaceful negotiation then i don't agree with them and then maybe they should be looked at more in depth. in terms of shutting them down off of the jerk reactions no i don't agree with it now seems that the first amendment is the first thing that many americans want to be amending they will come up and party in new york. the people of easter island a demanding the return of a sacred statue taken more than one hundred years ago by the british navy it was presented as a gift to queen victoria before eventually ending up in the british museum where it's currently on display at the same situation asked visitors the vision behind it back hosting an estimated eight million objects the british museum is one of the
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world's best known collections of art history and culture and often the subject of fiery debate about whether all chicks sourced during the british empire as colonial times should be returned to where they came from. the latest dispute ironically involves a statue called lost or stolen fred a fitting name to the indigenous people of easter island or trying to recover a unique figure taken one hundred fifty years ago and given to queen victoria who then give to date to the museum this is reportedly being negotiated as we speak. the circumstances have changed and we heard that there's a possibility to discuss the stones are trying to chile with the museum and the british government the british museum attracts scores of tourists so it's not
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surprising the museum is putting up a fight claiming their better preserved under its own watch sometimes offering temporary loans as compromise but what do the visitors think let's find out she had a really steep you know it should be returned i think it's part of our heritage so it's just our history we've got over this whole kind of colonialist british empire thing and stuff the spirit and this museum is very well operated and very well you know so i think like staying here you would be at a fun take so you're leaning a little bit more towards just letting them stay here. i stand firmly on the fence i mean i can see the benefits of post to be honest i mean if they went away we wouldn't see them here and we would be able to appreciate do you think it's realistic to expect that a place like this would return some of the you know some of the most famous pieces are ones that were kind of brought here under question of oh years as.
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in the wake of government plans to change the constitution and to strip white farmers of the land some south african politicians are looking for more black emancipation and you party's made headlines after banning whites and foreigners from becoming members. takes up the story. after the death of nelson mandela he has been an increase in racial politics and incitement here in south africa and now as the country starts preparing for elections to be held at the beginning of next year one new party has emerged that's only for black people the massive african congress says that its goal is to restore the ideals of african people it's gone as far as to say our membership is not open to anything that looks white this is a far cry from how mandela saw the rainbow nation have to look to all is in the cities and so i don't think it's a good concept i don't think it's something that will work here though going backwards obviously i just like that too we shouldn't allow them to sort of forget
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most parties are fighting for is unity in south africa but not having a party that now takes only black people sort of like promotes racism it's become popular in south africa particularly among the white community to talk about reverse racism in other words discrimination against white people whereas once people of color who deny jobs education and political power the tables have now turned and many whites complain of being overlooked because of black economic empowerment policies ironically many south africans once felt they were not quite enough today there are those who feel they are not black enough police they are our teeth johannesburg. focused on with us here on r.t. international updates coming your way at the top of the hour. what politicians do something ridiculous would put themselves on the lot. to get
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accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president. or something i want to grips with. what you'd like to be for us this is what the forecast spectrum more than people that i'm interested always in the waters of calls. from.
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my brother could be that scared it for mamma the whole of south east. that. all of us. don't go to all so he went on the first day to. boston was born on august the ace two thousand and eight the danger which is sort of a war against south a sense here residential areas were showed by how the system grant multiple rocket launches. georgia tried to regain control of the rebellious republic. we were here at the height of that war and we've returned after ten years we'll meet people whose stories we're told and we'll learn how their lives changed.
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it wasn't the first military conflict between georgia and south ossetia things started to heat up in the late one nine hundred eighty s. the soviet union was falling apart and the republics were striving for the right to self-determination the nationalists even came up with the slogan georgia is for georgians schools were forbidden to teach in the acetylene language south the city rebelled declared independence and war broke out. in one thousand nine hundred two the warring parties signed a peace accord but failed to come to an agreement russia brokered the peace talks since then russian peace makers have been helping to keep order i asked god how far.
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more of. the snow sleet. dump of bunkers one i'm going to zoom. past on syria. in two thousand and eight maya best diavolo worked as a nurse at the russian peacekeepers base is stored in the way of the georgian army . the base came under massive shelling from the georgians for many hours. always there was. a machine and. this whole logical. move this deliveries of. it those first of all is it three to use in the. sewer school. resists the early how to me and her use up lots he will do the false will the spiritual school that in.
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so. my. role. was tickled. was the next three. doing at the top of our new regions to do three civil. appear on. the list i mean you really just do this for you know. mio was also seriously injured she was unaware that reinforcements were fighting their way through to the peacekeepers and that has son was with the military. he would run into an ambush near the peacekeepers base and be badly wounded.
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the peacekeepers couldn't hold the georgian troops bank for too long and by the afternoon of august the eighth georgian turning said already entered. the duke's. elite cruising meaning. all of. those. women when he was nine his house was hit by a shell which caused the almost a four down on the roof to cave in the left shoulder. says should. get out of. this but only the bushes are. still in the.
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village came under shelling for a few days. after the war there were no houses left on damage to. shoot to kill some down the street. just amongst. those digital police are very. softly said what i thought. i was. going to lose is this for you grow older sister it all up and you fall faster. growing faster most of us. catch us trusting promoted to me first. it's the kids still going to play at the place that was once their home even though
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a new house was built for their family. or for support i suppose truly just a three month usually school bus through some. gym. so this one and his parents managed to flee the village just in time and avoided the oncoming georgian army they didn't know the road was under the control of georgian troops. coming out of the south past the end of the could. not clash full force in a flock. must plant difference to the. thousands of civilians flint to russia but not everybody managed to get their own homes many were killed on the way. in this way incapable of defending themselves on their own against the will train georgian army people died in skin. the peacekeepers were surrounded and couldn't
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help. russia looms the operation a full sea georgia piece of the military were fighting their way through to relieve . their oh george interest in the us from the claimed russia to tank georgia my country is in self-defense against russian aggression russian russian troops invaded georgia they've been bombing georgia numerous warplanes and specifically targeting civilian population and did you take a gamble your government launched its own attempt to retake so sasha we didn't that . we didn't. have the morning of the eights my wife calls me and says that they bombed a couple hundred meters away from her mother's house and i remember. i was actually crying and afraid and thinking that if anything happens to my family i'm going to
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kill saakashvili. and i meant that we met jim mistress ten years ago he's an american who lives in florida his wife john is a sense young in august two thousand and eight she and her daughter were on holiday at his parents' place in south ossetia so says it's gonna see this is out the divinest this is a good thing that loach. just the rest of the bullet actually knew it was wrong but he did not finish the layer to. balance the constitutional this is that he said with. me. so i surely said russia georgia. later you find out through the european commission that in fact it was georgia that a terror cell just said to you it was not a fear of the mainstream media they reported that russia started the conflict and
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said nothing about soccer surely opening fire on the night of the beginning of the olympics in beijing i talked to many people i've posted many things on the internet letting people know the truth about what really happened and now i think it's a. very careful means if i'm laughing at the house and rain too much and in my own dr drew france maybe it's air security and armor much of it but i know that i wouldn't want to sleep alone there's this one window in my room they sleep in there is like a crack in them but i would i would remember oh that's from the war center was afraid she was saying you know she was afraid that the suction really was going to be there and he was in the soldiers have to us every year when we went back for several years she had those feelings.


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