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and the only thing i hate more than a march on pizza ok to sum it up as edward snowden says is that these programs were never about terrorism they're about economic spying social control and diplomatic manipulation they're about power how do you want to be. welcomed welcome by me candelas take the news from behind lead start with good news palestinian protest i head to mimi was finally released after eight months.
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she was locked up at the age of sixteen for the crime of having a viral video basically she slapped an israeli soldier after the i.d.f. had shot her fifteen year old cousin in the head nearly killing him and apparently the israeli military were jealous of how many heart of logies her video was getting so they arrested her and her mother always good to throw the mother in you know just just in case so i'm pretty sure the israeli military were sitting there at their laptops lug. i don't get it sushi didn't even have that many followers i spend all day on the twitter and the book face and i'm interacting and. i do a mix of politics with poppy dog videos to. the algorithm know i am good guy and good guys all so soon she is beating so rockstar. i don't know why that accent ended up being my grandfather. to go to prison and here's some more hopeful news a massive nationwide prison strike is set to start aug twenty first the prisoners
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will be demanding more humane living conditions access to rehabilitation sentencing reform and the end of modern day slavery. i. am on prisoners always with the me me me me me you want to not pay a dollar a minute for a phone call to your loved ones and you want to not be a modern day slave. seriously though we have millions of people locked up in this country and we have the most prisoners per capital and the most prisoners total meaning by dictionary definition undeniably you can be right wing it doesn't matter this is an undeniable fact the united states of america is the largest prison state to have ever existed in the history of the planet ever and the best thing we've found to do with these people is force them to sell made in america labels on victoria's secret clothing that was made in guatemala really.
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seriously that's the kind of thing they're forced to do and now there's going to be a massive strike to fight back against this the actions will take the form of the worst strikes sit ins boycotts and hunger strikes yeah which which might very well though that could that could make it difficult for us to continue our endless wars since these temporal prison industry produces a hundred percent of all military helmets and many of the war supplies and other equipment in california inmates are also serving as firefighters but who cares if they go on a work strike wildfires are only all over california. and for those who don't live in california is there like. sucks for all those surfers opponents to. wait until all the all the cotton is go up in flames all right not so funny anymore
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is it now a confluence of prison industrial complex inmate abuse with climate change is created a perfect storm that will ruin your biannual holy moley guacamole night. who's laughing now to learn more about this at incarcerated worker's dot org we have to go to a quick break but i have live comedy shows coming up in denver and boulder colorado you get a ticket and so appreciative of that forgot because you are so you could be right here the i.c.c. how are you thank you thank god all right i thank you. crazy conspiracy there is that they're all worthless they're not all money the boss forgot about the back of the buses run amok with us because we want rush limbaugh
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wonder bread and fake news so you die that's america. america was never great was founded on the rapes in the murder. nothing changed so we said all response to these situations that we do in the ways. people get sad every day she is just sad people kill each other blood for killing children. there was just no way that people are going to just sit back and allow children to be shot down by law enforcement. this country doesn't work for us it doesn't function for us. this this can't be happening in
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america we call from the streets we've got to deal with why this is the reason i have to ride like this is the reason. it's a very rough road to run you so it's rough climates and you have to find through google to find. it was gunshots one compliment so many friends who would have been i mean. you do not. apply don't let me back up. you know i don't when you see a bit of what in this world when these. to participate in the. oh to me but when. you don't think about this is this ok. you guys do it like you know another big
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thank. you thank you welcome back right back with her now to africa the cradle of civilization and if you look at how america treats africa it's pretty clear that we cradle so. we can stand of god forsaken things and we see a cradle we need to exploit its natural resources immediately our country's most recent assault on africa involved perpetuating and engaging in secret wars here now to explain is our senior dude with secrets john of. god. thank god we are you know that's the latest from the u.s. covert war front. we just interrupted our programming there because of that i'm
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a patron and a meeting in the german capital and they're about to hold a press conference begin this into what they're about to say. that we have so many serious and full conflicts in the world we need to look for solutions we have a special responsibility both germany and especially russia because russia is a permanent member of the u.n. security council we need solutions you know all those problems. primarily. ukraine this is something we've been working on for a long time. you have to see that so for. don't have. stable she is far so seeing that school year will start soon i hope that we could discuss
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a lasting cease fire and set up a commission. to contribute to the peace process in germany are ready to get involved in this work you know and we will also talk about. the us i think that. ukraine should continue to be involved in gas transfer to europe even after the in the north stream to pipeline use launched. another important subject is syria of course. you know we should do something about the humanitarian disaster in this country. it's more some progress has been made but. this situation is so far from being that she was normal once you get this fighting off. so we
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particularly hope that that we could take some specific steps with the constitutional commission we support the efforts by u.n. special envoy stuff from de mistura. on the joint comprehensive plan of action. with iran we would like to preserve the deal but we are also concerned about the missile program of iran so we'll also discuss this subject elements like. this is something that we've been talking to minister lavrov about earlier in the sought she will also discuss how a bilateral relations naturally we have the year of russia in germany in the year of germany in russia this is a good opportunity to learn more about each other. and continue our dialogue.
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really. civil societies can work together. i think all matters can be resolved through dialogue so i really look forward to these talks and now i would ask president putin to say a few words but if you get what i would choose to i'm very happy that we have an opportunity to have this working meeting. and we can talk about our bilateral relations. but sure he shoots on the international agenda. so you know when you russia. thinks it is. extremely important to work with germany. on a variety of issues and then you will talk about our. your money he's one of our leading partners in trade. i want a bit of a list here of three grew by twenty two percent. reaching fifty billion dollars and
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generally to june this year we had it in the other twenty five percent you can see that he's getting german investment in russia. seventeen billion dollars over five thousand german companies work in russia. total of all you treated over fifty billion dollars really over two hundred seventy thousand ample yes but with that at the other hand we have fifteen hundred russian companies working in germany. contributing over eight billion dollars to various sectors of the german economy that actually is yes they're going to go in particular weak operate. sector. and germany is one of the primary buyers of russian energy resources that we've supplied between will create a million cubic meters of gas but to germany consumption of russian gas in germany
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keeps growing this year it increased by thirty per cent germany in the glacier it is not just the major market for russian exporters it also plays an important role in transit to other european countries and i feel this year marks fifty years since the beginning of. a russian gas deliveries to western europe and throughout this time russia has been a reliable partner delivering natural gas to europe making an important contribution to energy security through going to. a continent working together with our. partners why would we build a nordstrom's to project but we hope that this project will improve the european energy system diversify gas delivery routes and will meet the
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increasing demand of the european economy which is. natural gas once again i'd like to stress that the nordstrom's two is a purely economic project does not mean that gas transit through ukraine will now stop i'm aware of. the federal chancellor's position if she keeps raising this issue. all that matters to us is that this transit and that he is economically feasible makes economic sense. we hope that we expand our contribution another year is as well as regards and cooperation localizing the production of high tech products in russia we discussed such projects at the same petersburg economic reforms we're also developing our humanitarian operation. but we'll have
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a year of concentration between municipalities and regional and i can already but there is also. a year of scientific partnership a year of germany in russia and vice versa but we are also rebuilding our ties between the two parliaments in june we had a delegation of other visiting parliament in moscow. which set up a long letter all commission which involves the in this state duma representatives and members of. our civil societies continue working together. that's sort of the heart of the st petersburg dialogue. as regards international issues madam chancellor just mentioned some of the things that we are going to discuss today we'll talk about the situation it would be here any nuclear program and the joint
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comprehensive plan of action and that is that. we get is extremely important to preserve the deal which has been reached with the direct involvement of the u.n. security council to strengthening the nonproliferation regime we will also talk about the middle east of course and syria specifically we need to step up our humanitarian efforts in the syrian conflict and we need to deliver humanitarian aid to the people of syria we need to how the areas. where refugees can return. talking about refugees living in europe of course even though this is when you need you also this also makes sense but in jordan there are millions of refugees in lebanon in turkey there are three million refugees and this is a huge burden for europe so we should do our best to help those people return to their homes which was we need to help rebuild the water supply. how thier
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services. i think everybody's interested in that. we're going to give a grade of course we'll also talk about ukraine. as the madam chancellor has said. and you can given the current state of the crisis unfortunately we don't see much progress we don't see them. implemented and i want to go for them when you can we will continue working in the normandy for the format and then we will continue providing assistance to the un mission working there when we hopefully will. progress in the series world used so in general we have a lot of things we need to cover once again i would like to see i'm grateful to you madam chancellor for the supper tonight to thank you. for watching. over ok we're just listening there to
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a joint press conference that amir putin and anglo-american before they hold their meeting which is just about to take place they did say they're going to talk about a range of issues from ukraine to iran to or also syria and also trade between the countries and also energy supplies to an awful lot to talk about and we'll be across it for you throughout the evening now meanwhile with the syrian army restart mission control. across the country efforts are underway to rebuild a shattered nation in the latest in a series of reports he goes you've done of travel to the city of aleppo to see how locals is slowly picking up the pieces. much of the city of aleppo is still in ruins reviving it to its former glory is a task of gargantuan proportions and of immense political and economic importance
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the citadel of aleppo has become the symbol of the city's resistance. but our lipo is much more than just a maze of antique streets and attractions from history books. the militants have stolen computer units with chips for the machines they destroyed the factory on purpose they wanted to damage syrian industry as a home and specifically industry in aleppo reviving this that. would. see one forever to go over this area. and feet and basically very
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dysfunctional hunker. down want to be immense but now that the former industrial hub is slowly getting back on track things are finally looking up for the people of aleppo. two years ago during the war we couldn't even open our shops the shelling snipers were everywhere you couldn't live under such circumstances we covered the roof of the building back then so that we could take cover it was unbearable we took shelter for about half an hour whenever the shelling started we just locked ourselves in here thank god now we can work peacefully day and night we just hang around. just like the good old days the under joe a little the atmosphere is really good around here the weather is nice everybody is feeling safe and it's only getting better you can see getting better day by day. i was lucky enough not to leave my home the wind this is the district the rebels couldn't get to at the time there was
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a blockade once but it was firmly lifted now saying god things are better despite all the things we've been through we're no better than one of them when you know it's safe you can return home if your house lies in ruins you can still fix it the main thing is it's safe now. just a couple of years ago these turned used to protect people in the street from falling shows and debris well now they're sheltering them from the sun historically the city of aleppo has been the economic capital of syria and now with the world gone finally some traders are coming back to the streets. of reporting from aleppo in syria. meanwhile the u.s. state department says it will redirect american stabilisation funding planned for syria to other foreign policy efforts washington insists though this will not affect its humanitarian assistance program when it comes to saudi arabia pledges
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one hundred million dollars to syrian reconstruction projects however that money will only go to the northeast of syria a region under the control of u.s. backed kurdish forces and while some programs are cut others remain in place with the u.s. saying it will stay in syria for some time yet to fight against the last pockets of terrorists we remaining in syria the focus is the ensuring defeat of isis we still have not launched the final phase to defeat the physical caliphate this is actually being prepared now and that will come at a time for choosing but it is coming. well you're sure landis head of middle east studies at the university of oklahoma says that america's interests in syria do you go beyond fighting terrorism. the united states does not want assad to become too strong there are hoping to keep leverage in order to try to push iran out of the country to get a better deal for the kurds and and of course they're also worried about what's
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going to happen if their province where there are very complex negotiations and and russia is at the heart of that so there are many competing agendas in washington and as long as president trump is not spending a lot of money there i think he's happy to keep a few thousand troops if that increases america's leverage. on the situation in syria will be just one of a number of subjects up for discussion in talks going on right now in berlin between i'm glad hawkins joins us live now from the german capital dan there's a press conference was in the between the two leaders just a few minutes ago hinting perhaps that's what they will be discussing. indeed that press conference concluded literally about two three minutes or so ago so i'm just getting updates and as they're coming in no surprise the hot topics up for discussion as predicted confirmed by both parties ukraine syria north stream to
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out avoiding a humanitarian catastrophe in the north of syria more specifically province merkel said that there was no question in syria or ukraine which couldn't be resolved through dialogue communication and discussion she said the situation in ukraine the control of that situation the sending in of the peacekeeping mission something that has been a bit of a sticking point between russia and germany russia and europe should be discussed and steps taken to ensure that takes place she also said that the situation in syria has seen positive moves but it's important to avoid what she described as a humanitarian catastrophe in the areas where conflict was just. all right in the country hussan mentioned as well the humanitarian question in syria statements it's important that the refugees people who have escaped from the country but want to go but want to return get the full support of russia the e.u.
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all parties involved all agents to have interests in the country as well and that russia is always ready to discuss questions of bilateral trade and business interests with its european partners and these are this is the second meeting rather between the two leaders in just a matter of months merkel was in russia back in may she emphasized the importance of dollar growth and communication that has again been emphasized that face press conference just after just before all of the two leaders went into the building here behind me to hold those talks now with the leaders do you have a lot of history merkel has been critical of quotes in the past they have clashed on numerous issues recently that they have been holding together due to a rift with trump and america because of those tariffs imposed on both countries by the u.s. and indeed the sanctions imposed on russia by the old trunk with more threatened to come because of the scandal. of course as leaders of other countries have come on
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board merkel has remained and maintained that relationship with mr putin that has always remained in the two leaders do you see eye to eye on issues such as the iran nuclear deal that's something else that mrs merkel mentioned today germany's commitment to that deal and the importance of keeping up the dog there as well as but actual trade mr putin mentioning the thousands of german companies present in russia and russian companies in germany stating that trade had gone up by around twenty two percent in recent months and years as well as we said earlier through mrs merkel's knowledge of russian mr putin is lot of the german that relationship has always remained cool deal with both leaders hoping to take something out of this meeting mrs merkel to reinforce her position. as one of the leaders of europe in the go shares with russia and mr putin in taking those steps to ending russia's isolation through those sanctions.
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the former while we don't know each other well enough but i'm amazed by her ability to listen to. this because there was so little sister who does know that the russian president likes to drink german beer and sometimes there is a possibility that we can make exchanges i have also gotten very good smoked fish because. i know from time to time since a couple of pulls off round the back. of
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the flight from moscow to berlin is quite a few i was at a bit of a shorter journey here he was until very recently in neighboring austria where he was attending the wedding of the foreign minister cody and close to the business one. may linger that was a personal invite by the austrian foreign minister despite the can trouble seeing criticism about inviting mr putin to help pass the wedding from various parties that didn't stop stop by mr putin having a bit of a celebration a bit of a dog with the maid to before he made his way out signing the limousine with his autograph i say left and wishing me a cup. best of luck in their wedding married life sure he then subsequently came here where talks are now underway following that press conference if we do get any more information coming out of that will be sure to update you as soon as we get by
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. ok thanks dan i was down hawkins forests in berkeley. now the u.s. department of defense is planning to spend up to fifteen million dollars enhanced in the performance and insurance of its soldiers but is now explains history does show there is reason to be wary. actually does. hollywood science fiction often depicts the soldiers of the future with all the talk of a space force from donald trump and fighting robots across the silver screen our imagination has plenty of places to go i. now on the surface a new grant from the pentagon for extramural biomedical research and development doesn't sound so bad the object is to create soldiers who can withstand even the
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harshest circumstances take a listen develop technologies to maximize the physiological performance of s.o.f. operators including enhanced in durance enhanced senses tolerance to environmental extremes and enhanced overall fitness in order to maintain operational posture ability in high stress scenarios without noticeable augmentation and without hampering personnel mobility additionally the ability to accelerate the effects of sleep through methods requiring less time a vivid picture i know the prototype. now let's give this a little context this won't be the first time that the u.s. military has engaged in this kind of research.


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