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tv   News  RT  August 15, 2018 8:00am-8:30am EDT

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the perpetrators perhaps surprisingly their mom confessed his son's religious beliefs may have been intense but i think that my son can be a little bit. a little bit extreme but. not radical killing people stuff like going to the big i've never seen anything like that and here i'm. just you know he just a little bit sometimes little bit you know. now despite the family previously coming to the attention of authorities it does seem the gun bristling compound was only discovered by charts and such cases are not isolated we have had compounds like this where not only is it a threat to the surrounding city and to the states within the u.s. but it's also a threat to the women and children that are kept there i've spoken to some people that have been in compounds much like this one where this young boy was found it's a very big issue that the u.s. hasn't looked more into this and that the u.s. has known about these kinds of compounds throughout many states for
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a long time so we really do need to make sure that our law enforcement our f.b.i. or department of justice knows how to combat that and isn't just blinded by the fact that we don't want to look at religion or offend anybody because those very people that we're trying to not offend are having their own women and children either killed or treated very horribly the difference raised a savior point would this case of attracted such media attention those involved in what christians we don't know whatever the answer in this case all five have been granted bail by a judge not to be dangerous enough for custody. later of germany's left party is launching a new political movement called stand up one of the new groups self-proclaimed goals is to defend the interests of those who feel ignored by the current government. back me up yeah that's in the streets
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and i sense an odd message. because i've always been in the habit of if you decide ya them good kind of statement that comes over from some young boys who took us all to leave. the group will be looking to rally left wing voters and pressure german politicians to create a left wing government stand up is also looking to win over so-called protest vote those who strongly oppose the way germany is heading today its leader sarawak and necked is against the current administration's open borders policy and says that my current son limited access to germany's labor market should end there have to be open borders for the persecuted but we certainly can't say that anyone who wants to you may come to germany claim social benefits and look who work it's detached from
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reality according to a new poll as many as thirty four percent of german voters could vote for the new movement if elections were to take place we heard from a german m.p. who has pledged her support for the new movement. yeah that will happen we have a close exchanging operation especially with bernie sanders people in the united states who are against hillary clinton they missed out on getting the democratic nomination because of clinton treatises and we are also in close contact with the supporters of german war been the momentum movement in the united kingdom clean of also with the complain of france's john the who got almost twenty percent in the last century edition whilst ultimately. the left are split and weakened not just in germany and the whole of europe but we do have a trend towards the right we would like to combine forces to make a progressive breakthrough if when you look at polling there's always
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a majority that want better paid better pension who are not confrontational foreign policy regarding russia and are also against nato expansion or consider through on top of them a political direction and policy of. the us after. we have to present something different from the alternative or germany party in the last two or three years s.p. day the greens or done didn't show a successful strategy for doing that and competent rather the opposite is getting stronger and there is a chance for them becoming the people's party which is absurd of the left should return to its core ideals and goals social questions should be the keystone us i was. also shot at by fluting integration policy has pretty much friended the minimum wage defunct what was once a one year old job no money brings eighty cents is the obvious if you take people in you need to ask them somewhere that there are
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a lot of people under the stress created by the social situation those people need to be able to earn a wage that lets them live in dignity if this is not happening it's understandable that people become angry and lean towards writing the party it is though. people that we will be reaching out to for the sake of our democracy where they would r.t. we always love to get your thoughts on all of our stories so do get in touch by following us on social media are back at the top of the hour with the latest headlines us either. in the final minutes from now also this weekend another now how does it live on the other monkeys the point. line and if you have you would it be that easy to find that out and me. it said thank you
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see this is. a. book that i thought it might have been my little bit that they wanted and i found out a little bit that i accept that out of my goodness you know god like a little late but tomorrow i'm going to get but it. is this is. like these. days of. see. you going to look over.
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greetings and salutations this week here in america while we enjoy our i tunes and sip our lattes crunch our big macs and stress over our normal daily routines you know work eat sleep was riddance repeat half a world away in the war torn country of yemen thousands gathered on monday in the city of sadat to bury fifty one people including forty children lost their lives after a saudi u.a.e. coalition air strike took out a school bus she isn't more grand but why should why should that make me put down my latte or to. it off my ear buds us well i mean innocent children now dead for one but if that's still not enough how about innocent children now dead thanks to us hardware yes your us tax dollars help pay once again for the killing of innocent kids. how you feel about your petty office politics now according to hussein al
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bhakti another independent journalist working in yemen in this interesting piece of great hardware was allegedly discovered at the scene of the bus strike which later u.s. journalist ben norton researched and discovered to be a piece of the u.s. military industrial complex at its finest norton tweeted it's a u.s. made m k eighty two guided bomb which has been used in previous attacks on yemeni civilians the cage code on the bomb is lockheed martin's yes appears to be another fine american product for killing innocent children around the world brought to you by our good friends at lockheed martin and the pentagon. but not of course if you ask the u.s. military army major army major josh jock's a spokesperson for u.s. some for a man told box quote we may never know if the munition used was one that the u.s. sold to them we don't have a lot of people when the ground. you don't you do have though you do have
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a lot of weapons salesmen in the boardrooms of the piers so let's start watching the hawks. what would you treat it looks like a real that would. be the plot of. the day like you and i i got. this. well we're going to watch it. now but. our so. there is there seems to be a little bit of a double standard here that i see and foreign policy and that if an american weapon lands on innocent civilians we're not response of all for we don't even know we
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can't keep track of these things which is nonsense i can keep track of my dog with a you get so if you can't keep maybe you should just you know chip your bombs like we do our dogs in my building find them but the thing that's strange to me is under that instance like well obviously we need to anything wrong but like if someone uses like nobody well obviously it's you know i mean like there's this idea that even if we have proof that it came from us and we made it and all of the american empire we do no wrong we do no wrong that that's not how empires usually end up back around the spoiler alert as fires everybody if they were observed was a certain six knows that you had work through with your tickets out so you know there are there are basically three. and we don't know we can't prove that this mission is what it is and you're right there hasn't been true forensic analysis to say it's mostly been journalists are speculating and doing good research but like the piece really looks that actually matches lockheed martin's m k two guided bomb perfectly i mean like you see little airfoil there so this is that's the lucky part
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of it that's the piece now when you look at these two things like you could see that that's clearly. evident and then and they were saying that the cage number is much like there are certain numbers i mean they come in certain and i mean. the united states and u.s. military manufacturers sell a lot of stuff to saudi arabia as they do they don't understand that like well we don't know of are those because you know what do you just say like what we sell them but we don't know let me will we don't have people on the ground well maybe you should if you're suckling them air to ground missiles and all that is what we help them with logistics we help them target we you know we don't we're not a part of this war in yemen but also initially helping them do it yeah. you can even trace the sale of these weapons doesn't say look we know that they're not as if we don't know that taxpayer money and all of this aid to saudi arabia or whatever they're buying or not buying from according to an international news back
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in two thousand and fifteen saudi arabia has required had they had reported that saudi arabia has requested a huge transfer of air to ground weapons for the u.s. to bolster war stops the proposed comprises more than twenty thousand mostly precision guided bombs worth nearly one point three billion including logistical support so yes sold them bombs if you give them one you're giving them support on the ground you're giving them. what part of that's like you know what kind of numbers there's you know that huge order that one hundred billion dollar order included eight thousand and twenty of these m k eighty two five hundred pound bombs so to say like would probably not like you bought a thousand of them from us no yours was interesting to me is where. deranged individual walks into a school here and shoots up a school we immediately say hey you know we need to seriously lock down though do
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we go out on these what all right well financial results put in gun concert lock that down but what a five hundred pound laser guided. we may we sold but was used to kill kids on a bus that we probably helped them course. those where. when that happens that it's well we don't really have people there are no no whatever democrat or republican generally no one ever says you know maybe we should actually talk to lockheed martin and put a little gun control of like lockheed raytheon and all that maybe there's just too many missiles in the world they were making too much too many people make too much money off of the death of children in foreign countries around the world i guess is only what happens here that we get outraged or parts of the population to stop because it's as. well here in america this week here in the good old u.s. of a on odd days of the week we we blame russia even days
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we blame millenniums this week philadelphia magazine editor and writer sandy instead charge those darn kids between the ages of twenty two and thirty seven was murder of maintenance man male the creamy emotion of oil in eggs and lemon juice that is apparently putting the fear of god into baby boomers in her piece how millennial killed man not. things to claims that she was alerted to the assassination of sandwich spread because people weren't eating her deviled eggs an apple celery and many salads at picnics that's when she bravely pointed out that scourge called feminism was clearly out to get mayo stating quote my son jake who is twenty five it's mayo he's a practical young man who works in computers out of doors and macaroni salad he's a good son but you know who isn't as i got child yeah the girl states i
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also have a daughter she was a women's studies and gender studies major in college naturally she. is which leads the writer to conclude her research by declaring that the only reason for this raging male phobia is a generation of over announcement of the greatest generation's condiment of choice which maybe wonder just how bad is the male market i mean i haven't heard about this and that's what i noticed a very odd thing. not only is male the top selling condiment the u.s. sales of mayonnaise have consistently risen and their market share increased over the last decade so you're courting to researchers the global man is market reached a value of nine point nine billion u.s. dollars and twenty seventeen and the market is anticipated to reach a value of twelve point five billion u.s. dollars by two thousand and twenty three u.s. census data.


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