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but germany though is not only on saturday before he gets there he's paying a social visit attending the wedding of austrian foreign minister karen can you still and a business man of all. the ceremony taking place at a vineyard in austria styria region or someone guessing whether putin will offer a dance to the bride or what present he may have with a couple others have actually taken the time to slam the foreign minister for daring to invite. the u.s. department of defense plans to spend up to fifteen million dollars on a soldier's physical performance and in durance but a scale of modern explains such programs must be handled with care.
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treated. hollywood science fiction often depicts the soldiers of the future with all the talk of a space force from donald trump and fighting robots across the silver screen our imagination has plenty of places to go. now on the surface a new grant from the pentagon for extramural biomedical research and development doesn't sound so bad the object is to create soldiers who can withstand even the harshest circumstances take a listen develop technologies to maximize the physiological performance of s.o.f. operators including enhanced in durance enhanced senses tolerance to environmental extremes and enhanced overall fitness in order to maintain operational posture ability in high stress scenarios without noticeable augmentation and without hampering personnel mobility additionally the ability to accelerate the effects of
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sleep through methods requiring less time but a vivid picture i know the prototype. please. come to the. now let's give this a little context this won't be the first time that the u.s. military has engaged in this kind of research.
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now at the time these grotesque experiments using american g.i.'s and civilians essentially as the lab rats at the time they were taking place the public knew nothing about it it was all classified now the public documents indicate these new experiments will not involve human beings human simulators however anyone who is familiar with the not so well publicized very well documented history of u.s. military research will certainly raise an eyebrow. r.t. new york. city has been appearing in the spanish city of boston encouraging the holiday makers to jumpoff the hotel balconies now some of you suggested a potentially deadly practice known as balcony is actually fun now one of the graffiti messages mockingly claims it improves the quality of life for locals a balcony can refer either to jumping into a pool from
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a balcony or simply climbing from one balcony to another but the risky activity is growing in popularity with tourists some hotels have banned it others have introduced fines. on the pro balcony graffiti that a strong up in. line with people pointing out that this year alone six people died performing the stunt and most of them from the u.k. or ireland the u.k. foreign office has warned brits against ng gauging in the practice the victims though what typically drunk and lost their balance so we went to the streets of boston and got reaction from the tourists that. thankfully it seems we're made to
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oh so man i am out of sight ok then there is no sir like many messages very violent like you against us i guess the same in them like they want to have the city for over and they know it's important to maintain jobs to make some money out of tourists. i think this is some kind of tax why can i have this many tourists from beyond that it's not comfortable for and i would have to decipher this as well i think that's nice to see that's just so open and do so much and it should be accepted. for and for most students aggressive i can do is hope this is the main source of income. but nothing like i just. think i think it took. if i would live here and i would see guys ruining my city. hall style sometimes
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with the like time for a short break here not international went back just a. leg . because. we have no idea what safety is doing on vacations but she will be back on air in september. with this manufactured incentive to public wealth. when the ruling class is protect themselves. in the final larry you're
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a lift. to ignore middle of the room. i could have you to be with us today for the program the two palestinians were killed in the gaza strip on friday as protesters attempted to break through the border fence with israel the demonstration is part of the great march of return which started back in march now over one hundred seventy people have been killed by israeli soldiers in that period tel aviv says the protests are a cover for terrorists gaza based reporter. was at the latest protest.
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i listed news continue to protest for the twenty first friday they israelis continue to fire tear gas canisters and live ammunition on the palestinian protesters. the situation now is escalating as the palestinian protesters are trying to burn you to burn some tires to blur the vision of those already snipers there israeli forces continue to fly more to gas canisters on the palestinian protesters to disperse them and to keep them away from the friends at least two policy means injured in a very very critical condition as you see palestinians are are bracing the palestinian flag. throwing stones on the israeli snipers and this is how the palestinians have been concentrating their guys ready snipers and the israeli forces oh my god live many in this unit you gas canisters are now being fired that gun on the palestinian protesters and as you see it's been fired on the part of
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student protesters where your gas canisters are being fired from on directions as you see the place is filled with with white smoke everyone is suffocating from the tear gas fired this is also one of the injuries are from the tear gas fired just right now. no signs for the first time i see this there is no sense right now that the palestinian protesters have that but if you do break the fence well protesters are far too bad nobody ever thought it. was that palestinians have that ability to break up sons dies or a forest is done right in the shooting live ammunition on the part of protesters that we want is going back. i mean while the israeli defense forces say the response of the troops to palestinians trying to break through the fence was in accordance with standard operating procedures and other protest was held in the
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west bank this friday that people marched peacefully against the demolition of a local village. the former united nations secretary general kofi annan has passed away at the age of eighty a former diplomat from guyana he spent much of his life in switzerland but of course the united states was u.n. secretary general between ninety seven and two thousand and six and shortly after nine eleven when washington and the u.s. invaded afghanistan to chase al-qaeda and the taliban that was ultimately a prelude to the two thousand and three us invasion of iraq now it was all about weapons of mass destruction and it was on the front line of that political effort to try and resolve the issue there now of kofi annan was awarded the nobel peace prize for his work on human rights the nobel committee also recognized the anon's commitment to fighting hiv in africa and his struggle against international terrorism and also founded the kofi annan foundation and n.g.o.s dedicated to
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promoting peace. well russia is out it again that's the claim in a new article in u.s. magazine the atlantic it says the kremlin has set its sights firmly on meddling in the upcoming midterm elections with russia being to weaken america now as the whole article goes on to explain russia's alleged three step plan to break american democracy first unleash the russian hackers second by a corrupt us politicians on third support those who think favorably of putin is not just of the russian state that has come under suspicion at the atlantic also claims that this channel helps to undermine democracy by inviting on guests who question the mainstream narratives they named brandon struck a example he's the founder of a movement encouraging democrats to walk away from their party for the atlantic fails to address the other channels that also have him as a guest. well i i myself was
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a lifelong liberal democratic voter i would say kind of a democrat by default because i'm a gay man and i think that the expectation for a lot of minority groups is that we are supposed to vote democrat and that we are supposed to be liberals strake is spent years as a liberal he now says he's concerned by what the left has become well before the election i was already starting to feel uncomfortable with where we were headed in terms of identity politics and p.c. culture. the political commentator line all told us what he thinks is behind and so you rush articles like that of the atlantic. nobody ever calls these people to task they are paid for by volume or how many likes to do you get how many clicks hey that was a great article factually incorrect. factually a baseless and also the mentality just feeding frenzy of this this monster this mob this monster that you must feed constantly with this no rush no nato no bad guy
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no bogeyman so there's many reasons why the boogeyman the straw man the specter of the evil image of russia must be maintained because it fills because somebody talked about one time that the power of nightmares was a horrible b.b.c. documentary and you need something to feel fear you need something in historically in this post you know cold war a red baiting this russo phobic hysteria feeds into this is well and there is an audience for it. occupy london appears to be the latest victim of facebook's recent spree of shutting down pages of social justice movement had its page taken down for several hours at the movement says this is not the first time facebook has tried to censor its content ok by london as a social justice movement founded in twenty eleven as part of a global movement that's organized hundreds of protests against financial elites in
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the movement says it's a founding values are equality and diversity occupy london has a significant social media presence about one hundred fifty thousand followers on facebook some say that certain pro palestine posts by occupy london may be to blame for facebook's action and we asked facebook for a comment a social media john has since apologized to occupy london saying it was all a big mistake george barda one of the movement's activists is not convinced. just you know sort of a blip a mistake out of the blue and probably wouldn't mean very much at all but the problem is this is part of a massive rear guard action i think by the establishment you know anyone can go online and see the evidence of this themselves chris hedges is a pulitzer prize winning journalist it's been one of those exposing most of the details of this but effectively what's happened is it in the name of dealing with fake news and many progressive websites that have been a major part of you know bernie sanders jeremy corbyn etc. they used they found the
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traffic going down. websites like alter net truthdig that you know mainstream progressive websites are seeing that traffic go down by seventy percent literally and these algorithms devised in private nobody can inspect and have a huge impact on what information the world gets to see about what's going on and that's a hugely significant here going forward the relevant thing today in terms of discussion is still a very powerful force online and has millions of people engaging with its posts and so it's very important that they and others like them on not in the name of fake news effectively removed from most people's internet searches and i think this is a huge issue going forward bearing in mind that google and facebook are very very close to the american establishment you know the washington post is owned by jeff bezos he was as an answer but not surprisingly he's very keen on using the washington post to make sure that the internet allows his articles to come up at the top of such as an aunt's. thanks so much for sharing your saturday with us here
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at our international live from moscow twenty five minutes now past want to be able to start today nicky aaron is going to be joining you in about twenty five minutes with more of your top worldwide stories. i've been saying the numbers mean something they matter the u.s. has over one trillion dollars in debt more than ten light colored foreign step in each dish. eighty five percent of global wealth you longs to be culled from rich eight point six percent market saw thirty percent from its last year some with four hundred to five hundred trade per second per second and bitcoin rose to forty thousand dollars. china is building a two point one billion dollar a i industrial park but don't let the numbers overwhelm. the only numbers you need
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to remember a one to one business shows you can't afford to miss the one and only boom bust. when a loved one is murdered it's natural to seek the death penalty for the murder i would prefer and it's meaningless in the death penalty just because i think that's the fair thing the right thing research shows that for every nine executions one convict just found innocent the idea that we were executing innocent people is terrifying the is just no way to hadn't been that we were even many of the times families want the death penalty to be abolished the reason we have to keep the death penalty here is because that's what murder victim's families what that's going to give them peace that's going to give them justice and we come in and say. not quite enough we've been through this this isn't the way.
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a new stage appeared on the world map in two thousand and eleven south sudan. gets separated from its neighbor sudan after an independence referendum.
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since then between government and insurgent troops has never stopped it is in fact a continuation of a much older struggle between different tribal factions. yeah . ok we go. ok it was gunshots one time demand for fifteen match so many fresh. broken so don't want to go directly to the left doesn't go to the chest and gesture was. it was a lost on me and he's doing well ok we go. with him like a bull to move on trying to do opposites but he just. blushed
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going much not get that out so well you know. the real issue is. this quest to. make sure of. inter in the. department maternity everything is put together i mean in discovery the. queen there's no infection you see the face you still. only see it from the same for second degree on the face. i think you seem to grow up thinking no if you're going to be needed i think because you see the only the start here to save you and i think in them days you can be counted everything except. it be to be to be for at least bash just. to go. with you this is group that. mr bush mutimer the cross and when you were all under the most trying to show you
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can you for the port au. prince. because from the inside and from outside was really good and it was a big big one to complete your selfish we've seen from the from the chain but like human by. you get the patients you know their dad out of all the patients some of them out of the engines during the war give it to you don't think about this you the soldier on not you just three it's like a and the other and the other patients . say.
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this is the city of good dog just twenty kilometers from the frontline. it's under the control of opposition troops consisting mostly of members of the chinook tribe . the red cross hospital here is now the only facility of the whole up in the area of the country still able to provide medical aid. you cannot. get. a vote. out of it. and i think you know looking at it like you. would not let us off. the top. i.
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had. a little bit differently. actually if you say. that past fifty fifty that she. does not say. that only something. well it's only he's get. this because i'm just being insulting because i've been to be patient with these three old sunday and it was a bit too much and the first thing as we have done was it was just just that them one night believe me and expecting me to me. was just totally i did the slightest bit. it was. going.
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to. be a decision pretty good. you know. i don't. know the sort of like in the book something of that i mean upper body will slip through the. next thing you know you don't you feel you're going to have to conclude it can sustain a convert. and you sure interested in all the polls show a spokesman for the b.c. too if i was the only two. peas in there and if someone. it was pretty stupid out from watching your movement for this country. i. ask you to more than. ever before you
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die. will you. tell them to. feel. so like these. words. from one thousand nine hundred ninety and i'm a surgeon and. there was just like. fighting with every day. you know i didn't want to go and all of the things and then we got to the
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integration of but missing something about i don't like to speak much too much about these. maybe even some some missions since syria i've been sort of on the freetown i mean by the central african republic and then finally if i do it with the i.c.r.c. we are dealing with that when the patients. take this position. and if you. despite the conflict going to go to this position two games here. between two. some. companies or small i'm going to mention the pain of having
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a big. moment. these. things are a little faint just don't get the sun. it just function it's become very nice but becomes a lot more with. all the i mean that more and i'm going. to chapel so i can say often oh no though it's afghanistan that in this month i gotz twice like the situation is seventeen fifteen patients in any a one hour a week at the three of them and most of them are injured so they'd need surgery in
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one or two days. so we had the troops. in the show looking them. our lunch. was given by some book it please do these people they called then cut up for them then. dug caused the water with goods of troops and those didn't just so innocent to sit in the form of between two tried. he will be your sources including one to five the show. that is our christmas. and we're going to demanding the dollar lunch must be given back to us. like barry that you've seen it maybe heads here in public and working with all of you who have to actually i love you you're so mean anything you have a strength that i've never seen anywhere else. and i would also like to welcome
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back to you who is the new head of office in kota. thank you so much for the welcome you feel very welcome this royal welcome i actually. got up from a stiff. as a great leader. as a kid she was spoken for was bill do my best. everybody's you know if you really want to try to put it to the list and well ok good let me know how i'm going there are you know i'm going to have been there not a little bit i don't but this one was. is going to. be with you today.
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and i'm going to. come and you're going this is so well you guys my my my my you you want you to. come was going to be. good he. was there. you you know. you know what i'm going to. get so we have ok you know something is a good section so you got all those six volunteers right to review through. this and i am i going through it is going to.
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be one.


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