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ference ing there is no surprise that they understand it's the policies of president donald trump that that the except that the knowledge and that they're very appreciative of. a young girl from maryland who was reportedly reprimanded for nailing during the pledge of allegiance has won the support of hillary clinton the former presidential candidate tweeted that it takes courage to express disagreement with injustice eleven year old marianna taylor hopes that more people will join her it's important to stand up with. it played to us where they can disagree entirely but if you think you know it but it will just make you believe me. marianna said she was inspired by an american football quarterback who knelt during the national anthem before a game twenty sixteen to protest against a racial inequality and police brutality he saw in protest soon spread among the
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athlete this provoked a fiery political debate which reached all the way to the white house but you love to see one of these in a phone. when somebody disrespects our flag to say get that son of a of the field right now out of style that was not against our anthem or our flag that was actually leland is a reference position responding to the goals move the american civil rights union urged all maryland schools to guarantee all students the freedom of speech without punishment meanwhile the girl's school has issued a statement saying it's not aware of any students being disciplined for such behavior but marianna says her teachers shouted at her and she left the classroom in tears well my colleague andrew farmer discussed the issue with john loudon a former missouri republican and richard goodstein former adviser to the hillary clinton presidential campaign. football is about football schools about school and
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if you have a protest protest in a constructive way this girl can write letters to the editor she can arrange a little march but protesting in your classroom to irritate your classmate mates and virtue signal and that's what she's being taught mom's teaching her mom is so proud that her daughter is virtue signaling that she cares more than a body else and i actually find that to make no sense when you get arrested disproportionately when you get shot disproportionately when you get put in jail just proportionally that's not just annoying that's totally ruining your life so the fact you're taking to the streets is not merely disruptive you're trying to make a point in less you have a goal and something that you actually have a path to accomplish then you're just disrupting you're just being an antagonist to your fellow athletes or the fans or in this case to her classmates what does she want what's going to make her stand peace on earth and you know will we ever get to
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the point where there's no discrimination no there are bigoted people let's stipulate that there are people who are bigoted they will be bigoted forever donald trump is giving them a voice but the fact of the matter is it's not to say it's wrong for them to basically stand up for what they believe in that's what this little girl was doing that's all the politicians getting involved in this why can't we just said i. asked him perhaps n.f.l. people to protest if they want to why is it such a big deal politically the democratic party the united states gets their power on dividing people and separating us versus them there's class warfare gender warfare they want to show that everybody's got a reason for injustice and they need to vote democrat to war in order to fix it and that's all this is it's just it's pure politics. and hillary hillary clinton got a million more votes than donald trump to and her campaign theme was being together not dividing people she was. mocking handicapped people she wasn't telling
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punch him in the drawer and i'll pay your legal bills that's not what her fear was thirteen was about bringing people together and she got millions that was there john i'm sorry is the voters actually disagree with you. palestinian journalist has been arrested by the israel defense forces for filming soldiers and allegedly inciting violence on a dolly live streamed two videos on facebook of israeli soldiers operating in ramallah filming i.d.f. soldiers it is illegal in israel for when an officer with intent to undermine the spirit of the army is punishable by up to five years in jail the i.d.f. adds that the man they arrested was inciting violence against the state of israel and the army gaza based reporter hint who dari has the details. a palestinian journalist has been a rusted for filming i.d.f. soldiers israeli forces raided his job just a day after he lost you videos on his facebook page of the i.d.f.
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drawing up a plan of a palestinian home a procedure that typically done before demolishing the building the man filmed and edited videos of idea of troops during the course of their operational activities while encouraging violence towards them and incited attacks directed at the state of israel and i.d.f. troops. and we were sleeping when we heard a knock at the door in the middle of the night we woke up and opened the door they told us their soldiers they asked me whose house is it i said it's muhammad ali's then they asked to lives upstairs i said it's. so they went upstairs and arrested him he told me mom don't be afraid i hope i won't stay there for long she's not guilty i'm sure he's not we went to the court and they told us they were prolong his detention dar ali is a well known palestinian journalist working as a correspondent for the palestine broadcasting corporation the agency is calling for the immediate release of the chip or to enslave israel is targeting the
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palestine media these measures are intended to silence the palestinian voice and in the pictures so that israel can commit its crimes without any noise is the latest in a number of journalists are busted in palestine within the past two weeks we're bringing you live pictures from the gaza strip right now as you can see on the screens right behind me where palestinians are protesting demanding return to what they call their homeland in israel the crowds could hardly be seen well can hardly be seen through the plumes of smoke until the great march of return on the israeli gaza border started back in march so far up to one hundred seventy civilians have been killed in these protests israel. i'll say is that her mouth which it would dance as a terrorist organization is behind these demonstrations using them as a cousin or and they said activities. were staying in the region now
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palestinian rapper m.c. gaza has risen to fame off to filming a music video during the great march of return he dedicated this song to his friend a journalist killed during that march we spoke to him. i will send a message like all of us here that we will all let. him . know but. you just want to. just want to go we just want a little humor on. our lives because it almost was just dance and it might. make me just see like i want to so my music here because i don't believe it so i was the music for them.
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still to come the latest shocking case of u.s. police brutality sees an eighty seven year old tasered while cutting flowers but the details for you after this short break.
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crazy conspiracy they're there they're all were there. the bus forget about the back of the bus just run them over because we want rush limbaugh wonder bread and make me to you die that america. welcome back now the wedding of a country's foreign minister what normally generates many headlines but a same's that's not the case with a certain thought amid putin's on the guest list precisely what is happening in austria on saturday and not everyone is happy about it all of a has the details. president vladimir putin will be the guest of honor at the
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wedding of austrian foreign minister. and businessman wolfgang milingo at the luxury venue that they'll be getting married up just to the south of garth's in austria president putin is expected to arrive by plane early morning on saturday he'll be then traveling by helicopter to the place where the wedding is taking place. that might be more for the happy couple and not something that mr putin will be taking part in from the austrian side they've confirmed that the usual security protocol will be in place for the arrival of guest store a visitor of the stature of the russian president but it his arrival and his saying is acceptance of the invitation has provoked a controversial reaction a lot of the press across austria and across europe saying what does this mean of putin's extended an invitation to the wedding a cabinet member of an e.u. nation well what we've seen for in reaction terms is from the head chef of the
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place where the events taking place well he says he wants a selfie with the russian president however what we've also heard is from a green party m.e.p. in austria saying that the fact that mrs is can i sell invited vladimir putin in the first place means that she needs to step down from her position in the foreign ministry for mr nigel bears responsibility for this and should in order to avert any bad consequences for austria immediately resign if she does not do so voluntarily chancellor because should today suggest to the president that he sack been confirmed that the invite was extended back in june while vladimir putin was on a visit to vienna he's making this is part of a stop off on route here to lynn for an important meeting with german chancellor angela merkel rest social appearance though from vladimir putin in western europe in recent times since twenty fourteen and since relations between. in the west and russia took a downturn over the ongoing situation in ukraine we haven't seen much of them
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coming to places like austria germany in fact on social visits but the austrian foreign ministry says that this is clearly untrue private visit. you know journalists in attendance that you'll be no politics discussed that's sometimes easier said than done especially when austrian chancellor. is also on the invite list almost certainly he will meet with vladimir putin at some point during the wedding it's unknown of course what they will be discussing there but when it comes to relate the relationship between austria and russia it's certainly been far warmer than most other western european nations in fact if we look at the script poisoning case just recently vienna was one of the few russian capitals not to expel any russian diplomats over that but while it's certainly a private affair while vladimir putin is in austria at this wedding it's very much
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a business affair later in the day for him it's unlikely we're going to see any pictures from that wedding of lot of media putin on the dance floor beginning into the night because around six pm he's due to be here in berlin where he'll be meeting with german chancellor angela merkel and. a fresh case of police brutality has made headlines this time involving an eighty seven year old woman she was tasered by officers in the u.s. state of georgia whilst cutting flowers she died she got shot like we have never really told her about stun guns or tazers and so she doesn't know what that is when she you realize what happened here is touching her heart. syrian born martha alba shar was cutting down the lines near and after school club across the street from her home the facilities employees called the police reporting the woman was carrying a knife three officers were sent to the scene and tried to persuade alba shara to
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drop the knife when she failed to respond they tasered her she was arrested and charged with trespassing and obstructing offices relatives of the woman say she doesn't speak english and suffers from dementia and therefore did not understand police commands to drop the knife nevertheless police officers say they followed procedure. and one of them was still looked over the next week to put it down to adultery trying to make room she continued war he was up for it several other recent police incidents have stokes controversy just a warning you may find the following footage upsetting. do. you want to go.
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now to the philippines a chinese passenger plane has skidded off the runway while landing at manila airport one of the passengers filmed what happened from inside. the brother. was. all one hundred fifty seven passengers and eight crew on board the boeing seven three seven were unharmed in the incidents during
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the landing one of the engines was ripped from the plane's wings the region is currently in the grip of typhoon season causing major disruption to flight schedules. this incident follows an unusual day of activity in the skies with a number of flights being forced to make a merge and sea route changes in south america after a series of bomb threats nine flights were diverted across chilean argentine and peruvian air space and this video showing emergency services rushing to one of those planes at the airport in is to go through all the planes have been checked and declared free of explosives also on those day two greek air force fighter jets were intercepted and discourses a german passenger plane it was redirected to the island of crete after the pilot reported possible explosives on board. and finally border fences are generally used to keep people out but in denmark it's all about pigs so there are critics that are squealing with delight.
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well known wild boar lot of the water out of good swimmers. when the friends there we can just add a few metres to the height so can keep not only german wild boars out but also asylum seekers and those chancing their luck regardless of how the fence is set up
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it will only strengthen border control and it is please. join us again at the top of the hour. with the goal make this manufacture consent to step into public wealth. when the ruling classes protect themselves. in the final merry go round to be the one percent. in the whole middle of the room six. million relieved.
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when a loved one is murder it's natural to seek the death penalty for the murderer i would prefer it be to limit the penalty just because i think that's the fair thing the right thing research shows that for every nine executions one convict is found innocent the idea that we were executing innocent people is terrifying the is just no way to present and that we want even many a victim's families want the death penalty to be abolished the reason we have to keep the death penalty here is because that's what murder victims' families want to that's going to give them peace that's going to give them justice and we come in and say. not quite enough we've been through this this isn't the way.
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oh and welcome to crossfire we're all things are considered i'm funeral of a trumpy and kind of view it is an understatement to say donald trump is an unconventional and an orthodox political figure his critics do have a point. when they say trump appears to be harsher with allies than with real or imagined enemies then there's the middle east and iran why is trump so obsessed with terrain. cross talking a trumpy and kind of view i'm joined by my guest peter ford in london he's a former british ambassador to syria and rein in washington we have james jaharis he's a former u.s. diplomat and former advisor to u.s.
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senate republican leadership and in new york we have richard murphy is a former u.s. career in basad or to syria and currently an adjunct scholar at the middle east institute right gentlemen crosstalk rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want i always appreciate james let me go to you first in washington because you've rapidly become the donald trump sure for me you i know you're a supporter of the president and you have a great foreign policy expertise so i want to see if we can kind of. unpack a few things here for example i give the president with north korea if something could happen there it's very very complicated the parlay is going to be long and hard but i think it takes a lot of courage to engage that unlike past administrations. in europe with his european allies through and nato tough love there i think he's doing absolutely the right things you want to be protected ok if russia is such a terrible threat but want to pay for it ok it's pretty simple but then the wrinkle
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comes in james i mean the middle east i mean the trump administration isn't braced israel and saudi arabia much more than passage ministrations iran is are again a target with the rhetoric and the planning and all of that i don't see any rhyme or reason to it all can you is there a silver bullet for you to give me to make me understand it go ahead james. well let me draw an analogy to start with peter people of notice that trump since the day he took office even before has been under siege from people in the intelligence community i think that's one reason why he and the sun the moon and the stars to the pentagon he had to have somebody who was on his side when we put it to the international context that you just raised look we've got clients and i do call them clients of not satellites in europe in the far east like south korea and japan i think he can afford to kick them around but we come to the middle east and talk about israel and saudi arabia i don't think there's so much our clients as where
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their client given the kind of influence the israelis and the saudis have in this town it's not so easy to cross them so i think he is proceeding much more carefully there just as he indulges the pentagon i think he's indulging those countries but we're going to have to see now he can turn the corner especially if he can work out something with mr putin on syria with regard to essentially keeping the israelis and the iranians away from each other near the golan heights we might have the beginning of something constructive in that region but that's going to be a very tough road to hoe i think ok it's interesting peter what weigh in on that too because i guess if you do i restate my first question in a much shorter version is that trump is showing flexibility in some areas here in other areas he's seen these seem far more rigid how do you see it i mean particularly in the region of the middle east in iran go ahead peter. well i think
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the key to ending the trumpet i think humility but i think it does help him in america. meaning. that i don't like much my fellow i thought nation is. to the bench with. you know the america. the america committee tried to keep america out. the war world war two yeah and the things the spirit of john quincy adams who advised again the america going abroad in truth the truth lay this tradition to which trump hark back and which appeal thought much i think through middle america and he seems to be consistent in that and almost all his moves can be interpreted in that spirit whether it's pulling back from korea
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pulling back from nato overreach in europe. the middle east is a little bit different but we maybe come back we will come back to that ok richard i mean ok good considering what we just heard from james and peter i think both of them would agree that you know and i like how james put it you know indulging the pentagon i mean the pentagon's got a lot of money right now ok but what does that money for in a lot of people would say is for possible or continued military interventions which the president ran against during the campaign and now we have massive arms sales to so do you radiate saudi arabia and israel here and there seems to be a lot of ambiguity about what the u.s. policy is these a v syria how do you one tie all this go ahead richard. i don't think. serious situation is well understood or has been well understood for the percival years we made
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a mistake there's no other word for it back in two thousand and eleven assuming that the regime was very fragile and about to be blown away. it managed to survive and then it was bolstered by russian supported a rainy and support in the following years but that mistake colored. washington jever tubes that. you had heard about during. do not get involved in yet another middle east of the war. richard you're absolutely right and that's exactly where i want to go here james they ok all of all of us are kind of more or less on the same page here but then how do you account for the bellicose attitude towards iran and i think richard's right donald trump knows enough about history is that that he doesn't want to be a president that's brought down by a foreign war that he really doesn't want to get involved in i mean cheri i mean he's old enough to know what happened to lyndon johnson for example or george bush
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jr with iraq he doesn't want to have that around his collar but james you know using sanctions to intimidate friends and foes not to import a rainy unoiled i mean i again you know you and you look at the american allies in the region saudi arabia and israel which would love to see some kind of regime change or instability that's probably their first priority i mean this seems the kind of go counter what trump pianism is all about when it comes when it goes to foreign policy james. absolutely clearly and i think peter is right absolutely it's in america first policy i wouldn't call it isolationism i would simply call it a sovereigntists policy however there is one big fat exception and that is the middle east we don't have an america first policy in the middle east we have a saudi arabia and israel first policy in the middle east i don't know whether that represents where mr trump really wants to go or whether it is like i said an
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analogy to the pentagon whether he's indulging the realities that exist so he can do something else if he can get us out of syria i don't expect us to admit we made a mistake in syria of course we did a tragic horrible mistake but in politics people don't admit mistakes if he can slip us out of syria somehow the real question is will he take the bait on what has to be the red line that israel and saudi arabia want regime change in iran and if he goes down that road it's the end of his predecessor presidency he needs to understand that he ends up as george w. bush if he goes down that road may be a lot worse i frankly don't think he's going to do that but he's certainly got a lot of people both foreign and domestic pushing him in that direction and right now he's indulging them the question is whether he will follow through with that i hope he doesn't you know peter one of the things i've noticed that's unique about this presidency a tweeting a sign is that i think serious people and not just pundits that are partisan one
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way or another i mean i listen to trump speeches particularly when he goes to the base and there's just a heck of a lot of hyperbole and it's kind of baked in for me ok i'm trying to understand the basis of what he's saying because well most of what he talks about is themself ok that's the trump way but i just have to wonder when you look at his foreign policy views i see that a lot of it is bluster because and i'm kind of agreeing with james here in the bark is really there but there's not always the follow up i mean with syria. we really don't know what's going on there they're not really saying very much because i think there's going to be a withdrawal but i mean could we look at the bluster towards iran is this kind of bluster to keep the saudis and the israelis happy go ahead peter. yes i think it's primarily to keep the lead and the israeli lobby in the u.s. happy because look at it this way trump has already got a lot of enemies back home that's what you're newsfeeds. he's got the
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security bait on his back he got everybody on his back he cannot afford also have the israel lobby on his back so this combined with the fact that he has family links with israel push to thim in the direction of being an iran hawk. now this is scary and he gets dragged down that path we may be in for a very bumpy ride indeed. but i heard that his heart is in it. that it opportunistic and dictated by his standing domestically in the u.s. he can't have too many enemies at the same time you know the rich are reflective i think that's quite fascinating because i'm really you know you could have all the bluster you want against iran but it does keep the israelis and the saudis happy and it's one it's one issue he didn't.


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