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it's true. russia views the tightening of u.s. sanctions as the breakout of an economic war after washington announces new penalties are for the poisoning of double agents or gets to bomb and his daughter. the u.s. democratic party wants facebook to share data on users who's fallen for fake news so we can tell them what's right social networks are already being accused of censorship or banning controversy all show host alex jones. also this hour disturbing video emerges from yemen leaving humanitarian groups and the public stunned with the appalling saudi coalition air strike on a school bus in yemen the great claimed the lives of twenty nine children with thirty more injured. and the legacy of terror we hear from families
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in southern russia desperate for news of loved ones who want to join the islamic state terror group many had young children are also missing. or will hold that it will be ok that somehow it will all be ok i just feel so sorry for the children it's so difficult when you don't know where exactly your children are. a very warm welcome to the program from all of us here at r t h q in moscow thanks for joining us this hour described as the brink of a new economic war washington is seeking to further tighten sanctions on russia that's how russian prime minister dmitry medvedev sees the proposed move or accusations about the poisoning of former russian double agents going to paul and his daughter in britain back in march. yes there was a possibility that the but if it comes to banning banking activities or certain
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currency use we will be able to call it a declaration of economic war and this will require a reaction by implementing either economic political and or if necessary any other measures which the new sanctions will come into realms the first will limit investment and exports especially on a number of national security goods including the energy and tech sectors the second wave is expected to be much harsher as it will hit diplomatic relations as well as banking and imports and if something takes a look at how far the new penalties might go. when it comes to global disagreement sanctions that the u.s. weapon of choice as russia's number two at the u.n. put it let's us welcome the united sanctions of america well russia is being on the receiving end of plenty of them they stem from allegations of election meddling military aggression human rights abuses all cyber crimes take your pick and the latest well that's of the souls we're poisonings washington says it has determined
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that russia used a military nerve agent to attack form a double agent say script paul and his daughter where are you getting the conclusion that for she's behind the screen poisoning i would leave it to others to characterize the current state of our understanding of the screen but others haven't given any evidence either just various grades of highly likely is highly likely that russia was responsible to the poles russia kopel culpable culpable culpable for the attempted murder and this being uncertainty from specialists investigating the case. as a novelist says. p.c. w.'s report i did to find the country. of origin of the agent used in this attack and we continue to see a sort of i see is a quote here of insinuation that russia is involved which basically is a music which isn't feeding the population in the west with the idea yes it is the
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russians despite the evidence just a constant constant stream of these. people just accept oh yes it must be the russians therefore that's ok we have less important more sanctions it's time that we didn't get all the evidence but my suspicion is that as i'm going to happen although that seems of little interest to washington which is found guilty slapped it with new sanctions and strangely given it's ninety days to prove it wasn't involved or it will ratchet up the penalties to a whole new level with even talk of branding russia a state sponsor of terrorism that's regardless of trump. wanting russia as a partner in his fight against terror and the tool say it doesn't seem to matter that the us itself is has a long history of consulting with groups branded as terrorists for instance america's support for the movement which techie label to terror groups organizing and attempted. sooner or later the united states will make a choice either to. either the. walkers.
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or how about the american officials who they are a nix tree miscreant then wish i had the. bombs the headquarters of the islamic republic party there is a viable opposition to the reader. and that opposition is centered in this room. and let's not forget how america stood alongside the afghan wish i had been in its battle against the soviet union i don't need to say that group to fall into al-qaeda the people we are fighting today we funded twenty years ago. america dealing with a spot and groups amount to sponsoring terrorism while the state department has a good answer for that i would leave it to others to characterize the current state of our standing. time now for our third and final report in our series looking at
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the fate of children of isis fighters from russia machine the courts and there were trampled so to talk to people desperate for news of family members to pledge allegiance to the terror group. it's early morning but the office of those human rights group and brosnan is packed with women all desperate to find out any news about their loved ones many have come here from other regions of russia's north caucasus and almost all cases their relatives left russia to join i.c.l. in syria often taking their young children with them these women are united in their quest to have one simple question answered are their family members still alive there are over six hundred women and children reported missing at this human rights office and these are just some of the photos their family members have left in a bid to locate them now ad free picture has the name date of birth and some general
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information on the back this is a four year old so my at this child left russia when he was less than they hear but there are so many more of them. that he said doesn't miss a single meeting held at the office she says she has already accepted that she will never see her only son again but she just hopes that her grandchildren are still alive she brought pictures of her son's wife mariam one taken before she went to syria and another when she was over there with her son but he has never even seen her grandchildren and pass on both of them were born in syria and communication was lost long ago so much so that she doesn't even know the name of her granddaughter. so we all hope that it will be ok that somehow it will all be ok i just feel so
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sorry for the children it's so difficult when you don't know where exactly your children are and heard anything from my daughter in law in the last eight months and then i cry and i will turn thinks is this year it is so difficult i don't think i can last much longer. that ina tries to spend almost all her free time at this office coming here after work she listens to the women's stories fills out forms and registers the newcomers her own personal tragedy brought her here to this place three years ago her brother left home and never returned his phone was last tracked in turkey but not a trace since almost three years of silence said. it is very difficult for me now it was so close since we were kids always together went to school together to university together work together he was always around i guess after he left i feel like part of me is gone i don't leave
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a normal life now i just exist. was arena still believes that one day she will see her brother a life she has dedicated her life to helping others find their families twenty one russian women are currently in prison there are all of them were sentenced to life behind bars but they're there in prison with their children so now we're trying to bring back these children it is going to be such a joy just one child for to us if i help these children maybe this might somehow help me bring my brother back home. for her search has come to its conclusion but there was a no for a retail ending she found out that her older sister aida is among
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a group of russian women convicted and sentenced to life in prison in iraq for joining and supporting i so she is in jail with her twelve year old daughter so while god knows she will probably never see her sister again she is doing everything possible to. get her a nice back home and give her the childhood she's so clearly lost sass that she still canned food we come to terms with her sister's decision. i don't think she was looking for a better life there were building a house together our brothers gave us land we had so many plans we planted trees there we went to do this so much we had so much planned for the future and suddenly this happened. all these stories are tragically familiar had the set out of a who leads the search for missing people says that the real number of families in fact
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it is catastrophic she says their database comprises over two thousand people. that i feel irritated when i hear people say you're saving terrorists i'm deeply disturbed by that was what is this child's fault what's the fault of these children only the fact that the parents took them and they became victims of this war when you start to deal with this problem you understand that these are human lives we're talking about and they are our citizens it's easy to just ignore these people there are only two official employees working at this office the others are volunteers that help when there is time as there is not enough manpower to deal with the vast amount of people affected and every second counts we can't afford to lose time every minute cost the lives of one or two children says average began to reunite families nine planes have arrived back in russia carrying a little over one hundred people just
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a fraction of the thousands stranded and the war torn region there are there are the public. democrats are looking for a new toll to counter fake news online they want facebook to share data on its users so they can then be fed what they say is the right information party chief that the d.n.c. have frequently accused russia of deploying all aligned this information trying to influence voters in the two thousand and sixteen presidential election go take a look at what's in the plan. it's ok not as great as we want who might you hear that from a teacher checking your rest say your gym coach boss or a senior technology officer for the democrats talking about how well the likes of facebook are cooperating with their party as if catering to the d.n.c. was on the network's mission statement what would make mr krikorian happier we would love to do is give every campaign something like a weather report to tell every campaign what is being said on social media in the
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morning and how they can combat it i'll explain the dems won facebook to look for people who've been fed fakes or propaganda the network should then share that audience with the d.n.c. so that they could feed them what's accurate i.e. the right thing. the democrats are hungry for facebook data this could have been a great moment to remind you of the cambridge analytical data gate if one person if you joined the asp i would not just see your facebook profile i would see all of the facebook profiles of everybody that you're friends with and people had no idea that it was being taken in this way you know that was one massive gate but i'll remind you of something else the a bomb it seemed had a solution in place a facebook application more than one million a bomb about because you signed up for the app gave the campaign permission to look at their facebook friends lists in an instant the campaign had to wait see the
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hidden young vote just a little democrat trick to get hold of some user data for political gain before the two thousand and twelve vote you never heard about it because pretty much no one cared those were the days no hash tag collusion media fallout news anchors didn't go on about a twenty four seven and some people in charge at facebook were just real fans of mr obama facebook was surprised we were able to psych out the whole social graph butt . they didn't stop us once they realized that was what we were doing they allowed us to do things they wouldn't have allowed someone else to do because they were on our site should we assume the dems are still on facebook's friend list you know they've been told to sort the russian fakes out and so be has been taken measures they've just gotten rid of pages followed by hundreds of thousands of people because they're linked to russia i mean facebook's not so sure about that bit we're
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still in the very early stages of our investigation and don't have all the facts including him maybe behind this but remember for the democrats it's ok not as great as we want and so i'd love to know what type of audiences were these hundreds of thousands of people because we want to talk to them or work with them come on it's just a bit of audience data libertarian parties are going to bora who's hoping to be its twenty twenty presidential candidate thinks social media has deviated from its original purpose. the idea of freedom of speech is a legal protection that says the government cannot restrict any freedom of speech it doesn't say whether or not private companies can say what facebook and twitter are doing are ok legally morally it is absolutely reprehensible war only as the leaders in communication twitter and facebook have a responsibility to encourage an open exchange of ideas not to give
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a huge bios to the established pro state pro status quo old ideas they need to give space for the ideas the challenge is that it's both that's what has made these what made these these media useful in their early days but today these media are not sticking true to their early promise instead they are turning out to be just another tool of the status quo. u.s. senators are accusing the government of contributing to the deadly saudi led coalition strike that had a school bus in yemen on thursday the red cross says twenty nine children were killed and thirty others injured all under the age of fifteen there are state department is calling on the coalition to investigate but i'm going to add that saudi arabia is a key regional partner for the united states we call on the saudi led coalition to conduct a thorough and transparent investigation into the incident you also supply the tremendous amount of weaponry then the data for targeting to the saudis so that.
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sorry no lie wrong is that wrong sorry of these ladies every hear laughing. and that i would refer you to the department of defense that is involved in that but you know as you know saudi arabia is an important strategic partner in the region to the united states. video of the aftermath of the attack shows the extent of the children's injuries please be warned that what we're about to show you is upsetting to watch the strike hit the north of the country which is under the control of who's he rebels saudi arabia launched an intervention against them in two thousand and fifteen the latest un data says that the majority of people killed in the conflict died as a result of coalition air strikes that's around ten and a half thousand casualties an official statement the saudis defended the attack accusing the rebels of using children as human shields. detoxing today is a legitimate military action conducted in conformity with the international humanitarian
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law to get the militants responsible for planning and targeting civilians which resulted in killing and injuring them now the united states is by far the largest supplier of weapons to the saudis it also provides targeting assistance for air strikes and military drills last year saudi arabia spent seven hundred fifty million dollars on training by american specialists which it claimed was to reduce civilian casualties. live with me now is sam walton anti arms trade activist welcome to the program now the saudis call their operation legitimate should this now be scrutinized and riyadh be held accountable for the school bus incident. what's happened is a massacre and it can never be just to kill children it's that simple questions must feel now of course we just mentioned that the u.s. is a huge provider of arms to saudi arabia but the u.k. is the second largest provider there with about twenty three percent of their
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weapons coming from the u.k. should washington and london step forward and take some of the blame here. absolutely we've seen over the course of this war on cells from washington and london to saudi arabia go up up and up when i talk to people in yemen they are salute livid yes so angry with our governments for arming. arming saudi arabia and for providing the planes the bombs the missiles military training and diplomatic cover for the bombardment which they are living under the u.k. and the u.s. have to to stop back in this war one along with them wind politicians from britain's labor party have repeatedly called and the weapons deals with the saudis do you think there's any chance that westminster well listen now. well what we're actually seeing in the u.k. is this war is extremely unpopular and you know the british complicity in it
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is is really really you know not polling well the last poll i think i saw only six percent of the british public thought we should be arming saudi arabia and violent really is phenomenally low the labor party are using this rightly so because it's a moral issue that we shouldn't be arming saudi arabia they're using this as a stick to beat the government with because it's just so on popular so credit to the labor party their own credit all politicians there are opposing arming saudi arabia and opposing the u.k. pretty much unilaterally backing this saudi arabian coalition to bomb yemen and kill the civilians what do you make of the mainstream media coverage of the conflict in yemen do you find that it's under reported and do you think that if there was more coverage that could actually change the situation. absolutely this
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is so under reported what's happening in this conflict. you know i think the most valid comparison to make is syria and syria we've got buddies we've got russia there a body we've got ice is there a body here we're arming the people we're arming saudi arabia we're arming u.a.e. we're arming the people that are that are causing most of the casualties we're arming the people that are. undertaking attacks like this one which you know yes it killed children but it happened in a civilian marketplace as well which is another big question why would they targeting a civilian marketplace the weapons that we are selling to saudi arabia are bombing schools they're bombing hospitals you know we're seeing the world's largest ever cholera outbreak in yemen and that cholera outbreak is happening because the sewage the sanitation systems have been systematically targeted by british and american bombs and planes dropped by saudi arabia in u.a.e.
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so you know we really have to ask yourself some questions and start putting pressure to stop this war on saudi arabia. was an anti arms trade activist thank you for joining us on the program today thank you the battle against information in france continues but it's dragon politicians who think they've been hung out to dry we'll tell you more after a short break. you know world's big partisan movie. and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the bats and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle
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for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks. make this manufactured consensus public wealth. when the ruling class is protect themselves. with the final merry go round listen to the one percent. we can all middle of the room sick. delusions of the real news is really. what come back to the program police in canada have confirmed at least four people have died in
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a shooting in the eastern province of new brunswick two of the victims were police officers a suspect is in custody but the authorities have stressed that the investigation is still ongoing locals were earlier told to walk their doors and avoid the area in the city of fredericton. a green party candidate has spoiled the party for the us democrats in local elections in ohio they expected victory but instead joe manchin ground over a thousand votes to swing the poll unhappy with a loss the democrats lashed out at the green party and some as usual blamed russia as well so america explains believe it or not there might be a new villain in u.s. politics meet kill man check one of the green party's congressional candidates in ohio who was alleged to have sway an election with just over a thousand votes but couldn't even remember his own campaign website. or congress dot work rest are called. something you might think that no one would be threatened
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by this unassuming guy but you'd be wrong as the democrats narrowly lost that election to the g.o.p. mantric and the entire green party were immediately scapegoated for the defeat this is an embarrassment. to green party can you please wait to make your symbolic votes at a time when i go mine isn't being overrun by white supremacists. so the green party candidate these an immigrant from a distant planet as he explains on facebook we can those who have a will wanting the yes that doesn't mean we should though someone as far as to say that anyone who votes for the green party could be a russian agent. you know what sucks. because of our unwillingness to bus policy that protects our election integrity i mean diddly thing the green party woods tonight a russian meddling why else would anyone cuss to protest in ohio when there is so much at stake this isn't the first time minor parties like the libertarian party or
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the green party have been attacked by the establishment for electoral losses in two thousand when al gore won the popular vote but lost the electoral college vote democrats castigated green party voters for choosing nader over poor and quote helping bush with in twenty sixteen when hillary clinton lost democrats pulled that strategy again blaming minor party voters and accusing libertarian party candidate gary johnson and green party candidate jill stein of electing trop and they added a whole new layer to their accusations bursa phobia party was central to this accused of undermining democracy u.s. intel communities exact words for hosting a debate between johnson and stein and showing americans that they had other choices besides the two establishment candidates a horrible crime apparently and then when an old photo of jill stein sitting next to blatter we're putting out an r.t.a. gallow went viral all hell broke loose his jill stein crushing the u.s. wall in russia in december twenty fifth thing she gets into the russian propaganda
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t.v. and sat at the table with mike flynn and putin keep in mind there was absolutely no reason for her to be there except to become a russian pole they're not the only ones who've been accused of colluding or working with russia anyone who doesn't toe the bipartisan anti russian line is obviously on the kremlin payroll now senator rand paul one of the strongest libertarian voices of the republican party is also under suspicion let's be honest minor parties are a nuisance to the two establishment parties that make up the two wobbly the fewer parties the better right no one old dilute votes but here's the question without minor party guests who. i've been scapegoated maybe i should just be one party safely protected from brushing involvement but there's only one surefire way and that's to have no elections at all samir khan r t washington d.c. . that's a wrap up of today's top headlines for now thanks for tuning in. join
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me every socially on the all excitement and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics sports business i'm sure i'll see you then.
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last time we chased. each one a little carrying twenty kilos of. first offense. they just kept going. it's. almost. like. i don't know maybe they don't make or. break. for now well.
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hello and welcome to cross talk for all things considered i'm peter lavelle the transatlantic relationship has had many ups and downs since its inception after the second world war it is said this relationship is whether these moments of tensions and differences due to american leadership enter donald trump can the transatlantic relationship survive the current occupant in the white house. rostock in the transatlantic relationship i'm joined by my guest michael maloof in washington he is a former senior security policy analyst in the office of the secretary of defense in london we have been maher he is a professor of international politics.


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