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twenty years ago i started going out to the desert like we're doing right now to bring water to people that are across because the people that are across you know across the rio all the way they jam they cannot get visas there's no visas for these people so they risk their lives crossing of the desert or the mountains or the ocean where there are cities like san diego at the one hour there's a wall where there's no cities there's no wall and that's where people cross and that's where people die so every summer more people die because of the wall that exists right now then the entire history of the berlin wall.
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and you can see this is part of operation gatekeeper one nine hundred ninety four and as we walk through no walk to the end right here just on the bottom of this little hill that's the the a wall though george bush did and if you look further down there's no wall. no it's not a doubt most of the people in the united states do not want the wall all of the people in mexico do not want the wall and i guarantee you mexico is not going to pay one penny for their wall because the wall this is stop people walk us people. so trump builds what he wants to build it'll be a little longer a little higher it'll just take a little longer to cross but it's not going to stop anybody. if you lock your cars. so you can see that somebody was walking through here there's footprints right here
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. we put out maybe two or three thousand gallons every summer and i would say maybe three hundred of them or use another three hundred or sabotaged broken and and then some are just left out there maybe an animal or nobody ever uses them but as long as one of them is using to save one person's life. so we don't try to hide the bottles so we try to leave a bottle right here because what the person will do is oftentimes we're going to wait right here because of cars going to come later on so the main way you're going to do it in the shade or in a teaser brush because they realize there's a border patrol coming through here to leave it in a spot that it's clearly visible that way here. just like that. the situation now is going really bad because a trump where you have all these hate crimes in attacks on people and and it's
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really sad. so now we have more volunteers and ever more donations because people are very mad people do not want donald trump. oftentimes behind those big rocks up there they're sleeping bags and clothes. because they this will hide all the way. he says he wants to build a wall congress doesn't want him to build a wall the people of the united states do not want a wall there's already a wall that covers a third of the border but i believe he will get a little bit of a wall built in addition to what already exists and then he's going to stop one because he didn't they don't have the money for it and to because there's no need for that wall. so this. is what the. liberals are leaving out for him
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they're leaving food and water. and before these bleeding heart liberals and started leaving water and stuff no more gold so that they would only make it in a couple of miles before they ran out of water and the be sitting on the side of the road waiting to be picked up because they couldn't go any farther but now they know there's water along the whole way well if they didn't encourage him then they wouldn't be people coming over but they play the the pv card you know where it's like or where saving lives were helping were. helping in two of the biggest illegal activities in the country. human smuggling in dope smuggling.
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looks like they had to leave in a hurry and. the animals got to it. move arrested that night. when he got there he was going to have a party. confetti. because he didn't realize he was this close to a road probably or a car go on and just took off so there's probably last night there was this trash everywhere. you won't see any humanitarians doing this picking up trash. this political correct bolt needs to go away we need to enforce our own was. if i climbed over the fence and snuck into mexico that's automatic here in a mexican prison i know what he want to do a year in
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a mexican prison you know here all's adap ins is their pictures taken their fingerprints are taken from back over the fence. four days later they're back again look at this. see this they. pushed the fence down. they just step right through. there's a lot of spots where there's not even last or they cut it. down here at the bottom . is a big wash this area right here on the other side where these big trees are that's what's called a lay up area so they'll come up and they'll sit there in the bushes and ways in mexico until the guy sitting up on that mountain tells them it's ok then they come across. we've heard from in the past four or five administrations going we need a fence with me in a wall when there's a fence they ok building the wall back in two thousand and one but they never gave
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the money for. some politicians. who just will tell you what you want to hear. we have to go back a hundred years we have to go backwards by that i mean one hundred years ago they had outpost along the border and they had guys in the outpost and then they fanned out from the al post and stop any day and everything coming through.
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the people who are sick or a number of the. law and lunatic oh i'm leaving the food in the theme of the middle. cloak and look up in the temple rip uncle says i'm for those men the most famous phenomenon with a pull them quote alone in the last. of us up close to some of us there's a. what i thought some of them at the north calls a. pleasant
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and the most good. but it's a joke i mean not in accord with them lesson but i want to. in minute it'll come up but i will let the fans of coroner among not own up to that idea of course was a little bit of a loss and i'm a little bit lament but in the phillip mckerrow. there are some of them you. need under me and they are nominated that moment had only had. the money. that. i was driving under the influence. and i got the polish me. sent me. back to mexico i got a bottle for your side wall. and. i framed to walk back
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to. los angeles. i highly potter fourteen times i went back story since i finished my fourth year and all the time so i was shy. when i got because i was high. on the bottom of them in a key oil that can later but then i look at the north pole at the saw with the grandmother in one thousand salinas that they were real impressed with in the. mouth in a cousin. of the killer. in the no huddle and the kiss and feel. fulfilled but because they were in the. real the level of. the
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lake was killed by the enemy and. let me know if you let them know what it is this space. so my most is going in one call us on pull up one of the bottom line is i'm alone up as i. eat. first. of all those. two issues don't google so document only just says thanks.
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how much custom have tried. to tell you. in the first. oh you. followed eight threads you to name it to most of it it does. some of the sheen you know well. i was going to. look at it would you for me that's. a good summary of the. movement if they were. fortunate enough. to see the us to whom i mean for the. times when a little smile at. the
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very building never great was founded on the rates in the murder. nothing changed so we said no response so the situations that we deal with. people get shot every other day he is just people kill each other but with kill each other. so it was just no way that people are going to just sit back and allow children to be shot down law enforcement. this country doesn't work for us it doesn't function for us. this is can't be happening in america we call from the strings we've got to deal with life and this is the reason i have to ride like this is
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a reason. dream in your dreams or in english then you are awake because somebody is watching you this time to memorise them to go but now they're talking to you in the spanish come over to. your word this is the thing we. so he's going on like moving your head live to the right trying to fix whatever is inside your head. this is the.
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i still don't have a place to live in a still don't know anybody and the last few days i didn't have a plan i don't know what to do with it i don't have a paper work but now i do i have a plan of work. i got together with three people in this little place and we are planning to share the cost of the arment in the star along and see how we make progress. when i got the knot is the day. i was selected for interview. and then any how many things like now what but now i'm excited because now there is a plan of action now we can get together we can make. now we have a star in our place to start.
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this is going to be the first i'm on i'm on i'm applying for a job here. is something like. really i don't know but i'm i will take an imposition right now. doing between two governments. mexican and american but. neither one once you. they don't want you over there and they don't want you over here and that's the feeling and. i'm the land of no one.
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knows nothing. of it. and. so we have a very important visit we have a group of congressmen that have never visited a need to forty's or deported veterans and we're very excited that we're going to be able to talk to these people that are introducing legislation they're the ones that can get us home as well as maybe push the president to write an executive order fellow everybody claim is lucky in castro and i'm part of a group of seven members of congress just under fisa through here. we wanted to kind of here to listen to the stories but also it's
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a good message back to our fellows in the american congress and the american. college. in this. of course not i just it's what i want. to be there. so i'm here. i feel that us as mike i think it is shameful for the united states to kick out people that stood up and just deportation not just kind of people are getting the goods. and everybody in there with their president crossed out boxing overnight which said that my fellow democratic reach be guilty is not going to be deported yet here i am. we believe that anybody who was willing to risk their life for their country the united states. should not be subject to deportation. unfortunately there are hundreds if not thousands of them were to have been dealt that exact state. and governor jerry brown on easter this year
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issued three pardons full and complete parties and so i'm here today to i to present these to you. first to i mr hector grosse he's going to go over to. think that. doctors. say that. if. you. find the bundle. maybe he told. me
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i was i don't know. yet and say oh you don't want to go over. this and who i root for and where i want to live it's been taken for nothing but it's always ok if there was a republican side nothing like trump or somebody you had say using. i believe that. right now it's do whatever the veteran support house tells me to do is for us filling out paperwork in applying for this and applying for that we're trying to upgrade my discharge or trying to get letters of recommendation for that . the last time i seen my family both five years ago i'm sinopoli since. nobody comes because they don't feel safe here. the organized crime is just to bring. to me.
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and my mom is getting up there in age now she's ninety one and she just can't travel that much anymore and it kills me that she's at that age because i know that if she ever passes away there's no way i'm going to be able to go home and very like it very much for having seen my babies there i mean they're missing my babies but the oldest twenty five britons twenty three melissa's twenty no junior just turned eighteen you know some of these pictures are all. in their ways down on you when you don't have that and you were obviously you can tell i was always in their life. i was always in the mix with. it's one of the things that i really really miss. life just passing by times just going by and all i do is just get over it and i just can't seem to find my mitch and yeah i do feel like i'm in the able that's exactly how it.
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until twenty years supposedly then yes the muslim does that carry our fault or all men need a audience i mean why not only allow all where are you on us for those was and is
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the most obvious of a. place to stand up a little a year in front of a real case must have come when. they still do family land they. say most as come. when i leave you in the united states i. started spinning. the whole you need now. yes means i got drolly oh yes new thing going there only are working here.
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only only are part of. the order they got me never knew just. what they need to know with tell you that. quote the letter went to me like me. don't want me. maybe i really need their album movie no. i mean i really mean they're really good news or you really with little focus also i don't know do you do. that i say yes because you know a little happiness of them into supercop with a family that does twenty one of. us the moment they meet by east specifically i miss being able to help lift the little dog in which only at the last
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moment the enormous importance of hollands. noise they gave me was body cannot give me. in this body to know i left the moment they must agree that. belief it is the all so that almihdhar more us because they will see that levy be they gave us this then we remember them all of those used. their lehi ok yes their yes or no or k.j. i say they were also from media if the nicolas got it right if you see a list of a movie. season seahorses this time b.n. you're missing the real thing the most as. us. nowhere among them was that home for us not to ask.
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the last battle. plan. i am. right. well we have.
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by. the church secret indeed catholic priests accused of sexually abusing children can get away with it quite literally i like to call this the do graphic solution so what
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the bishop needs to do then he finds out that the priest is is a perpetrator is simply moves him to a different spot where the previous standard was not known the highest ranks of the catholic church help conceal the accused priests from the police and justice system to that end of that's known as the end then i think you'll hear that it used. to spell things for. the way to the united states is dangerous for most of the illegal immigrants. fortunately most tell us that they would a simple they want to become us and enter and i want to ask on this but if many of them look for refuge in the so-called sentries sides the refuse to share information about undocumented migrants with federal authorities the best person to ask than call mom. i see them or don't have their head up but i'm not getting on my
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ass and i want that. they can't what are their options to stay in the country with donald trump in the white house all over for the gravels they're both happy what with the who could be bad to the government i said fit the many couples won't. kill the chance of putting food impulse and fun both of you up of a deal with all of the. cost is what is the percent that you. to give up look this is the thing you did yeah. i missed. something i was. private about this because the staff was.
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to killed over two hundred or injured in the late. coming up as well a senator from florida says russia's penetrated the u.s. state voter registration system and head of the mid-term elections state authorities though say the serial evidence to support that claim will follow it up and investigate this morning and space tops the list of countries receiving the most. rain this year is the new rich.


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