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tv   Cross Talk  RT  August 19, 2018 11:30pm-12:01am EDT

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no diff nine hundred thirty two my reaction is well i'm going where that using cockroach was a nice way i mean i mean while you are right which is what i mean where me resilience fish how am or what were you could compare them to wavelet on my questions and smiles that would be a bizarre way of writing copy and very poor english but let me ask you a question the aquarius with i think it's six hundred thirty two it could be nine hundred thirty two i apologize for not knowing let's say six hundred thirty two migrants on board it has nowhere to dock it's really just said no we won't have you tell me what would you do about that if you broke it you own it it was in part western and primarily u.k. policy that created the mass and we did it and if you created that lesson in those neighborhoods you should expect certain reparations for yourself to someone you know. which court was really won't. you guys have to chip in as well i bet that's a that's no solution so why is it why is it not solution just for in country or to
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send a special forces there to you as brown will go live there and then refuse to accept them we shouldn't be running ferryboats across the med that's no more a common sense lady and what you're trying to tell me is that causes don't have consequences you are simply trying to wish them away and i don't think that's a commonsense solutions serialize i think your overlooking this idea that people say they're running from something they're fleeing something in my opinion and it seems surprising to me i would think as a moment suggest uprising to you why is it these young men of fighting age are running away but if it's that terrifying why do they have you know women having and children i've been on the coast of southern italy trying to get those and i can tell you did they i do they leave their women and children behind if it's so terrified of that look at lots of my question well because of first of all many of them are not married but most of the people who migrate into europe just the young men come here as it's so scary libya they leave the women behind really just all they managed to bring is their mobile phone really yes they were really. yes
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because we completely disagree well we certainly disagree on that but don't you think that i mean i understand your point of it on immigration but don't you think that by arguing this line of argument you're also absolving your own government of its responsibilities because deep contribute to the mass and you recognize that and the argument on syria for example you know this is where you go government policies and this illusion is not to bring people on ferryboats run to buy run but you aren't seeing some of the menace of leadership to their country solution just as in syria and other migrant counts we've suggested facilitating in countries solution because of course you don't want to go down the money for the happy even you can already hear it about allocating money that did give additional monies oh no that is why it's not enough to you of rebuilding n.g.o.s are setting not to bring those people to our countries and i think the aquarius and n.g.o.s that are running the ferry service i think it's utterly irresponsible and all that it does is encourages more people to come and potentially lose their lives on the meds and that seems to
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be the opposite of what you would want to happen well let's take a very short break now but think we'll go back in just a few seconds they can. when a loved one is murder it's natural to seek the death penalty for the murder i would prefer it be in the death penalty just because i think that's the fair thing the right thing research shows that for every nine executions one convict is found innocent the idea that we were executing innocent people was terrifying is just no way that doesn't mean that we're even many of victims' families want the death
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penalty to be abolished three so we have to keep the death penalty here is because that's what murder victims' families want that's going to give them peace that's going to give them justice and we come in and say. not quite we've been through this this isn't the way. to. welcome back to worlds apart with katie hopkins a british journalist and media personality katie just before the break we were talking about multiculturalism and i want to repeat the point that you made earlier that you believe that the u.k. hasn't been able to achieve with what you have as you know ghettos of individual cultures times rather than you know true diversity be into the nixing of various cultures and yet he also wrote in your book and you made that point over and over
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again many of your interviews that you wouldn't let your kid play with anyone who isn't cold. not just don't let alone one hundred fifty isn't that be very attitude off various cultural ghettos. this was less of a cultural thing in the sense of different ethnic backgrounds this is my experience from going to a state school in the u.k. and you could tell i had this kind of idea as a mom during the school you could tell. what a kid would be like by its name and i still stand by that so names that i hear tyler it will be destiny that all of these kind of names you know no mention of any more common well mohammed if you think about it in the u.k. and it's shocking to me the number one name in the u.k. is muhammad it's the number two name in the u.k. so much. and i find that from a demographic perspective it's very frightening that actually by twenty fifty they'll be more muslims in the u.k. than there will be
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a british person i find that actually quite distressing you know i have a kid who is born into a muslim father he's four years old. he his name is different it don't know how it is a muslim name but is it it is not mohammed that it is a muslim name i wonder well i mean i would have called him mohammad there but that everyone is called mohammed so how do you know who's your mom. i think in the rush i would have left her problem finding mohammad you a question if you have a list of how but first let me ask you a question would you ban your kids from playing with my cat because he has a. long as he had i mean it wasn't really done on names alone i could tell what a kid would be like with their names but it was about the fact that they were maybe would turn up to school without a home what they turn up without the right uniform they don't have the mamas that i prefer for my children i am. muslim families are not as. it was never about muslim families it was about the types of families that i met in the school playground in the types of moms i was
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a particularly keen on whatever we say we all know the mums that we like and the mums that we don't like i was just really honest about it but regardless of whether you were referring to a british kid or a muslim kid isn't that a fundamentally christian thing to say because you know you talk i don't know any area she finished things in my life i am not a good ambassador for the christian religion and i see that a lot about christian values and painting the you know i'm just criticizing my size because like if you see any of the stuff that i've done i mean i think. many christians would want to distance themselves from me entirely but what i noticed about people with strong beliefs particularly here in st petersburg you know it's a joy to be surrounded by so many christian churches by the also docks people that believe so strongly ninety percent of people here and you know that i've got key thing i've finished the second thing i really think about the christian faith and what people in south africa are being persecuted is there's a real belief in god in the land and people need something to believe in and i
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really respect that even though i'm a bad pastor for christianity let me correct you a little bit because going to try creates that this is one of the most atheists you know about that so you want well the very christian feeling city well let me ask me why do we want the i.r.s. or the beholder but if you actually pull people at me i say your question so you have a muslim husband right you know let me ask you a question. for him a profit islam is so fantastic why did muslims always flee to christian countries and why are you why because christian countries or western countries to be more precise tend to send troops to their countries destroy their balls and i can them out of their neighborhoods that's why because why come to christian countries why not go to saudi or another muslim country well because saudi does saudi arabia actually prevents. that muslim neighbors from going there and are anyone who doesn't over the years why he decided to prevent migrants going there
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look i'm not an ambassador for the for the saudi government but i was very very why you don't get is you know it is a repressive government isn't it because christian lands are free and tolerant and open and is not the very thing that muslims try and change when they arrive in a country that's my question and my challenge in the u.k. when you when you say that i don't have an answer i don't see all around or when when you actually open tolerant welcoming enabling people to practice religion and then they try and take over and here you actually we and publicly advocate for the rejection for the shining on. children for the ostracizing and of children based on their names yes and the e.u. called a tolerant and open door i'm not saying i've said a million times i'm not a great i'm busted for being christian but i'm asking you why did muslims always seem to come to christian countries and then want to take over what i thought they're actually trying to ask her because so many western countries wage wars on mars why go that why not go out why not go to another country where when you know how little you know those problems in the home when you have
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a kid on your hands and you try to find any refuge literally you would go across the mat mediterranean even if you don't know how to swim you would do anything possible for you. and your although we don't see any women and children on the boat we deceived you even though i would agree that the primarily it is six hundred twenty something on the aquarius eleven children we don't see many women and children i promise you while i have reported extensively from the ground both and we've been serious and believe me i also i think you have for me some credibility and there are i'm not wearing your head over the children in desperate conditions but it is more difficult for them to move around that's for sure now. i want you long enough to conclude that there are some issues that are very close to your heart that i think you believe in passionately and yet there are those things that you seem to be there out there out there for controversy just simply propel your argument can you yourself tell one from the other i think it's trite to imagine
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that i say things just to be controversial and you would not withstand the level of attacks of police harassment of detention of having my passport taken of social services being called on my children my family being under threat of having to jihad these plot to behead me in nov twenty seventh i don't believe you would withstand those levels of people trial trying to silence you if you didn't believe what you said it may convince you or not i'm not seeking to i'm only trying to give people an understanding of what it's like to try and speak freely and openly with my views which are known for being very strong so you would have to really question yourself why would i do this if i didn't really believe what i say and i believe my country can be better i believe in donald trump but i believe japan russia and america are going to be the three leaders that fight back against the globalist so that's my kind of part of my infusion of putin here as well you mention the
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silencing of dissenting view yeah i totally hear your i personally have been looked into by a couple of times but i would at least agree with you that there is a political censorship or a liberal political censorship going on in a number of western countries but when i hear certain views again and postulating that children could be mistreated because of that names that's that's that's not that is not a fair summary of what i've said i don't want people know that it's not a fair summary of what i said i said i would invite certain children to my house that they have no you know there's no mystery. i don't know how you are feeling rejected filling rejection is a pretty painful for a child i can tell you from my own experience i'm pretty sure you had that experience yourself in your life so when you say that certain children are not to be engaged in families to be looked down to and you know healing that point to be fair. there's plenty of other arguments we could have apart from the child
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children's names to anyway when you raise an issue like that some people may indeed support the argument for a certain degree of censorship don't you think that by laying out something as controversial as we just discussed you're actually providing motive i guess i think it is really i mean it's really a new political arena really fast and i think the reason i have so much support the reason i have a close to a million followers on twitter the reason the articles i put on most read and most viewed is because people identify with the things i'm saying because what we no longer have in the society of people that will tell the truth to power and i'm not a tool frightened of that i'm not at all frightened of saying we need my country back we should not be bound down to people who say there is no difference on things really difference about between criticizing your government on irresponsible migration policy or size arrant talking about children oh i don't even know there
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isn't is just not in discussing this not as a mayor as don't deserve to be parents they aren't good enough parents also but hell if you treat you just taking offense on behalf of other people many people agree with me and disagree with you that's also ok we can be relaxed about it and but i don't understand why do you have to because you know we have only ever seriously very passionate why do you have to mix your various i don't mean that i'm american i'm a wife i'm a pretty poor christian i'm a traveler i'm an anti immigrant kind of personality i believe in politics and many things i'm not just the kind of person that sits in front a camera a big part of who. i am is a mom and the moms who don't really deserve to be moms because they don't bring their children up properly since our time is running out i do want to ask you one more question about censorship i know that you are very concerned about the tommy robinson case a very swift sentencing and jailing of
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a person for their reporting on a politically sensitive case in defiance of a court order and a majority pakistani muslim. from what i know of the british system has a long tradition of legal precedents do you fear that you yourself with the views that you hold may find yourself in a similar legal situation i imagine are top of the list now for being imprisoned for my views and what concerns me about tom ronson not people say well he was contempt of court he shouldn't be reporting now i understand all that i think the two key questions are or where was the swift justice for the majority pakistani muslim paedophile gangs when tommy robinson was sentence in five hours to thirteen months and secondly i see it very much you have the scriptural case here or there was an preacher was.


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