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tv   Cross Talk  RT  August 13, 2018 11:30am-12:00pm EDT

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for twenty was three hundred eighty million bucks these are child hackers i mean contestants they tap their keyboards to prove that within minutes america's election systems are a piece of garbage thirty five out of the thirty nine youngsters taking part this year were able to do just that so how come there haven't been any warnings from grown up specialists well actually there have always been the milling machine is no different states and it's extremely easy to get an advantage because this is mostly it's a let me show you how quick it is that a little under two minutes. you don't need anyone else to do that. and i have. full advantage it looks like you don't have to turn pro to be a meddling master and outsmart security efforts worth hundreds of millions of dollars don't bother guessing hole be the ones to take advantage come november
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we've already been told many times there's no doubt russian hackers ahead of the midterm they know it was arrogant and security of our next election the russians are targeting members of congress the us midterm elections are just around the corner and russia is attacking teams to haunt the united states russian election interference in the twenty eight hundred midterms the russians have not reduced their hacking it's even the first thing the prodigy's at the conference will tell you right there which could also be a great excuse when someone asks the suits why the systems vulnerable to say the least by the way when the good will hackers look to back up their previous conference they wrote if russia can attack our election so can others iran north korea isis or even criminal or extrude groups because let's face it if hacking an
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american election is child's play perhaps it's time the guys in charge did their homework on where the real threats are. next for you new revelations of emerged on cia director gina hospital's past involvement in the torture of terrorist suspects the farms were released by the national security archive and date back to two thousand and two and has a secret cia detention center in thailand that described torture sessions run by a psychologist working as contractors for the cia techniques ranged from physical and psychological rassmann to isolation in a box. dittos included hooded confinement of machinery in the large box forced nudity adjusting his shackles and slamming him against the walling panel interrogators covered the subjects head with the hoods and left him on the waterboard moaning shaking and asking god to help him repeatedly. interrogators were going to get the truth out of the subject eventually. one of the files contain
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the details of the interrogation of an al qaeda terrorist captured in two thousand and two in fact he spent four years in cia black sites including the one in thailand and the jena house was what he was subsequently transferred to guantanamo bay that's where he is now his case was highlighted back in twenty fourteen by the senate intelligence committee the committee released a report saying interrogators had attained no useful information from. the shiri however when questioned by the senate before taking office hospital insisted that intelligence gained from al qaeda suspects had proved vital the president has asserted that torture works do you agree with that statement. senator i am i don't believe that torture works i believe as many people directors who have sat in this chair before me that valuable information was obtained from senior al qaeda operatives that allowed us to defend this country and prevent another attack
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a former cia officer right mcgovern says war crimes were perpetrated at the black site the possible run by gina has to go it was not it was playing fast and loose with the truth that her hearing insurers allowed to do that she was allowed to classify the gerakan tori information on herself before the hearing she supervised the torture to see the graphics and hear tale don't run the interrogator ling there's nothing short of banging someone's head into a war in the water treatment as waterboarding condemned by all manner of nations because was practiced by the japanese during war to war crime and so to see this kind of thing revealed in gory detail blew only solace i get from this is the fact that our system of law sometimes works and that is that the national security archive that did a freedom of information request for this got these details. the
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israeli prime minister's digging in over another large scale protest in tel aviv against the recently passed mation state law which arab israelis claim makes known jews second class citizens twenty minutes who says the rallies on the line the need for such a law though. put the. we received clear testimony of the urgency of the nation state law we saw palestinian flags in the heart of tel aviv we heard the calls with blood and fire we will redeem palestine many of the demonstrators want to repeal the law of return cancel the national anthem for the power flag and cancel israel as the nation state of the jewish people now it's clearer than ever that the nation state law is necessary we passed this law and we will uphold it saturday's protest was the second in as many weeks and for tens of thousands of arabs and jews turnout in tel aviv they carried banners in both hebrew and arabic appealing for democracy equality and for the law to be abolished some
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signs said resist apartheid to a station state the nation state law was passed last month it's similar to a constitutional amendment and recognizes israel as the homeland of the jewish people it also underlines the quote unique right to self-determination but furthermore it also don't grade arabic from being an official language critics say the law not only undermines fragile guarantees of equality in israel but opens the door for open discrimination against non jews. this law is trying to incite in the state a war between brothers a war between the jews and the arabs and we will not accept it we have lived together and we will die together in this land. i'm not asking for a right i deserve to have these this is what i deserve a someone who lives in his country i'm not scared of anything but i fear that this law being a basic law will drag other laws from which we will suffer this is the law is against us. on
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a language. against me it's against our future in this land we are very real people of this of this land we can't agree for this law where is are some of our guests for you the controversial legislation. it's law actually doesn't change anything for the citizens of israel who does not discriminate or take any rights for the law simply says that israel is the nation state of the jewish people it which has been long overdue this law is a basic law and that means it's constitutional which means it makes israel. apartheid the racist state for jewish people only well i think that what you just heard is the exact example why we need it you have a person who is not an israeli citizen it is that my country in israel all citizens are equal under the law the third biggest party in the parliament is their party what i find shocking is that people who condemn the bare existence of the state of israel in any border are saying that we are and i say which i think is just
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appalled this law says that this land is only for half of the population and the other half would be discriminated against it does not identify the borders of israel which means that the system of discrimination includes not only palestinians inside but also palestinians in the west bank and there's a sort of the right engine then same area where sometimes people mistakenly called the west bank it's a you didn't run it's a jew free state as a jew not allowed to be there this law does nothing about you then scenario unfortunately for me would implement israeli law vergence mariya just doesn't touch it that's not true do you agree that we should have a palestinian state or not that finitely not but i think what we have come along using is that you want another state but you also are you going on right israel this is telling me i can't have citizenship but he wants to continue to occupy any my land and he says i cannot have a state and we cannot have a two state solution and yet he speaks that it is a democracy. coming up after the break
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a growing germany in turkey slammed the us the us over a trade tariffs that story much more after a quick break. now
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this. will be controlled by any. chance. the. president trumps new trade tariffs on the e.u. saying that damaging the economy the u.s. has already increased rate some steel and other medium for europe and it's key nato ally turkey to. we won't let washington dictate to us with whom we can do business . this trade was slowing down and destroying economic growth and creates a new uncertain suze and interesting statements that peter altmire the economy
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minister gave to one of the big sunday newspapers here in germany and what we can infer from that is that this is the exact opinion of chancellor angela merkel mrs merkel never want to come forward with a statement unless she really really has to and of course peter altmire being one of her most trusted cabinet members he was the head of the chancellery for five years between twenty thirteen to twenty eighteen so what he says can be really taken is the word of angela merkel what mrs merkel and or germany says is usually in lockstep with what brussels has to say on these matters so we can really get ghana that this is the opinion of the european union but it's not just the e.u. berland mrs merkel or mr altmire that have issues with tariffs trump and trade at the moment in turkey well they've seen a much tougher reaction in fact on sunday while the german economy minister was speaking to sunday newspapers over the weekend president ed the one we're speaking
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to must crowd saying that if this trade war wasn't well backed down from from the u.s. side then well turkey could start looking for allies and friends elsewhere who. we will respond to the one declaring a war of trade to the whole world. new markets finding new corporations and allies . at the crux of the problem between and and washington is the pastor andrew bronson now he's been in custody for two years in turkey so far there's a deadline set for his release of last wed in state that wasn't met and when that wasn't met on friday trump brought in new tara fs against turkish exports of metals now that means twenty percent tariff on many in being exported from turkey into the united states and fifty. percent on steel now what that scene is on monday the turkish lira dropped to a record low against the u.s.
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dollar and the words from mr two on over the weekend of prompted it's well quite colorful way of saying no to the u.s. dollar across turkey. but ultimately what a trade war creates is uncertainty and uncertainty is kryptonite for business in a trade war in the end everyone loses in everyone's economy takes a hit and not is why we see in the reaction from this side of the atlantic. new in
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front of pre-prepared injured when a pair they were on collapsed at a music festival on spain's northwest coast seems there was scenes of panic as people fell on top of each other the local press saying it gave way when a singer called for the crowd to jump into the music and if people fall into the water fifty remain in hospital with injuries ranging from broken arms to legs to head. at least no fade teletubbies reported though by the looks of it and what's happened in spain. you can continue to follow that story and all others as well of r.t. dot com twenty four seven why not download are up for all the latest a t. mobile device as it happens for now in moscow it's kevin owen saying enjoy the rest of the month then thanks ever so much for watching. join me every thursday on the alec simon show and i'll be speaking to guest on the
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world of politics school doesn't this i'm show business i'll see you then. i've been saying the numbers mean something they matter to us is over twenty trillion dollars in debt more than ten white collar crime stamping each day. eighty five percent of the global wealth you longs to the old for rich eight point six
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percent market saw thirty percent minus one is pure some with four hundred to five hundred trade per second per second and bitcoin rose to twenty thousand dollars. china is building a two point one billion dollar a i industrial park but don't let the numbers overwhelm. the only number you need to remember is one one business show you can afford to miss the one and only. the mass general that say we're going underground as workers in britain's unite
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union take strike action on to tall island gas platforms in the north sea coming up on the show that sexist henschel delivered was trouble right to withdraw from the power. climate deal just not for the reasons jump gave the world we'd best to get whether the deal was always too little too late and there's a bullet breaks out once again in one of the world's most resource rich countries we speak to the director of this is congo about a history of cia backed coups corruption and colonialism but there's a new report from the british crown prosecution service finds that charges but more than slavery offenses have risen by more than a quarter in the last year we speak to the bishop of darby dr alice to read first who leads initiatives to fight human trafficking all this the more coming up in today's going underground but first while major nation mainstream media continue to pump out empty my dura rhetoric against the country with the largest known reserves of oil in the world venezuela workers from britain's biggest trade union to be in charge will to take action in the north sea against the company this man leads you
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can look you purported six out of four and yes the pumping of seventy thousand barrels of oil a day has been threatened in the north seas alwynne dunbar in elegant platforms as part of a dispute about pay this while fatah has eclipsed b.p. and chevron in net profits for the third consecutive quarter but as fossil fuel companies fight workers while continuing to prosper and exert influence over democratically elected politicians like they've always done international debate over climate change is now itself arguably changed he is the leader of the so-called free world so tom is talking about for all of this with the global warming and that did a lot of it's a hoax it's a hoax i mean it's a money making industry ok it's a hoax the president has tweeted climate change skepticism at least one hundred fifteen times including a claim that the concept of global warming was created by and for the chinese in fairness to the us president he then denied i do not say that and i think i do know personally that well he denied that before pulling out of the paris climate change
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accords and this is how russian president vladimir putin reacted to trump's withdrawal of the paris treaties a very proper good document which is aimed at resolving one of the global problems of the current times in order to. deter the climatic changes now the issue is whether we are in a position to. not allow climate change in their backing the paris climate deal while appearing to express some doubts about its effectiveness well joining me now via skype from louds island in maine is professor katherine richardson co-author of trajectories of the earth system in the advocacy and published in the proceedings of the u.s. national academy of sciences in the past few days professor richardson thanks so much for coming on the program to just explain risks that would still exist even if the world abided by the paris agreement on a two degree centigrade rise in temperature well what we did is we sort of said well listen it's nice that politicians have decided that the earth will be two degrees warmer than it was in the pre-industrial and sort of assume that it'll just
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stay at that temperature who look back at the earth's history and it turns out it's never had a stable period of long a long period where the temperature was stable at about two degrees above pre-industrial so what that told us is that there may be other processes in the earth's system that when you get to be two degrees warmer could keep pushing the temperature up until you got around four to five degrees as has happened in the past so we started searching for those processes and we didn't identify anything new all of these processes have been identified before but we looked at was the interactions between these processes we're talking processes like the melting of ice the melting of permafrost the changing biological conditions in the ocean the changing chemistry of the ocean and then we're talking tipping points as well the melting of the greenland sea ice the the are the arctic sea ice and the greenland ice sheet the changing of the gulf stream all those sorts of tipping points that we've talked about and we look at how they might be related to each other the
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interactions between all of these different processes and it really looks like you might be able to set up a a sort of a cascade that's what happens in the in the earth system where it's where it's almost like a rule of dominoes as children we put we put dominoes up on there and we pushed. the first one and down they all went and it's like one of these processes could get to the point it pushes the next one and the next one and the next one and once you get into a chain reaction like that it's just like a nuclear reaction you can't stop it underway so the really important thing for humanity is to make sure we don't get to a point where those that chain reaction could could actually be started and two degrees would be the tipping point you suggest from looking at the history of the earth it looks like it's it might be somewhere around two degrees so two degrees might be fine but even better if we could if we could actually achieve the goals of
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the paris agreement which is that we hold human caused climate or global warming to well below two degrees so we're not saying anything against the paris agreement quite the contrary i think the paris agreement is is incredibly exciting because it represents a a first attempt to try and manage our resources at the at the global level and and our ancestors i guess when they stopped hunting for their food and started living at a at a fixed address at first that let their ways just fall and they took whatever they thought they needed and then they realized for their own sakes they needed to manage their relationship with nature at the local level now we can see we're impacting the earth at the global level so for our own sakes we need to manage our relationship with the planet as a whole. you seem to be avoiding political cooperation there not so much. looking particularly have every bench role extrapolation really because of course
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in this paper when the dominoes for we're doing a forty five degree rise in temperature with sea levels reacting between ten to sixty meters. now that's that's that would be the situation if this chain reaction got started then we believe we would end in. a situation where the earth was what we call hothouse earth which is four to five degrees warmer and that would not only mean ten to sixty meters of sea level rise it would also mean heat waves like you can't imagine the areas of the up the earth where humans would be unable to live and certainly very much changed and reduced area where we could produce food massive storms wildfires people moving away from regions where they they can't produce food or can't survive the temperatures though potential political conflicts it would and also the the animals and the plants that we know today many of them would go extinct so it would be an entirely entirely different world than than the
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one we know if we did actually go to a hot house and and just to be clear this is not like these things you hear on mainstream media a lot of a dime analysis of data as in say the nineteenth century you really are really looking at ice sheets and data that going on now in light of what we're trying to do is understand the earth as a system as a complex system and analyze its behavior as a complex system and when i talk about a system if you think about your body if you had your head in your study it you know everything about your head or your hands or your feet or your heart or your brain you still can't predict the emergent properties when you put them all together in other things than in other other words the new things that are going to happen if you put it all together like we can walk and talk and all that sort of stuff and it's a little bit the same with that with the earth we've understood all these different processes on their own but what happens when you put them together in
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a system of context and look how they affect each other i know professor hands schellnhuber is a co or for i mean one thing we do know definitely is there's going to be another ice age but no sign i know he's done work on it no sign that the an imminent ice age could save us from this even from the tipping. point of the first moment of well actually to be perfectly honest there are some signs that we may have some some scientific reports and there's not consensus on this all the way around but there are scientific reports suggesting that we have just a bird hood the next ice age that because we have warmed the planet as much as we have already the world was cooling now it's warming age so i think it's probably a little optimistic to sit back and wait for an ice age to solve this problem for us i think we're going to have to take the bull by the horns as well as an all those different dominos there's an argument in the paper very improved forest agricultural and soil management when when it comes to management you say you are
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dealing with something clearly political in terms of the solution it's not something that can be put together easily with a big fossil fuel lobby advising some politicians no i mean you're right and it's very difficult as scientists and we don't try and tell the politicians or society what it should do what we try to do here is to is to argue that we need to we need to think of our role in the system as a whole and manage our feedbacks within the system and then we try to identify a kind of tool box that society politicians who ever has at their disposal in order to be able to do this management there are lots and lots of different activities that we could have changing our behavior changing our diets there's many things that are possible as tools here and there's no one single bullet technology is not going to save us here it's going to help us but it's not going to save us so
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politicians society whomever is going to have to have to choose a bouquet of these tools in order to be able to contribute to this management of our resources at the global level and that we at riotous don't say what they should do but it just finally then oh. think of the ethical lipstick elements of the paper in terms of the last domino going can you think of another time now especially the climate change skeptics seem to be to the fore arguably because of trampling out of the deal can you think of a time when the elites would seek to profit at the expense of their great grandchildren in terms of profits today because obviously their big forces against the kind of science you're doing in this paper well to prefer to be honest i don't think there are as many big forces as as as media makes it look like i mean they're beginning to the opposition and there will always be folk that don't
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understand and people that don't want to believe this we have people that believe that you know the there's going to a crisis coming the world's going to end next week and you know there are all the fortunately there are people with all sorts of beliefs i i don't think we should be stopping putting you know stopping people getting being able to say what they think but they get an awful lot of focus on this pushback and i don't in my everyday life i don't meet it as being as great as as you're making it out to be here i honestly sees a very positive movement going in the right direction look at the paris agreement look at the un sustainable development goals look at the way companies are taking these these issues on board large major multinational companies so you know i i really believe this is a a train that is running it's not going fast enough yet we have our backs against
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the wall on a knife at our of throats but but i work best under pressure i think most people do and i'm i'm i'm i'm hoping i'm believing i do believe that humanity does as well reza government is a vague here. after the break but get this is america we speak to the director of this is called go about the years of western backed shadow wars that have torn the country apart and there's new figures show that one hundred eighty five modern slavery and human trafficking convictions be made in the past year alone in the u.k. we speak to the bishop of dubey about how he's leading the front against global slavery both locally and nationally all the civil coming up but to have going on the ground .
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what politicians to do something to. put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president i'm sure. most somewhat want to. have to go on to be prosperous like them before three in the morning can't be good for i'm interested always in the waters in the how. question. america was never great spending on the rate in the murder. nothing changed so we said all response to these situations that we're dealing with. people just sad every day she is just sad people kill each other blood for the killing children.


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