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we provided the scientific information to the government but you have not been able to establish at porton down that this was made in russia as i said it's our job to provide aid you know the scientific evidence that identifies what the particular nerve agent is but it's not our job to see where that actually was manufactured to be fully your not able at porton down to say where it is from we haven't yet been able to do that neither as another says nor the o.p.c. w.'s report i did to find the country. of origin of the agent used in this attack and now we're left with this highly likely stance from the u.k. and the u.s. is issuing this fresh round of sanctions but we haven't seen any new information come to light here in the sanctions that thought's be imposed on or around august the twenty second in the meantime the u.k. prime minister's office has welcomed the new batch of u.s. sanctions on russia the russian embassy saying it only wants transparency it still
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asks can we please to be a part of this investigation by the russian embassy calling it these sanctions describing them as draconian measures. saudi airstrike has killed forty civilians in yemen most of them children according to local sources over seventy others were reportedly wounded strike at a school bus and a marketplace warning you may find the upcoming images disturbing going to the red cross twenty nine children were killed all of them under the age of fifty forty eight of the people were injured including thirty children strike at the north of the country which is under the control of the rebels arabiya and intervention against them back in twenty fifteen an official statement defended the attack in the queues the rebels of using children as human shields. the targeting today is a legitimate military action conducted in conformity with the international
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humanitarian law to target the militants responsible for planning and targeting civilians which resulted in killing and injuring them the school bus bombing has been met with outrage in the united states senator chris murphy tweeted that the united states bears responsibility for the deaths he pointed out that the us supplies weapons to saudi arabia along with military intelligence the us is by far the largest supplier of weaponry to the saudis the us also provides aerial targeting assistance and military training last year saudi arabia spent seven hundred fifty million dollars on training by american specialists. i speak now to lou rockwell editor of lew rockwell dot com lou to what extent do you think the u.s. bears responsibility for this tragedy in yemen was there we know the u.s. are selling the weapons we know the u.s. is providing targeting dad or did they target the school bus. we have to assume you
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know and the the a.p. had an excellent article just in the last couple days showing that the u.s. is working with al qaeda is paying al qaeda is an ally of al qaeda in this horrible genocidal war that has put millions of people at risk of starvation has killed who knows how many civilians and it's a very terrible thing the u.s. is doing this through saudi arabia and through the united arab emirates they both are after the who the who these who didn't who didn't like the fact that a saudi person was being put in charge of the most with the saudis stage a coup and put a saudi appointed guy in charge of them they overthrew him for this of course they all have to be killed you can't can't tell the saudis know just like you can't tell us no so it's it's horrendous and i would say the u.s. press absolutely direct responsibility for this it's telling the saudis what to do
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it's telling the prop of the u.a.e. what to do certainly the saudis it's a horrible bloody business and it's it's a war that's gotten virtually no attention in the u.s. i'm glad that people seem to be finally picking up on what's going on in yemen but it's of course too late for all the people who are been dead and wounded and their homes destroyed. i am. very sore that. president trump seems immune to this he doesn't seem to care that all these people are being killed and it's it's it's a horrible thing it's a terrible thing it's a sickening business and it's typical of the u.s. foreign policy i must say. it's something that americans ought to be working against studying knowing something about and yet so few so few people do know anything about it. as in this time there are millions of dollars being spent on training soldiers. fighting in yemen that the purpose to avoid civilian casualties
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yet the death toll continues to go up is this money being wasted do you think. i don't think the purpose is to avoid civilian casualties after all in all modern wars most of the casualties are civilians that are soldiers the u.s. has a long history of targeting civilians in every one of those wars so i would say these people who are being trained to target civilians that's why the u.s. is working with al qaida it's paying millions of dollars to all qaeda to train them and to get them to bring in their mess mercenaries to kill civilians because of course this is terrorism so the u.s. isn't gauging in a terroristic war it's terroristic it's really it's really a horrible business. the u.s. state department spokesperson for the now it was asked whether the u.s. with saudi arabia to stop the violence in yemen let's just take a moment to listen to what was said we should ask another country to stop attacking
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other nations and to stop fomenting terror that's one of the things that the united states government does how do you square that with the stance of saudi arabia and the u.a.e. as well you don't see i'm sorry what do you mean by you're saying that you don't have any problem telling the country how to get them for him paul getty yes but you're you're siding with saudi and you. we have concerns about what the who the rebels have been doing for quite some time that is well documented they have been terrible and conducted many many attacks against their own sins against the people of yemen saudi arabia certainly has a right to try to to take out some of those bad actors that's something that's something that they have a right to do and we support that and i would have to wrap it up so that if you could hear all of that lou but no it basically said are you here or you know us the u.s. has no problem telling countries not to use violence against other countries unless
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of course it is a country that they don't like. you know it's it's. study arabia as a you know is a place where you get your head chopped off you say boo to the rulers this is no this is a nasty country they've been given vast amounts of modern weapons about the us which of course is the greatest supplier of weapons to everybody all over the world for wars and then the general killing so it's i notice that you seem tongue tied about it the state department spokesman she didn't she didn't like the fact that the questioner was asking her about what was going on in yemen but of course it's fine what's going on in yemen kill them all blow up school busses blow possible blow poems it's all fine because it's you know they wanted to allegedly stop iranian expansion and yet the rainy and expansionism is a made up deal is this is just another excuse for for war for killing i'm afraid
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that people who tend to rise to the top and government tend to like killing them like war they like doing they like doing this to people they really are in the they're a nasty bunch of people who rise to the top of governments in general not everybody but in general the people who do are like that so it's it's in. the us is a very bad record in every war it's been engaged in since you know the beginning of the nineteenth century so it's. we can't be surprised we can protest to we can learn about it we can write about it we can talk about it. but you know what we're going to have any effect i don't know the saudis of course are vast amounts of money vast amounts of american weapons they can just kill blow up and they do whatever they want to the us protects them very very bad lucretius joint is like a. rockwell dot com when he's coming up after this short break.
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what politicians do something. they put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president. or somehow want to be rich.
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but you do like to be close it's like the forks tree in the morning can't be good. i'm interested always in the logs of the. first six. facebook may have closer ties to washington them previously thought it's now emerged the social media giant is relying on experts funded by branches of the u.s. government and nato when it comes to tracking foreign influence on the seller trying to explain. how's that for a mark zuckerberg nightmare he or his team in front of a horde of suits go and sort these russian bots out sort out the fakes
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sort them out or did i just paint a good picture of the reality web giants of been facing lately in the past election you. we've seen how foreign actors are of using social media platforms those images that can be attributed or associated with the russian company lack of resources a lack of commitment and a lack of genuine effort the likes of zadok could have proudly said we're just a platform where independent and sorting out what you call fakes is none of our business but when wall street alarm bells are ringing you know how it can happen with the stocks it could be better to zip it and focus on an intense year. see if we stick to be the tough year began with. news feed algorithm the trick was to boost posts with let's say pix of your friends cat and sideline all
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that politics related media stuff haha they say this lead to less views likes and comments under donald trump's posts move it on facebook has evolved from policing offensive content to policing news views ideas it can be anything apart from your friend's cat if people flag them as potential hoaxes we send those to fact checkers and if those fuckers say that the law is provably false then we will significantly reduce the distribution of that content why do you want to just say get off our platform will look as a horn to some of this content can be i do think that it gets down to this principle of giving people a voice eventually though the get off our platform way to sort things out still prevailed ok and now. it's time to meet the fact checkers journalists have found them in a tiny room that these guys h.q. got it at the end of the day facebook's not so happy with that online policeman's
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hat so zuck in co are outsourcing the digital share locks i'm being serious that's what they call themselves who are let me check where they come from. linked to nato with their help thirty two suspicious pages have already been sorted out a big ship is not turned around overnight takes a while but i think that they have now given some opportunity to work with them and i hope that in a month when we have at least three other platforms in that we will see. a willingness to collaborate with us to come up with a solution bravo and it's not just facebook who are doing just as great one question though since already most americans had to social media to get their news when will freedom of speech ring a bell political commentator brian logan says the left is moving to get rid of undesirable views on social media platforms feels like the only people they have
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the right to speak out are those who agree with the leftist principles if you are against lefties ideology in any kind of way they find a way to demonize you they call you a conspiracy theories the state is you're promoting fake news we're coming more under control because parisians and a lot of these people who are in the government and corporations are kind of working together to colluding with each other any kind of extra regulation from the federal government will most certainly impact freedom of speech online there's going to be a battle to try and corral the internet back and kind of the mainstream media. form a where you get your news reader for you and you don't have any kind of distancing viewpoints. i'm staying with us here in art international my colleague thomas will bring you right up to date at the top of the.
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first. of all those. georgia shows don't google so document on the first day. how much. it's true and eleven to tell you. the person. who brought. it to most bridget does. some of the she knew. well. was the right.
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move but they were. fortunate in that one of the most. positive times was emotional he smiled a laugh. we have no idea what safe he's doing on vacation but she will be back on air in september.
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welcome to the alex salmond show from bustling barcelona one of the great cities of europe one of the greatest cities in the world but even in the city of its two thousand year plus i see that nothing is exciting us in tokyo and as the events of the last year but october the first last year of a referendum on independence was suppressed by the intervention of the spanish state police then the subsequent declaration of the cataloging republic was met by the imprisonment. of many of the cattle and political leaders ten months later of the political impasse that means there's a new prime minister and a new president of the cattle on people. setting of the general the thoughts of
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catalonia. for his strategy of how to achieve his dream of a cataloging republic. thank you very much thank you. president clinton i'm delighted to welcome you to the examen show well thank you very much pleasure to be with you here in this palace that the government of catalonia where you were elected president you are the fourth candidate to be put forward in the parliament you were elected by a plurality of one single vote exactly and you yourself have said in your opinion president bush along is still the legitimate president of catholic under these circumstances is it difficult to exam. presidential authority i think that what this a normal with this is exceptional now in catalonia is our political situation you
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know there are political political prisoners in jail in a spain democritus political is that they only wanted to let that vote and i mean there are people in exile as well and there are thousands and thousands of catalans being persecuted investigated by the spanish police into that so we are we are living in a very let's say critical moment critical political more in in catalonia and i think that is the point and the symbol you will bring your lapel which we see all road in catalonia is this the symbol of those who've been present in castle the politicians and campaign yes exactly this is the yellow ribbon that we wear this is the situation for demanding the freedom for our colleagues that are in provision and demanding coming back because. the money coming back the democracy in and the free of expression in catalonia as well the person you receive coming to
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the office of exceptional and exceptionally difficult circumstances what is your strategy to try and get cattle back on the road to be able to choose to have an independent republic we are here because. democratic mandate that after the last election with. the borders. they voted for a pretty dishy end that ok continue the process of independence that was beginning five six years ago in the last three elections and then these parties in catalonia have won. on the actions so we think that the people has expressed their support to the area of the republic. and that is what that's the aim of our
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government to go ahead to go on in what we think that is the mandate that the people is asking us to do for the independence party of the three men in the spot yes you famously are not a member of a political party not at all is this an advantage in being able to coalesce that independence grouping together and suppress came from the basis of this independence movement i used to work with. one of the former presidents of. one of the main important. association for the independence movement. member of. the national assembly that is the second largest. association for the independence well now in the position to hear what the people are asking us to do for you the new president but there's also
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a new prime minister in spain senior senators desire opened up the possibility of dialogue which will clearly hasn't been over the past few years yeah exactly i had a meeting with mr sanchez so for first time in many years we had the opportunity to sit together around the same table and to talk about everything this is a good starting point we agreed this is a political issue that should be solved politically now there is starting these dialogue between catalonia spain but now we should see facts from from the spanish government we will be there we will be there to talk about everything let me take you to another key movement just the first of october last year. on the day of the referendum of the activities of the spanish police which everyone in the world saw and yeah eviscerates where were you doing and what we wish was your immediate
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reaction to what you were saying while with more than two million people i was in the school that you suppose that was my putting a station with my family and other friends we occupied the school. from friday evening just to assure. all our neighbors and all our friends could vote in the fending the ballot defending defending sadly this was the idea let's let's be there because if we are not there probably the police should close the door and it could be possible to do both peaceful and freely we were there my leg it to defend people to vote. and we did it let me take you forward a few weeks to the declaration of
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a catalan republic following on the referendum and then within a few days the the rest of the eleven imprisonment of many political leaders and in catalonia you go from an exuberant high to a great depression as you saw there and saw the society was shocked i think that after some weeks we started to recover ourself we started to we are these these yellow ribbon we are starting to think that we should do many things and now in the pendants couple a movement. every day doing thousands of activities around catalonia expressing their support to political prisoners to the people of. any of the. conversations thus far with a promise to sanction a. is the release of the political prisoners
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a prerequisite of having substantial negotiations from your perspective we think that the political speech universe should be free should be free this evening should be free tomorrow we are not negotiating in any circumstances because if we negotiate about. the freedom of the prisoners in a certain way we are admitting that they are in the region for for some reasons in fact this is not this is not my opinion this is not the you know of when the movement got the money at this is that the opinion of the justice of germany this is the opinion of the justice of switzerland these that we know of the justice of belgium scotland as well so we see. in four counties in europe just this is going one direction. spain just is going
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just in the opposite direction. who is right europe or spain in these remarks because mr put them on i'm going to do to see he. is a free citizen now that he can move around europe step to the spirit accept the spain imagine accept the spain but even still would regard the suspension of the request for european arrest. as deescalation. or do you feel that they may be reactivated at some point to the next few months for us for the catalans is the same having. having mr hoyer now its turn for mr scientist to demonstrate not only to. the world that things in spain can be done in a different way than from the country. at the party but what's assume for the sake
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of argument that i was the prime minister of spain and i said to us it was the person i've been thinking about how to come to a settlement and i've been thinking back to the constitutional court suspension of the greed statute of autonomy i've been thinking about what happened in the first three tobel last year not been thinking about the political prisoners knows and and i think it's time to revive the settlement that we would agreed on which had been passed in catalonia in a referendum would that be enough to at least for the. short term be something that you would be interested in discussion or would you say to mr sciences look we have to have a referendum on independence an answer should be done by the spanish government because we won so that then we need in fact we said that there we need at the first of october. and we can negotiate about these referendum ok and political the
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gradation of independence of the twenty seventh of october by agreed referendum from the spanish government is this could be a solution but let me be clear about what you're saying you're saying that if the worst to be an agreement about having a referendum some point in the future which was acknowledged and accepted as legal and binding by the spanish government then you would be prepared to put aside all the sessions made today with regard to the previous level and this this is resin of all deal i think for trying to solve this issue politically as we agreed that is the incentive for myself the case of a pretty short shrift pretty negative reaction from the leadership of most european countries i'm from the european union institutions do you think that that by the spirit as
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a loyal european union member and the european commission doesn't cross a loyal european member we know how difficult it is to be new or state in a war in a war of ace of course we know we know how many sacrifices. people should do in the future if we want to be in the logically but we know as well the real politik how we how how we do so if we are determinate it to be independent and if we really have strength have that i mean asian have. you know even the name to to to suffer the sacrifices that probably we will have to do to be independent then i don't have any doubt that at the end european union should accept catalonia. member of the scrap of states and finally
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mr president you said something very important which was that the case for independence for self-determination and increasingly moved on to be a community case about democracy about participation in contrast which many would see as the defects of the spanish political system and indeed other political systems elsewhere be you yourself have been criticized in the past for writings which were apparently objectionable to catalans with a spanish orientation. what can you do because you know the president of all of catalonia what can you do to unite opinion across catalonia to say this democratic green that we have this book to support the ocracy is a substantially superior vision and inclusive of all people in catalina.


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